Dr. Ronny Jackson, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

Today I’m looking at the chart of Dr. Ronny Jackson, the physician so amazing he noticed that Trump was a full pound away from obesity.  I wasn’t trying to be confused or concerned about him being nominated for the VA because frankly why wouldn’t he be?  Meat Loaf is busy.  Why shouldn’t the kid who cut the White House lawn be the Secretary of the Interior?  Because that kid doesn’t have any shady business hookups, that’s why.   World-famous geologist Ryan Zinke is clearly the most qualified one for that job.

But as I mentioned in my Sean Hannity Astrosplain, Ronny Jackson and Hannity actually contrast each other in a few key ways.  I will admit to not so much being interested in this guy.  But his chart is actually rather interesting, and congress is thinking about hiring him, so it’s need-to-know.

ronny jackson chart

The Sun is in Taurus, so Venus is the chart ruler.   As with General Kelly, a Venus-ruled chart indicates someone whose life revolves around other people.   It’s about connections.  This fits someone in his position.  The military is nothing but a giant, dysfunctional, alcoholic family.  Having worked for the Department of Defense, I can tell you that by and large it is the biggest toxic boil that has ever existed on the ass of humanity.  (Or Sean Hannity.)   Things that look good and fair on paper are immediately perverted by the massive corruption.   The layers upon layers of perverted corruption within the federal government are difficult to even describe.

For example, “veterans’ hiring preference” sounds like an American family value, that we have to include the people who carry our collective shame.   In practice, however, the DoD is a giant clique, where if you kiss the right butts the meanest kids will let you sit at their table.  The actual human needs of veterans or their families are a non-fucking-issue, please believe me when I say that, or if you don’t, ask almost any veteran.  The Dod, and the federal government, have always been run by mean, selfish drunks as far as I can tell.  It’s a huge bully pack, like the world’s most obnoxious football team.

Anyway back to Dr. Ronny Jackson.  So Venus is where it’s at, the connections with others, like with General John Kelly and Rob Porter.  Venus archetypally is the passive one who is supported by another — Mars.  Venus is meant to be the primary motivator for Mars, if you think about it.  Why do men go out and do battle with the world every day?  For their women and children, right?  Theoretically?

Venus can depict cronyism and nepotism.  Like with the Neptune issues I discussed in Hannity’s chart, where basic integrity is the swing factor, if you use the chart ruler in a negative way, anything can go wrong.  Once you nip into your integrity there’s no controlling the outcome.  If you deviate from what you know to be right in your deepest heart, of course you can go in any direction from there, all bets are off.  It just depends how motivated and focused the person is, what their predominant feelings and thoughts are.

Here’s an opportunity to see how a positive thing like a grand trine, which is sort of like being born with both a trust fund and a beautiful face, can be a bad thing.  The big blue triangle from the Moon to Neptune/Vesta to Jupiter is a grand trine.  Ronny has a sorely afflicted Neptune as discussed above.  Way too much redirection of the native’s core truth for this to be a rock-solid guy.  He may be very intuitive and very much a people person, and almost surely is.  But there’s no telling who this guy is in real life.

Note that smooth, flowing relationship of the grand trine between the permacranky Moon, afflicted Neptune, and Jupiter, and the redirection going on with the green lines.  Jupiter represents the government and large organizations.  Trump happens to have Jupiter conjunct Seginus, which Ronny has conjunct Mars.  This is where we see the broken Venus thing discussed above really working for Ronny.  His compromised Neptune works quite well within the government.  His Pisces Moon makes him very intuitive and able to suss people out.  This is a very Machiavellian guy.

With Dr. Ronny we see a locomotive chart with a Pisces Moon engine.  The Moon may seem an unlikely driver for the chart, being the other primary feminine archetype besides Venus.  Dr. Jackson, being not only a doctor but a military man, is a double-authority figure.  I would expect a lot of Saturn and Mars with such a person.  But no, he’s ruled by his extraverted personality, not his discipline, love of medicine, or love of war.  Venus needs everybody to get along, and importantly, she needs you to like her.  She needs your approval.  You being in her life makes or breaks her, even in stubborn Taurus.  There is an underlying neurosis there, or at least potential insecurity.  Venus is by definition dependent on others — which is ironic or paradoxical for the potential VA director I think.

Our national conversation is all in Crazylish these days, so people are talking about “excessive drinking on the job.”   Maybe it’s possible to show up at a news outlet only semi-drunk and not get fired.  I know that journalists have to be working 24 hours a day, meeting people over drinks, etc.  But in real life, I know a woman who went through the years of grueling education to become a Registered Nurse and lost her job (and entire career) for reporting to work drunk.  She wasn’t drinking at the job, she just hadn’t gotten 8 hours of sleep before reporting.  They tested her, and then she started over with her education from Square 1, because none of that stuff transfers and she can never be a nurse again.

So there’s that bit of context about how perma-wrong the Ronny Jackson conversation is.  But hey, this is all speculative, because they clearly don’t have the resources to piss test him on the spot like they did my RN friend.  This is what I mean by corrupt Venus, running with a bad crowd.  Obviously not everybody in the military is a scumbag.  But hey a lot of decent people can’t work with/around the ruling group and get ground up and spit out from the inside, not sure what that’s about.

I think back to the many dedicated people who put their hearts and souls into their military careers to have them arbitrarily ended with a flick of the pen, sometimes for the slightest reasons.  “Pissing hot” is one of the biggest roadblocks for many of the long-term functional alcoholics of the uniformed services, including police, fire, and EMS.  (Ask me, I know!)  I don’t drink, which is good because when I got injured on the job by somebody else’s driving, the very first thing they did was check if I was drunk, not the reckless driver.   He was another one with the broken Venus.  But he didn’t need it, the system is set up to attack the one who files for workers’ compensation, not the one at fault.  If you piss hot, they don’t pay your injury claim plus your career is over, bye.  So that’s how Dr. Ronny Jackson could conveniently never get tested after all these years, despite that sword of Damocles.

