Wendi Deng, Astrosplained


Wendi DengLadies and Landlords,

The A students at astro.com have found birth data for Nikolas Cruz, and I have looked at his chart.  However I get tired of looking at awful men and figuring why they’re so awful.  I mean, I have actual pictures of Harvey Weinstein’s face that show up in my photo array, which I still see sometimes and get all turned on.  So for at least a little visual Febreeze, today I’m looking at a truly awful woman, Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife and JKush‘s bestie, Wendi Deng.

The first time I heard of this woman I did some research.  She met Murdoch when he was doing some business presentation at some stuffy thing where she was almost the only woman in attendance.  They gave the audience a chance to ask questions, and after a lot of ass-kissing, Wendi got on the mic with a highly confrontational question about his Asia strategy, all in-your-face style.  She’s rather attractive, and more importantly, she’s bold.  She’s aggressive.  Rupert liked that about her, I imagine.  But I imagine he was heartbroken when he caught her skating with Tony Blair.  Poor Rupe got duped.

Discovering he’d been cucked by Tony Blair had to be painful for Rupert.  Probably helped him not even notice or care that she’s a Chinese spy.

I now get that Wendi Deng’s willingness to jump in Rupert’s face had everything to do with her assignment.  So without further ado, gentle reader, let’s get some insight into this Chinese Omarosa before she decides to marry us all and read our diaries to Xi Jinping.

Wendi Deng chart

First order of business, Hurricane Wendi has the Sun not surprisingly in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.  So having a good time and living large are primary motivators for this woman who was born in rural China and then married a billionaire.  In that way she’s kind of the evil Oprah, in terms of bootstrapping.  Jupiter is all about globe-trotting, especially in Sagittarius.

Wendi has a few clusters of planetary objects that feel important to me.  First, can’t help but notice that she has the Sun on the same degree as Dejanira.   I saw this same thing recently with Mick Mulvaney, and got a sense of the whole “I’m the real victim here,” like a built-in chip on the shoulder.  Wendi has the ruthless thing down to a science, and I did not expect to see this aspect.  However it could also indicate that she will be used and abused by her partners, and will not see it coming.  Anything located close to the Sun is obscured within its corona and can’t be seen.  So any important chart factors similarly situated will tend to become cooked into the sauce, so to speak, if the ego is a sauce.

When I say ego, let me clarify.  The ego is not a bad or good thing.  It’s just another part of the mechanism of our lives.  The ego is the identity, the part of the consciousness that can be aware of the thoughts and feelings at the same time.  It is not, however, aware of the higher mind.  The higher mind, the more brilliant, informed, well-rounded part of us, can only be accessed through the intuition, when the ego opens itself to that input.  The Moon and Neptune are the doors to intuition, and both of those feature prominently in Wendi’s chart.  Anyway the ego is a perfectly natural meeting point, sort of like RAM on your computer.  You need to have a part of your mind that does that, allows things to move around.

But like RAM, if the ego not open and available, it’s very hard for the overall personality to function.  The RAM is not the central processor.  If you don’t understand computers you’re totally lost in this analogy.  But if you know less about computers than me in 2018, you’re in deep coleslaw.  Anyway running everything through RAM doesn’t make sense, I don’t think, wouldn’t be possible.  That’s not how computer memory is designed.  But people can surely try to run their lives through the part of their minds that is designed to perceive, the filter called “identity,” and most of us do it all the time.  Taming the ego, strengthening and calming it so that the overall personality can function, is a lot of work.  (Ask me, I know!)  Most people just don’t bother.

So Wendi’s ego has a couple of notable factors, once again.  Mercury and Dejanira the Victim are combust.  They are so close to the Sun that Wendi probably can’t tell the difference between her true identity and her thoughts (Mercury) and sense of victimhood (Dejanira).  Someone who had the Moon combust might identify more with their feelings, and/or have real difficulty with projection and emotional boundaries, for example, because of the Moon’s function.  I get Wendi as a very cerebral sort of girl, in other words, or at least able to rationalize anything based on her own sense of having been abused.  Her Ceres the Earth Mother is right there, making this something she was bottle-fed, this attitude or approach to life.

While I’m still in Sagittarius, Juno the Spouse conjunct the demon pit Antares is a little eye-popping for someone who has bumped uglies with both Rupert Murdoch and Tony Blair, and probably JKush.  (Think about it.  While he’s in the bathroom you can download his entire phone.  You know he spends longer in the mirror than Czarinka.  But that trick only works on men you can convince to have sex with Wendi.  Surely JKush can be trusted, like with his whole family, speaking of China.)  (In fairness, Charles Kushner’s Sun is directly on Algol the Blinking Demon, and he has that conjunct Nessus the  Wife Beater.  There’s nothing anywhere near that spicy in JKush’s chart.  But Charles also has Vesta on Dejanira.  I would advise a friend not to date Charles.)

Juno the Spouse represents the partner.  But it can also represent platonic besties, business partners, or even a twin if they stick together in adulthood as the lovely Toro twins seem to have done.  (I’m grateful that they got busted right while Parkland was going on, denying them the fame they so desperately crave.  Also that they got caught before anyone died.  I won’t lie, if/when their birth data becomes available I want to see their charts.  I’d love to see where their asteroid Toro is.)  Anyway, with Wendi Deng I get that Juno represents Rupert Murdoch, Tony Blair and whoever else is in her web, and her spymasters in China.  Juno is whoever you text the most.

Wendi’s Pallas, Toro, and Neptune in Scorpio make sense to me.  Scorpio is ruled by aggressive Mars and Pluto.  Scorpio is sneaky and vindictive, and Neptune is where we find lies and delusion.  Pallas is the one who identifies patterns and creates strategies, the field marshal.  Then Toro is where we see red and charge, the raging bull within.  Though she is attractive and feminine, I don’t think anybody takes Wendi Deng for a pushover or an easy mark.  I don’t expect her to ever show her cards.  Most of all, with the Toro connection, I see a person who looks out for #1 in a very shrewd way, expressing her aggression through covert manipulation.

The Sun-Dejanira the Victim connection caught my eye.  And where there’s a victim, there’s a perpetrator.  In astrology that’s represented by asteroid Nessus the Wife Beater.  Wendi Deng is already on the Aldebaran-Antares axis which I never seem to shut up about, due to her Juno conjunct Antares.  That aspect is on the same degree, very strong.  However this particular theme of human development, whether we choose to be strong (Aldebaran) or weak (Antares) is like a coin.  Where there is one side, there is the other.  So that becomes a question of the native’s overall integrity, their Neptune.  I don’t see Wendi’s Neptune as necessarily in bad shape.  However with her other factors, I also don’t see her integrity overriding her greed, or the courage of her convictions (Saturn, who believes his word is law) or her unapologetic, itching to party Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter.

But then she also has Nessus the Wife Beater just a smidgin out of orb for Aldebaran, too.  So as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I am getting much looser with my orbs.  Once you are active in the Aldebaran/Antares corridor, any activity along that axis automatically invokes both the Archangel Michael (Aldebaran) and the pack of demons on Antares.  Even if I believed in accidents, coincidences, or mistakes, this wouldn’t qualify in a chart with the Sun conjunct Dejanira.  Noted woman-hater Roosh V, for example, has Venus conjunct Dejanira, on Aldebaran.  In his Mercury-ruled chart, he has Mercury conjunct Nessus.  Not to get too deep into splaining him, but there are similarities.

Saturn has a lot to do with this chart, and he is notoriously not interested in the needs or feelings of others, or anything he can’t count or at least touch.  Like Wendi, this chart sort of defies easy categorization.  I have decided to call it a Saturn bucket, where Saturn is off by himself creating a focal point, like the handle on a bucket.  All of the other planets must refer back to Saturn, sort of like a team leader.   This imparts and automatic coldness and calculus to the personality.  Saturn here is located in Mars’ sign of Aries, making Mars more important or stronger than he would otherwise be, due to the strength of Saturn, Vesta, and the North Node in his sign.

Then the Moon also has that same role, serving as a second bucket handle.  I’ve seen that recently, just can’t remember who, sorry.  Maybe if I smoke some more weed it’ll come to me.  Anyway, both Saturn and the Moon are in arguable bucket handle positions, and at the apices of T-squares, those big red triangles.  Those are internal friction points, like permanent pebbles in the psychic shoe.   The Moon is a big part of our consciousness, everything we’re not in complete control of.  This is an emotionally-charged woman.  I expect her to be basically very volatile, and also have excellent self-control with her strong Saturn.  Saturn is selfish, judgmental, self-righteous, and adds a coldness, rigidity, and sourness to everything.  Wendi’s Moon is also in its own sign of Cancer, adding to her overall feminine, polished feel, despite her aggression and questionable behavior.  It makes her more emotional and intuitive, more reserved and insecure.

Another thing emphasizing Wendi’s Saturn is the Venus in late Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.  Venus is about how we love and are loved, how we connect with other people, and the people in our lives, especially women.  It’s the traditionally feminine part of a woman, and the daughter, wife, and mother that she is.  Late Capricorn is a rock-hard place for Venus.  The thing those two share in common is the love of money, which Venus is all about in her role as the supported one.  The Venus/Capricorn connection is not unlike Melania Trump’s chart.  Melania is another one I expect to have very deep feelings and control them as a superpower.

Importantly Saturn is conjunct Vesta the True Believer.  So Wendi is not a warm fuzzy or a touchy feely, even with the Moon also at the head of a T-square in her own sign.  Her Saturn/Vesta T-square apex is in Aries, ruled by Mars.  Then lo and behold, Mars is opposing Saturn/Vesta.  So Mars is somewhat disempowered, because he doesn’t belong in girly Libra.  But honestly that just adds to the feistiness and volatile nature of Wendi IMO.  Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto.   Importantly, her Mars is conjunct Seginus.   Trump has Jupiter, representing the government, conjunct Seginus the Guard.   Since Trump is the Jupiter of his world, anyone in his orbit with a Seginus contact I am assuming has some karmic tie to the man himself.

