Martin Shkreli, Astrosplained

Daytime Friends and Nighttime Lovers,

Today on behalf of all humanity, The WuTang has been avenged.   Finally some justice in this system.  The above-linked blog has this amazing picture, God bless whoever screen grabbed it.

Martin shkreli crying

I wasn’t sure it was Martin at first, because I’ve never seen anything even remotely like that look on his face before.  But if you look at the teeth, and other pictures of him in that room, yes, it’s him.  WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  Isn’t that satisfying, after so much of this?

Martin Shkreli

Hey Martin, if it hurts that much letting go of your favorite album, imagine being told you can’t get your AIDS medication! [mic drop]

martin shkreli chart

I don’t wish AIDS on anyone, even Shkreli.  Nor sexual assault.  But forcing sociopaths to deal with consequences?  Oh, yes.  Jail is a great place for him.  And so gentle reader, we come to the obvious question.   Like Omarosa, you could’ve been so many things, just why this?  WTF?

I like to start at the top when decoding a person.

Sun is in the last few degrees of Pisces.  This is something of a magical spot in the zodiac where anything goes.  Harvey Weinstein has the Sun near Martin’s.  Pisces is an intuitive, emotional water sign, traditionally ruled by Jupiter, co-ruled by Neptune now that we’ve discovered it.  So that explains how Shkreli can be both a Bernie bro and Shkreli, pissing off everybody on the left, all at the same time.  It’s that last bit of Pisces, where all of human experience gets tossed in together, like the garbage disposal of our collective psyche.

Shkreli has Mercury just about to peek out from behind the Sun’s corona, also in Pisces.  Importantly both of these are square Neptune, co-ruler of this chart.   Neptune represents the higher self, the ability to access and integrate that information into the conscious, waking life (the Sun) and the thoughts and words (Mercury).

It has taken me quite a while to understand certain co-rulerships, and this is one of them.  I never got what Jupiter has to do with Pisces.  Neptune and Jupiter are quite opposite in character and in function.  

The explanation that I was given is that if you think about religion in general, there are two parts:  the mystical and the hierarchical.  There are prophets who have visions and thus give holy scriptures.  Then there are organized ways of distributing and maintaining that information.  Neptune is the one who has the vision.  Jupiter is the one who loves his brand.  He’s the one who builds an eponymous organized religion, like Martin Luther.  Then Joseph Smith is the guy who does both.  I expect both of those two to have raging Jupiter, like Shkreli.

You could argue that Luther was a visionary, too.  He wanted to bring a heart-centered approach to Christianity.  But he didn’t personally have visions, like me and Joseph Smith, and my namesake, Teresa of Avila.   And like Joseph Smith, he was very whoopsie on the “whatsoever you do” — for Luther it was Jews, for Smith it was women.

So, Shkreli.  This chart beautifully shows how the co-rulership splits Pisces.  Martin’s squares to Neptune will make it very challenging for him to access his own higher wisdom.  When we make negative choices in our lives, as Martin seems to have almost continually done, we limit our own options going forward.  I believe the NYPD is currently ready to arrest Harvey Weinstein, if Cy Vance will allow it, speaking of the negative consequences really ruining your good time.

And that’s what Jupiter is after, at the end of the day.  He likes to live large, life of the party.  He feels entitled to spend other people’s money.  He’s not a hard worker.  He likes to see his own name in lights.  So that’s the duality explained.  Pisces is where the snake eats its tail.  Where is this Mr. Jupiter in Shkreli’s chart, you might ask?  Good question.

Jupiter and Neptune are both located in Jupiter’s other sign, Sagittarius, confirming the Cain and Abel relationship between those two planets.  Neptune is in Jupiter’s sign, with Jupiter.  Done.  Then of course that’s the other thing he has square the Sun and Mercury.  So Martin really doesn’t like himself, is my guess.  Really, really doesn’t.  Likes himself less than the rest of us do, which is actually sad.  He still deserves his consequences.  But his story is a tragic loss of human potential, even just referring to himself.

Where Shkreli really goes off the rails, IMHO, is that his chart-dominating Jupiter is conjunct Uranus, Mr. I Gotta Be Me, on fixed star Antares, the malcontent.  I’ve written so much about Aldebaran and Antares I just can’t anymore.  Please click the tags.  But having your extreme Jupiter on Antares really can’t be good for anyone.  I mean like anything in astrology, of course theoretically it could.  But like Ayn Rand, this guy has really painted himself into a psychic corner.  Anything’s possible, but it’s not probable.

Interestingly, Martin has asteroid Dejanira the Victim smack dab between Vesta the True Believer and Mars, in Aries.  That is liable to make him highly aggressive all by itself, much less all the other things in this chart.   I’m beginning to consider what Dejanira reflects in the charts of men, specifically ones who are not suspected of sexual abuse, like Shkreli and Mick Mulvaney.  Martin’s abuse pattern is pretty obvious.  It’s society and the people who live in it, from AIDS patients to the Wu Tang Clan.

Venus conjunct the Moon is where I see a lot of this going sideways again.  Venus is also in Aries, which she totally hates.  Venus is about how we interact and interface with others, the people in our lives.  Having that conjunct the Moon means Martin is needy AF, moody, clingy even.  Venus and the Moon are in two different signs despite being conjunct.  So it’s one of those complicated marriages.  While Venus is basically a battered wife in Aries, the Moon is right in the beginning of Taurus, ruled by Venus.  I don’t have a birth time, and the Moon moves rather quickly.  So it could still be in Aries.  That would just make him more angry and quick to lash out.

I think he actually has the Moon in Taurus, ruled by Venus.  Again, that’s ruled by Mars anyway, so he’s likely to have a big chip on the shoulder and some impulse control issues.  Taurus is Melania Trump:  bourgeois, spoiled, lazy, compulsive shopper, snob, gourmet, connoisseur.  Hoarding coveted items in the home is very Taurus Moon.  Of course one could be all of the above and still be a fine person.  But we’re talking Shkreli and his Wu Tang album.  But that I don’t think is the ultimate trigger.  That Taurus Moon, so selfish, so spoiled, wants to keep that album even though they obviously hate him having it.  That’s not a Taurus thing.  Venus really does want everyone comfortable, even in Taurus.  Just that in Taurus there’s a moat around her and hers, where the comfort can end.

Knowing how much everybody including the artists hate him having the album, and still being extremely in your face about having it anyway, that’s Antares.  And Shkreli has his chart ruler, the point of his whole shebang, right smack on Antares.  There’s no way to mistake his intention with this placement.  I appreciate him not trying to play at having any redeeming qualities with some minor placement on Aldebaran.  No, that would be firmly outside his bowl chart.  See?  This chart is so oppositional and intense that I haven’t even mentioned that it’s a bowl chart.  (That’s another one you can click the tags for more examples.)

Speaking of the bowl, whenever there’s a large blank patch in a chart, there is a psychic vacuum, a pull toward something the native is missing.  In Martin’s chart, Nessus the Wife Beater is close to the middle, the bull’s eye of that hole in the psyche.  I’m not really sure how to interpret that, especially with the prominent Dejanira.  Again, I don’t expect Martin to be involved with physical violence based on what I know of his life.   So it would appear that he either doesn’t feel those influences strongly enough to act on them, or channels them toward hating society in general.

While I’m on the asteroids, I don’t imagine Martin being in a relationship.  But in terms of his partners, he has Juno the Spouse conjunct fixed star Fomalhaut.  Fomalhaut, like the other Royal Stars of Persia, carries an archangelic vibration.  It adds high voltage to the native’s life.  Abuse of such power automatically carries with it the equal and opposite negative reaction.  The Royal Stars can bring you to the top, and then slam you right back down twice as hard.  Regulus is famous for this, but it’s true of the others as well — especially Aldebaran, the seat of Archangel Michael, with its equal and opposite negative reflection on Antares.

So basically this is a deeply antisocial man.  The presence of Uranus on Antares only exacerbates the sense of insisting the whole world meet him on Planet Martin.   When he brags that even if he does go to jail, he will sit there and “make paper,” that sounds like a Saturn thing, that it’s a money-driven individual, especially with the guy who got famous for price gouging AIDS medication.

But no, his Saturn is in Scorpio conjunct that sign’s co-ruler, Pluto.  So aggressive Mars and mean-spirited Pluto are pulling the levers of money in Martin’s life.  For Martin, money is about social control and having a good time.  He’s not a Plutonian character like Mike Huckabee, who seeks social control for his ideology.  Martin has that Jupiter/Uranus on Antares.  He wants to make society kiss his butt because he feels like he has a right to be an island that is facilitated by the mainland, aka humanity, no matter the expense.  That’s his Jupiter run completely off the rails.

Uranus can have a very hard time relating to the rest of humanity on an interpersonal level, connecting with the heart.  Uranus feels like his needs and problems are unique — though there’s nothing new under the Sun.  Especially conjunct Antares with the extreme, over-the-top Jupiter, this speaks of a pervasive sense of alienation, a sense of having in some extreme way been cheated out of one’s rightful due, and a willingness to respond accordingly.  Even a little bit of Antares, or a problematic Aldebaran, can make someone highly malignant.  Martin’s exaggerated personality is splayed all over Antares, wrapped around it, like rust on discarded metal.

Before I sign off on Martin Shkreli, one other thing to note.  That pair of “rim oppositions” from Pluto/Saturn to the Moon/Venus, ouch.  Hurt my eyes to look at.  With the bowl chart, again, we’re talking about someone who does not meet others halfway.  The only way for this to be more exaggerated would be a wedge chart, where everything is happening in two or three signs.  But it’s still pretty straightforward, exactly what I’d expect from Martin.  Those oppositions remind me of the way we were taught to lock arms to carry someone in fire academy.  People can interlace arms for a very strong grasp, almost unbreakable.  And that’s how this particular pair of strangleholds feels to me.

On the one side of the oppositions, we have the two softest planets, the benefic Venus and the maternal archetype, the Moon.  Venus represents not only women as a group, but   Those two are locked in opposition with two of the most malefic planets, Saturn and Pluto.  Saturn is the police officer, and Pluto is the devil.  Put those two together, and you have a really, really antisocial guy.








Jimmy Kimmel, Astrosplained

Jimmy Kimmel

Ladies and Gemcutters,

We live in interesting times.  The Atlantic has done an in-depth look at Jimmy Kimmel’s road to redemption, for people who may not be familiar with his pre Live! work on Crank Yankers and more importantly The Man Show.

Gentle reader, you know an ephemeral orchid like myself would never watch Crank Yankers, the Oscars, or Jimmy Kimmel Live!, too busy scowling into my ephemeris.   But I do read the news.  And I experience what we Catholics call “the communion of saints.”  Asian cultures often have something we call “ancestor worship,” I know there are other names for it too.  Genetics aren’t the only way to get I See Dead People (ISDP).  Many people get their ISDP turned on automatically with their PTSD, like a cable bundle that includes a few premium channels.  That’s how I got mine probably, though I’m predisposed with the Catholicism and the first name Teresa.

I’d love to go off on a communion of saints tangent, but my saints woke me up in the middle of the night and told me to look at Jimmy’s chart.  I wrote Jimmy an impact statement about what it was like for me to be a trafficking survivor during The Man Show’s heyday, what it was like to grow up dehumanized.  It was one of those Ghost of Christmas Future letters.  So I knew it would be a longshot if he read it.  So I stacked my deck on pressuring his people to at least look it over.  Because really the hypocrisy of Jimmy throwing stones at Roy Moore was too much for me.

Speaking now as  a #MeToo girl, nobody from The Man Show is my friend.  If they were, I’d be in a black car on my way to a clinic on Wilshire Boulevard, where a board-certified anesthesiologist would put me on a ketamine drip to treat my life-threatening PTSD and depression.  Because my friend Jimmy would have made reparations to people like me, so I’d have the cash.  My goal with writing him that letter, aside from the personal catharsis of dumping an ice-cold bucket of shame on him, was to wake him up to the potentially positive influence he could be.  [I also mentioned the other sort of reparations in my letter to Jimmy, because that also needs to be repaid, and I believe will be.]

So I’m not saying it was a waste of my time, not at all, though he doesn’t seem to have read my impact statement.  I got beautiful clarity from it.  And it was interesting to see how my intuition about the whole thing has played out.   The question in the Atlantic article linked above seems even more salient now, after the Oscars bomb.  Can Jimmy Kimmel be a credible social justice warrior?  I know that’s a supposed pejorative term these days, SJW.  But honestly, if the idea of being a “social justice warrior” bothers you, you’re probably not reading this.   I’d be proud to have that on my tombstone.