You’d be amazed how many people are easily 3 to 4 times the legal limit or more at every minute of their lives, because they’ve been drinking so long.  Of course this is not just uniformed personnel.  Alcoholism is chronic and cumulative.   People develop a tolerance and a threshold.  The more you drink, the more you need to drink, obviously.  Past a certain point, an individual would die if forced to sober up.  The roads are crawling with people who would never be able to pass a test without a period of hospitalization first, they would  literally die, or at least wish to.

(I know this is semi-controversial.  See below from the National Institute of Health.)

Disease processes or events that accompany acute alcohol withdrawal (AW) can cause significant illness and death. Some patients experience seizures, which may increase in severity with subsequent AW episodes. Another potential AW complication is delirium tremens, characterized by hallucinations, mental confusion, and disorientation. Cognitive impairment and delirium may lead to a chronic memory disorder (i.e., Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome). Psychiatric problems associated with withdrawal include anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbance. In addition, alterations in physiology, mood, and behavior may persist after acute withdrawal has subsided, motivating relapse to heavy drinking. Recent advances in neurobiology may support the development of improved medications to decrease the risk of AW complications and support long-term sobriety.

Anyway the whole question of whether Ronny Jackson is fit for duty at his present job (no) could be answered in the length of time it would take him to drain his bladder, and we could save all this time and money talking about it.  But that question isn’t getting asked, the same way Trump is officially not obese and the status of the driver who injured me was not questioned.  (I didn’t pop out of the womb this cynical.)

Other complicating factors with this chart, well, there are several.

  • Chart-ruling Venus is at the head of a T-square
  • Venus conjunct Dejanira the Victim and the malevolent Mintaka
  • Venus inconjunct Neptune, a redirection between the higher self and the afflicted chart ruler
  • Three-sided blue box, not quite a mystic rectangle, creates an energetic eddy.  The native can get all bottled up inside in a bad way.
  • Extremely dynamic chart, the native is likely to be riled up internally with the hard T-square and Moon issues.
  • Moon-dominance with this afflicted Neptune strongly suggests substance abuse, i.e. alcoholism
  • Nessus the Abuser is on Aldebaran, a very bad sign in anyone with less than impeccable integrity.
  • There is an extreme dynamism with scattered focus, similar to that seen with Rick Gates.
  • Afflicted Moon locomotive engine.  This will be a very cranky and emotionally needy person.  If a substance abuser, expect a happy, mean, and weepy drunk, depending on the day or hour.  It’s all about his moods.
  • Mars on Seginus, ruin by association specifically with Trump.  Had Dr. Ronny Jackson just kept his pants on and stayed where Obama left him, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.  But no, too clever by half.
  • Many dashed and dotted lines, significant redirection of energy.  This is part of the dynamism I mentioned.  It reflects many internal trap doors, like a game of chutes and ladders the native plays with himself.  A very tricky person to interact with.
  • Aside from the above scattered focus, Jackson has that criss-crossing inconjuncts, the dashed green lines.  I saw the same thing in Nikolas Cruz, and began noticing it in a lot of people including Hannity.   I’ve observed it as a sort of oppositional-defiance without an opposition, or in addition to them.  I’ve come to think of it as the skull and crossbones, a certain refusal to play nice with others.

So there’s the question of Dr. Jackson drunkenly banging on a subordinate female’s door in the middle of the night.  It was reportedly such that the Secret Service dealt with him so he wouldn’t wake Obama up.  The fact that he suffered no work consequences for this confirms the corrupted Venus issue discussed above.  Ask yourself how things would go if you were drunk and disorderly in such a way that the Secret Service had to deal with you, even if it weren’t an employment matter.  This is the whole broken Venus problem.

Our government is so shady, and always has been, that we need a complete overhaul, not just a cosmetic remodeling.  Trump is what Native Americans would call a heyoka, a sacred clown.  That probably sounds funny coming from me, the idea that Trump is in some way sacred.  But I’m also a true believer in the Ghost Dance, which I reckon is being won right now.  We are on the brink of going back to the old ways, when humanity was the coin of the realm and absolute ownership of property was not a thing.

As I said from the very beginning, the GOP had a serious problem in Trump.  They thought they had another useful idiot, and that they’d be able to control him, and I knew how wrong they were.  The thing with a heyoka is he changes his mind, or does or says the opposite.  Heyokas confuse and befuddle people.  There’s just no telling what will happen, and they can do and cause the unexpected in very noticeable ways.  Whether you find the heyoka funny, outrageous, or terrifying is up to you.  If you believe that a bastion of liberty can be created from a double genocide, that two wrongs can make a right, well, good for you.

But a heyoka serves to cut people loose of their moorings.  And Trump clearly had the karma to become president, just as GW Bush did, despite being a bit of an idiot man-child.   So it’s good to note that the usual games of social control don’t work anymore, and take advantage of the chaos.  To my ears, “All bets are off” is code for “jailbreak.”  But almost nobody listens to me.

Back to the Nessus/Dejanira issue.  Any suggestions of sexual impropriety are most likely true based on this chart.  Nessus the Wife Beater and Dejanira the Victim are both prominently placed, Nessus on the high-voltage Aldebaran.  That puts him basically on a sort of psychic trap door, where he can be beset by his demons particularly with respect to gender relations.  With this severely afflicted Venus, Jackson almost certainly has real issues with women.  His miserable Neptune just opens the floodgates for bad behavior.