Seginus the Guard portends ruin through association, and I expect that for everyone close enough to be splattered by both Trump and Wendi after this is all said and done.  It will not surprise me if the Russia mess pales in comparison to what China has done through these idiots, when the truth all comes out.  With Wendi’s Dejanira it will not surprise me if she is victimized, i.e. murdered, by one of her Antares/Juno connections.  Once you get into that Aldebaran/Antares axis, that’s the front line between good and evil, basically.  Things don’t happen in half-measures.  As I mentioned above, despite being visually feminine, this is nobody’s fool and definitely not a sucker.  Watch your jugular when she’s in the room.

That Moon across from Venus in Capricorn, this is truly a hard woman.  She is probably very hard to get along with.  I don’t expect her to empathize well, though she has a Moon-heavy chart and a solid Neptune, which make that more likely.  The problem is all the Saturn, the aggressive Mars, and the overall shape of the T-squares.

Note that in terms of red lines, representing hard angles, Wendi has a three-sided box with an X in the middle, right?  Well, Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz also has a red three-sided box, except his doesn’t have the X, he has no oppositions.   The way to make this three-sided box more comfortable would be to put a lid on it, sort of, and put another red line across the empty side, right?  That would give you a nicely balanced circuit where the energy can move freely in all directions.  When you don’t have that last leg of the circuit in place, all that friction has to find some other way to be grounded through the native’s consciousness.  Wendi is much higher functioning than Cruz in several very obvious ways.  But one thing she has in her favor is those oppositions, making it easier for her to connect her own internal dots.  Cruz’s three-sided box creates more of an energetic eddy, like a little puddle that gathers mosquitos.

Anyway back to Wendi.  Note that her Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto all have lovely blue lines going to some of the important hot spots like a soothing fire hose.  The good vibes go from there to both the Moon and Venus, making Wendi much more palatable than she would otherwise be.  Libra and Venus in general make for a people-person, or at least one whose life is defined by the people they connect with, like General Kelly.  All of this helps Wendi be more charming.  I expect men to find her rather bewitching in person.  Pluto and Venus contacts can also create a stalker-ish obsessive type, and/or someone who is a pistol in the sack.

Then Jupiter is conjunct the intense Pluto.  Remember Jupiter is ruling the Sun here, and is thus the main player in this chart along with Saturn and the Moon.  This woman is about getting out there and making her mark on the world.  Set course for adventure.  She and Trump both like to be the life of the party, the one they’re all talking about.  Neither one of them is in love with responsibility, though Wendi’s strong Saturn make her a much more serious and responsible person than Trump could ever imagine being, like his wife.  Then Uranus is the one who does things their own way, who, like Saturn and Mercury, refuses to connect with others on a heart level.  Pluto connects at the heart level by pulling our your heart and taking a big bite while your eyes are still open to watch.

Other than that, I’m sure she’s super mellow.








Mick Mulvaney, Astrosplained

Daytime friends and nighttime lovers,

America has a budget gremlin.  His name is Mick Mulvaney.  He’s the one who’s not an African-American lady reading the riot act in the featured picture.

When I heard Mick Mulvaney talking budget, I came away with exactly one message.  “The American people have one voice, and I, Mick Mulvaney have heard it loud and clear.  There is absolutely no way to misunderstand what we want to spend money on:  the military.  Not education.  Not art.  Not healthcare.  The military.  Any failure to devote as much of our budget as possible to the military is an affront to  the real Americans.”  In other words, he’s a shill for the military industrial complex, and a bad liar.

I love  Barbara Lee for calling Mulvaney out on a request to fund the Donny Rocket parade.   As a Catholic, the sight of him with those ashes on his head while he tries to rob the poor…  words fail me.  And you know me and my word supply, gentle reader.  Like a giraffe with a sore throat.  You see, Ash Wednesday, for non-Catholics, is about humility.  They put those ashes on your head and say, “ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”  In other words, don’t get ahead of yourself.  Keep it real.  Don’t think you’re going to wind up anything but a corpse.  Abandon the things of this world – like money and war.

Then there’s also been Sheila Lee, who obviously does a much better job of dealing with this guy than I do, look.  But she’s crystal clear.

So we’re tag teaming him now with elected women named Lee who are not here for his lies and manipulation.  I thank God for them.  Really every time Mulvaney opens his mouth my PTSD kicks in, and I fantasize punching his ugly face right off his stupid lying head.  (Which I would never do and you should not, either.  But thoughts are free, and sometimes they feel great.)

Anyway, I’d rather look at astrology than curse the darkness in Mulvaney’s heart.

Mick Mulvaney chart


While listening to Mick Mulvaney talk about the budget, it sounded like the barbarians were at the gate, and our little ragtag band of survivors might just make it as long as we don’t waste a second or a penny on anything but war.  So we need to divert all funds directly to the military, like immediately.  We can forego punishing those who spent on health and education — for now, while we’re in a pitched battle for our very lives.  Just don’t let it happen again.  All citizens want war, and any suggestion to the contrary is a mini declaration of war.

So the two big points I heard were money and war.  Money would be Saturn, and he’s okay with war, too, as is Pluto.  But Mars is the God of War.  You know how I play it by now, first I look at the Sun to see the soul’s mission statement.   Mulvaney’s Sun is in Cancer, ruled by the Moon.  Didn’t see that coming, did you?  Me either. 

The Moon is the feminine principle to the Sun’s masculinity.  The Moon has no light of her own, she only reflects.  She’s passive, moody and changeable, deeply emotional.  The Moon is how we reflect others emotionally, how we learn by interacting.  It’s also about projection, and when unevolved, can be moody, whiny, can be “in their cups,” clingy, needy, hoarder (especially if Chiron is in trouble), and/or stuck in the past.  With any sort of prickly planets, like Saturn, Pluto, or Mars, the Malefics, the Moon can go really bad really fast.  Once you throw chronic rage  (Mars) depression (Saturn) or control (Pluto) issues into that moody mix, you can see how the person would go sour pretty quick.

The Moon’s sign (Cancer) is also opposite Saturn’s (Capricorn), making that one of the poles in astrology.  Where Cancer is water, and represents dreams and the part of yourself you don’t control, Capricorn is Earth and strictly material.  So for a Cancer native to be completely disinterested in hearth and home, i.e., women and children other than as personal property to be defended, that’s odd.  Cancers are the homebody people, all about their families.  Most Cancers are kind of soft-hearted, if grumpy.  War bums Cancers out.  We don’t like to think of people’s homes being destroyed.

So that’s one contradiction in Mick Mulvaney.  With that out of the way, here’s another Mulvaney clusterbomb.  The actual shape of this chart is really hard to define.  Unless I’m missing something, this chart can be seen as a Moon bucket, Saturn bucket, a see-saw with the Moon and Saturn on one side, or a locomotive with a Moon, Saturn, or Mercury/Pallas engine.  As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, a bucket is where one planet stands apart from the others and acts as an energetic fulcrum.  That planet takes on added importance, like the handle on a bucket.  It could be argued that either the Moon or Saturn could be a bucket handle here.  That makes it both, due to Schroedinger’s cat.

The see-saw, I’ll say not really.  The two planets aren’t close enough to each other to be acting as an energetic fulcrum together.  They’re not on the same page.  In terms of the locomotive, it looks like the one with the Mercury/Pallas engine, so the blank area being from Saturn to Mercury, is about 10 degrees wider than the other two.  Therefore I’m giving him both Saturn and Moon bucket handles, and a locomotive pattern with Mercury/Pallas engine.  Whew.  In plain English, that means that Mick’s moods and subconscious/unconscious stuff (the Moon) and his greedy love of money and authority (Saturn) take turns on the mic.  The locomotive shape provides him an enormous drive, as does the Mars-dominant chart.  (I’m coming back to that.)

Then Mercury and Pallas together explain a lot, especially as the engine driving this locomotive chart.  Mercury is about the conscious, self-aware mind, opposite the Moon’s intuition and imagination.  Mercury is more concrete in that way, on the line of Saturn, because it represents the part of the mind you are aware of.  It is notably not good at emotions or connecting at the heart level.  Mercury has a masculine energy, like Mars.  So does Pallas, whose jealous father snatched the almost-ready fetus of Pallas from her mother’s womb and placed it into his own head (like Mercury, the head mind).  Pallas then emerged fully formed from her father’s head, and thus has a hypermasculine quality.  Pallas is the field marshal, who identifies patterns and creates strategies.  Mick is actually a very smart guy, who unfortunately for the rest of us, came correct for his job.

It’s notable that the Moon is so prominent here, ruling the chart and acting as a bucket handle.  Interesting that all that nurturing sensitivity does not seem to be directed at society in general.  As described below, I believe Mick’s mother worshipped her little man-baby, creating the monster we see directing the OMB and destroying the CFPB.  She raised him to think it’s his world, that he’s been cheated out of so far.  The Moon is unhappy in Capricorn, opposed to her own sign.  It’s like being locked out in the cold for your whole life.  And then there’s his real problem child, Mars.