Would Jimmy?  Or is this all just hypocrisy and exploitation?  Gentle reader, let’s pop the hood on Jimmy Kimmel and run the diagnostic.

jimmy kimmel chart

First order of business, the Sun is in Scorpio.  That’s the sign with the little devil tail, you know.  No real surprise for the little dickens who brought us Crank Yankers.   Scorpio is an intuitive water sign, ruled by Pluto and Mars.  So those two co-rule this chart.  That seems pretty straightforward for the guy from The Man Show.  Even better than Aries, actually, because Pluto makes things dark, intense, and transformational.  And really, that’s the high road for Jimmy IMHO.  He could about-face and really change some things.   But he needs to humble himself, and apologize for the aggressive misogyny and all-around bad behavior that made him rich and famous.

Pluto is at what we think of as the outside of our solar system.  But of course it’s so full of space junk, we only have an inkling what the heck is going on out there or what has happened, or how long history really is.  I think it’s Turtles All the Way Down.

And that’s the moment we’re at, I believe.  We’re defining a new paradigm right before my eyes.  I just watched America’s high schoolers go from business as usual to war on the NRA literally overnight.  I’m all in favor of allowing Jimmy to evolve his Mars into beautiful, clear-eyed leadership.  But that all comes with scar tissue.  (Ask me, I know!)  And what Jimmy needed to do to rock the Oscars, and become a big fan favorite, was simple:  apologize.  Humble yourself.  And OMG, neither Pluto nor Mars is wired for that.  At. All.

For those who may not have read my other posts describing the Plutonians, Trump’s evil Frick and Frack are Stephen Miller and Omarosa.  We live in a triune universe, so Fike Muckabee makes three.  Those three show a nice range of how Pluto can look depending who applies it (negatively, that is.  Again, I’m not usually looking at people who’ve gone to the head of the class for their personal greatness.  I’m not doing Maxine Waters.)  But this will give you an idea of how Pluto makes people nuts.  It makes them wage war on immigrant janitors.  It makes them the NRA’s favorite pastor.  It makes them be Omarosa.

Scorpios can be very fun to hang around with, because of the little devil aspect.  Unless they become huge devils.  And Mars is always itching to go.  And that’s the tightrope Jimmy seems to have been walking.  But speaking now as someone with raging Pluto and Mars herself, the only way out is through.  Pluto makes or breaks people and things, sometimes suddenly.  Pluto goes all the way.  You can’t go all the way from having an anti-woman show to redemption without making a pit stop in Apologyville.  Just saying.

I’m kind of hammering on the Scorpio because Jimmy has Neptune combust.  The Sun moves much quicker than Neptune, so this is an odd sort of combustion.  Mercury and Venus never get too, too far from the Sun.  But the Sun can be anywhere with respect to Neptune, which sits still for years.  So this is an interesting higher-self choice, to make Neptune, the access to the higher self connection, obscured within the Sun’s corona.  The ego here — the Sun, the body, mind, and spirit called Jimmy Kimmel — is right on top of his connection to source energy.  A very interesting paradox.

I’m going to come back to the Sun and Neptune.  But also in Scorpio is Mercury, who never really gets too far from the Sun.  Like Mike and Farah Suckabee, Jimmy’s Mercury is detached from the Sun, free of its corona and thus visible as its own entity, not subsumed in the Sun’s intensity.  (Jimmy has rather close-set eyes, arguing against my theory about the eyes as the windows to the soul being reflected in the relationship between Mercury and the Sun.)  Anyway.  Jimmy’s Mercury is in Mars/Pluto’s sign of Scorpio, thus on their agenda.  Ixion is, too, along with everything in Gemini or Virgo, just to make that explicit.  Jimmy’s thoughts and words (and everything they can control) work for Mars first, then Pluto.

My communion of saints woke me up about 2:30 a.m., suggesting I look at Jimmy Kimmel’s natal chart.  They also recommended I look at dwarf planet Ixion, which is something I don’t normally work with.  So this has been introduced into my astro lexicon, thanks Jimmy!  I’ll think of it as pre-reparations.  Lo and behold, Jimmy has an opportunity for me to use my Pluto to explore less-charted parts of our solar system through astrology.

Ixion is what I will perhaps indelicately describe as “the Brotherf*cker.”  Ixion is the one who betrays his tribe, murders his father-in-law to avoid paying his debt.  Ixion is given another chance, and acts out again.  So there’s a redemption theme.  There’s a theme of second chances, and blowing them.  There’s a theme of victimizing the ones who love, support, and trust you.  And there’s a financial gain to the motivation, though it’s not the primary theme.   It’s more of an Antares-like bad behavior for its own sake, conflict-driven.  But money does play into it.  And not for nothing, Jimmy Kimmel has more money than any trafficking survivor I know.  Not sure how life-threatening his PTSD may be.

So it’s interesting to me that Jimmy’s Mercury is on that theme of redemption.   I don’t know that he has screwed his family or his partners.  But I do know that he has arguably unjustly enriched himself at the expense of all women, by dehumanizing us for fun and profit.   And clearly he does want redemption, as discussed by Atlantic.  But his ego, his Sun, is quite distant from Mercury, his thoughts.  And it’s obscuring his access to his higher self and its guidance.  Unless of course he chooses to embrace radical integrity.  But that involves humbling oneself, which is not Scorpio’s thing.  Scorpios don’t get mad, they get even.    So my sense is of one who doesn’t necessarily take ownership of his thoughts or identify with them, like the Muckabees.  He may feel like he can use one set of thoughts and words one day, and another set another day, and there’s no conflict for him.  That would be a Neptune issue, which again, Jimmy has combust.

So it’s kind of all-or-nothing with the Pluto.  And the Sun/Neptune add to that, adding almost an alpha and omega feeling.  Jimmy’s chart is way too explosive for him to sort of meander over to the good side.   He needs to step up or step aside.  I’m already 1,500 words in and still on Scorpio.  I need to look at the condition of both of those planets to see what really drives him.

Jimmy’s Mars is in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.  That adds a decidedly masculine tone to the whole thing.  Saturn is cold, hard, and judgmental.  He is only concerned with things he can judge, measure, and count.  His body is one of those.  But Saturn ruling over one of the co-rulers suggests a certain love of money and belief in his own authority.  I did my level best to never know anything about The Man Show.  But in the Atlantic and a few other articles, there were a number of quotes about “fighting the rising tide of feminism.”  Jimmy used to say that was all a joke.  Is that what he’s still saying?  Capricorn is not a big joker.  Scorpio’s jokes are more like dirty tricks.  I get that Jimmy has changed a lot over the years, in terms of his material.  But underneath, I get that no, he’s the same self-serving Ixion.  And the Capricorn Mars suggests financial greed in that context.

Jimmy also has that problematic Capricorn Mars conjunct Toro the Raging Bull, which is where someone sees red and charges.  I expect Jimmy to have quite a temper and a mean streak; however Capricorn will tend to subdue that raging hard-on Mars, and Scorpio is underhanded.  So very much passive-aggressive.  Maybe that’s why he thinks he can pass The Man Show off as satire, with the above plus his distant-from-the-Sun Mercury.  He might assume we can all just shed our thoughts and words like a snake outgrowing its skin.  That reminds me of the brave little Charlottesville tiki-torch Nazi who, finding himself among the resisters, stripped his uniform shirt off and said it was, “Just a joke.”  Cowardly, self-serving, conflict-driven, fickle.  That’s the down side of Ixion.

In terms of the sexism, Jimmy’s chart argues that no, it was absolutely not a joke.  Jimmy has major issues.  Going back now to Mars, the God of War is an apt chart co-ruler for the guy from The Man Show, as discussed.  He’s also in Saturn’s sign.  But Saturn is in Mars’ sign, conjunct the Moon.  Remember Neptune is combust here, invisible within the Sun’s corona, making it difficult for Jimmy to see his higher self or be aware that it’s not his ego.  The Moon is the feminine principle, the ability to see oneself in other people.   That’s one of the primary ways we connect with our higher selves, that and Venus, which is also in trouble here.  But back to Saturn.

Saturn and Mars are thus in “mutual reception,” guests in each other’s homes.  However they’re also square.  So that’s like two guys who don’t get along (the Greater and Lesser Malefic), in each other’s apartments, arguing.  Mars is on the attack (Toro), Saturn’s on the defensive (Moon).   The North Node is also late in Mars’ sign of Aries, meaning that Mars is overall the ruler of this chart, with Pluto and Saturn in that order.   Because the Moon is caught up in this messy fight between Mars and Saturn, she can be considered “besieged,” a thing I just learned when I pulled up the above Wikipedia link.

Jimmy’s Moon and Saturn are further under attack by Jimmy’s very unhappy, ever-so-bad Libra situation, featuring Venus tightly conjunct both Dejanira the Victim and Ceres the Earth Mother.   Just as being on a thing called The Man Show where women are semi-nude and referred to as “juggies” is abusive of women generally, Dejanira the Sexual Violence Victim conjunct both Venus (women generally) and Ceres the Earth Mother is pretty straightforward.  When you demean and belittle women for money and sport, you abuse and exploit the divine feminine, represented by Ceres the Earth Mother and the Moon (as well as obviously Venus, and if you think about it, all of the energies of female experience, including Dejanira).  Also Vesta the True Believer is in Capricorn, though not conjunct.  But still serves to shore up his aggressive Mars.  If you had any margin of error on Jimmy, whether he was just kidding, this should answer your questions.

All of that is in Venus’ sign of Libra.  Ceres and Dejanira are on the same degree, with Venus 2 degrees away.  So having all of this opposition the Moon shows a distinct projection of judgment and ill-will onto women.  Saturn is judge, jury, and executioner.  He’s in a macho death-grip with Mars, and losing.  Saturn is punishing conjunct the Moon (ask me, I know!).  In me it has been lifelong depression despite constantly fighting for my happy mood.

self portrait with worldSo Jimmy probably has that banged-up feeling in his heart.  And Scorpio, his Sun sign, is a water sign, thus very susceptible to the Moon, moods, the moods of other people.  The water signs are intuitive, even in a chart with this raging Mars trying to scorch everything.  This speaks to one who can dish it out better than he can take it.  Saturn being square to Mars and opposite Venus, Ceres, and Dejanira, that makes everybody feel bad because Saturn has judged them.  Saturn judges everybody, male and female.  But in this deck called Jimmy Kimmel, Mars has everything stacked in a most cowardly way.  The Man Show is clearly spelled out as non-ironic here, much more than even in the chart of rape troll Jim Jefferies.

I’m sure with the Scorpio he does feel really bad sometimes, very down.   Scorpio the envelope-pusher has high highs and low lows.  But he’s learned to tone down the mean spiritedness — and the race-baiting, which I didn’t know about until I read the Atlantic article above.  It’s clear to me that that’s part of the detached Mercury, where he thinks he can just change shirts.   That Saturn Moon is always bummed out.  Interesting that he’s a comedian.  Looks like it’s the old, tears of a clown.

The Libra thing, though.  Wow.  Jimmy also has Juno the Spouse in Libra, completing the set of female asteroids, all in Libra, under attack.  Venus in Libra wants everyone to get along.  She hates everything about The Man Show, from the farting to the meanness to the all of it.  And Jimmy has all of the women (Pallas the Field Marshal has a hypermasculine quality, “daddy’s girl”) corralled into the sign where Venus won’t fight back.  That would be Taurus, where the women dictate terms and have horns to enforce.  Libra doesn’t want any arguing.  And like with the detached Mercury, having Juno in a separate category from women generally (Venus), his mother (Ceres), and degraded/abused women (Dejanira) creates a theme.  Jimmy has a great ability to compartmentalize people, the classic Madonna/whore syndrome.  His wife is off in a separate category from the juggies.

His mother, I should mention, has no such luck.  I would expect Jimmy’s father to have been a mean drunk.   I think the joke he made about women liking Oscar because he has no penis was really quite Freudian.  That’s a perfect example of the sour, Saturnian Moon projecting his insecurities onto women.  Nobody has called for mass castration that I know of.  The first dozen or so times I was called a “castrating bitch” it was a conversation ender, because it made no sense to me whatsoever, so i didn’t know how to respond.  His penis had never crossed my mind, much less altering it — that was the problem.  Over time I realized that it was just the giant, fragile ego hating to see a woman stronger, smarter, better than them in any little way.

Jimmy has a two-sided T-square, a little bit like the three-sided box noted in Nikolas Cruz and other … difficult people.  The grand cross that would make a four-sided box would allow the huge amount of friction to flow in a logical circuit, creating more drive and dynamism.  Similarly having another square from Mars to Venus would give Jimmy a T-square, a logical circuit to address that friction between Saturn/Moon and really the rest of the chart.  So like with serial killer John Bittrolff and his Mars/Saturn/Pluto problem, “all worked up and nobody to strangle” or Nikolas Cruz with his eddy of unhappiness pooling and stagnating, here there is no easy way for Neptune to step in and integrate the overall personality, resolve the friction between the genders so vividly depicted in this chart.