Anyway gentle reader, remember that it’s always darkest before the dawn.  I have increasing faith in Bob Mueller and company as I see them playing hardball, like with Alex Van der Zwaan.  It may seem like he got a slap on the wrist at 30 days in jail.  But 30 days is a lifetime in jail for a guy with Van der Zwaan’s rock and roll lifestyle.   Also he can’t come back to the United States, or work as an attorney again, possibly anywhere in the world.  So there’s that.

There is really a lot going on in this chart, for example Pallas the Field Marshal conjunct Algol the Blinking Demon.  I expect Ronny to be a guy who can come up with ingenious, risky strategies, things nobody else would ever think of.  In a more effective, less afflicted and scattered person, that could be really bad based on his position.  But I’m going to let the bullet points suffice because frankly this guy isn’t going anywhere.   Seginus the Guard has already ruined him for history.   There is higher priority work to do.














Sean Hannity, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

It feels like only yesterday that we all heard the courtroom full of reporters gasp and run out to call their editors as the third mystery client was revealed:  Not Sean Hannity!?!  Oh, the humanity!  He just needed a little real estate advice, okay?  Mind your business.

The end stage of society has accelerated now to the point where I can very comfortably watch Fox News or read Red State, especially when they’re flaying Sean Hannity.  And then OMG, this:

Hey, I used to have a house in a red state (not on that spittle-flecked web site, a real place) that got foreclosed.  Figures Sean Hannity was in on the deal.   Hannity recently got to beefing with Jimmy Kimmel.  Unfortunately that gave creepy Jimmy Kimmel some cover, because Hannity doesn’t care about misogyny anyway, it was all just more manufactured outrage to distract from the trainwreck of Trump.  Oh well, at least the whole thing is popcorn-worthy.

So let’s hack this Hannity mess, shall we?

Sean Hannity chart

Once again, the A students at astro.com have provided us a proper birth time.  So I have the angles and houses!  Sweet!

In light of the recent revelations about Hannity, the Saturn/Capricorn rulership of this chart is no surprise.  Sean has not only the Sun in Capricorn, but a pack of other important things, all the personal ones and the chart ruler.  This is an extreme version of a stellium, a cluster of four or more planets in one sign, in this case Capricorn.   A stellium already represents a hyperfocus in one area of the personality.  When it includes both the Sun and the chart ruler, it’s almost a one-planet chart — Saturn.

Aside from the big crazy Capricorn stellium, the next really obvious thing about this chart is that it’s a bowl chart, that famous chart shape that I constantly harp on.  Bob Mueller and Bernie Sanders both have bowls, for examples of how a bowl chart doesn’t make you an automatic waste of human tissue.  Any chart factor can be used either positively or negatively, as the native chooses.  That’s the trick to all of life, as I see it, finding the positive ways to use everything that happens.

In general bowl charts are people who have trouble relating to others, specifically in seeing things from someone else’s point of view.  With all of the major planets in only six signs, the native’s energy is sluggish, only moving halfway around the circle of life.  I think the bowl chart plus 5 degrees is what makes Don, Jr. think that he keeps his job at the Trump organization because of his competence.  Bowl people kind of expect the world to come to them.

When we have a birth time, we can see specifically which parts of the life the native is unconcerned with.  Sean’s planets are all in the 6th through 11th house.  Whereas Bob Mercer’s whole life happens in the bottom part of the horoscope, indicating someone who is very internally focused, Hannity’s world really doesn’t get into full swing until the 6th house, when he’s getting ready to connect with a partner in the 7th house of marriage.  His planetary activity extends through the 11th house of large groups and associations, ending right before he would get into any sort of vulnerability or self-reflection in the 12th house.

My analogy for a bowl chart is that it’s like someone who halves a recipe to save on ingredients, and is disappointed with the low yield.  They just don’t put as much into connecting with others or the world at large, and in my personal experience they really lament all that they’re missing.  There is a certain sense of entitlement, specifically to being met where they’re at by other people.  They expect people things to come to them.  The more extreme version of this is the bundle or wedge chart, which both Czarinka Trump and Meghan McCain have, go figure.  A wedge person is someone who actually lives in a little bubble reality.

Anyway the bowl configuration is what I would expect from Hannity.  He is a true believer in that level playing field.  I am also not surprised to see that money is actually the primary motivating factor.  IIRC Bob Mercer has Saturn either right on the Ascendant or in the 1st house, which is the astrological equivalent of wearing something on your face.  Saturn is about money and the material world.  Saturn is notoriously blind to nuance and incapable of introspection.  Saturn has a cold, hard nature.  Saturn represents tax collectors, police officers, authority figures of all kinds.  Saturn is generally where we find hardship in the chart.

Any chart with a Capricorn stellium reflects a very materially focused native.  I did an astrology reading for a woman with Capricorn on the Ascendant.  She declined to pay me, because she went online and saw that astrology readings can be had for $25, ergo me charging her $250 for a 20-page report was a scam on my part.   Other people tried to talk some sense into her, but she was out of her mind with rage.  Long story short, this awful woman is so tacky and classless, so base and material, that she sees no value in anything other than monetary.  She doesn’t have the personal insight to look at the $25 computer-generated reading, then look at mine, and see the difference.  To her, they’re the same thing.  She wasn’t impressed by the quality of my reading, she thinks everybody can do that.

That’s the sort of person Hannity is, too.  Does it make him money?  How much?  If not, he can’t waste a second on it.  He (and the jerk client) both value their own work very, very highly, not so much the work of others.  I don’t have to meet Hannity to know this, there’s lots of video of him talking.

So far there really are no surprises in this chart.  In any bowl chart, as with the locomotive, there is a large, clearly defined empty patch.  (In a wedge, the chart is more empty than occupied.)  Hannity doesn’t have the classic “rim opposition,” where the two outermost planets are directly opposed to each other.  That is the psychic line in the sand.  Hannity doesn’t have that, which did surprise me a bit since he’s so notoriously oppositional.  Maybe all the Capricorn and the bowl help him to block people out so thoroughly that he doesn’t need to bar the psychic door with a rim opposition.