Toxic hypermasculinity is the theme of this whole chart.  Here Saturn has co-opted the Moon, the primary feminine principle.  The other place we look for feminine energy is Venus of course, and then the asteroids Juno and Ceres, as well as Cancer, Taurus, Libra, and Pisces, and the corresponding houses which we don’t know in this case.   Mick has Mercury and Pallas right on Sirius at the locomotive engine.  Like with all of these high-voltage fixed star contacts, Sirius requires high integrity.  Otherwise, they guarantee failure.  This Sirius placement just kicks Mulvaney’s capacity for thinking and strategy up several notches, and will hopefully make his downfall a bit of a spectacle too, like a Regulus fall.

Mulvaney went through the line-item budget with Trump, manipulating Trump into de-funding many vital (IMO) things Trump simply doesn’t understand.  (Who knew healthcare was so complicated?  Everybody but you, Don.)  This was done with surgical precision, the dirty deed Mulvaney was born to do.  I expected a lot of Saturn and Virgo, to be honest, with the pettiness about money, and some Pluto with the sneaky, aggressive way he rooted out every single thing he doesn’t think the government needs.

And look, there in Virgo we have Venus conjunct Juno the Spouse.  I’ve seen Juno represent either the literal spouse, or a close partner, like Stone and Manafort.  It’s whoever you get the most face and thought time with, the one you text the most, the Vulcan mind meld.  Not always the spouse.   Venus is conjunct Juno in Virgo, ruled by the locomotive engine Mercury, conjoined with Pallas.  So he’s a control freak, basically.  In a partnership he’s the alpha.  He connects with women and partners from his head, not his heart.  Also in Virgo he has Pluto and Uranus.  So his Pluto is also working the agenda of Mercury/Pallas, in Mercury’s sign of Virgo.  I nailed that one.

Virgo is very nitpicky and usually passive-aggressive.  But here it houses both Pluto, everybody’s most boiling rage point, and the I gotta be me planet, Uranus.  All of that is ruled by his thoughts and strategies, and his turbocharged Mercury/Pallas/Sirius agenda.  So everything Gemini and Virgo carries that extra weight of Sirius.  It’s Siriusly important.

Anything involving Pluto invokes really ugly control issues.  Pluto conjunct Uranus gives a certain intensity to self-determination, self-definition.  I have this too, in my 2nd house.  These are people who absolutely will not be moved on some level, will never sell all the way out.  In this chart I see that being quite a two-way street between Mercury/Pallas and Uranus/Pluto.  There’s a charming blue sextile between Mercury/Pallas and Venus/Juno, a good working relationship.  Mulvaney assumes other people to be on board with his agenda, especially women.  He thinks that is true.  This is likely to be especially pronounced with his afflicted Moon, which can make for bad emotional boundaries, like not knowing where your wants and needs end and other people’s begin.  Mick probably doesn’t think that’s a real thing.  He knows what we want: war.

Neptune is where we look for integrity.  It’s how we connect to the higher mind, which is, after all, the thing generating Saturn’s body and the little brain that Mercury gets to play with.   But the thing that speaks the same native language as Neptune, the part of us that knows right from wrong, for example, is the Moon.  When we do something and it makes someone else cry, a healthy Moon reminds us how that felt, and that memory and its realizations then theoretically make Mercury clean the thoughts up, have new ideas and say apologetic words.

Mick’s Neptune is in Scorpio, co-ruled by Mars and Pluto.  Mars is shown just entering Scorpio.  But Mars is a fast-moving planet, so it could still be in the last degrees of Libra.  Without a time, we have to apply logic.  I will say that in the first degrees of Scorpio, Mars at the head of a T-square (the big red triangle) would be more like physical violence.  Mulvaney goes to meetings in a suit and strangles people socioeconomically rather than physically.  So I’m going to give him the late Libra placement.  Venus rules Libra, and again, she is the slave of Mercury in this chart.  Venus, whatever charm and people skills he has, are strictly in the service of his Mercury/Pallas/Sirius agenda.

Back to Mick’s Neptune for a minute.  That is definitely in Scorpio, and definitely conjunct both Toro the Raging Bull and Vesta the True Believer.  I believe that is what makes Mick Mulvaney the Face America would Love to Punch.

Neptune is about integrity, yes.  And therefore when it’s not in good shape, there is a structural flaw in the entire personality.  Neptune is the foundation of the life, the ability to get to higher ground.  When your integrity becomes degraded, a variety of problems can result, everything from lying to any degenerate behavior to substance abuse.  Neptune also rules over illusions and delusions, because it’s how we either see or don’t see the divine.  I see Mick Mulvaney refusing to see the divine.  His assault on humanity is why I’m Astrosplaining him.  It’s how I deal with bullies.

Then Vesta the True Believer is that which we would kill or die for.  And Toro the Raging Bull is where we see red.  These two asteroids closely conjunct Neptune suggest one who is willing to defend his own bullshit to the bitter end.  Any challenge to his lies, he will come at you with everything he’s got.  He knows he’s a liar.  He’s insecure about it.   The Moon brings the insecurity even when it’s healthy.  In this chart the Moon is being held prisoner, kind of.  I expect Mick to be quite unpleasant in person, moody, sarcastic, impulsive, mean-spirited, selfish, and petty.  I’ll quit before his wife thinks we’re having an affair.

So with both Neptune and Mercury ready to make trouble, gentle reader, I can tell you where I see Mick Mulvaney’s tell-tale sign.  It’s his asteroid Nessus the Wife Beater conjunct Aldebaran.  I blather on and on and on about Aldebaran and Antares, the Goofus and Gallant of astrology.  Aldebaran is the home base of the Archangel Michael, which is currently located in Mercury’s sign of Gemini.  I’ve discussed the Aldebaran-Antares in depth recently.  There’s a lot of this particular battle going on these days, I guess.

Anyway those two fixed stars are like a corridor, with the Archangel Michael on one end at Aldebaran, and the demons in opposition at the other on Antares.  Antares is literally anti-Aries aka anti-Mars, the worst end of Mars.  So anytime you enter that corridor, you’re exposed to both doors at the same time.  Mars is like the midpoint in that corridor, and can go in either direction depending on you.  Thus in such a Mars-heavy chart, any Aldebaran-Antares contact is significant.  Especially something as directly on Antares’ theme as Nessus the Abuser.   I don’t get Mulvaney as any sort of a #MeToo warrior, I expect he’s privately very much opposed.   This is a polarity thing, where you’re either in service of Michael or your demons.  It’s all a question of where you are in that hallway.

What would Maya Angelou say about Mars?  Well, he tells you who he is.  His symbol is basically an erection, okay?  That’s who he is.  A walking hard-on.  Now, many people, male and female, have personified very high octaves of Mars.  When Mars masters his aggression, impulsivity, and restlessness, he exchanges the sword for the pen.  Nobody has the clear-eyed leadership of an evolved Mars.  Personally I don’t see a lot of evolved Mars, at least not in the Trump administration.  General McMaster could surprise me, but my cynicism has plumbed new depths with the scumbaggery of General Kelly.  I can’t wait to find out which foreign adversary he pimped us out to.

So Mulvaney’s Mars is at the head of the T-square, the internal piston engine of friction.  A T-square keeps people riled up, especially in a Mars-intensive, Moon-ruled chart.  (Ask me, I know!)  This is a high-energy, intense guy.  He is truly driven; driven by his moods (Moon), his greed (Saturn) and his demons (Mars).  A total prick.

Mulvaney has Nessus’ counterpart, Dejanira the Victim, between the Sun and Jupiter/Ceres the Earth Mother.  Dejanjira represents victimhood generally, sexual and domestic violence specifically.  In a chart where there is no anticipated physical violence, it’s that feeling of victimization, disempowerment, having been abused.  Interestingly Dejanira is the only thing Mick has “combust,” or so close to the Sun that it’s obscured within the corona.  Anything combust becomes integrated into the self-image in a way that’s automatic.  The native is probably unaware that others have a different experience.

Mick’s Sun, his ego mind, the mission his soul set out on in the first place, is again in Cancer, ruled by the Moon.  Mercury never gets very far from the Sun, and Mick’s is about as far away as it can get.  For a Moon-ruled chart, his Mercury sure carries a lot of weight and has a lot of firepower.  I say that because with that great distance between the Sun and Mercury, Mick doesn’t so much identify with his thoughts.  He doesn’t think that’s who he is.  What he knows of himself is his feelings and moods, that’s who he believes himself to be.  I expect that he projects a lot onto others, the same way he projects his values onto the rest of us.    That’s what I see the Moon doing here, creating a safe distance between the little ghoul that is his Mercury/Pallas and his self-awareness with Neptune.  Neptune helps him fudge the lines of how aggressive he truly is.  The Sun is far enough away that it allows him to feel like he’s a different guy when he’s not at work.  Unfortunately the rest of us see only the one, highly punchable face.

Mick does not have any Algorab or Seginus contacts that would karmically link him to either Trump himself (Seginus) or the pack of thieves with Algorab contacts.  He’s an opportunist, basically.  I don’t imagine this man is easy to work with or get along with.  I expect him to be very moody, also very white-collar macho, like Trump, Jr.  — and for that matter, the jackass from Carl’s Jr., Andy Puzder, another good friend of theirs who can’t actually get security clearance.

The last thing to mention about this guy is his little Sun/Dejanira/Jupiter/Ceres complex.  Ceres represents the mother, and the part of us that nurtures.  This is an anti-nurturing chart, as described above.  Mick likes war.  He’s a very, very aggressive guy with poor boundaries.

The way Dejanira sits right between the Sun and Jupiter, the two places where people feel really, really entitled (along with Saturn, which is also prominent) caught my eye.  Jupiter and Ceres are a smidgin out of orbit for the Sun.  But all of them are conjunct Dejanira.  So that sense of victimization is really pronounced.  As I’ve discussed elsewhere, Jupiter is the man who would be king.  Jupiter is very comfortable making decisions for others, and spending other people’s money.  This Trump administration thing where they all fly private jets on our tab, that’s the haywire Jupiter of DC right now.  They’re not going to check themselves, they clearly insist on wrecking themselves.