There’s also that little criss-cross of minor aspects that I first saw in Nikolas Cruz and then a few other antisocial types, though with them it’s the dashed green inconjuncts.  Jimmy has those dotted lines criss-crossing, which are called sesquares.  The glyph is a little box with a “greater than” sign (>) at the bottom.  That is a minor negative influence, where there isn’t quite an inconjunct that could allow the friction to be redirected.  Maybe a bit like stepping off a curb a certain way and hurting your ankle.  Just not quite a smooth transition.  Those two energies have low-level friction.  And the criss-crossing seems to be something like an internal “chutes and ladders,” as I would expect with multiple yods, but on a decidedly negative tone.

Also in this chart the affected planets are truly vital:  From the Sun (the point of the whole life) and Neptune (the access to the higher self) there is a clash with the Moon (our empathy) and Saturn (our selfishness).  Then Mr. Highly aggro  “king of the hill” in this crotch-grabbing chart, Mars/Toro, is clashing with Jupiter.  Jimmy’s Jupiter is doing a good job of endearing him to people and embiggening his life, with that dashed green line, the inconjunct redirection from the piss-pot Saturn/Moon to him being the life of the party.

In terms of the male toxicity, I am finally at the point where I can mention that Nessus the Wife Beater is directly on Aldebaran, putting him on that Archangel Michael/pack of demons continuum.  Interestingly Jimmy has the asteroid representing sexual perpetrators of all kinds (including emotional and verbal abuse, if it’s gender-based) directly on the Archangel Michael’s spot, fixed star Aldebaran.  It’s sort of like the Sun being directly atop Neptune, the lesser factor aligning with a much more powerful one.  If Nessus or any of the demon pack show up on Aldebaran, they should expect decapitation.  Any integrity failure with an Aldebaran contact is likely to be very, very painful — during the life for others, and after the life for the native.

So Dejanira has an ominous placement, and her counterpart, her abuser, does too.

Jupiter, Pallas, Pluto, and Uranus are all in Virgo, so ruled by Mercury, the thoughts and words part of the self.  Mercury is the part of our mind that we are conscious of, where the Moon is the part that includes dreams, gut feelings, irrational fears, and the desire to drink oneself into a coma.  Mercury and especially Virgo can have real difficulty connecting with others emotionally as opposed to judging them.  Chart co-ruler Pluto and Mr. I Gotta Be Me Uranus are ruled by Mercury here.  That is again on the theme of compartmentalization, having both of those planets in Mercury’s Earth sign of Virgo.

Virgo the Virgin, by definition, does not allow others to penetrate, is not affected by them.  That’s why she’s still a virgin.  This is much like honey’s use as an antiseptic.  It’s not that honey kills germs, per se.  It’s that honey sticks to a surface and doesn’t permit penetration even by bacteria.  Nothing can get through.  That’s the virginity of Virgo.  Then remember, highly poisonous Ixion is right there on the same degree as Mercury.  With Ixion conjunct Mercury, everything in Gemini and Virgo is radioactive in a chart where there’s any integrity question at all.  In a Scorpio chart with problem Mars like this one, Ixion is not to be trusted IMO.

I haven’t had a chance to mention that this is a locomotive chart with a Jupiter engine.  You haven’t heard me mention Jupiter thus far, which is kind of interesting considering this guy is a talk-show host.  That should be a prominent Mercury-Jupiter guy, I would think.  Ixion should help make him a slick talker.  Mercury and all that Libra would help him keep the chat rather light, avoid the sort of intense emotional entanglements that Jimmy would be prone to with his Scorpio-heavy chart.  This must be helping to keep him from getting as intense with people as the Mars/Pluto/Nessus/Toro etc. would suggest.  I also don’t know his birth time, so have no angle or house information to work with.  That can be very telling.

Bottom line, Jimmy Kimmel owes the world an apology for The Man Show.  That would need to come first, then follow up that heartfelt apology — and financial reparations, because greedy Saturn loves money, and so does Ixion















Mike Huckabee, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

Today I am in mourning.  I watched with my own eyes while God’s most precious and delicate snowflake melted, right on Fox News.

The video above was such a perfect storm of Fike Muckabee, that I had to pull up his chart.  And he was already in the database at, thanks to the good scouts who share with the class.  When the Country Music Association rescinded his offer of a place on the Board, it was totally arbitrary and unfair, no good reason at all.  Muckabee’s the real victim here.

“Huckabee… uses language that has a profoundly negative impact upon young people all across this country.  Not to mention how harmful and damaging his deep involvement with the NRA is.  What a shameful choice.” — Jason Owen, Monument Records

The above Fox clip is something like a Fellini movie IMHO.  And luckily for me ::SPOILER ALERT!:: Fike Muckabee is a great example of a wedge chart.  Fike is such a wedge chart guy that his daughter Farah Suckabee Flanders developed inside his bubble and mistook it for the whole world.  That explains so much.  ::END SPOILER::  Really the above video tickled me pink over my wake and bake. 

Fike and his Fox Friends believe Chelsea Handler is jealous of his daughter.  He also thinks he and Chelsea Handler are about the same age, and thus comparable.

Fave quotes from his appearance on Fox and Friends just for laughs:

Today the new direction of the left is, in the name of tolerance, be intolerant.  In the name of love, hate people.  And in the name of diversity, demand conformity.  Because that’s where we are.”  — Fike Muckabee

If I tried to parse his thoughts, the Christian pastor and NRA lover would truly baffle me, because I like logic.  That’s why I do astrology, gentle reader.  I haven’t got time for the pain.  I just want to know what’s happening.  So let’s get charty, shall we?  Right.

First I’m going to show you the chart without my standard defaults, as I call it a de-crapified version, “Just the facts, ma’am.”  This is actually a rather simple guy, the asteroids only provide subtle shading.

Mike Huckabee chart de-crapified

So at a glance you can see what’s up with Fike Muckabee, in a way.  This is a wedge chart, like Czarinka and Eric Trump, and IIRC Kim Jong Un.  One of my best friends has a wedge chart.  But her wedginess breaks my heart.  The thing is, when you have this tight bundle, where all of the planets are hugging tight in one corner of the wheel, that’s sort of how you live your life, too.

Where a bowl chart native often lives a “glass half-full” life, the wedge native lives life to the 1/3rd-est.  They focus their awareness very tightly on their own lives, their own inner circles.  If you’re on the inside, I’m sure that’s an amazing bubble of support, where you’re sort of the only real thing and everyone else always comes second.  I honestly can’t imagine being raised that way, my life was so opposite.

Not that my friend doesn’t love me.  In her own way, she does.  She just feels like her own family and kids, and the people she lives near, need to have a psychic moat around them.  After 20+ years of daily communication, she still at the end of the day only thinks of me as a work friend, because she met me at work.  Doesn’t want me to text her at home, just email her at work.  That’s a wedge.  That doesn’t seem rude or ugly to her, as it does to me.  It doesn’t feel like shutting me out, to her.  With her wedge chart that feels normal.  But I have a highly dynamic chart, where the energy zooms around and ricochets, hers is opposite.  Fike’s is very bubble-reality, like my friend.

Actually with this chart, the wedge shape is really the main thing you need to know.  It can be very difficult to build a bridge to the wedge native.  This guy has intense myopia with the way he sees the world.  Just like America is always in the middle of the maps we occasionally saw in school, Muckabee really believes the Sun rises and sets in the crack of his butt.  It’s his world, the rest of you need to conform.

With that stellium in Leo, Fike is enormously egotistical.  That’s what it takes to be able to insert your daughter into a high-profile White House job and still whine about being disempowered socially.

Most of this chart is plopped directly on the fixed star Regulus at the tail end of Leo.  I’m a believer in an old-school concept I think is called “shared illumination,” meaning that when planets are conjunct, their light sort of merges together just as smaller lights would make a brighter light overall.  Therefore things that wouldn’t actually connect by orb are connected by shared light, because it becomes one mass of light with each one more visible as a group.  But that’s not even necessary here, they’re all properly within orb for high-voltage Regulus.  So that’s Vesta, Pluto, Mars, Venus, and the Sun, all on Regulus.  That’s pretty much all you need to know about this chart, honestly.

I can safely say that Regulus is the reason any of us know this person’s name at all.  Regulus can make you king.  But like with all of the high-voltage fixed stars, if your integrity flags, you’re in for a big problem.  Regulus often goeth before the fall.  Ask Harvey Weinstein.  Wedge charts almost never get famous, because they’re not dynamic people.  They’re people who keep their lives laser focused, and like with visual myopia, they truly see things only in this one way.  Most of the world does not exist for them.

So Mike got to be governor of Kansas because he so perfectly mirrors most of the white people of Kansas.  Foolish me, growing up I thought Kansas would be very laid back, simple people living close to the Earth.  Like Dorothy.  When she says, “We’re not in Kansas anymore,” it makes Kansas sound like the world’s safest space, beyond there be dragons.

When I drove through Kansas, I was struck first of all by how beautiful and peaceful it is, and how sparsely populated.  Just like I imagined.  But then I noticed that despite driving all the way across the state, literally the longest way, there was nowhere for me to stop.  No tourist stuff.  Not only do they not want you to stop and look around, they make it so you have to keep going if you’re starting to get hungry.  No campgrounds, state parks.  There was almost nowhere to eat.   I was in my van, and normally I can just pull off the road and sleep.  But the only such accommodations were small paved strips for semi-trucks, and they were always full, because Kansas wants you to mind your business and just keep passing through.

I’m sure there are hotels in the major cities.  But I found it shockingly socially inhospitable, despite the lovely landscape.  I didn’t see any of the sort of mom and pop things I expected, the things you routinely see in similar rural parts of America.  Hey, I drove from one end of the state to the other and DID NOT SEE A STARBUCKS.  No exaggeration.  It’s a very small handful of very wealthy white people, who killed all the natives fair and square as far as they’re concerned.  They know what an enormous lap of privilege they’re in, a fact they keep hidden in plain sight.

So Fike Muckabee lives in his own little bubble reality, literally and figuratively.  He became governor of Kansas because he so accurately reflects the white people of Kansas.  And with that Regulus stellium, he’s able to get a lot of white Kansans to concur with his belief in himself as anointed.  Muckabee believes he’s the born king, which is why he’s both a pastor and a governor.  I know there are a lot of pastors who do double-duty, including my favorite, MLK.  But intention is everything.  Even without the wedge chart, the Regulus stellium is actually a bit of a mic drop on who this individual thinks he is:  the king of kings.

“And it’s not enough to say, ‘I disagree, and I wish this person, you know, would change his mind.  Today, it’s, ‘Let’s put him out of business.  Let’s close his store.’  It’s ‘Let’s destroy everyone who doesn’t agree with me.'” — Fike Muckabee

Hey, Fike?  Some ladies from Planned Parenthood have mentioned that they disagreed with you several times now.  They sure wish you’d change your mind.  Just saying!  🙂

The Sun is in that giant stellium on Regulus, the Lion King.  But it’s located in Mercury’s sign of Virgo.  Mercury is also in Virgo, making this someone who is ruled by his head mind, his thoughts and words.

And I was correct in my hunch about his daughter Farah having that wide-set Mercury honestly, getting it from her father.  He also has the Sun and Mercury quite far apart (for those two) suggesting one who does not so much identify with his thoughts, though they’re quite prominently ruling his life.  I have a combust Mercury, and I’ve noticed that I do think I am my thoughts.  I work on it.  I don’t know if wide-set Sun-Mercury suggests a lazy eye or not, or if Sun and Mercury in different signs does.  But I suspected the chart similarity, and found it.

But I still can’t imagine how it feels to be Fike or Farah Suckabee Flanders, feeling so solid within my own ego that even my dominating thoughts feel like outside influences.  Really the setting of the Sun and Mercury in these two is reflected in the physical comparison of the eyes.

She has his eyes, and hers are even slightly more askew, because her Mercury is not just far away, but in a different sign.  I’m not talking so much about their faces, which I find as ugly as their insides.  But specifically Sun/Mercury shown in the windows to the soul, and how these two are chips off the same block.  They’re both strangely dead-eyed to me.

Okay, so briefly let’s look at the full chart, for a few details.

Mike Huckabee chart

The main important thing in the full version is that he has Pallas the Field Marshal on Antares.  While Pallas is not a hugely important asteroid generally, when we’re looking at someone who is arguably a strategist, or anything that looks like a field marshal, and it’s on the Aldebaran-Antares axis, it’s important.  Mike has been a soldier for the people he represents for a very long time.  He has been as unequivocal in his positions as only a wedge chart can truly be.  And for the people who like him, he seems to be a warrior for the Archangel Michael.  I see him quite clearly as field marshaling for the pack of demons on Antares, namely the NRA and their spokesgoblin Wayne LaPierre.  It’s the old, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

I do not think his Nessus is close enough to Algol to be making contact there.  The Moon, Saturn, and Juno the Spouse in Scorpio are all ruled by Pluto and Mars, making him quite aggressive.  Antares is a lower octave of Mars energetically (I am not sure that’s true astrologically, so I am warning you that I’m going off-road here.  But I work quite a bit on my Mars and Aldebaran issues.)  Energetically it is certainly true, that for me, the Aldebaran/Antares axis is like a hallway, with the Archangel Michael at the high end and the pack of demons at the low end.  Then Mars is where most of us stand, somewhere in the middle.  Unless you have a major contact on either end, like Pallas on Antares.