The two planets at the outsides of the bowl are Jupiter, which rules the Midheaven, and Uranus.  Like Wayne LaPierre, Ben Carson, and so many other weirdos, Uranus is prominent here, especially with Uranus conjunct fixed star Regulus.  Uranus is a slow-moving planet, and stays in one spot for years.  So this is a conjunction that many people have.  The question is how much the unique chart factors draw upon that influence.  In this chart, Uranus is one lip of the bowl, though it’s not in the mini-kite with the Capricorn stellium.

This is another example of a chart where integrity issues are not so easy to spot, I don’t think.  The blue triangle is what I call a mini-kite, a cooperative circuit within the personality.  The bowl shape makes this pattern more likely.  In this dense Capricorn chart, it strikes me as a sort of internal compaction, full acceptance of one’s own propaganda.  There is very little in the way of red lines here — one from Neptune to Jupiter, and one from the Moon to the Sun, Mars, and Mercury.  Neptune and Jupiter are both outer planets, further from the native’s immediate senses — which is the only place someone with this much Saturn ever goes.  He’s strictly a wash-and-wear, cash-and-carry sort of guy.  He doesn’t believe in anything he can’t spend.

But there’s Neptune at the head of the mini-kite, like the leader of a group of friends, the dominant personality.  Neptune is where we connect to our own higher wisdom.  It also represents when we don’t, and there are ever so many ways to not align with our highest truth, aren’t there?  That’s the rub.  Even in a chart with this much self-focus, that doesn’t mean the wisdom mind ever gets a word in edgewise, especially not with this much Saturn.  Saturn does not do introspection.  He looks at others and stands in judgment.

Another thing Neptune rules is show business.  If you think about it, any breach in integrity, straying from what one knows in his core to be true, invokes illusion or deception, beginning with self-deception.  From there it’s a hop-skip to lying your face off all day long for years and years, especially if someone is going to pay you handsomely to do so, and you’re a person who really, really loves money.

So sometimes people can have poor integrity despite an excellent, rock-solid sense of self and focus on one’s own personal needs.   Saturn doesn’t differentiate between what he wants and what he needs.  What he says, goes.  And he serves himself, first, last, and always.  Martin Luther King and Jesus were both Capricorns too, again anything can really go either way depending on the native’s personal choices.  Both of those two had the hardship, the executioner phase of Saturn, present in their lives.  Saturn is always tough, especially in Capricorn.

The red line from Neptune to Jupiter may not be such a huge deal in general.  Again, those two are outer planets, not the central focus.  But the Moon squares, to the Sun, Mercury, and Mars, ouch.   Saturn is always cold, hard, and grumpy, as described above. Even a warm fuzzy planet like Venus or the Moon will suffer for the contact, rather than softening Saturn.  (Ask me, I know!)

The Sun-Moon opposition is about not being comfortable within one’s own skin, having two different internal rhythms that don’t mesh.  It’s that constant state of unhappiness that seems to come in the package with your bowl chart.  All of this, again, with the extreme Saturn.  This is who Sean is.  Importantly, with the bowl and wedges, there is a limited energy flow.  They don’t have enough personal range to generate any extreme internal friction.  If they had a little more power they’d be locomotives.  That unfulfilled feeling gets channeled into pursuit of the bull’s eye, the point in the center of the empty spot.  That large empty patch is always an energetic vacuum, which nature abhors and seeks to fill any way it can.

In Sean’s chart that bull’s eye itchy spot is — rut roh — right there on Vesta the True Believer.  Vesta represents that which the native would kill or die for, an internal value that the native will never betray, whatever that may be.   Okay, that could be an amazingly positive influence, especially right across from Neptune as it is.   That could be someone who is preoccupied with their highest values, who yearns for justice in a way that other people never love anything.   So that does help him sell his shtick, he really believes it.

But the other thing about Neptune, as I mentioned above, is that he is where the concept of smoke and mirrors comes in, and thus Neptune rules show business.  To some extent Uranus plays a role because of the mass media and the electronic nature of television communications.  But mostly show business is Neptune, because Neptune is where we put on our little masquerades to the extent that we do.

So a strong Neptune, in other words, makes sense for a show biz personality.  The Capricorn dominance in this chart fits with one who has made so much money at it.  But Neptune also rules propaganda, which IMHO is the only reason Fox News has ever existed.  But you know, look at Sean’s prominently placed Vesta and see that on some level, he is exactly as advertised.  That’s not to say he’s always honest with himself.  In the chart of Dr. Ronny Jackson (who I will be Astrosplaining next, probably) on the other hand, we see a very conflicted Neptune, pulling a heavy load.  His chart fits with the stories of drunken sexual harassment, and also that thing where Trump weighs exactly one pound less than obese.  But Hannity’s Neptune looks as good as mine, on paper.

As I started to say before, all that blue stuff and very little red, especially in a bowl chart, is a phone-it-inner.  This is not someone with the extreme internal friction that we see in someone like Cam Neely, with his extreme T-square.   Neely is someone who started from nowhere and rose to the top of his field, becoming the President of the Boston Bruins, hockey’s ultimate team.   Neely is a high-energy, fiercely physical player, despite having his stellium in airy Gemini.  All of that explosion you see in his playing style, plus the drive that got him where he is, all of that is the drive from his massive T-square.  Hannity is the opposite sort of guy, more like Eric Trump with his wedge chart.  Fairly complacent overall as a human being.