As I pondered that Sun/Dejanira/Jupiter/Ceres thing, my sense is that Mick’s mother spoiled him to death.  She’s one of these aggrieved, upper middle-class white people who feels like they need to “take our country back,” as though they haven’t been in charge since Day 1.  She spoon fed that to dear Mick, right along with his sense of entitlement to have a large time on somebody else’s dime.











Tim Nolan, Astrosplained

Tim Nolan

Gentle reader,

At the risk of turning my blog into a sex-offender registry, allow me to introduce Kentucky’s answer to Sam Clovis, Trump’s Kentucky campaign chairman, Tim Nolan.  The orange stripes aren’t an homage, that’s an actual prison jumpsuit.  Nolan was recently sentenced to 20 years on a score of human-trafficking-related sex offenses, mostly against underage girls.  So that puts him on my radar.  Also that the major news outlets aren’t covering this, though to their credit Breitbart and Fox both did (while downplaying the fact that this was during the campaign).  He gets the best people!

Nolan used his position as a county judge to coerce young women into sexual favors, with threats of violating probation, etc.  All the usual things of drugs, money, and cruelty.  Because the GOP is, and always has been, the party of family values.  Note that Nolan pled [Achtung!  Past tense of plead is not pleaded or plead.  It’s pled.  Thanks.] guilty to over 20 charges in exchange for reduced sentencing.  Even so, he has gone to the alternative facts where it isn’t actually true, he didn’t do those things, it was the only way he could get out of the trap.  Not unlike Larry Nassar, still trying to say that was actually medical after a literal week of victim impact statements.

One quick caveat:  I found a birth date for Tim Nolan, but not a location.  So I used the city in the county where he was seated.  He could be from Cincinnati, or for that matter Satan’s buttcrack.  So I could be quite wrong.  Nolan strikes me as the classic big fish in a small pond, the sort of guy who never travels any farther than his farts,  so I’m going with it.  Without further ado, let’s deconstruct today’s Trump-adjacent sociopath, Tim Nolan.

Tim Nolan chartAstrology happens in our solar system, where everything begins with the Sun, so we follow that rule.  Tim’s Sun is in Aquarius, co-ruled by Saturn (back in the olden days before we knew of the outer bodies) and Uranus.   So this native, who has a very dynamic, fully involved chart, is primarily on the agenda of Saturn and Uranus, though Mars, Pluto, and the Moon all play key roles here.  Uranus is not only a co-ruler of the Sun and thus the entire chart, it is the engine to this locomotive-shaped chart, with the big blank patch between Mercury and Uranus.  So Uranus is in the lead overall.

Uranus is the “I gotta be me” planet, of doing it my way.  My classic example of an evolved Uranian/Aquarian personality is Nikola Tesla, who had Uranus conjunct Algol the Blinking Demon.  Uranus is about consciousness in the abstract, electricity and electronics, flashes of brilliance, unexpected insights, unique visions and viewpoints.  You can see how all of this could really go either way in someone’s life.  When Uranus is really pronounced, however, it creates something of a psychic moat around the native.  (Ask me, I know!)  It’s often difficult for the Uranus native to get on the same page with other people energetically.  There can be a fear of loss of identity or individuality, fear of the collective, fear of commitment to practical human endeavors that can limit the freedom of thought or expression.

It’s useful to look at Saturn and Uranus together for Tim’s chart.  Saturn is again a co-ruler with Uranus of the Sun sign, Aquarius.  It also has accidental dignity here, meaning it becomes more important due to the position it happens to be in, in this case in the super ugly T-square, the big red triangle of misery, which I will come back to.

The musical Hair featured a song called The Age of Aquarius, proclaiming it to be about harmony and understanding.  Uranus is definitely the energy of that awareness, of how human consciousness does reflect electricity, and should be equally valued and unrestricted, that sort of thing.  But there’s another song in that show called Easy to be Hard, which criticized the hypocrisy of, “Especially people who care about strangers, who care about things like social injustice,” while lacking in empathy for the people in their own lives.  And that is the alienated, misunderstood outsider, Uranus.

Then Saturn is another one you just can’t get close to, he doesn’t allow it.  Saturn is the authority figure, and specifically represents judges.  Anyone whose word is valued above the word of others, like a doctor, clergy, judge, police officer, those people are all Saturn.  Saturn also governs the physical body and the material world.  Saturn natives tend to be frugal, thrifty, or stingy.  The thing that makes Saturn a malefic, or trouble-maker planet, is that Saturn represents people who say no, especially when you really, really wish they would say yes.  But Saturn does not yield by definition.  That’s what he does, refuse to yield.

So if you put those two together, the thing where he refuses to connect to other people on a heart level, i.e., empathize directly with individuals, plus he has real issues with authority, and Tim is a really unpleasant guy.  The thing is, there is really a lot of positive energy in this chart.  It’s actually sort of similar to mine, with a giant T-square and a lovely, Neptune-engaged grand trine with a kite.  The blue equilateral triangle is the trine, and then it has that smaller blue kite from Uranus to Neptune, with Saturn, Pluto, and the Moon at the head.  So this person has a lot of internal friction, drive, issues to resolve, and many positive, well-integrated ways of making use of that energy.  The blue lines are literally like a fancy kite that has its own fuel source.

Neptune is where we look for integrity in a chart.  And this is where I have to point out that free will makes all of this rather complicated.  People can do whatever they want with their feelings, ideas, and impulses.  There’s just no telling which direction they will go.  Nurture plays into it, in some charts more than others.  Ayn Rand’s chart set her out to be exactly who she was, very little wiggle room.  But Hitler could’ve gone a lot of other ways.  So could Tim Nolan.

Tim’s Neptune actually looks great to me.  It’s in both the trine and the kite, with positive connections to the chart co-rulers and the Sun, as well as the other troublemakers, Pluto and Mars.  The only thing happening in Neptune’s sign of Pisces is two asteroids, Ceres and Toro, conjunct fixed star Fomalhaut.   The worst thing about his blessed Neptune, aside from the weird asteroid group, is that it’s conjunct Algorab the Crow.  That’s a fixed star I’ve noticed among many of the kleptocrat-adjacent, like Roger Stone.   I have a sense of a large group incarnating with a specifically greedy agenda.  This is a group of souls who have been together in many lives, though they probably don’t know it.  They are something like a Viking crew, or a Roman legion, but much larger and with their own flavor.  They are rather grubby, petty, short-term thinkers, unaware of their own very long-term shared agendas.

Back to Neptune’s sign of Pisces, Fomalhaut is one of the Royal Stars of Persia, and thus is a connection to the archangelic realm.  Bit of a psychic third rail.  If I’m not mistaken, Fomalhaut is of the nature of Saturn, making this an especially bad bit of fire for a crooked judge to play with.  Saturn is the judge, jury, and executioner.  He doesn’t care about feelings, he doesn’t empathize.  He reads the letter of the law and executes, because his nature is authority; he is the law.  So when you as a judge use that spiritual advantage to abuse your power, expect the pain.  The archangels are coming for you.

Fomalhaut is sort of the truth-checker or the integrity warden.  If you are a servant of those concepts, Fomalhaut is your friend.  If not, then not.  Ceres the Earth Mother represents the literal mother, as well as how nurturing and protective the native is as a parent.  Toro the Raging Bull is where they see red.  It’s an oddball combination of factors, suggesting his mother was a piece of work.  I’m honestly not quite sure what to make of it.  And I don’t like him enough to ponder his mysteries.

Speaking of archangels that are coming for this guy, the toxicity isn’t actually all that mysterious, though the Nessus/Dejanira placements.  It’s rather subtle, and it could definitely go either way.  There are two fixed stars that I’ve written about many times, Aldebaran and Antares.  They stand in permanent opposition, with Aldebaran at about 9 Gemini (ruled by Mercury) and Antares at about 9 Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter).  Aldebaran can be seen as the Archangel Michael’s sentry post, his permanent seat in the zodiac.  (Of course fixed stars aren’t fixed, nothing is, it’s actually a silly concept.  They’re just very far away, moving very, very slowly.  As Aldebaran moves, Michael’s focal point shifts with it.)

Aldebaran and Antares are what I think of as the solution/problem axis, the leadership/predation continuum, maturity versus toxic masculinity on Antares.  The zodiac is of course a wheel, which always seeks balance as nature abhors a vacuum.  So when a soul is working within the zodiac, the choices it make can create balance or exploit imbalance, as the native wishes.  Sometime charts are really obvious, like with John Bittrolff, that the boy aint right.   This one actually looks great.  If a friend was dating him and everything else seemed on the up and up, I’d be glad.

But that North Node on Aldebaran, that’s a make-or-break thing.  The North Node is not a planet, it’s a calculation.  I’ve had a number of subjective experiences or impressions of the Nodes and their significance.  But I will confess that I am completely lost with the math of astrology.  It hurts my eyes before it even gets to my brain.  So I could be totally wrong about this, and please if you know I’m wrong, let me know.  At one point I experienced the North Node as the light side of the Moon, and the South Node as the soul’s shadow, the dark side of the Moon.  This with the Moon itself representing the dark side of the personality, the shadow of the Sun.  Then the South Node is the shadow’s shadow, if that makes sense.  It’s the part of ourselves of which we are least aware, the blind spot behind us, in a larger way than the 12th house.