The presence of Juno tells me that Mrs. Suckabee is also right on board with the deviousness, and is probably quite the sneaky little trickster herself.  Also Juno does represent  partnerships generally, and we can see that this extremist Christian is willing to partner up with both the gun vendors and David Duke’s favorite pussy-grabber, all at the same time, because Jesus doesn’t like gays and wouldn’t make Muckabee sell them a wedding cake if he owned a bakery.  That’s communism.  No, you may not have an abortion.  Signed, Jesus (by his spokesman, Fike Muckabee in his absence, with his permission)

Also it’s not a very tight conjunction, but he does have Dejanira the Victim conjunct Toro the Raging Bull in Virgo, again ruled by Mercury, the thoughts and words.  This guy plays the victim pretty much  non-stop, and as shown in the videos and links herein, he does it to go on the attack.

Interestingly he does not have any of the money-grubbing, power-hungry aspects that we see in the Saturnian or Jupiter-driven charts.  For him, it’s purely social control, plain and simple.  That’s the Pluto/Mars Moon kicking in to serve the Antares connection with Pallas.  He’s purely ideological, and his ideology is about his ego and his birthright to rule over us all from on high.  Pluto is a control freak and an extremist.

Thank God for the Regulus fall, may it come quite soon.  I would love, love, love it if Farah has stepped in it with Mueller.  I don’t recall her having much bandwidth in the Mercury department, if you know what I mean.  I believe she has an afflicted Mercury in Virgo.   So she could be duped, or maybe just be not bright enough to step out of the way in time.  She could get bogged down in the tree-counting and not notice the forest is on fire.

Ultimately I don’t know what will bring Fike Muckabee down, assuming he has strayed from his integrity.  His Neptune is in airy Libra conjunct Spica, which can be thought of as the spotlight illuminating the path to Heaven’s Gate on Arcturus.   So he has the ability to connect with archangelic-level energies.  That’s how he’s able to insert his daughter to the position where we all met her.   As I’ve said over and over, anyone who has a contact to any of these archangelic-level energies (including anyone with an Antares contact, due to the Aldebaran opposition) had better use that gift wisely, or pay a dear price.  Misuse of this particular sort of power does not end well.

So in fairness, it’s entirely possible that the people who think Fike is a warrior for the good are right, and I’m wrong.  I’m on the Aldebaran/Mars side, with my Neptune also on Spica.  My Pallas is there, too.   He and I are simply soldiers for opposing teams.

Anyway I do believe Regulus will deliver this guy the fall he so deserves.  Judging by how badly he took it when they wouldn’t let him be on the Country Music Association board, the coming GOP bloodbath in the mid-terms is going to be a major challenge for him.  Tough.




Casey Cagle, Astrosplained

To Whom It May Concern,

By request from Kat, today I am Astrosplaining another man who would be king.  I had not heard of this adorable guy until Kat wrote me about him. Cagle is running for governor of Georgia against an African-American woman.

I don’t need a weatherman to tell me which way the wind is blowing here.  If I did, maybe Roy Moore could refer me to one.  In a nutshell (full nut here), Cagle threw down against a private business on behalf of the NRA.  Delta Airlines recently announced it would no longer offer NRA discounts, Cagle promised to eliminate Delta’s tax breaks in Georgia.

Needless to say this is a very stupid threat that would hurt Georgia more than Delta, if Delta decided to move their operations rather than pay the fine. Cagle is currently the Lieutenant Governor, and it’s not clear (to me) what if anything he could do right now.  The legality of this is being debated.  The ethics are obviously questionable.

Thus gentle reader, I’ve been lured in by those crazy eyes, that hunched posture that says, “I definitely don’t have any duct tape in the pockets of this suit, and I didn’t steal it off a dead guy.”  I can’t look away.  So let’s look at the chart.

casey cagle chart

I like to determine the overall chart rulership first.  Casey has the Sun in Capricorn, so Saturn is the chart ruler.

The second biggest player in this chart is Jupiter, which is so turbocharged it could be argued to overtake the actual chart ruler, Saturn. Mercury is also prominent here, with Jupiter in Gemini.  Jupiter is really hogging up the spotlight here.  Kat asked if Casey had either a Seginus or Algorab contact, which would make sense with this very straightforward right-wing politician.  But both of those are well out of orb for Casey’s Moon, and they are not opposed by anything.  So this is really more just about who this person is, rather than him trying to jump on a gravy train.

With a Saturn-Jupiter chart, especially on a white guy of a certain age, there’s a very certain flavor.  Like Jeff Sessions, the Saturn influence here speaks of one who seeks authority.  Saturn represents anyone who can tell you no and you will have to deal with it.  So when we see a Saturn-ruled chart, we know that this is someone with a material-world focus, one who may have great difficulty connecting emotionally to others or be unwilling to do so.

Melania Trump has a strong Saturn chart.  She has been very aggressive financially, for a Taurus woman who already has tons of money and can’t be bothered to do a make-up line.   She doesn’t need the money herself, not that she wants them to give her royalties on the cakes they sell in a small town in Slovenia.  No, it’s the principle of the thing.  Nobody can make a few dollars off of her.  She’s able to sue them into stopping, and her Saturnian, punishing, rock-hard inner self carries the day.  Even with all the Venus in her chart, Melania somehow can’t see how bitchy and awful that makes her look.  She looks very classy because she knows not to say much.  But she’s quite the selfish little miser.

Casey Cagle’s Saturn is obviously going to look slightly different.  Melania does have a Jupiter situation too.  But IMHO her Jupiter tendencies are projected onto her husband, which is one of the reasons he’s now the president.  That and he wants Putin to be his friend.  In Casey’s chart, Jupiter represents the government and his desired role in it.  Like with Sessions, Saturn can see authority as something to be grabbed through dogged persistence over the course of time, eventually becoming complete.  Saturn represents everybody whose word is more important than others, like doctors who can write prescriptions, IRS agents who can get people thrown in jail, judges who can sign death warrants.  In this chart those two things, Saturn and Jupiter, are the primary driving mechanism.

While we’re still on Capricorn and Saturn, Casey has Toro conjunct Mercury, the chart’s 3rd in command.  Toro the Raging Bull is where we will see red and charge.  in Capricorn, again, Saturn is comfortable being the authority figure.  With Mercury we’re talking about the conscious mind, thoughts and words.  So it makes perfect sense that when his beloved NRA had its authority challenged, he saw red and charged into battle against people who support teenagers.  Saturn loves to punish, like the FLOTUS sending cease and desist letters to mom and pop bakers in Slovenia, who are, at the end of the day, celebrating her success.  People are proud of her.  I know they make a few bucks too.  But WTF, really?   Saturn stomps all over any warm fuzzies.

Jupiter is the real bandwidth hog here.  This is truly an extreme Jupiter, not sure how I would make it worse except putting the Sun there.  But that would take away the cold sourness of Saturn.  Jupiter’s key theme is “embiggening.”  Trump is a classic Jupiter, the guy who lives to run  all around the world literally plastering his name on as many giant buildings as possible.  He runs multiple charity events, and gives none of the money to charity.  That’s a deeply shady Jupiter running amok.  Jupiter is all about spending other people’s money.  You could think of the government as two ideas in one:  the part that expands, enhances, and enriches (Jupiter) and the part that closes down and punishes (Saturn).  Jupiter giveth, Saturn taketh away.

In this chart, I see a very straightforward rigid Saturn being used to create the sort of privilege Jupiter feels ever so entitled to.   If you don’t let the NRA run amok, I will punish you financially.  Keep in mind he doesn’t have the authority to punish Delta right now.  He’s auditioning for the job with that threat.

Casey’s Jupiter is really berserk.

  • Conjunct Mintaka, making this an ancient-Orion connected soul like myself.  I think it’s safe to say he’s on the other side of the Huva wars from me, at least at this time.  (I was really a huge turd on Huva, much worse than Hitler.)  Casey is all about the authoritarian agenda.
  • Jupiter at the head of a T-square, that red triangle.  This is the classic psychic pebble in the shoe, lifelong internal friction source that drives the native to act.  Jupiter and its energies are the thing Casey uses to resolve the tension between his Saturn/Chiron and Pluto/Uranus.
  • Jupiter at the head of a yod.  This particular yod speaks of using his extreme Jupiter to facilitate his ego needs.  The redirection is in this case more of a misdirection, in that Neptune speaks of integrity and the connection to the higher self, and the Sun is the ego.  So there’s no direct communication between the ego and higher selves with Casey.  He filters everything through that Jupiter and its desire to live every day like Don at Mar A Lago.
  • Jupiter bucket handle chart.  In a bucket chart, one singleton planet acts as an energetic fulcrum for all of the others.  The handle is the energy that the entire life revolves around, in this case Jupiter.  That is self-explanatory.

Casey has Saturn conjunct Chiron in Pisces, co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter.  As above, Neptune is compromised here by the yod placement.  Jupiter is at least competing to be the actual chart ruler, with the actual ruler, Saturn, in a sign co-ruled by Jupiter on top of the entire bulleted list above.  So the Saturn influence here is markedly not self-discipline, but discipline of others to facilitate the Jupiterian privilege.  Jupiter is notoriously unconcerned with details, believing his own good time to be paramount.

Chiron is a fragment of the planet Maldek, which was destroyed by the aggression of its residents.  So we call it the Wounded Healer asteroid, and it does speak of the part of us that picks up the pieces and goes home, just because they’re too exhausted and broken from all the fighting.  Chiron is where we learn to focus on our own healing process, and let all the Mintaka/Pluto/Saturn people do as they wish.  But that can be very, very hard to do.  I have seen that in the charts of people like Wayne LaPierre, speaking of the devil, Chiron also plays a significant role.  When I think about what it has taken for me to move on in a positive orientation, just let it all go, it’s obvious that many people have no intention of working that hard.

Another thing I’ve been noticing lately, which I first noticed in the chart of school shooter Nikolas Cruz and then noticed in several others, is that criss-crossing inconjunct pattern, the dashed green lines.  I discussed the yod from Jupiter/Mintaka to the Sun and Neptune.  But there’s another inconjunct intersecting that, and it’s between the highly malefic Mars and Pluto.  So this is about misdirecting the aggression or redirecting it.  Mars the God of War is always itching for a fight.  Pluto the Devil is the original conflict-driven motherfucker.  This is a guy who wants to appear like Jupiter, the loving father who makes it all right.  But that Saturn is where his Sun is located, the cold, hard, punishing tax man.  I will probably see this pattern in some nice people too.  But so far it’s people like Nikolas Cruz and Jeff Sessions.  So there’s a certain oppositional-defiant flavor.  The native may have a sort of internal “chutes and ladders” he can use to avoid responsibility, i.e., manipulate and evade when confronted.

Casey has the Moon in Libra, giving this chart a lighter, airier feel.  Libra is ruled by Venus, who is defined by the people in her life.  The Moon is about reflected light, and this aspect makes a person softer than a Capricorn would otherwise be, but not a whole lot.  It’s really more polished than soft.  He knows not to let butter melt in his mouth.  He knows to toe the line.  He knows how to schmooze and charm people, which sounds really weird to me because I’ve seen his face and can’t imagine being charmed by him.  But within his demographic, he totally works.  People who voted for Trump, a lot of them still see that winning Jupiter.  Jupiter can blind you to anything else, because he has so much fun.  It’s easy to relate to the life of the party, he’s aspirational.

But Mercury is also important in this chart.  So the air in Libra adds to a cerebral, heart-disconnected individual.  Libra is notoriously superficial and fickle, like Mercury.  She’s never unkind or harsh.  But she’s not deeply committed.  That’s Saturn.  This looks to me like someone who keeps his Saturnian rigidity hidden as much as possible, probably couching it in terms of extremist Christianity like Scott Pruitt, because that’s acceptable within his community (Libra, staying within the lines and keeping everybody happy).

So, gentle reader, I say it will be fun to watch Casey get the crap stomped out of him.  I will never vote within this system again.  Had I held my nose and voted for Hilary, honestly I don’t know that I wouldn’t have killed myself when Trump was appointed president.  If I were to ever vote again, I would vote for the black lady every time, just on principle.  I’m ready for the last to be first and the first to be last.

Also, I’m tired of people saying he did win the election.  He did not.  The election was handed to him, undemocratically, by the GOP’s pet demon, the electoral college.  Casey will have no such luck, in my estimation.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.  Go be governor on some planet that the gun-toting version of Jesus owns.

I get so many international readers on this blog, it really makes me glad when I come and see all the different flags.  Sadly, I know that many international readers better understand American civics than most of my countrymen.  For those who are confused by this confusing mess, here is how I understand it.