Suddenly it all becomes clear to me, why this guy has been such an aggressive culture warrior all these years.  Speaking of hockey, the best defense is a good offense.  Like Putin, my sister, and other abusers of humanity, Hannity is one to create a disturbance to distract from his misdeeds.  That’s another Neptunian trait, misdirection.  He’s so busy throwing rocks at everybody that nobody’s watching him line his pockets — the ultimate goal of an intense Capricorn chart.

The 3rd house is where we look for communications, the thoughts and words of Mercury, the natural ruler of that house.  Sean has the 3rd house cusp directly on Algol the Blinking Demon.  And that explains a lot to me about the perpetual verbal bomb-throwing.  I am a believer in — I think it’s called shared illumination.  That’s the idea that a cluster of planets that share some conjunctions, especially if they’re close or all in the same sign, are all conjunct.  Instead of a number of smaller lights, it’s a more visible grouping, because they’re close enough together.

So sometimes a far-off fixed star like Algol can influence things that aren’t within its very tight 2.4 degree orb, by being conjunct things like asteroids.   In this case Algol has the accidental dignity of being very near the bull’s eye, so located in a psychic sore spot of which Vesta is the dead center.   Algol is conjunct Nessus the Wife Beater, which is a really ugly combination I think.  It suggests one for whom nothing is too abusive.  Here Algol and Nessus aren’t actually close enough to be conjunct Ceres the Earth Mother and Vesta.

But those are in the same sign, Taurus, and again all in the sore area.  Ceres here suggests that Sean is exactly who Mother Hannity raised him to be.  This suggests a stubbornly and perhaps aggressively selfish woman, very protective of Sean, never letting him want for anything.  The presence of Vesta suggests that he was bottle fed mother’s specific beliefs.  The fact that she’s in the sore spot suggests that maybe he didn’t get the approval or attention that he wanted from her, or that he holds her up as a perfect person.

The good news, relatively speaking, is that the 3rd house is the focus of the Algol/Nessus.  So it’s most likely manifested in his thoughts and words due to the Mercury rulership.  But with all this Capricorn, Sean’s mind is always on his money and his money is always on his mind.  Saddam Hussein had Mercury on Algol, and was just triple clever, wasn’t he?  There is a Pandora’s box quality to Algol.  In this case if we look fairly on the nose, it’s a willingness to say anything, no matter how abusive, and still feel good about yourself.  It’s a goddamned superpower I tell you.

Another thing adding some sand to Hannity’s underwear is going to be that little criss-crossing pair of dashed green lines that I first noticed in the chart of Nikolas Cruz.  I’ve seen it a number of times since then, always in the chart of someone with an oppositional streak.  I see it almost as a reverse yod.

The yod is called the finger of God because one planet switches back and forth between two other planets, giving the feel of destiny to the life, major changes that the native has no choice but to roll with.   In this chart especially, we see someone very grounded and earthy with the Capricorn dominance.  Bowls don’t actually roll, they kind of wobble and lay flat, whichever side up.  So the criss-crossing is the opposite, like internal escape hatches that the native can shift through to avoid whatever they don’t want to deal with — most likely other people and their needs, with this Saturn chart.  They don’t call Saturn the Greater Malefic for nothing.  Not to harp on it, but Saturn sucks.  Yes, it can provide discipline and stability.  But it goes to show how much you need balance, even in stability.

So we have Saturn/Capricorn souring everything.  Then the Sun and Moon are in opposition, bringing the permanent crankiness.  Algol and Nessus are on the 3rd house, adding a sense of very negative thoughts and words.  Mercury can also be involved in craftiness, especially with a highly motivated Saturn and a flexible Neptune.   Can be phenomenally calculating.  Algol/Mercury where the trickiness comes in.  Saddam was all about the cons and manipulations too.  So that explains the irascibility of Hannity in a bowl chart with so many blue lines.   That’s what drives him.

Sean does have his Part of Fortune, that little X in the circle, right at the Midheaven in the Gauquelin sector.  Any planet in that area of 5 degrees on either side of the Midheaven is said to be a marker of fame, with the 10th house ruling the career and public persona.  The Part of Fortune relates to the Earth within the map; X marks the spot, like the “you are here” of the zodiac.  That is where you may ground for good effect.  That is where to take action, to materialize your best life.  I would say that Hannity has done an excellent job of parlaying his propaganda gig into gold.

Interestingly this unofficial Chief of Staff does not have a Seginus contact, indicating a karmic link to Trump himself.  Hannity was not on the Trump train originally, he came over, as I understand it.  Ronny Jackson, by further contrast, has a Seginus contact, and has already been ruined by association.  Had he continued along the path Obama set him on, we would all be oohing and aahing at him being an admiral, because the douche that he is would still be secret.  But Hannity does not have that Seginus contact that portends ruin by association with Trump, despite possibly being ruined by Michael Cohen.  That guy is like a venereal disease of corruption, the gift that keeps on giving.

Again Hannity does not have the Seginus contact that would tie him karmically to Trump.  But Hannity has the Moon of all things on Algorab the Crow, and that fits perfectly with everything I’ve said above.  Like Manafort and Stone, two other crows, Sean is all about grasping at shiny things.  Of course he is, with all that Saturn.

Another interesting thing here is Juno the Spouse.  Hannity has her in his gigantic 1st house.  The Ascendant is like the face, the first thing other people see of you.  Planets in the 1st house are like expressions on your face, thoughts on the tip of your tongue.  The 12th house, by contrast, is like the back of the head.  It’s the part of yourself that you cannot see.  Of course across from the Ascendant is the Descendant, on the 7th house.  That’s the mirror, the reflection that can only be seen off of other people.  It’s how we become self-aware, by noticing there are others.  The 7th house is where we connect, and the Descendant is where we reflect and project.