The Nodes reflect the life’s position in the overall group of connected lives, if you’re looking at things from the inaccurate past-present-future life continuum.  If you think of yourself having past lives, the South Node is the door where you go from the last life you were in to the one you’re in now.  Then the North Node is the door on the opposite side, where you will pass from this one into the next one.  There’s a switching of position energetically, an about-face that isn’t represented in the 2D zodiac, between South and North.  It may happen gradually over a long time, or all at once.  But there’s a polarity shift.

So that’s where we find Tim’s Achilles’ heel, it’s his Antares South Node.  The Aldebaran North Node means he’s on a direct path to Michael’s door.  He’s basically getting away with a slap on the wrists with 20 years.  He’s a judge, and as described above he’s one for the gifted class.  As soon as the sentencing was completed he began trying to backpedal on his guilty plea, which is part and parcel of plea bargaining.  He took Alford pleas on some of them, meaning not guilty but accepting guilt for convenience, basically.  Like his buddy Larry Nassar, this empowered sociopath has zero remorse for any of it.  Unlike Larry, Tim will wiggle off this hook in a way that would sicken people if they found out about it, which they won’t.  Again, this is already barely being covered.  You’d think local media in Ohio and Kentucky (Tim’s area of operation is in Kentucky, across from Cincinnati, Ohio) would be all over this.  They’re not, Google it.

Astrologically Tim is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, unless you’re going to slam dunk him for having an Antares South Node, which I wouldn’t do in this otherwise nicely balanced chart.  A bit lacking in empathy, not a great people person maybe.  But again, if I had a friend who wanted to marry this young lawyer, and she felt good about him — which you probably would with Tim in person, at least back in the day — I’d be happy.  Being on that Mars/Aldebaran/Antares continuum doesn’t make you a bad person.  Even that hellish T-square with all the big mean planets basically in a mosh pit doesn’t.  I have that, too.  People ground that energy with their drive, the things they actually accomplish.  The only question is what they choose to focus on.

I wanted to go back to the Fomalhaut/Ceres/Toro thing.  There’s actually more speculation about the horribleness of his mother, but meh.  Just know it’s sitting with me, like that hummus I swallowed a bite of before seeing the mold.

The Jupiter T-square apex is where you find the real shenanigans in this guy’s life.   I can think of more than one really great guy who has this kind of an expansive Jupiter, and it’s a great thing.  With all the nice blue lines here, I’d say he had a better than average chance of being a real winner, a dream husband and father, a guy who would do anything for you, like Don and Czarinka.  But Antares is in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius, you know.  Some of us feel our South Nodes more than others.  That’s the sort of thing you feel subconsciously, in the Moon, in your dreams.  So that sense of entitlement to having a large time is in play in a very big way here.  That plus the prominent Saturn and Uranus already not making him a people person, and yeah, Tim is actually a huge jerk, as described in the sentencing.   He’s clearly chosen to leverage his gifts in service of his demons.  Oh well.

Gentle reader, I leave you with two relevant clichés.  1. You can’t judge a book by its cover.  2. People aint no good.



Rob Porter, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

Hope Hicks has notoriously bad taste in men.  It does not surprise me that Hope, with her Venus/Libra chart, worked on a smoothing-over for her new boyfriend.  In case my snarky hinting wasn’t good enough, I believe Hope Hicks is Trump’s comare, not Nikki Haley.  She and Trump have bigly chemistry, #Sad.   Hope Hicks is comfortable steaming Trump’s pants while he wears them, comfortable touching his lower body at work.  She is famously the one that soothes the savage beast.  I may be an old fat lady these days, but I used to be a savage-beast soother too.  I know the game.  She humors him in everything he asks, I’m sure.

People have been saying I’m wrong, first with the Nikki Haley thing and now with Rob Porter.   In my estimation, the fact that she has romantic links to both Porter and Cowey Lewandowski (who kind of talks like Elmer Fudd sometimes)  is not conflicting.   The thing is, Hope doesn’t have to be spending “business” weekends away with Trump to be his comare.   Arnold Schwarzenegger knew at least 1,000 bikini models who would have loved to be his side piece.  But he had a second family with the housekeeper, because that’s the one who was always there.  This is how men work in real life IMHO.  People become increasingly familiar with face time.

Anyway, as I said, Hope’s taste in men is questionable.  So, gentle reader, let’s Astrosplain the one who will soon get away, Hope’s cover boyfriend, Rob Porter.

rob porter chart

The potential for malice is front and center in this chart.  The Sun is in Scorpio, making Mars and Pluto co-rulers of the chart.  Mars the God of War is one of the traditional malefic or trouble-making planets, Saturn being the other.  And both of those play important roles in this chart.  Pluto was not a traditional co-ruler because we have only recently discovered it, originally Scorpio was Mars.   But Pluto represents the devil, and Scorpio is his sign now.  Scorpios can be very sexy.  They are secretive and controlling, which can be very 50 Shades if you’re into that sort of thing.  But a lot of people are drawn in by the mystery of Scorpio, the penetrating gaze.

There are always different ways to use any astrological feature.  A quick reminder here that I’m talking about one individual about whom certain facts are known.  So this is not a positive or neutral interpretation.  I’m looking at someone who behaves badly.

The key word for this chart is VOLATILE.  As mentioned above, the Sun is co-ruled here by Mars and Pluto.  Just as the Sun facilitates life on this planet, the Sun in astrology shows you what the individual’s higher self’s whole point was in creating this particular body and sustaining its life.  What is it here to do?  Scorpio Sun says it’s here to probe, penetrate, control, polarize, clarify, manipulate.  Pluto sits at the outer edge of our solar system, the marker of the point of no return.  That’s why it’s so polarizing – beyond there be dragons.

But just as the Sun brings our daily dose of life on Earth, the Moon brings it back down at night.  The ego does its thing during the day, all the things you’re conscious of in life, like work and websites and farting in elevators.  Then comes the Moon, and we drift off to the land of nod and return with little if any knowledge of what went on for those hours.  That part of the human experience, the emotional, waxing and waning, changeable part, that is the Moon in astrology.  Water in astrology is influenced by the Moon just as the tides are on Earth.  As I said about dear Louise Linton, disliking feelings doesn’t make them go away.  It just ratchets up your maintenance level, makes you that much harder to deal with.

With Rob, it’s not that he dislikes his feelings.   It’s that his feelings are really aggressive.  Rob has the Moon in Aries the Ram, ruled by Mars.  So while Pluto has some say in Rob’s Sun rulership, and thus the chart overall, Mars is ruling both the Sun and Moon.  Speaking now as someone with extreme Mars myself, a few points.  Evolved Mars is about clarity and leadership, the sensible end of the thing where Trump said he wants generals running the country.  A sane person thinks, “Right, people who have been around in government for a long time and have firsthand experience leading in life-and-death situations,” the way I originally thought of General McMaster.  Evolved Mars is the Archangel Michael (represented by Aldebaran, hold that thought) destroying evil with his courage and clarity.

Unevolved Mars is the God of War:  impulsive, aggressive, angry, and with a chip on his shoulder.  Unevolved Mars has something to prove.  Mars has a lot of influence in this chart.  When Mars rules the Moon the image that I get is of a town where they frack, where the tap water occasionally catches fire.  That can of course be very variable depending on other chart factors.  In this one, it’s like the river in Ohio that used to catch fire on a regular basis, you can anticipate flame-outs.

It takes an enormous amount of energy to sublimate water into steam.  Unlike Louise Linton, Rob Porter has that much energy.  One thing I learned in fire academy, steam is so much hotter than fire.  That in mind, with this chart it surprises me that Porter was able to come across as enough of a polished professional to be brought into the Oval Office at all.  Scorpio doesn’t get mad, he gets even.

This is already shocking to me, much less that he’s been there a year without security clearance.  I can tell you from firsthand experience that getting security clearance is, at a bare minimum, a tedious and uncomfortable process.  They demand an extreme amount of detailed information about your life, much more than most people have on hand.  They checked me for arrests, my DNA, fingerprints, contacted teachers and neighbors from multiple addresses.  That’s what they do for any employee to walk in the door at DoD, like janitors.  The Porter revelation, that the FBI dinged his clearance, is very obvious FBI retaliation for releasing that idiotic Devin Nunes memo.  The FBI didn’t just give him the world’s longest mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe, like with Jared Kushner.  They said N-to-the-O.

One really obvious key word that’s not being used about Rob Porter thus far is NEPOTISM.  I see that Rob Porter is from Boston, and lo and behold, it’s Mr. Kelly grandfathering him in.  Kelly, with his Venus-intensive chart, is all about the other people in his life.  Boston is famous for its “homers,” who can be intensely loyal to their neighbors no matter how badly they behave.  Rob’s dad, Roger Porter, is well inculcated with the Bush dynasty, and the military (Mr. Kelly) does stuff like this for him, go figure.   Don’t blame Putin for this failure of democracy, blame the US Department of Defense.  (I’ve never read a single word leaked by WikiLeaks or Ed Snowden.  Not that I don’t care.  Just that I don’t need to.  I couldn’t possibly trust them any less, speaking as a former employee.)

Then Rob Porter is also a Mormon.  This is another community known for its fierce loyalty, and Mormons are famously intensely polarized.  If you disagree even slightly, you’re excommunicated.  This is very Plutonian, very all-or-nothing.  Again, Pluto features prominently in this chart, as in the chart of John Bittrolff.  Aside from the cultural significance of Mormonism and the impact that culture had on what one of Porter’s wives has called Mormonism’s #MeToo, there is another clue.   Porter is a Mormon from Massachusetts.  That almost guarantees that his family is thick as thieves with the Romneys.