The 2nd Amendment was about former slave owners wanting to be able to have their own militias.  They wanted to be able to enforce slavery at gunpoint, basically.  The electoral college exists to make sure that only landowners, i,e., the rich, have any actual political power.   Similarly slaves were granted “3/5 of a vote,” which is pretty self-evident if you think about it.  So this is not a system that has broken down, it is a system working precisely as designed.  That’s the problem we need to fix or die.










Scott Pruitt, Astrosplained

scott pruitt

Dudes and Duchesses,

Just as Dr. Ben Carson was a very strategic appointment in a specific and cynical way, so was Scott Pruitt.  But Dr. Carson lives on Planet Ben, where he can’t hear the complaints.

Scott Pruitt has no such luck.  Pruitt has been appointed to head an agency he sued repeatedly while Oklahoma Attorney General.  And he claims people are so mean to him on flights that he has to fly first class.  It’s not that I don’t believe citizens would take any opportunity to scream obscenities in his face, lord knows I wish I’d get a turn at bat.  No, my problem with his logic is that he’s appointed to his position, not elected.  So if the people he works for really, really hate him — as we obviously do — we should be able to fire him rather than paying extra so he doesn’t have to receive our feedback.

So who is this delicate flower, this tender snowflake prosecutor from Oklahoma?  Gentle reader, clutch your rosaries to your chests, put your garlic necklace on, and let’s look at the oily, toxic inside of Scott Pruitt.

scott pruitt chart

Once again thanks to the A students at (namely Viktor) we all have a proper birth time to work from.  So in this case I have angles and houses.

Scott has the Sun in Taurus, making Venus the chart ruler overall.  Venus rulership makes the native a people-person, one whose life is focused on other people and their connections to him.  Venus is the Goddess of Love, but that doesn’t mean she’s necessarily lovable.  In Libra she just wants everybody to make nice.  If you have been legitimately harmed, however, she just wants you to stop crying, not necessarily feel better.  She’d usually prefer if you feel better, but mostly just wants things to be pleasant on the surface in Libra.

The other side of Venus is Taurus.  In the American South we have a saying:  “If Mama aint happy, aint nobody happy.”  In Taurus, Venus is spoiled, selfish, and lazy.  Taurus is her homebody, foodista, entitled side, like Melania Trump.  Taurus the Bull loves to lie in his own pasture munching flowers in the shade.  But if you come over that fence you will get the horns.  He doesn’t appreciate having his privacy invaded, or being forced to do anything.  Libra is an air sign, Taurus an Earth sign.  Libra in Taurus, like Earthy Saturn, is very materially focused and wants physical pampering.  Airy Libra is more focused on the thoughts and words, and wants delightful cocktail parties.  Either way, like Melania Trump, Venus actually doesn’t care, as long as she gets to be spoiled and lazy.

So that’s Scott Pruitt’s basic makeup.  Especially in Taurus, Venus is represented by the tarot card The Empress.

The EmpressThis doesn’t necessarily seem like Scott Pruitt, because it looks like she’s owned it for a while and there are still lovely trees and clean water.  But in basic makeup they are the same.  The Empress is Venus in Taurus personified.  She will sit right there, and people will bring her stuff that makes her happy.  If not, she will make life miserable.  That’s our Scott.  The Empress has never done a lick of actual work.

With 8 Leo on the Ascendant and Jupiter in the 1st house, you have a huge ego, with the Sun in the first decan on the Ascendant.  The Ascendant is like your face in astrology, which you may note changes constantly with your feelings and experiences, as well as age.  But there is sort of one consistent thread, in that it’s always the face belonging to you, whether you are 5 years old or 97.   Anyway Leo is the classic king, believing himself honor and duty-bound in a way that nobody else is, and expecting that sort of treatment even if he doesn’t live up to his side.  (Ask me, I know!  This is 1 degree off my Ascendant, yuck!)  Marilyn Monroe had a 7 Leo Ascendant.  That is said to be the ability to turn “it” on when she walked into the room.  I thought it seemed hard for her to turn it off, but people who knew her personally said they’d see her “light up” before making her entrance sometimes, and wow.

With Jupiter in the 1st house, “the man who would be king” factor will be very, very strong with that Leo Ascendant and Taurus Sun.  Jupiter is the Greater Benefic to Venus’ Lesser Benefic.  The two are sort of an obvious pair, with her Trump-like husband, Jupiter, also not interested in doing a lick of work.  Both are interested in making his lazy, selfish, shallow wife happy, and what she wants is (a) what she wants and (b) everybody shut up and smile.  If those people love you, then hallelujah, your life will probably be pretty good (unless you buy a really expensive building named 666).  I don’t expect Eric or Lara to go to jail, you know.  Venus in Taurus wants her kids to sit in their golden terrariums and STFU.

Stephen Miller is another one with Jupiter in the 1st house.  People mostly notice him for the raging Pluto hard-on he shares with Omarosa.  But the war on janitors thing is how Pluto runs amok on a 1st house Jupiter.  Pluto adds the “off with their heads.”  But the real problem is Jupiter’s selfishness and raging sense of entitlement.  Pluto is the sociopath, who knows he’s doing the wrong thing and doesn’t care.  Jupiter doesn’t care because like Venus, he doesn’t think about it.  Sorry, I can’t resist showing my classic “picture says 1,000 words” about Jupiter one more time.

fat trump golfingThat’s who Pruitt believes he should be.  Regardless of whatever he says, what’s front and center on his mind is the desire to live like Don at Mar A Lago.  Wesley Willis wanted this same thing — and I believe created it for himself — an interesting contrast between the two lives, Wesley so positive and Scott so negative.

I note that Virgo is on the cusp of both the 2nd and 3rd houses, giving Mercury some exaggeration.  Scott has Mercury in a different sign than the Sun, like Farah Suckabee Flanders.  Where someone like Nikolas Cruz with Mercury right on the Sun might not be able to separate himself from his thoughts, with this distant, next-sign Mercury, I see the opposite, someone who changes their thoughts to suit their ego needs very naturally.  This would be especially pronounced in a Venus-ruled, superficial chart like Scott’s.

Importantly, Mercury managed to scoot into his own sign of Gemini.  So Scott is a very cerebral guy.  Not as intense as Dr. Carson with his flaming brain, but definitely not a heart-centered type.  This guy operates from his head mind, and from his own body.  He wants to be personally, physically comfortable at all times.  Everything else is a thought stream that he wants to be able to turn off, basically.  Go away, peasants.  Virgo is bad for this, the Virgin, which he has on the cusps of both the 2nd and 3rd houses.  Virgo is Earth-Air, ruled by Mercury.  Earth people are about their own bodies and their money.

Continuing on the theme of compartmentalization, superficiality, and detachment from other people, Scott has Aquarius on the Descendant.  HoraryMystic’s analogy for understanding the Ascendant and Descendant works for me.  Linguistically speaking, the Ascendant is the 1st person, “I,” and the Descendant is the 2nd person, “you.”  This is because of course every person you encounter in your life experience is a reflection of yourself.  There is no “out there” out there.  Every person and situation is neutral other than the meanings you impart to them, always.  I know it doesn’t seem that way, I still don’t always feel the truth of that after years of applying it.

But if you do choose to take radical responsibility for your life, then the Descendant is what you see in others, not necessarily who they are.  It can be who you attract, because that’s how you’ve configured your own energies, as shown in your chart.  This is very much the case with Kyriaki and her love life, with the high-powered fixed star Algol on her Descendant.  Scott has Aquarius on the Descendant, which is co-ruled by Uranus and Saturn.  Both of those two planets are marked by their inability to connect with others.  Uranus the Inventor sees humanity through a very long lens.  Aquarians are broad-minded, but not necessarily relatable one-on-one.  They struggle with heart-centered connections and processes.

The strong Venus in this chart would of course help Scott have more heart-level connections than an Aquarian.  But importantly on the Descendant, that makes Scott more of a “close to the vest” guy, heart-level connected to himself and a few immediate people, while the rest of humanity beyond his doorstep is mostly a concept he’d like to ignore.  That’s not necessarily anyone with Aquarius on the Descendant, again, I’m talking about this specific guy and synthesizing his chart factors.  This would be more automatic in a wedge chart like Czarinka Trump.  Scott has a ton of alienating/shallowing features in his chart.

I hardly mentioned that Scott also has Toro the Raging Bull in the 1st house in Leo.  That doesn’t sound good to me, especially in a Taurus-Sun chart.  I take that to mean Scott is very willing to get right in your face, like suing the EPA on behalf of the oil industry over and over and over while complaining that the courts are — what did he say again?  Something something “judicial monarchy” yadda yadda “religious sterility.”  He’s outraged about the inalienable rights, and as the guy with Jupiter in the 1st house Leo, it’s his job to deign from on high.  Very fun that the population at large (Aquarius) is mirroring that aggression right back to him from the Descendant, in airports.

Scott has the Moon, Ceres, and Dejanira in Venus’ other sign, Libra, making this an even more Venusian chart.  Libra Moon can be charming and polished.  Ceres the Earth Mother in Libra suggests that his mother was a bit sophisticated, more of a decorator/hostess than a feeler.

Dejanira the Victim is directly on both Ceres and the IC, the cusp of the 4th house, which I think of as the heart of hearts.  The 4th house represents your family of origin, your feelings about yourself and your home and upbringing.   Put that all together and his mother was an extremely biblical wife, submissive and mild at all times.  She may have been a domestic violence victim due to the vivid Dejanira placement.

I also have Libra on the IC, and I can tell you the unpleasantness of the world, for example what Scott Pruitt does every day, makes me really unhappy.   I’d love it if everybody could be civil, hostility truly wears me down.  But I don’t have Jupiter or Toro in the 1st house.

Scott has Juno the Spouse early in Scorpio, the sign housing his deeply shady Neptune.  I had a hunch his wife would be younger and hotter than you would think, certainly not a reflection of his light-hearted Ceres-Dejanira with the black eye, the opposite.  Lo and behold, she is younger than him, attractive and sexy though modestly dressed.  I’m sure her and the children are the focus of 90 percent of his attention, with all this Venus in his chart.   It would be nice if some of that love could be bounced back toward Ceres the Earth Mother, who Scott literally physically brutalizes every day at work, and has for many years.  So in early Scorpio, his wife is likely to be a sneaky, secretive, vindictive woman, hot in the sack.

Juno is actually conjunct Ceres and Dejanira too, and just like Carmela Soprano, Pruitt’s wife Marlyn can’t just wash her hands clean.  In some way or another, she will pay for her association with this man, be victimized by him just as he victimizes Mother Earth, and probably contributed to the subjugation of his mother by his father through emotional and verbal abuse, with all his Venus and Mercury.  That Dejanira setting is an eye popper on many levels.

And where there’s Dejanira the Victim, there’s Nessus the Perpetrator.  Scott also has a prominent Nessus, both directly on Aldebaran and conjunct Mercury in his own sign.  Like Eric Greitens’ chart, YIKES.  I’ve written so much on Aldebaran here, I just can’t do it again.  General McMaster’s chart has a good Aldebaran explanation and discussion of the male toxicity of Antares.  Needless to say having Nessus on this axis, directly on either pole of the good guy/bad guy continuum, is a red flag even without the prominent Dejanira.

Nessus the Wife Beater in Gemini will be more cerebral than physical, especially in this Venus/Mercury chart.  If there were a lot more Pluto, I’d think he may actually be more physically harmful to his wife.  Scott has Pluto in Virgo, ruled by Mercury, confirming that he is unlikely to be physically violent or sexually abusive.  Between his curriculum vitae and his chart, it’s very clear that abuse of the planet herself is one of the key goals of this native’s incarnation.  He feels like the planet is the woman he’s allowed to kick as much as he wants, to facilitate him being the lion king with Jupiter in the 1st house.  Mars is also in Gemini, keeping his rage in the domain of his thoughts.

That Jupiter really is the fly in the ointment of this locomotive chart.  The locomotive chart shows one who can get things done, unfortunately for the rest of us when he is on this particular trajectory.  Every locomotive has an engine, and in this chart it’s Saturn conjunct the North Node.   Saturn is about the wallet, as is Venus.  So this is where we get the drive to specifically extract money from the Earth (Ceres/Dejanira).  I get that this is where the aggression in this chart is misdirected, as described above.  This native can rationalize almost anything.

This is especially so with Scott’s troubled Neptune.  Neptune is where we find the connection to the higher self, the individual’s reflection of the divine, and how well it’s integrated into the life.  Problem Neptune makes poor integrity, basically.  That can be standard integrity, like lies, or overall integrity, like dying of alcohol abuse.   It can also be buying into delusions, whether through schizophrenia or force of habit.  In this chart there is almost certainly enough superficiality and rationalization to create very workable ongoing delusions.  Basically this individual is likely to be either a covert narcissist or a sociopath.  I don’t believe he would personally come across anywhere near as awful as he is, with all his Venus.  Probably seems like a nice enough guy if you don’t know who he is.  But I doubt he is familiar with “remorse” as a visceral sensation.  Even with all this Venus, this guy has a lot of trouble empathizing.  Venus is inconjunct the Moon, emphasizing that unwillingness to make a scene (despite the intense Toro, very passive-aggressive).