So, not surprisingly, Hannity’s 1st and 7th houses are gigundous, almost as big as his boulder head.  Seriously his 1st house almost swallows both Pisces and Aries, and of course his 7th house contains most of Virgo and Libra, almost two full signs each.  That suggests to me that the projection issue, especially with that turbo Neptune, is big with this one.  With both Pallas and Juno the Spouse in the 1st house, my first thought is that Sean married well, to a woman who is wealthy and/or well-connected.

The presence of both Pallas the Field Marshal and Juno in the 1st house suggests that she is his rudder.  Then Sean has Pluto the Devil smack on the Descendant, which suggests that maybe they have an especially tricky or psychologically complex relationship.  Again the Descendant is the mirror, what you see in others.  It’s the beginning of the 7th house of marriage specifically.  With the Spouse in the 1st house, especially in active Aries, ruled by Mars, I expect her to be a very outspoken part of his world.

Remember Mars here is combust, or hidden in the Sun’s beams.  Mars and Venus are both cooked right into the sauce of Sean’s ego.  So that blending furthers the sense of reflection, balancing, and projecting that I see with Juno opposite the 7th house, with hypermasculine Pallas.  The loss of — boundaries isn’t quite the right word, maybe.  But there’s a loss of distance between Sean’s sense of self, who he thinks he is, and his recognition of the difference between active and passive.  It’s all just sucked into “me” for him.   Sean’s Mercury is just about to peek out from the Sun’s beams, and thus is also still hidden and part of the sauce.

To recap, Sean identifies with his ego (the Sun) his thoughts (Mercury), his physical male body (Mars), his connections to other people (Venus) all at the same time.  That’s who he believes himself to be.  The fact that those deeply etched factors are all square to the Moon means on some level it doesn’t feel good to him.  A lot of hard angles to the Moon can make one very, very bitter.  (Ask me, I know!)  Here the friction is really stark.  And the Moon is of course about reflecting and projecting, seeing yourself in other people.  Kinda like marriage.

So that suggests to me that the theme of projection with the wife, loss of boundaries on a psychic level, is a very strong sub-theme to the love of money shown in Saturn.  Now I’m really curious to know what his wife’s deal is.  She may well be involved in all of his tricky stuff, and maybe she’ll go to jail too.  But that 1st/7th/Mars/Venus thing is just too odd.  And Pluto is perhaps darker than Saturn.  Pluto on the Descendant suggests that he sees the worst in other people, projects his shortcomings onto them, gets into control games.

Interestingly since we have a birth time we know that Sean’s Dejanira the Victim is in the 12th house, as is Jupiter.  It’s interesting to me that his Jupiter is afflicted, as anything in the 12th house is IMO.  Hannity certainly seems to live large.  Self-promotion is no problem for him.  As I’ve seen his ugly face, all of that was mostly to distract me from the shady business dealings.  Just goes to show, you think you know somebody.

Anyway the 12th house, again, is the part of ourselves that we cannot see.  12th house contacts can bring haters, secret enemies.  A 12th house person can be scapegoated (Ask me, I know!)  It’s a funny place to have Dejanira the Victim.  Makes me wonder if Hannity’s wife is twice as clever as him, and may leave him holding the bag.   That 12th house placement suggests treachery, things you don’t see coming.  Dejanira is specifically about victimization by a sexual partner.  Maybe it’s just how hard Michael Cohen screwed him, har har.

The other funky thing happening in the 12th house — though in a different sign, Pisces — is Chiron conjunct Fomalhaut.  Fomalhaut is really the only high-voltage fixed star that I would say has a strong inflection in this chart.  Algol is conjunct Nessus, which is a lesser chart factor.  I’m attributing this to his treacherous professional thoughts and words, which are becoming common knowledge know.  But of course because of the hot spot it could be a factor in his life in other ways, especially with the harsh Dejanira and the odd dynamic with his wife.  (I’m curious whether they are a sort of Bonnie and Clyde, or one of them is a huge betrayer.  If I had to guess I’d say they’re eating each other, both in different ways.  He certainly doesn’t see her for the human being that she is, with the above factors.  Too much projection.)

Anyway the Fomalhaut/Chiron connection, I have to say that’s another and perhaps the most important crank factor in this chart.  Chiron is where we learn through the hard knocks that Saturn dishes out — or don’t, if we absolutely refuse to grow up.  That’s a choice, and I would argue that Hannity seems to have made it.  Chiron is a fragment of a planet called Maldek, which was destroyed due to the aggression of its inhabitants.  They just refused to bury the hatchet, basically, and the planet eventually exploded.

So I’ve noticed a very strong theme of willingness to let things go, or not, being associated with Chiron.  Wayne LaPierre has raging Chiron, too.  Then the Fomalhaut connection, that’s one of the Royal Stars of Persia.  So it’s a live wire, and you need to have perfect integrity or it will zap you.  I think we can safely say that Hannity’s integrity is an enormous failure, the magnitude of which we are only beginning to reveal.   So with or without the help of Seginus, Hannity is going to get what’s coming to him.  Of this I have no doubt.

What I do not see in this chart is resilience.  With all that Saturn you could have an enormously disciplined, frugal, physically fit person.  Or you could have a miser, like Hannity with his foreclosure empire as he rages against Obama.  At least Obama had several programs available when I was a sinking homeowner.  I wasn’t eligible for any of them.  But every one of them was better than any episode of Hannity’s program, blech.







James Comey, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

Please accept my apologies for my lateness.  I know James Comey has captured your imagination just as he has mine.  I’m grateful for the role he has played in our national drama.  But I recall LBT (Life Before Trump), wherein Comey was part of the FBI, which was never my friend.   I know too much about Leonard Peltier to think of the FBI as the good guys, despite the fact that they sometimes bust the mafia and sex cult weirdos like Allison Mack.   (She and Keith Raniere both have eye-opening charts, which I will get to.)