Keep in mind that these days, words are being redefined like wild, for example “complicit” and “treason.”  Loyalty has met the same fate.   Trump’s concept of loyalty is so twisted that Ronna Romney McDaniel has dropped the “Romney” from her name, without a squeak.  Her family name is like a Birkin bag that she was born with on her face, and she promptly and quietly put it into storage when told to.  This was after her Uncle Mittens got a comeuppance so severe that I need to see it again:

Mitts dinner with Don

Anyway, back to Rob Porter’s astrology.  Thus far I’ve said that Mars is the ruler of this chart, due to ruling both the Sun and Moon, in Scorpio and Aries respectively.  Mars refers back to Aldebaran archetypally, I have asked you to hold that thought.  (Are you holding it?  Don’t let me down!)  Then Pluto is also front and center due to co-ruling Scorpio.  This chart is heavy on both fire and water:  steam.

Onward.  Mercury is quite close to the Sun here, suggesting one who identifies very much with his thoughts.  In such a watery native, I would expect this to be a lack of awareness about how much he projects his emotions, and responsibility for them, onto others (Aries Moon).  This is especially so with the role of Neptune in this chart.  Neptune is about core integrity, the part of us which connects to our higher selves.  So it’s also the place to look for any sort of not doing that, from lying to addiction to believing your own most expedient bullshit.

Rob’s Neptune is doing a few important, I would say key things.  First, it’s located in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.  So Rob’s relationship with reality has everything to do with his desire to let the good times roll, which is substantial.  Jupiter, the source of the desire for big fun (and also the planet representing the government) is in the first decan of Cancer, ruled by the Moon.  So Rob’s sense of entitlement to a good time is deeply felt, ingrained from early conditioning.  Jupiter is comfortable making decisions for others and spending other people’s money.  He can be hugely generous, as all of the nepotism hires in Trump’s orbit know.  He’s very generous with other people’s money.  Especially in ways that feel good to himself.  The ends justify the means.

While we’re in the Moon’s sign of Cancer looking at the deeply felt things in Rob’s life, entirely relevant to this conversation we see that Jupiter is conjunct Nessus the Wife Beater.  Nessus is an asteroid, not a fixed star, and thus is much closer to Earth.  Thus it uses the ordinary orbs for conjunctions, doesn’t have to be a direct hit.  No pun intended.  But it’s interesting that Nessus is located here at Jupiter, the Greater Benefic who usually gets the party started.  I believe the key to this mystery is the Moon, not Jupiter or Nessus.  The matter is currently playing out in government, which may be enough to implicate Jupiter.  But clearly he lashes out when he’s not having  good time.   The Moon is about your moods and the way you feel.

I’ve said a lot about Jupiter on this blog, because it tends to run rampant in the sort of megalomaniacs I profile.  Jupiter can be a sense of entitlement to a good time.  Jupiter is ruling Neptune here because of its placement in Sagittarius.  The other notable thing in Sagittarius is Juno the Spouse just a smidgin out of orb for Antares, the marker of toxic masculinity.  You don’t have to be male to have toxic masculinity.  From her chart it looks like Czarinka Trump guzzled the misogyny Kool-Aid in her baby bottle.

Antares is where we come back around to Aldebaran, a higher octave of Mars that I asked you to hold the thought of.  Aldebaran is located directly across from Antares, at least during our lifetime.  These are very distant planets of great magnitude.  So when something is positioned just right to reflect them, the influence on the chart overall can be huge.  Antares is kind of like a turd in the punchbowl of humanity.  Antares is Beavis and Butthead, the archetypal hesher.   This guy and this guy remind me of Antares.  It’s the boys will be boys thing, where they just don’t have to be accountable, because they don’t want to.  And you can’t make them, so there.  Why does he do such rotten things?  Because he’s a rotten kid.

Back to Rob Porter.  As with working on the Long Island Serial Killer-adjacent, I see that sometimes things are a smidgin out of orb that appear to be quite accurately displayed in the known facts of the life.  Juno the Spouse being conjunct Antares points to this exact sort of misbehavior with intimate partners, specifically the wife.  This is one of those things where if someone asked me to look at her new boyfriend’s chart, and it was this, I’d tell her to run.  Having that prominent Jupiter Nessus in combination with this Juno, it looks like a disaster.

There are two sides to every coin, and where there is a Nessus there is a Dejanira the Victim.  Rob has Dejanira in the 1st decan of Capricorn, the least forgiving part of Saturn.  For me, Saturn is the punisher.  It figures prominently in the chart of serial killer John Bittrolff, linked above.  In combination with Rob’s Mormon upbringing and his volatile Mars/Pluto/Moon scenario described above, this is a recipe for wife beating.  Fundamentalist Christian religions often treat women as chattel, and Mormonism carries that theme.  They have changed a lot since the days of routine polygamy.  But they’re still biblical wives, who follow the strict code of Mormon patriarchy.  Rob’s ex-wife said that the church is the absolute worst place to go for support, though it’s the only place they allow you to go.  Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, had 52 wives, some of whom were as young as 14.   Smith surely felt like a father to many or all of his wives.

Rob’s Saturn, ruling over Dejanira the Domestic/Sexual Violence Victim, is importantly conjunct the fixed star Regulus, which has been bringing so many shitty men to the top and knocking them back down.  Sitting at the tip of Leo’s tail, Regulus the Heart of the Lion is the essence of a mature Sun, a king at the end of his life looking over his kingdom.  The Sun, again, represents the essence of the soul that chose this incarnation.  And a Regulus contact adds megawattage to the personality, bringing people to prominence, such as Harvey Weinstein and Trey Gowdy.  There are many others, but I’m too lazy to get up and look at the flow chart.

Anyway the point of Regulus is that it’s a Royal Star, meaning that if you are blessed with this great benefactor’s energy, you must behave accordingly.  Lowering your integrity at all with such a Royal Star contact puts you in the path of the archangels’ wrath, like with General Kelly.  I predicted he would flame out spectacularly, and he has.  I now regret having given him the benefit of the doubt, that he might actually live up to the hype.  He’s the worst, and I expect his after-life review to reflect that.

Just like a king on his deathbed, how that Regulus contact plays out depends on the king.  Integrity will either make or break a Regulus native.  Regulus puts a king on the hot seat, so it won’t be a close call at his death.  With Regulus, you either rise to the challenge and lead your people to life, or you crash and burn and suffer the consequential loss of honor.  Rob has already crashed, game over.  Buh-bye.

So all of this, gentle reader, makes for a very angry guy, who believes he’s the boss, and in the dark corners of his mind probably believes his wife is chattel.  Jupiter is easygoing.  He doesn’t like to be annoyed with pesky details and reality checking.  Rob has a very angry Moon, and Pluto keeps him stirred up.  Pluto is possessive and can be paranoid.  Jupiter is hugely egotistical and entitled.  Mars is always itching for a fight, even when he’s acting like Archangel Michael – which the Antares connection suggests he’s not even interested in doing.  I’m giving him that Juno Antares based on that picture of his ex-wife’s black eye, though it’s technically out of orb.

There’s so much to talk about with this chart that wow, I’m only now getting to the chart’s shape, aspects, and lesser influences.  Crikey.  This is a bucket chart with the Moon as the handle.  A bucket chart has one planet acting as an energetic fulcrum within the personality, and is basically a chart co-ruler for this reason.  Here it’s the Moon, which again governs the moods, again in Aries, the overtly aggressive face of Mars.  So Rob’s machismo is the main point of his life IMO.  It’s the way he feels about himself as a man, literally his feelings about it.  Not his thoughts (Mercury).  Not what he can show he’s accomplished (Saturn).  His feelings about it, the Moon.  That’s what his Jupiter is doing, revving up the happy fun-time feelings — or at least the desire for them.  That’s an important caveat.  Because I don’t know about Rob, but stuff doesn’t always go the way I want in my life, and sometimes I find it annoying.

So in this bucket chart, there are a few obvious aspects, several key planets really dominating the dynamics.  Mars, the Moon, Pluto, and Jupiter are basically the show-stealers, with Neptune acting as the WD40 that lubricates the whole thing to roll like the egg we’re watching on cable news right now.

If you look at Jupiter over there in Cancer, he’s agitating that whole cluster in Libra, everything from Venus to the North Node and possibly Seginus, with those red lines to the square aspects.  I’m adding in all the other stuff, the North Node and stuff, because all of those things are right on Pluto, who again, is a chart co-ruler.  And while we’re zeroing in on Rob’s Pluto, note that it is in opposition to the bucket handle, the Moon.  The Moon is the internal equilibrium, and Pluto is the ragey part.  This would tend to make Rob an all-or-nothing guy, one who’s either very into something/someone or very not.  He’s either feeling you or he’s not, and it probably goes back and forth pretty quickly.

So Jupiter is aggravating everything from Venus — Rob’s connection to other people and specifically women — to the highly sensitive North Node, including Vesta the True Believer and Algorab the Crow.  Seginus the Guard, the dog giving the entire Trump administration fleas, is an RCH out of orb for Seginus, which I am using as a karmic connector to Trump himself personally.  A lot of them have it, and it brings disgrace through association.  Gentle reader, I appreciate that you are too kind to curse my laziness, which prevents me from getting up and looking at the flow chart.

This means that basically that good-time-Charlie urge within Rob Porter, where he likes to be the Big Man on Campus, the homecoming king, doesn’t always mesh with the way he connects to other people, specifically women.  The North Node is a perfected spot in any chart, representing where the life will end karmically, what the theme will be on the last page of this particular book of life.  Mind you all of this friction is happening in one of Venus’ signs, Libra, where she automatically yields to keep the peace.  This may be the resource Rob draws upon to charm the people who are charmed by him.  He does have a lot going on in Venus, making him very people-oriented especially in a strong Moon chart.  The Node conjunct Pluto suggests to me that this is a “go big or go home” life, one that does nothing by half measures.