So money, and specifically the cold, dark mineral wealth found in oil, are the engines on this locomotive.  A Taurus guy surely sees himself as a provider for his family, and sees the rest of the world as the husband that’s supposed to provide that support, sort of.   While this is not a very Saturnian chart, this one important part of Scott’s personality makes all the difference in how his life has played out so far, due to his greed and sense of his own authority.   This is the one Malefic planet that Scott hasn’t castrated by placing it under the control of either Mercury or Venus, the chart co-rulers.  Saturn is actually in Mars’ sign of Aries, where he’s quite a jerk.  Saturn has notoriously poor social skills, being the opposite of Venus energetically, the one who does not care how it looks or how you feel about it.  Venus is passive, Aries is conflict-driven.

Scott’s Saturn is also conjunct his North Node, a perfected spot in any chart.  Saturn denotes a number of things, including where hardship will fall on the native.  There are two sides to every coin.  Even when a native creates a totally lopsided chart, like a wedge, the life experience has a way of rounding everything out.  The balancing can happen during the life and/or after the death.  But just like everything else, energetically consciousness has an equal and opposite reaction.  As ye sow, so shall ye reap.  If you plant potatoes, don’t expect to see roses.  “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

So the super big problem with Scott’s chart, the thing that makes him a huge tool (as if all the other stuff I just said made him sound kind of okay) is the Jupiter/Sun/Mercury/Mars/Neptune T-square, the big red triangle in the middle.  Anytime you have Neptune opposite both the Sun and the chart co-ruler (Mercury) you are going to have serious integrity problems.  Both the ego and the conscious mind stand in direct opposition to the native’s higher self.  This makes it very difficult to evolve as a person, to even want to, unless outside factors force your hand, like misfortune, bad health, etc.  Especially in an Antares-contact chart (via Nessus/Aldebaran), having Mars opposite Neptune is scary.  That’s someone who carries a true demonic charge with them into the life.  I find this very creepy in someone with this Venus/Mercury chart, someone who plays it so very light and charming.  Very sociopathic.

Another interesting thing in this chart is the criss-crossing inconjuncts in the center of the chart.  School shooter Nikolas Cruz has this, as does Eric Greitens.  I have only begun observing this aspect pattern, and will be on the lookout for examples of it among people who don’t appear to be treacherous.  The Venus/Moon inconjunct described above makes perfect sense to me, as does the one from Saturn to Pluto and Uranus.  Saturn is about discipline, including self-discipline.  Scott has a restrained Pluto, under control of the chart co-ruler Mercury.  Uranus the Inventor is right there too.  His only role is co-ruling the Descendant with Saturn.  In other words, when Scott gets confronted by angry citizens, he feels like it’s very out-of-the-blue. (Uranus)  He cannot relate to them.  (Uranus)  He’s horrified.  (Venus ruled)  He feels they’re out of control.  (Pluto and Saturn)  He wants them arrested.  (Saturn)  If they can’t be arrested, he wants to be elevated above them. (Taurus, Leo, and Jupiter)

The T-square is that lifelong psychic pebble in the shoe, the thing that keeps the native wound up.  Jupiter in Leo is at the head of the T-square, in the 1st house, making him rather self-explanatory.  His drive to be in government, and be very arbitrary about it, is spelled out clearly in the T-square.  Scott does have a very ugly temper, despite his excellent self-restraint.  Despite his Venus rulership, he’s a hanging judge by nature, with his Saturn locomotive.  Remember this native has basically walled-off access to his higher, heart-centered wisdom and his third eye, with his wrecked Neptune.  Then materialist Saturn is also co-ruling the Descendant in Aquarius, adding to the alienation and inability to connect or empathize.  That plus his 1st house raging Jupiter make him truly one who should not celebrate Bastille Day.










Kyriaki’s Love Life, Astrosplained


Gentle reader,

For a refreshing change of pace, I’d like to do a bit of the love advising, this time for a young lady called Kyriaki. Above is an artist’s rendering of her sitting at her harp pondering her unhappy love life.

Kyriaki chart First of all let me say that this young lady is in her Saturn return.  That is to say that Saturn the police officer/tax man of the zodiac, has made a full cycle and returned to the position it was in when she was born.  That takes about 28 years.  Saturn and especially Saturn return can be thought of as “the school of hard knocks.”  This was a brutal time in my life, and I have brutal Saturn in my chart.  Depending on the person and how complicated their Saturn is, the Saturn return can be brief and mostly painless, or as awful as mine was.

But it passed!  I’m still here!  I was so miserable and so in love with guys who had no time for me during my Saturn return.  I felt like an alien from another planet, who got propositioned by creeps constantly but never asked for dates.  This young lady has confided in me that she has also experienced some harassment by creeps, has been profoundly affected by it in fact.   She has Scorpio rising, so she may exude a certain sexy, intriguing vibe.  Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio, and this is actually an important issue for her, so I will come back to it.

First thing to look at in any natal chart is the Sun’s ruler.  Here the Sun is in his own sign of Leo.  right in the middle of the sign, and in the 9th house.

I will say that in any chart where someone is having turbulence in the love life, in this case difficulty finding the right one, some things to look at are Venus and Mars.  These are the astrological glyphs that literally represent our genitalia, well Venus’ is a little bit of an artistic leap but not too much.  Mars is self-explanatory with the boner.  This is of course discussing a hetero woman, but all of these influences apply to all people, it just depends how the native uses them.  Which sort of person they’re in relationship with is not important, it’s more the dynamics between people, which is more active and which is more passive.

Venus always represents our ability to love and be loved, how we connect and relate to other people, the people in our lives, and especially the women.  It thus shows the woman’s self-image, and how she relates in love.  Kyriaki has Venus right in the beginning of Cancer (conjunct my North Node, aw!).  So her idea of femininity, and herself as a woman, is kind of family-oriented.  Not really a huge party person, I expect Kyriaki to prefer a few close relationships to a million acquaintances.  This is the sort of woman who makes you little cakes because she loves you.

Mars is where we start hitting a little bumpy patch in this chart.  Kyriaki has Mars, her male archetype, in Libra.  So she’s looking for a personable guy, easy to get along with, someone with good taste in general and who will appreciate her home cooking specifically and her love of nesting.  Someone she can bring to family dinners and know that he will be cool, will get along with everyone and be gracious.  However here Mars is conjunct the fixed star Seginus the Guard, which portends ruin through association.  There are a few other things that concern me regarding Kyriaki’s taste in men and the specific experiences her soul has sought to have with them.  It’s important that she include her family, i.e. her extended support network, in her romantic decision-making, allow the people who truly love her to watch her back.

She also has Mars conjunct Pluto, and this could be where some of her past experiences have turned dark.   Pluto is the devil, the maniac who ripped a hole in the Earth so he could drag the child Persephone into hell and rape her.  Pluto is that part of us that gets completely insane with rage, lust, or just the demons within.  This part can spur us to complete transformation, purification, and higher dimensions.  But it can truly ruin a person, as we see with both Stephen Miller and Omarosa, both of whom could be very nice people but their Plutos are turbocharged.

Serial killer John Bittrolff has intense Pluto in his chart.  I’m not joking, this is where people go bad.  So Kyriaki really needs to vet the men she gets involved with.  She needs to have a therapist and/or several other women she can trust to confide in about her relationships in an ongoing way.  This because she is extremely vulnerable to mind games and control dramas with the Pluto on Mars.  And that is explosive, can turn violent.  That’s probably why she’s got that in Libra, she really wants to lighten it up some and make it less potentially awful.  (I have very intense Mars, Pluto, and Saturn, and have dealt with extreme violence and problems with men, too.)

Remember Venus rules Libra, and that’s about other people.  So Kyriaki needs to make sure that everything about her guy can stand up to close scrutiny, fine-toothed comb style.  Venus can be used here by having loved ones watch her back from every angle, basically.

Kyriaki has Juno the Spouse in Virgo, right at the Midheaven.  This suggests to me that she could become half of a famous couple, become a celebrity herself, or marry one.  Anything within 5 degrees on either side of the Midheaven is a marker of celebrity due to being in what’s called the Gauquelin sector.  Not a perfect indicator, but of interest.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and is the Virgin.  That’s an unusual sign for a spouse, isn’t it? Mercury is the head mind, the part of the mind that we are conscious of, the thoughts and words.  He has notoriously little emotional engagement.  Mercury is an air planet, whereas feelings are water elements.  It is very hard to sublimate water into steam and make it airborne, takes a lot of energy.  Much easier for Mercurial types to keep things light and cerebral, avoiding emotional engagement.  This suits the Mars in Libra, who also likes to keep things kind of in the head, keep them pleasant or move on.  This could lead to an attraction to guys with an empathy problem, especially with Pluto in the mix.  This is an unusual set of influences.

Juno is about partnership, not necessarily marriage.  Roger Stone and Paul Manafort have Juno magic, for example.  Virgo tends to express its love by nitpicking, believe it or not, helping honey to be the best they can possibly be.  If you want the person who looks longingly into your eyes and tells you you’re amazing, that’s not Juno in Virgo.  Juno in Virgo helps you keep your checkbook balanced, your water filtered, and your shirt tucked in.  Strictly no fatties, ask Roger.

Another thing that makes me want to see Kyriaki surrounded by loved ones is Uranus right on the Ascendant.  Just saying, this is someone whose personality is front and center.  People love her or hate her, they may find her off the wall.  But by God, that’s who she is.  So if they can’t deal with it, it’s good that we all know right up front and they can make other plans.  I’m good with her being fully who she is.

Across from the Ascendant we have the Descendant, the door to the 7th house, representing marriage.  This is always something we look at in a romantic chart.  Kyriaki has Taurus on the Descendant, also ruled by Venus.  So the Sun and Venus are the two most important planets so far.  The Moon is in her own sign of Cancer, adding to the overall traditional femininity, emotionality, and intuition of this native.  Then Taurus on the Descendant emphasizes that desire for a traditional, loving, family-oriented home where she cooks and keeps everything ship-shape.  The Mars/Pluto suggests very passionate sex.  But it’s not clear to me precisely what Kyriaki is looking for in a man, and I don’t know if she does, either.  There are a lot of different spices in this stew.

Taurus is normally a good sign for a woman, in that Venus is very comfortable in Taurus.  This is the spoiled, selfish wife, like Melania Trump.  With Jupiter conjunct Juno, and Saturn also in Virgo, I see that she wants someone who is a big money maker, maybe a celebrity, someone who has some influence and some money.  Taurus doesn’t mess with broke jokes, ask Melania.  Jupiter makes everything bigger, and spends other people’s money.  So that is part of Kyriaki’s marriage concept.

What concerns me about the Descendant here is our dear friend the fixed star Algol, the Blinking Demon.   I’ve talked quite a bit about Algol on this blog.  My favorite example of a positive use of Algol is Nikola Tesla, who had Algol conjunct Uranus, Mr. I Gotta Be Me.  This planet is of course also important in Kyriaki’s chart, because it is right on her Ascendant, across from Algol.  So perhaps Tesla can be a guide for her in managing this particular aspect, with Algol on the Descedant.   He did a beautiful job of riding that particular tiger in his life.

Here’s a gif of Algol blinking that I got from at the above link.


The thing about demons, they look demonic when you’re in a negative posture.  When you’re in a positive posture, they look like angels.  This is very similar to the Aldebaran/Antares axis.  I see that as a long hallway with the Archangel Michael standing at the Aldebaran end, and the pack of demons he opposes at the Antares end, locked in permanent battle.  Then most of us are somewhere in the middle.

But Algol is a little different, in that it doesn’t have a natural counterpart as Aldebaran does with Antares.   Where Aldebaran and Antares show the battle between good and evil, maturity and aggression, Algol is more like Pandora’s box.  Algol has the effect of taking the lid off of a certain subject in the native’s life, allowing them to explore this topic more deeply than others can imagine, find life experiences that no one else could have.

The trick with Algol, and with any of the high-voltage stars, is integrity.  I speak of integrity in terms of structural integrity, wholeness, as in integers.  That is represented by Neptune in the chart generally, how one connects to the higher self, to what extent that information can become grounded in the life.  An impaired Neptune can represent anything from lies to a deadly addiction, or anything in between.  A solid Neptune gives wonderful heart-level connection and insight.  Kyriaki has Neptune prominent in the 1st house, and ruling the IC, at the door to the 4th house in Pisces.  So this particular point is probably very important to her, she feels this sense of strong integrity in her bones.

She also has Pallas Athena in the 4th house.  Kyriaki mentioned having Greek heritage, so I will let her plumb the depths of that on her own, using her own strong intuition.