The problem with the FBI is the whole J. Edgar Hoover thing.  Hoover ran the FBI from 1924 to 1972, so his fascist ethos is a stubborn stain.  So it’s complicated.  It’s cracking me up to hear the GOP screaming about the FBI being biased against them, as though it’s a stack of Bernie bros over there.  Good laughs in this apocalypse.

Anyway I’m not doing a ton of research on these people, because frankly my mental health doesn’t permit it.  Felix Sater, meh.  Another guy whose agenda I don’t agree with, doing things I won’t like.  I can’t drill down too far on that horde, you know?  I have sparkly things that can be hot glued, and toddlers to sing and dance with.  But there’s a part of me that does want to know, and I suspect you do, too.  I have it in me today, so let’s do.

James Comey chart

Alrighty.  With the Sun late in Sagittarius, Jim’s chart is ruled by Jupiter.  This makes good sense for one who had a high-level government career.   Jupiter rules the government and other large organizations, one person speaking or deciding for many.   Jupiter is not usually so responsible, though.  Sagittarius especially is about setting course for adventure.  So unless there is a strong backbone, an inborn moral compass, the native is prone to selfishness and self-indulgence.  There’s a strong need for recognition and for a good time.  Trump is the ultimate Jupiter, running around the world plastering his name everywhere because bigger is better.

With strong integrity, Jupiter can be a major philanthropist, one who uses his privilege to benefit humanity as a whole.  But even in this mode, Jupiter still wants to be seen making the contribution, wants his name to live forever.  I’ve discussed at length the fact that Trump has gonzo Jupiter, and in Trump’s chart that’s conjunct fixed star Seginus the Guard.  Seginus portends ruin through association, and thus I expect anyone who gets too close to Trump to be sprayed by that skunk — much like the FBI and its association with Hoover.  And look, not one whiff of Seginus or Algorab the Crow, the base, thieving association shared by Roger Stone and Paul Manafort.  (As far as I can tell without a birth time) Comey has no karmic or psychic connection to Trump or his administration via Seginus, and he’s not a giant crow.

Jupiter himself is in Capricorn in Comey’s chart, as is Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn.  Therefore I will say Saturn has a strong role in this chart and thus Comey’s life.   That makes sense to me.  He comes across as a very sober and detail-oriented man, the sort who would keep the exact kind of notes that he has kept.  Saturn is about a long-term way of looking at things, one that permits for delayed gratification.  Especially with Jupiter right at the beginning of Capricorn, there’s a strong sobering effect to the Sagittarian party energy.  He still wants to get out there and explore.  But he is much more grounded than Jupiter.  Comey is quite the anti-Trump, in other words.  Comey has his wild hair shaved, not teased into a cone.

The Moon and Neptune are both in Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto.  This gives Comey an intuitive, secretive, intense nature.  I would expect him to be very cagey with his words, exactly the sort of person who keeps these meticulous notes, this time for purposes of manipulation, rather than pure love of documentation as with Saturn.   Scorpio doesn’t get mad, he gets even, in terms of the snarkiness of the book.

Mars is a key player in this chart for another reason:  it is a locomotive-shaped chart, with Mars at the engine.  In any chart with a large empty patch, there is some area of life that the native yearns for.  Especially with a locomotive chart, where the native is working in anywhere from just over 1/2 to 3/4 of the chart, that empty spot becomes obvious, gnawing — not a fear of missing out, but knowing for sure that you are.

So that is generally what gives the locomotive drive.  I’m reminded of Hope Hicks, with Pallas Athena right in her psychic sore spot, driving her locomotive chart.  Jim has his bull’s eye somewhere in late Aries or the beginning of Taurus.  He has no major planetary activity, and I don’t know his birth time to verify his angles.   So I have no evidence of anything going on in that target region.  He does have the asteroid Nessus the Wife Beater conjunct fixed star Algol the Blinking Demon.  So this is one of those things where something that could look really awful, could be absolutely nothing.   Everyone has both of those bodies somewhere in their charts.  I don’t see anything necessarily triggering it here.  It’s not close enough to the bull’s eye, I don’t think, to be a driving factor for him.

So that hole in the psyche, defining it becomes a bit tricky here.  I estimate it to be about 159 degrees, call it 160, so the bull’s eye is about 80 degrees from both Mars and Venus, the engine and the caboose respectively.  But because I don’t have a proper birth time, and both of those are fast-moving planets, it’s really hard to say whether the bull’s eye is late in Aries (Mars) or early in Taurus (Venus).   I get that Mars, and the taming of his own aggression and impulses into leadership, are key themes of this chart.  So for me, the bull’s eye in late Aries makes all the sense in the world based on what I know of Comey’s life.

But of course both Mars and Venus are Schroedinger’s planets, especially when it comes to something as vaguely defined as the psychic hole in the locomotive chart.  This longing is most likely felt on both sides, Aries and Taurus, and that makes sense to me.  Venus is specifically about women.  I note that Comey has Juno the Spouse directly between chart-ruling Jupiter and his host, Saturn, in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn.  I expect Mrs. Comey to be a ball-buster, a woman he can’t get anything past.  He loves her for it, to his credit.

That seems like a lot of conclusion-jumping for a woman who uses a walker, as I do.  But that little troika, with the empowered spouse, is in opposition to Mars, the locomotive engine.  Like having the Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Capricorn, there is a self-restraint that would tend to serve a Sagittarian native very well IMHO.  The higher octaves of Mars are about clarity and service, the sort of leadership we see in one who has learned to place the needs of others before his own, the value in that for himself.  All in all I get that he really could come across as sanctimonious or preachy, and with this much Saturn he probably is self-righteous.  But I don’t know that he can credibly be called a liar, and that is saying a lot in this situation.