Then chart-ruling bully Mars is having a tantrum with the Sun, flanked by Vesta and Mercury, that little set of red lines.  The Sun is discussed above.  Mercury is about the thoughts and words, the conscious part of the mind or at least the movement and expression of it.  Vesta is the True Believer, the hill the chart native would die on.  I’m giving him the conjunction to Seginus, though he is that famous smidgin out of orb.  Why?  Because look where he is in the Trump administration.  He’s not only being ruined by association — again, Trump dropped a bomb on the FBI and they’re truthbombing back — but Generally Kelly is ruined no matter how you slice the Rob Porter fiasco.  Maybe that’s what he can call his band, while he’s unemployed.  Anyway his Vesta is properly conjunct Algorab the Crow, marking him as one of a group of kleptocrats, many of whom figure into this current palace intrigue, like Roger Stone and Paul Manafort.

Rob Porter is a yucky man and I’ve used a lot of words, though I do feel, gentle reader, that it’s warranted in this case.  Rob is very teachable in many ways.  But he is gross, and I have some important writing to do.  So I’ll make one last point.

Rob’s Moon (in Aries) opposition Pluto (in Libra) is a huge problem.  Pluto, when he connects with Venus, can be a complete stalker.  Sneaky, manipulative, controlling, obsessed.  Libra tends to make things less intense, more superficial, more charming and pleasant.  His ex-wife did describe that part of him.  She was not surprised that he’s done so well professionally and expects him to rise again.   Rob’s Venus is actually in pretty good shape, considering how malignant his Mars is.  And his life has been graced by other people, described in the nepotism area above.

But the important final point to make about all of this, look at how the blue lines go from Neptune to the Moon and Neptune to Pluto and its little clusterbomb.  Rob’s Pluto is truly fraught.  This is an extremely emotionally volatile individual, if I haven’t made that clear.  But Neptune, the source of illusions and delusions, provides an alternate circuit, one that has those calming blue lines.  In other words, Rob gets away with stuff because he was born on 3rd base, and because he is a very convincing liar.






Letters to My Countrymen: Glad Tidings From the River

Friends, Romans, and astrologers:

A beautiful thing has happened.  Like the flap of a tiny butterfly’s wing down by the river, a breeze has begun.  Let all humanity rejoice.

It seems quite small, and may not be permanent.  But a federal judge has stood up to the unconstitutional, anti-human laws that make homelessness a crime in America.  The Orange County Catholic Worker has gotten a federal judge to rule against this cruel and bizarre reality of American life:  it is unlawful to be homeless almost everywhere in America between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am.  You must be indoors, or be subject to the law.  Obviously the goal is not to shelter people in jails, only control them, i.e., make them move.  My heart swells, knowing this obvious question is being asked.

During the years I spent living in my van, I saw how people who live indoors are an upper class.  I had a disability check so I never panhandled, had my own sanitation, didn’t mess anyone’s lawn. Yet often if people saw me parked anywhere, just parked in their neighborhood even in the daytime, they called the cops to chase me away.  The picture above is from one ideal spot that I found near a river, outside of a town that didn’t mind me being there — and didn’t have any housing I could afford.  Getting back to an indoor life was very challenging, I won’t lie.  Society wanted to expel me.

I once had a librarian call the police to tell me to move my van from in front of the library despite being legally parked.  The police couldn’t actually tell me to leave, only said that the librarian wanted me to, so I didn’t.  I continued to hang around that library every day that I needed to, because even if I weren’t a citizen, I do understand that it is my library, and in real life that guy works for me.

Property owners in America tend to feel like they have dominion not only over their homes, but their entire visual range.  This is a direct reflection of our slaveholding past.  White people in America often feel like it’s their planet to kick people off of.  Nobody cares where the homeless to go, as long as it’s “not here.”  People never seem to touch base and see that hey, we actually want the homeless to just stop existing. 

I’ll just say it:  the anti-camping ordinances in this country are not only unconstitutional, they are irrational and cruel.  For all intents and purposes, it is illegal to be homeless in America between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am.  Home-dwellers as a group don’t care where the homeless go, as long as it’s “not here.”  If they thought about it more, or were more honest about it, they’d see that they would rather the homeless simply didn’t exist.  And that, dear friend, is one of those banal evils that I would never like to see you fall into.  You cannot know how people look to me, when they are telling me which parts of my father’s beard I may touch, at which hours of the day.

We can also take heart in knowing that a federal judge has been forced to answer this very obvious question, about whether everyone has a right to exist or not, in this time of #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo.  Remember that the last will be first and the first will be last, and the meek shall inherit the Earth.

Just in time, too!







The Winner

I’m feeling the gestalt of this piece, which is truly life-changing for me.


This was my first attempt at drawing myself.  991298A3-574E-4B0F-8E05-E0572578916C

I have had a surprising amount of anxiety about drawing.  I almost never draw anything, and it has never felt good.  It never occurred to me to draw myself until a few months ago.  That was the moment I knew that drawing was an enormous paper tiger.

I was reminded of the time a guy invited me to see Jerry Lee Lewis on the Riverboat President.  Come to find out he didn’t have tickets.  We went to the side and jumped across to the kitchen hallway.  It was only maybe a 4-foot jump, with a deck rail to grab.  I knew it was both easy and impossible.  So I threw my purse onto the deck, knowing for sure I would go after it, and I did.  Falling into the Mississippi River, under that giant boat, would not have been good.  But the stakes were much lower here.

Anyway once I plunged in to drawing, it was even more thrilling.  (The concert kicked ass, but I couldn’t not remember that his teenage wife mysteriously drowned in the duck pond.)  I’m still not actually comfortable with drawing, but am doing it more.  It was so shockingly refreshing to draw even a weird picture of myself, I flipped it over and drew another one.  That second drawing became Self-Portrait with World.  I immediately retreated to my comfort zone of stitching, once I had drawn a tiny bit.

This piece is a much larger thing for me.  It required several bazillion stitches, many more than are evident.  When I drew this, I felt like the child who had the near-death experience in 1972 was a completely different person than me.  That was the most logical way to understand it, because due to the prolonged trauma, I remember watching her abuse from a floating-on-the-ceiling vantage point.  I saw things happen to someone else, basically, so I thought of her as someone else.  Of course in therapy I learned that it was my own body.  It was an extreme dissociation.  That sounds obvious when you read it, I’m sure.  But trauma is very confusing while you’re in it.

So I started out having a very different feeling about this détente I had found in myself. It felt like I had taken over the baton from someone who died.  I know I’m the one who made the decision not to stay dead, it was me, and I remember before the near-death experience, so I know logically that is also me.  This has been a huge bit of work that has taken me decades, to get to the point of clarity where I can make a totem to resolve the matter with.  And that’s what this piece is, the totem I used to pull myself together.

I made a ton of work for myself without even thinking about it, by pulling threads from the edges and then wrapping them, as you see on the outer edges.

wrapped edges

That was sooooooo much work, God help me.   For a while I was kicking myself, thinking, “Oh, too late to take it back,” just like with my decision not to stay dead in 1972.  It was instantly clear to me how well the making of the piece itself tracks with the experience of surviving my childhood within the abuse and neglect of my family.  And similarly, I’m glad I took the effort.  I love the results.

I went through a lot of iterations.  I had other words at first, because I had very different sentiments when I started out.  I really felt like me and the little girl who had the near-death experience were two different people, though I knew intellectually they are not.


The first thing outside the basic roadmap of reserving all of the color for my eyes and heart, was a child shouting “The Winner!” with her hands in the air.

final lettering

That was how the 7-year-old version of me felt about insisting on going back to my life:  someone had tried to rob me, and I didn’t let them.  I won.  I am still now, this week in 2018, wrapping my head around the banal cruelty of my own family.  I’m not going into it, just to say that forcing all of these internal conversations out onto linen was a glorious opportunity to mend the ravaged bits within, to embellish what I’m left with after cleaning out their bullshit to my own satisfaction.

That was a process, of course.  And I sewed, and ripped, and re-did a ton of work, much more than I’ve even documented.  But this can be a little morale booster for everybody out there who has had a false start or two.  I’ve seen people give up altogether from false starts.  Not always recommended IMHO.




There are a number of things I love about this piece.  I find many reflections of the trinity, which is always perfection for me.   I have my own approval, and though I didn’t intend it at the time, I ended up stitching a Claddagh ring  into the margins:  a crown, a hand, and a heart.  I love the faceted black beads that make it sparkle.  I love the blackwork, even though it’s not my best.  I love the way it feels when I see it on this piece.  I love that part of myself.

blackwork detail

This brings me to a whole new place as an artist and a human being.  Thanks for looking.




Devin Nunes, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, this is the part where I normally type some witty snark.  In this case, I’m saving 1,000 words:

Devin Nunes yearbook

So before he gets voted into oblivion from his normally safe seat, and/or sent to jail by Bob Mueller et al., let’s astro snoop on Devin Nunes.

Devin Nunes chartOn the one hand, this is not a guy that I like or would ever want to do a chart on under normal circumstances.  But now that I’m looking at it, this is actually quite an interesting chart featuring two yods, like Jane and Don McGahn.  But first things first, let’s look at the Sun, the mission of this soul’s incarnation.

Devin has the Sun in Venus, making this a splendid time to deep dive into her themes.  Venus is about connecting to other people.  Venus and Jupiter are signs of extraversion, being a people person, or at least having a well-peopled life.  Tarot shows Venus in her Taurean, earthy form as the Empress, lounging in her vineyards admiring all the stars on her crown.  There is a very self-serving, entitled part of Venus that is meant to be supported by others.