Back to Algol, which is cause for pause on the Descendant.  HoraryMystic gave me a great example of how to look at the 7th house or the Descendant:  Linguistically the 1st house is the 1st person, and the 7th is the 2nd person, “you.”  So where the Ascendant is your face, the first thing people see of you, the Descendant could be like the first thing you see of them – which is, of course, a direct reflection of yourself, as everything is.  That’s really key to remember, especially during your Saturn return:  life happens through you, not to you.  Everything in this chart was arranged by your own higher self, in order for you to have the experiences and processes that would fulfill the higher self’s goals.  So no matter how something may look, how scary or big or dark, know that it is actually a customized, personalized path to enlightenment or it wouldn’t be there.

Thus again it’s important for Kyriaki to ground her relationships in the awareness and judgments of other people, especially with her prominent Pluto.  She may have a bit of a desire to play head games or get into dramas with her beloved.  Pluto and Scorpio like to keep it sexy, mysterious, and passionate.  They don’t get mad, they get even.  So this sort of thing can quickly lead to real relationship issues, especially with the volatile fixed stars and asteroids in this chart.  This is something to take quite seriously, again, making sure that family and loved ones can exert their influence and judgment on her relationship in case things go out of bounds.  She needs her family and friends to keep her safe, basically.  She needs to be open to hearing that she is stirring the drama, and be willing to deal with that herself rather than in the relationship, or she risks unleashing real demons into her love life, between the Mars/Pluto/Seginus, the Algol, and a couple of other issues that I haven’t mentioned yet.

Another thing that gives me real pause with Kyriaki’s love life is her Moon conjunct Nessus the Wife Beater and Vesta the True Believer.  The Moon is quite prominent in this chart, ruling Cancer and indirectly affecting all water signs as the Moon does the tides.   The Moon is how we reflect off of other people, and how we project our psychological dramas onto other people and play them out that way.  It’s also about our feelings, dreams, intuitions, fears, and all of the things we can’t quite get a handle on, can never fully know or be in control of.

Nessus the Wife Beater gives me concern for a Moon conjunction, especially with Algol on the Descendant and Mars conjunct Pluto.  This is a recipe for really, really bad taste in men.  So I will need to leave it to Kyriaki to discern what the higher lesson is for her in this, in what way she would like to work with her Descendant.

The other noteworthy issue on relationship topics is Chiron the Wounded Healer.  I’ve been seeing a lot of Chiron, sometimes in places I don’t necessarily understand.  It’s one of our more newly discovered asteroids, and as such we don’t have ancient wisdom on how to apply it.  Modern astrologers have observed and continue to refine our understanding of it.  It is located in the asteroid belt between our fast-moving inner planets and the slower-moving outer planets.  So the inner asteroids can be seen as how we interact with others, how we interface once we get done focusing on our own internal needs and processes, like with our spouses (Juno) and siblings, how we identify patterns and create strategies (Pallas), that sort of thing.

Here’s something important about Chiron.  For one thing, let’s note that Kyriaki has Chiron the Wounded Healer conjunct Toro the Raging Bull.  Toro is where we will see red and charge, our absolute trigger point.  There are a lot of volatile things in this chart, and this is another one, I think a big one.  Understand that Chiron is a tiny fragment of the planet Maldek, which was destroyed long ago due to the aggression of its citizens.  Wayne LaPierre has prominent Chiron on the South Node, suggesting he has brought the same aggression from his other lives on Maldek to this life on Earth — not an uncommon thing.

Meanwhile back on Maldek, where there is aggression, there is someone being harmed.  Those people are often doing whatever they can to fight back or defend themselves.  Chiron is healthy when he lets go of all of that stuff, counts himself lucky to be simply alive, and gets about processing his injuries and turning them into insight.  So that’s a key to resolving all of this and turning it into beautiful transformation — the best side of Pluto.

Pluto is in the Kuiper asteroid belt at the outside of our solar system.  As such it represents the outer limits of our experience, the part where the old-fashioned maps would say, “beyond there be dragons.”  That makes it also the doorway to higher dimensions, in a different, more conscious way than Neptune.  Pluto brings the sunlight in, often through the darkness.

Pluto is about getting all the way to the bottom of something, breaking through to the other side.  Pluto represents death, that absolute transformation into a whole new source of life.  And that can be a beautiful thing, just like when crocuses pop up from the snow.

crocusAnd that’s how I would use this Chiron influence.  I would like to see Kyriaki ground herself in the beauty of her own soul’s expression.  And I think with her bowl-shaped chart she is able to do that.  I talk a lot about bowl charts on this blog, and I say terrible things about bowls because mostly I look at bad people.  But of course any factor can be used positively or negatively, with free will.  At its best, a bowl chart is very focused on self and their own needs.  Bowl charts are not easy to distract with other people’s agendas.  They don’t necessarily meet others halfway, insisting that people come to them.

I think this is actually a very good thing in this case, due to the heavy malicious male energies.  Nessus the Wife Beater conjunct both the Moon and Vesta, that’s deep.  Moon conjunctions are felt very deeply and usually lifelong.  Vesta the True Believer represents the things we would kill or die for, where we keep our eternal flame.  I’m afraid Kyriaki may have some embedded ideas in her consciousness related to “past” lives (all lives are simultaneous, because there is only here, there is only now).  This chart is all about facing toxic masculinity in a very full-on way, the various hard factors discussed above.

So that bowl could be the stubbornness that keeps Kyriaki from getting into any dark corners with any men that could turn on her.  Making men prove themselves in order to get your attention is a good strategy IMHO, and I would really like to see her focus on making that her superpower.  The key is to know that she is a very special sort of goddess, here to do a very special sort of work.  If she can value that, I know that this young lady can be an enormously positive influence on the Earth as we clean up our terrible relationships, from #MeToo to #NeverAgain and beyond.

This is truly an impressive chart.  Not an easy one to live in, I’m sure.  But that Uranus on the Ascendant, and the bowl, I hope are enough to give Kyriaki  the courage of her own convictions, let her fall enough in love with her own life’s mission, to slay the demons she has lured here from Maldek in this time of transformation.

In short, my key pieces of advice for this young lady are:

  • to be very, very choosy.  Make men jump through the hoops of approval of her entire support network.  I imagine her mother is a wonderfully supportive archetype and Kyriaki wants to be like her.  This is what her mother wants for her.
  • Be honest enough with her support people about her own issues, forthcoming enough about her own little devil that the same family and friends can help her check herself before she wrecks herself.  That Pluto/Mars thing reflects energies within Kyriaki herself, attracting a certain kind of man.   She has no margin of error for trusting men, zero.  She is like karmic perpetrator bait.  Her role is to face the demons down, her own and those of her lovers.
  • Choose from the men who approach her.  Make men work and compete for her attention.  Develop a preference for men who enjoy proving themselves to her and seeking her approval.  Never pursue a man, ever, with these stars.  Let her family pick her suitors, better yet.  Chaperones would be good.
  • Very importantly:  Kyriaki must maintain the highest levels of integrity possible at all times.  With Fomalhaut on the IC and Algol on the DC, this is a very “go big or go home” energy.  The battle between integrity (Fomalhaut) and exploration (Algol) doesn’t have to be bloody.  But it will be a big challenge, because both of those are big energies.  Kyriaki should strive to never, ever kid herself about anything.  The truth will set her free.

Kyriaki had a chance to write me with follow-up questions.

Omg! You are wonderful! Yes actually I have terrible taste in men and I love passion so I go for love at first sight… wordsmith type of men…

That [awful] guy was 0 degrees conjunction my Juno. His sun was in Virgo, and my Jupiter hit it as well. I think that’s where I was super attracted to him. Algol scares me… I really hope I can overcome this!! I do have a temper and sometimes push men away and only because I don’t trust them… ahhh so much to write. You are so great! Thank you

Do you think it’s possible to get married? Why do men come after me in the first place, attraction or those aspects?

Thank you for your kind words.  I’m glad I could be helpful.  I believe we have found the problem, which is great.  I’m going to answer your questions in reverse order.

 Why do men come after me in the first place, attraction or those aspects?

Remember that those are not two different things.  Those aspects equal the energy you are putting out, the energy that is available to be responded to.  Life happens through you, not to you.  When you put out a different vibe, a different vibe will come back to you.  Eckhart Tolle has done some very nice discussions on the “pain body,” which is something useful for me, too, and any of the #MeToo people.  Trauma gives most of us pain to deal with.  For someone as traumatized as I am, this is significant.

You need to get very clear on the difference between wants and needs, in general, but specifically in relationship.  Anger management is key for anyone with this much Mars and Pluto in their chart.  Anger management is about honesty, believe it or not.

Especially with the Moon, Neptune, and the Descendant so prominent in this chart, your life is all about reflecting off of others.  So I recommend therapy to specifically help you get on top of any projection you may be doing.  The Moon is terrible for this.  (Ask me, I know!)  On a deeper level you could say that with the Moon, we are able to see into the myriad parallel realities more clearly, and this allows us to project our desires in many different directions.  The problem is that other people don’t see all those emotional options, and do not respond accordingly.  So the Moon people have to learn to “read the room,” so to speak, instead of getting carried away on the vibes.

Do you think it’s possible to get married?

I am 100 percent sure it’s possible.  Is that really the question?  If you’re asking about a healthy marriage, that’s different.  I am sure that is also possible for you.  But you will have to not kid yourself about how much work it will be.  Your “love at first sight” thing is like a toddler with a loaded rifle.  Your judgment needs work.  Your intuition is fine, I give you an A+ on that.  Your willingness to plumb the depths of your own feelings is a little extreme with the Pluto and the Algol.  I don’t want you blowing yourself up by accident, basically.  I really meant what I said about letting your mother run your business.  Let them arrange a marriage for you.

The thing is, arranged marriages are actually kind of amazing, especially for someone with the sort of situation you have.  We can’t always see what’s best for ourselves in the long run.  I know this all too well, with my own intense Moon and Pluto.  It is really easy to get swept up in undercurrents, drown in the undertow.

Allowing the people who truly love you (assuming that they are protective and trustworthy, if not get a good therapist) to be intimately involved in your decision-making is a built-in guardrail.

If you think about it, relationships are all about reflecting off of other people, using another person to help you in your process as you help them in theirs.  So there’s ultimately no difference between being “in love” with every sentient being you encounter and finding your soul mate over and over again, every second.  You need to radically re-think your approach to all of this.  Start very, very small.  Take baby steps at loving interactions, and work your way up to men you might want to kiss.  Let everyone who cares about you cockblock as hard as they can.  You will really like the way it feels to have someone jump through hoops to get your attention.   And if you build it, they will come.  But you have a long, long way to go.  You haven’t actually seen the equation yet in order to begin working it.

I have terrible taste in men and I love passion so I go for love at first sight… wordsmith type of men…

This was my difficulty in looking at your Mars/Pluto.  You have Dejanira the Victim, Mars, Pluto, Seginus, and the North Node all in Venus’ sign of Libra, in other words how your Venus would like her man to look.  If you think about it as a room design, Dejanira makes it small and something she’s chained to, like a scullery maid’s room behind the kitchen.  Mars on Pluto makes it like basically a fight club.  Seginus makes it in a bad neighborhood.  Then the North Node is that strong urge to head in that direction.  See the difficulty?  With Algol on the DC, you’re looking for the worst in the other, and you’re bound and determined to find it.  That’s why you should let your wisest unconditional supporter do the choosing.  Your decision-making is self-destructive, and thus you will seek partners with destructive impulses until you sort that.  (Ask me, I know!)

So you’re looking for a very passionate wordsmith?  Someone who is very 50 Shades but also keeps it super light and is charming and easy to talk to?  That’s basically the description of a sociopath, especially with Pluto in the mix and Dejanira in the same sign, Libra no less.  Does some part of you want to see if it can get a sociopath to fall in love?

So again, your challenge is to recognize that all of this is actually about you.  Remember that there is no “out there” out there.  Everything you experience in your life on Earth is a projection of your consciousness.  What you experience of people is never all there is to them.  There are always connections on deeper levels playing out at the surface.  This is not to excuse bad behavior by others.  But it is to say that negative behaviors can only reflect negative beliefs.  Clearing out my negative beliefs has largely removed the negative people from my world, so I know it works.

If you were in something more like an arranged marriage, that would force you to invest in self-exploration.  You’d be getting to know someone else on the fly, and that would force you to check yourself.  It really can’t be him, because you just met him.  It’s definitely you.  You don’t have to go all the way to marrying him right away.  But let cooler, wiser heads prevail on every little decision you make with a man.

My sense is that what you want, this intense puppy love that is so sexy and so strong that it can overcome all of the rough tiger cub playing, that’s unrealistic.  And for someone with your Fomalhaut contact to think they can play such games is a mistake.  You will actually get mauled by a tiger.  You are not a cub yourself.  You must understand this.  It’s all about you, every bit of it.  I can only imagine how bad you want that kind of freedom in a relationship.  It’s the last thing you need, like a toddler with a loaded gun.




Ben Carson, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

As America’s Sleepiest-Looking Surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson is one of those people I had really thought I could just ignore and he would go away.  It seems so self-evident, and yet look where we are.