Venus is the archetypal object of desire.  This makes sense for a politician, if you think about it; donors make and break them.   They win popularity contests for a living. General Kelly also has a prominent Venus, for a reminder that this is a subconscious strategy, not an emasculation or feminization.  It’s a way the Venusian native approaches things.  Devin is all about the people in his life.  Melania is a great example of Venus/Taurus, Hope Hicks  classically Venus/Libra.

Where earthy Taurus focuses on material things like food and clothing, wanting the best, finest, and most lovely of everything, airy Libra focuses on thoughts and words and wants all that like birds singing, too.  Venus in Libra does not stand on any principle but comfort and beauty.  Venus does not like to argue, will duck and dodge every time to keep things pleasant, and will want others to do so, too.  It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.  Venus is a charmer, a flirt.

Devin’s Venus is located in Scorpio, so co-ruled by Pluto and Mars.  That’s worth a look before we start following the yods around, those green dashed lines that look almost like a pentagram in this chart.   So Pluto and Mars are automatically important, even if Pluto weren’t combust, or close to the Sun.  The easiest way to understand Scorpio:  Scorpio doesn’t get mad, he gets even.  Pluto is a key planet in this chart.

Pluto represents the devil, the rapist who ripped a hole in the earth to drag a little girl into hell.  Mars the God of War loves to bloody his knuckles.  Mars brings a restlessness and a chip on the shoulder, Pluto adds intensity and extremism.  Now, both of those planets are ruling a water sign, Scorpio.  Water is about emotions and intuition, the unspoken undercurrents between and among people.

If you think about the archetypal relationships between Venus  and Mars, where his symbol is literally a hard-on, that adds to the volatility of anything involving Pluto.  Pluto always adds an extremism, and Scorpio is all about secrecy and control.  So when you put Scorpio and Venus together there can be a sense of the stalker, a situation where emotions can build to a crescendo, connections to individuals can become obsessive and destructive.  Mars gets on a rampage and is not known for always using the best judgment when he’s ticked off.  But Scorpio has the slow burn of the water element to keep things below the surface and behind the scenes — as Venus/Libra would prefer.  This is not a front-stabber like the Mooch, but someone potentially quite mean and vindictive, one who can read people, with good intuition and excellent schmoozing skills, like Erik Prince.

I note that Devin also has Venus conjunct Pallas Athena, the field marshal.  Hope Hicks also has a prominent Pallas, which I think of as like the stone at the top of Indiana Jones’ staff that shows the way.  So there is definitely a sense of strategy and advancing the agendas of others, like Madame de Pompadour, who had a Venus superpower.

I’m going over the dynamics of a few key planets because in this chart, it’s all about the dynamics.  Devin is a dealmaker, a handshaker, and a mullet-sporting heartbreaker.  I’m calling the chart shape itself a see-saw, in which Mars and Saturn are on one side of the wheel and everybody else is on the other.  Mars is really a key player here, as you can see, despite the heavy Venusian influence.  And that Venus-Mars balance is on the see-saw, Libran-scales theme.  Like Mike Pence with his see-saw, and especially with a Libra Sun, the see-saw suggests one with no real bond to one side over the other, one who could completely flip-flop.  There is a superficiality and an ability to play both sides, whatever feels better.

The thing about Devin is, again, it’s all in the interplay.  A yod is when one planet has inconjuncts, or 150 degree aspects, to two different planets.  Those are the dashed green lines that give the pentagram look shown above.  Unlike an opposition, where two planets are situated face to face (or back to back) and must deal with each other, an inconjunct is two planets that have near misses with a third.  So instead of the energy of two planets bouncing off of each other and hopefully becoming integrated, creating major structural integrity for the consciousness, an inconjunct is like a relay circuit where a third planet provides a fulcrum.

This chart has two yod/fulcrum planets, Mars and Saturn.  Each of those can be seen as the hand of God.  You might imagine that each of those green dashed lines is actually God’s pointer finger, dashed because it’s moving from one to the other and back, pointing at this one then that one.  Those three (or more, in this case) energies are constantly rolling together and bouncing off of each other in a way.  The Saturn yod, given what I know of Devin’s life, suggests that the law will not be good to him in his later years.  That early Capricorn North Node, ouch.

I’m coming to see that the yod structure suggests a very complicated personality.  Larry Nassar, pedophile former doctor, also has a yod chart.  I will probably Astrosplain him fairly soon, though I have multiple plates in the air right now, and Larry has already been sentenced, so he’s not going anywhere — unlike Devin Nunes, who could have a Mueller problem before it’s all over.

Again, that Saturn yod is like a dark cloud over this chart with the Node at 2 Capricorn.  This is a place of great hardship, which I am glad is behind me rather than in front of me.  Then Saturn is in Cancer, adding more water to this moody chart with all its watery, obsessive undercurrents.  Saturn adds a sourness and sadness to everything, and it would be interesting to know what house it is in.  It probably detracts from the otherwise pleasant, superficial façade that comes quite naturally to Devin with the Libra Sun.  Really the way the Sun and Pluto play off of each other here, with the conjunctions and the sign placement, is quite Jeckyll and Hyde.  There’s a marked superficiality and smooth exterior, with the proverbial still waters running deep.

Saturn in Cancer is on the Moon’s agenda, where he does not belong.  Saturn and the Moon are each other’s detriments, polar opposites.  Saturn is what normally provides the structure to the life, the focus and definitive action, the bottom line.  The Moon makes it hard to see exact boundaries, which Saturn hates.  So this isn’t Saturn with Devin showing that intense backbone and sticking to his guns, no, it’s the opposite.  Devin’s Saturn is like a pier with half of the supports washed away after a big storm.  If he has as little integrity as he seems to have, the end of his life will not be kind.

This is as good a time as any to dig into the complex relay circuit with the yods in this chart.  Just as a medical student might follow a drop of blood all the way through the heart, let’s follow some spiritual energy through this yod maze.

Let’s begin with Jupiter, at the beginning of Aquarius.  Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus.  Where is Uranus?  Oh, on Spica, over in Libra.  Uranus in Libra is a people-pleaser, even when it’s on Spica.  The deal with Spica, it’s God’s spotlight.  And yes, Devin has been in congress a long time.  He did rise to prominence with his people skills, not by marrying the boss’ daughter.

So Aquarius Jupiter takes us to the Saturn hub, which redirects to the Moon and Neptune.  Neptune is about the connection to the higher self, how strong that is, what sort of integrity the person has.  But it’s also about intuition, especially with the Moon in such a watery chart.  Neptune rules show biz, illusions, delusions, and addictions.  The Moon is by nature reflective, having no light except what she bounces off of others; yet you can often see her even in the daytime.  Devin really does have a schmoozing superpower, in other words.  He has excellent skills at reading people, knowing what they want, appearing to be that.

So from Neptune and the Moon, we go to the other yod, at Mars.  Now we’re at his aggression, and thus back to his chart ruler, Venus, which is in Scorpio — again, ruled by Mars and Pluto.   From Mars, the yod carries you to the Sun and Pluto.  So I guess I did it backwards.  The path goes Sun/Pluto to Mars, to the Moon and Neptune, to Saturn, to Jupiter, aka the government.  (Despite the Libra-focused chart, Devin does not have any contacts with either Seginus or Algorab, two fixed stars I have used to indicate specific karmic connections.)  Anyway that little circuit is very convoluted, and it’s covered in banana peels.  The whole thing gives me the image of trying to chase Devin Nunes to the truth, like a greased pig in a maze of his lies and manipulation.  Nothing is straightforward with him.  There’s always a catch, a trap door in his personality that he can escape through.

The yod is said to be a dynamic that the native has no choice but to deal with.  If they don’t address the underlying dynamics and balance them intentionally, life will throw curveballs on those topics.  This suggests to me an underlying energy of instability, where the native would do well not to allow their psychic knees to lock, so to speak, while they try to ride out the life.  There is a need to be fluid while cultivating an internal stability.  This is especially so with the afflicted Saturn, like weakened internal rebar.

So Devin has asteroids Ceres the Earth Mother and Juno the Spouse conjunct in Sagittarius, also conjunct the Moon.  As I mentioned the Moon actually has a rather major role here, due to being in both yods, as well as the abundance of water elements in this chart.  And Devin has the Moon conjunct Antares, the malevolent fixed star representing anti-authority or toxic masculinity, the unevolved reflection of Mars.

Mars plays a prominent role in this chart, and having the Moon conjunct Antares is a strong indicator of negative predisposition.  The Moon is where we project, where we see in others that which exists in ourselves.  Devin has much more water in his chart than Louise Linton, and is a much more emotional guy, moodier.  I expect Devin to have a fierce temper, which he would find subtle or sneaky ways to express, no matter how long it took, due to the prominent Scorpio and Pluto.  Mars is also known for his anger, which doesn’t disappear in a chart run on Venus’ terms, especially not with so much water, and the Plutonian influence.

The Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) Moon suggests that Devin does just want to have fun, party ’til he drops, even if it is conjunct Antares.  Antares just adds an immature, selfish, mean spirit to everything.  But Sagittarius loves an adventure.  And with the Libra Sun, it’s probably easy enough for Devin to stay fairly surface level when it comes to awareness of his impact on others.  Antares makes for a good sociopath, which Devin may or may not be.  But his chart doesn’t rule it out.

In sum, Devin is a sneak and a phony, much meaner than you would think he is.  I expect his mother and spouse both support him 100 percent in this.  His immaturity and selfishness would tend to color everything in his life.  His participation in government has been convoluted and questionable.  And his 2018 challenger doesn’t seem worried.  Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out, Devin.