Trump in his infinite wisdom has seen fit to appoint this crazy brain surgeon to be the head of HUD, partly because he’s African-American.  Carson has zero relevant experience, and was a seemingly random pick aside from having mentioned that his family lived in housing projects growing up.  That suggests that Trump intended to make deep, dark, dastardly cuts, and thinks the news will sound better coming from a browner face.  Lo and behold, vicious jugular-gouging at Housing and Urban Development.  So Ben is actually the perfect guy for the job, because he truly does not care, and Omarosa didn’t want to have her wedding pictures at the HUD office.  I’m surprised they didn’t try to leverage his medical career by having him de-fund Medicare.

But of course the Trump administration has a seemingly random choice for every dastardly deed, which I will attribute to the former White House Chief Sith Lord Steve Bannon.  Rick Perry becomes the head of the Department of Energy, the one he wanted to defund, and cared so little about he couldn’t name during a debate.  Betsy DeVos, sister of mercenary Erik Prince of Blackwater fame, famously wants charter schools and vouchers, which makes her a devastating head of Department of Education.   (She also thinks one big problem with campus rape is false accusations.)  Dr. Carson expressed real disdain for the “social safety net” in this country while on the campaign trail.  That made Trump love him for the job.  But ultimately Dr. Carson is more of a spokesman, a less offensive-looking person to break the bad news.  This is all the dirty work of Bob and Bekah Mercer, via Bannon, IMHO.  Insert the most hostile person possible to each federal agency.

Almost everything Ben Carson says sounds stupid and/or crazy now, because he has said so much.   Recall that Carson rejected his first attempted appointment because he “didn’t feel qualified,” despite having recently run for president, aka that other guy’s boss.  Kind of makes me wonder how confident he feels with the whole neurosurgery thing, now that I know he can still be talked into things even when he knows they’re not a good idea.  So who knows, maybe there really was a robbery at “a Popeye’s organization,” and maybe Trump will turn into a real president, too.  If I were going to make up a lie about getting mugged, I’d at least make myself neutral, if not the good guy.  But that’s me, and Ben’s Ben.

At the end of the day, though, this is not an interesting guy.  Gentle Ben is what you might call a “pole turtle,” like Sarah Palin or Dana Loesch.  The idea is that if you see a turtle up on a pole, you know somebody put him there.  He definitely couldn’t have gotten there by himself.  And the getting back down is likely to kill him.  Like Sarah Palin.  Not like this pole cat, who I saw lounging around on top of this pole most days.  He gets himself up and down.

pole cat

Anyway, let’s get this Ben Carson kerfuffle over with.  It’s basically like an astrological premature ejaculation: very anticlimactic, no surprises, wake me when you’re done.  The inside of Ben Carson is as sleepy and weird as the outside.

ben carson chart

Ben has the Sun in Virgo, so Mercury is the chart ruler.  Mercury is also in Virgo, which explains how someone as goofy as Ben Carson can become a neurosurgeon.  He has extreme bandwidth, can probably read until his eyes fall out.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Carson has a photographic memory or some other brain-related superpower that made him able to excel in academics while being completely insane, like Carter Page.

His Mercury is conjunct Venus, so his ability to connect with other people, to love and be loved, has everything to do with his thoughts.  That’s why we send each other brains full of candy on Valentine’s Day.  And his Sun is quite far away from his Mercury, like with Farah Suckabee Flanders.  So Ben does not so much identify with his thoughts.  This suggests a marked lack of self-awareness, especially in someone with the turbocharged brain of Ben Carson.  With Farah Flanders it makes sense.  Her sense of self comes from being the daughter of Mike.  The ideas he fed her are what she sees in the mirror.  She makes her thoughts conform to that.  Ben sort of makes his sense of self conform to his thoughts, like I don’t think he has any real connection to who he is, opposite of Farah.  For Ben it’s all in his head.  He may have a thinking superpower so strong it distracts him.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he has some encyclopedic knowledge of the brain.

Ben has a not surprising bowl chart.  I have harped on about them a lot, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen a classic bowl like Ben’s.  The deal with a bowl chart, all of the planets are on one side of the wheel.  There is classically a “rim opposition,” as Ben has from Neptune to Jupiter.  This is like a psychic line of demarcation across which the native does not venture.  I have some bowl people in my life, and they are on some level impossible to connect with.  This is exacerbated in Virgo for a few reasons.

Basically a bowl shape has a souring effect, like Saturn.  The native’s energy does not naturally flow all the way around through the houses like a river, but tends to stagnate and pond.  I have found this to often reflect a certain laziness, unwillingness to meet others halfway.  My best example of a wonderful bowl chart person is Bernie Sanders.  The stubbornness of Bernie, the absolute refusal to see it or do it any other way, that’s
Bernie’s bowl chart.  He shares that with Mueller.  A bowl is a psychic fortress.

Virgo the Virgin, by definition, rejects others.  Virginity is about not being penetrated, like with a bowl.  So there can be what Reggie Watts calls the “air of incredulity… I’m a cartoon character, you’ll never be able to be like me.”  That’s Mercury declining to connect with the heart mind (Moon/Neptune) to other people (Venus), preferring to remain chaste within his own domain, the insane membrane.  Which is convenient, since Ben both lives and works there, like one of those condos with a grocery and dry cleaner in the building.

With a bowl chart, there can’t be a beneficial grand trine, like in Carter Page’s chart, where there’s a sort of internal privilege, a leg up on life.  Ben has a T-square, the opposite of that, the red triangle.  I think of a T-square as a psychic pebble in the shoe, an internal lifelong friction that must be dealt with.  Such imbalances would automatically be harder to address in a bowl chart, because again, the energy is only going halfway around.  So that would tend to make someone a bit of a pisser.

The apex of Ben’s T-square is Uranus the Weirdo smack dab on Sirius.  And doesn’t that make sense?  Ben Carson is more famous and definitely more influential than Carter Page, his crazy brother from another mother, the Pinky to his Brain.  Sirius gives a sparkling brilliance, and I’m sure that has helped him rise to prominence.  The T-square gives people more get-up-and-go than they would otherwise have, like a self-poking bear.

Importantly, Uranus is the guy who refuses to connect with humanity.  The classic example of Uranus was Nikola Tesla.  Just as Bernie is the unusually lovable bowl chart, so is Tesla the most lovable Uranian.  Mostly they’re kooky, awkward, and difficult to relate to.  They like to take a long view of humanity, keeping us in the abstract as much as possible so he can be alone on planet weirdo.   But like Wayne LaPierre, Uranus when he’s being a jerk still wants the rest of us to accommodate him when he needs accommodation.  Every man is an island, until he gets hungry.  Ben has that problem bigtime.

While we’re in this T-square, Ben has Neptune conjunct both Seginus the Guard and Dejanira the Victim.  Neptune reflects our connection to our own higher minds, our higher selves, and thus reflects integrity.  I define integrity not just as verbal honesty, but as structural integrity, overall wholeness, full accountability for one’s own life experience.  So to the degree someone rejects their accountability or responsibilities, that’s dishonest.

And that’s where a lot of trouble comes in.  Narcissists maintain a fantasy world wherein they are more amazing than everybody else, because they fear the opposite is true.  That’s a Neptune problem.  Impaired Neptune can do anything from making someone mildly shifty or untrustworthy, to someone who lives in a fantasy world, to someone who dies of a substance addiction.  Attempts to run from oneself can go a number of different ways, none of them positive.

So in a low-dynamic chart like this, where there’s really not much happening but that thorn in Ben’s “I Gotta Be Me” foot with Uranus, and his runaway rampaging Mercury, the third leg of that angry little tripod is Jupiter, which is in Aries, ruled by Mars.  Jupiter is well-personified by Trump himself:  the fat guy with crazy looking hair, playing golf while his responsibilities go to hell in a handbasket.  He doesn’t concern himself with unhappy details, he loves to entertain himself and let the little people work that icky stuff out.  Anytime you see an impaired Jupiter, look for a spoiled brat.

For better or for worse, Ben’s mom probably did her level best to put him on the right road.  He has truly squandered his spiritual inheritance.  I suspect her son’s overall path may be something that would break her heart.  On the one hand she put so much care and effort into turning him into a brain surgeon, and the head of HUD, an enormous federal agency.  That’s a wonderful accomplishment for his whole family.  And yet it’s tarnished by who he actually is, and what he’s done with all their support.  But Ben has Ceres the Earth Mother conjunct Fomalhaut, one of the Royal Persian Stars denoting an Archangelic connection.  This is also conjunct his North Node, suggesting that his mother tried to put him on the highest possible path to success.  But Fomalhaut is also about high integrity, which Ben does not have with that impaired Neptune.

I’m sure Ben is weird and zany in person, like that time they were interviewing him and he just said, “My luggage!” and ran off.  Another super weirdo doctor like this is Dr. Hackett, who was peripheral to the horrific murder of Shannan Gilbert.  Like Ben, Dr. Hackett has questionable Neptune.  One time when a reporter went to ask him about Shannan’s death, Dr. Hackett feigned a medical emergency.

Okay, that would be hilarious if Shannan Gilbert weren’t dead.  Really just wow.

Anyway like Dr. Hackett, Dr. Carson has an aggravated Jupiter, making him really want to let the good times roll.  Jupiter leads a lot of people to a life of megalomania, I’ve done a ton of them on this blog.  So Hackett liked to party, especially with his funky Neptune.  His Uranian weirdness shines through, just like with Ben.  Like I said, nothing to see here.  He feels entitled to have big fun, just the way he likes it.  He doesn’t want to drop in on planet Earth and pick it up, either, he wants it on his own terms.  That seems reasonable to him.

Also like Dr. Hackett, I think Mrs. Carson is part of the problem.  Mrs. Hackett is portrayed in the chart as a harpy with money problems.  Here, Mrs. Carson is conjunct Toro the Raging Bull, in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius, where he likes to have a good time.  This is Mrs. Carson being rather aggressive IMHO, with the Toro contact.  She takes that part of Ben’s wonkiness and runs with it.

Mercury and Venus are trine the Moon, suggesting that the women in Dr. Carson’s life make him feel good about himself, validate him emotionally.  I believe his mother to be a better woman overall than his wife, character-wise.  But Dr. Carson’s character is also questionable, like Dr. Hackett and his wife.  I believe it’s Mrs. Carson on the spending rampage at HUD, and likely her that spurred him on even though he knows he’s not qualified.  Those two are in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter the good time Charlie, who is again in Aries (ruled by Mars) in that T-square.

So Ben can be pretty aggressive about his entitlement to live large.  I think this is well displayed in the fake anecdote about having a gun shoved in his ribs, and directing the guy to the cashier instead.  When I heard Carson discuss that in an interview once, his logic was that he’s a neurosurgeon, that guy is just a Popeye’s cashier, society needs me more than him, which of course the robber understood.  Fortunately it was an imaginary robber from the crazy (Neptune) brain (Mercury) of Ben Carson.

Dr. Carson also has Pluto conjunct Mars, which is very prickly.  Think of it as someone who crosses their fingers, then uses them to poke your eyes out.  Why?  He’s restless, aggressive, and conflict-driven.  Especially in Leo, where that sense of entitlement to special treatment kicks in, like with Jupiter. 

Really all of this is pretty straightforward.  Dr. Carson may have come up with some innovative surgical technique or strategy that made him a legend.  His highlighted Uranus could do that for him, make him very clever with his outside perspective.  But his bedside manner, his overall judgment, well, let’s leave that blank for now.  He has a bratty Jupiter, and his wife reflects that for him and wants that for herself.  She also wants to be spoiled and feels entitled to live larger than others.  They deserve each other.

Last thing to note here, Again Dr. Carson’s broken Neptune is right on Dejanira the Victim and conjunct Seginus the Guard.  Seginus is an unfortunate fixed star that denotes ruin through association.  I have applied that to pretty much everyone in the orbits of both Trump and Wendi Deng, due to their prominent Seginus contacts.  Trump has Jupiter, representing the government, conjunct Seginus.  To me that’s a little eye-popping, in terms of right on the nose, super obvious.  His precious brand will be the mark of Cain for all who wore it proudly.

I see that Dejanira the Victim is also prominently placed here.  I don’t believe Dr. Carson to be the sort of guy who harms people physically, aside from screwing them out of their housing assistance.  But he wouldn’t actually try to stab a guy, as he inexplicably claimed.  Note that all of Ben’s violent stories involve a lot of words, talking, and thought processes, because he doesn’t get that other people aren’t like him (Uranus).

When I see that prominent Dejanira in a man, and he’s not a perpetrator, I have to wonder what it means.  I want to say Mick Mulvaney has a prominent Dejanira, and I can see it being a lingering sense of “I’m the real victim here,” which has infected the whole GOP for as long as I can remember.  That may lend a sense of the ends justifying the means, which is already a problem for Jupiter when he gets on a roll.  He’s not into taking responsibilities, especially not with a bad Neptune.

Alright, I’m off to a dream where maybe the Sleepiest Surgeon at HUD will find something better to do with his days.