So the other thing to look at is Venus, how the native connects with others.  Comey has Venus at the caboose, conjunct Vesta the True Believer.   That’s in Aquarius, co-ruled by Saturn.  So again Saturn, the stabilizing, nitpicking police officer of the zodiac, exerts his influence.  Aquarius is about a sort of distant connection to the human family, a long view of humanity and how society should be.  This suggests to me that Comey sees himself as one who should take action and initiate (Mars) rather than be passive and supported (Venus).  That would be a fulcrum of his personality, that sense of duty.

The idea that keeps coming to me is “meek,” which is defined as controlled power, non-confrontation.   While it may seem to others (including me) that Comey has blasted his pie hole much, much more than he should, to him it feels like marked restraint, just because of the way he’s jiggered up.  I’m sure that it was challenging for him to not say a lot of things in the course of all this.  But that’s part of leadership, shutting up when you’d love to punch somebody in the mouth.  (Violence is Mars’ go-to solution, being the God of War and all, the ruler of guns.  In my experience Mars only learns humility through his own pain.)

Jim’s Mars, which I would otherwise call afflicted, is on fixed star Sirius the Sparkling.  Sirius, the famous Dog Star, is an important part of our galactic family, and people with prominent Sirius are often thought leaders.  Sirius is of the nature of Jupiter and Mars, and thus portends extra well in this particular chart.   As with any of these mega stars, the question is always how well someone handles that high voltage.  Hitler was gifted too, if you know what I mean.  Gifted isn’t the same as on-track.  For that we look to Neptune, for a hint of whether or not the person maintains their higher truth.

Comey’s Neptune is conjunct the Moon in Scorpio (co-ruled by Mars and Pluto), which makes him even more intuitive and sneaky.  It also explains why FBI agents were seen wearing “Comey is my Homey” T-shirts after he was fired.   Strong Neptune can give someone a guru-like quality in that the intuitive, connective nature can be very alluring, especially with sexy Scorpio involved.  This is a man of mystery, very much so, especially with the empowered, disciplined Saturn in this chart.  His Moon and Neptune both make it feel good to him to play his cards close to the vest, never show his hand.  He’s also likely to have good insight.

So far he sounds pretty great.  I admit that I like him more after seeing his chart than I did before.  But like an internet date that shows up with his buddy driving, it’s probably not going to work out.  There’s always a catch.

Comey has both Mercury and asteroid Toro the Raging Bull conjunct fixed star Antares.  I can overlook the Algol connection, even with rotten Nessus, because there is no major planetary activity.  But Mercury is our conscious mind, our thoughts and words.  And it’s not only conjunct the always-awful Antares, Toro is in the mix for the rage.  With Toro, think of bull seeing red and charging.  This is the spot where the native will snap and charge.  And it’s right there at the tip of his tongue from birth, wow.  He has really held his tongue to an enormous degree, even for a Scorpio Moon with heavy Capricorn.  I imagine he would be absolutely brutal as an insult comic.

Antares is of course the opposition to Aldebaran, with (comparatively) mortal Mars right in the center of the continuum between them.  Aldebaran is the home of the Archangel Michael, and Antares is the home of the pack of demons who oppose him.  So I said something above about Antares is never good, and I need to catch myself.  Of course there are two sides to every coin, always.  Because of the permanent opposition between Aldebaran and Antares, any contact with one is an automatic contact with both.  So just as Wesley Willis with his Aldebaran was tormented by demons his whole life, it’s possible that a person of extreme internal fortitude plunges right into the dragon’s nest on a mission to clean it out.  And that’s what you’d hope a police officer would be.  It’s possible that he is that guy.  You know me, cynical GenX lady.

Another possible complicating factor is Pluto conjunct the North Node.  The North Node is a perfected spot in any chart, the destination point of the life.  Thus anything on the Node is central to the life’s theme.  Pluto the Devil can get a bad rap, which I need to mention because in this chart it’s not entirely clear that Pluto is behaving badly.  The overall theme of restraint and discipline actually bodes well in a chart with a strong Pluto, especially for a police officer.  They have to be willing to follow the leads down any corridor, no matter how dark, and get all the way to the bottom of it.  Pluto can give you the passion and intensity needed for that job, the ability to be sneaky and manipulative and keep pushing until you get to the other side.

Pluto on the Node can also describe Comey’s role in getting Special Counsel Mueller appointed — albeit indirectly, by getting improperly fired.  It was clearly part of Comey’s destiny to bring a lot of ugly things to light, everything from threatening porn stars to money laundering to everything Putin and his friends are up to.  All of that is now being exposed to the light of day.

All chart factors — like everything else in life — can be either positive or negative depending on how they are used.  Free will always enters into it, even when it comes to “destiny,” which is what we call free will exercised at unconscious levels.

Neptune is where we see the native’s integrity, their ability to connect to their own higher wisdom.   Sometimes I see astrologers look at a chart and say yes, definitely this one has integrity issues.  Sometimes it can be pretty straightforward. But not usually, at least for me.   Neptune issues can cause problems ranging from little white lies to life-threatening addictions.  Anything that makes it harder for the person to connect to their own divinity, as I see it, is bound to cause trouble.  That could look any different way, depending on the person.

In this chart Neptune is at the head of what I call a “mini kite,” the little blue triangle from Neptune to chart-ruling Jupiter and Pluto/Node.   That nice circuit of blue lines is an internal flow, like three coworkers who get along great together.  Thus any work flow that routes through them is enhanced.  Neptune at the head of this kite could go either way.  In a chart with less discipline or self-restraint, it could make for one who can believe his own lies to an enormous degree when it comes to his unrestrained passions.  It’s possible that Comey may have this to some degree, but I also see significantly restrained passions.

All things considered, I would have to say that Comey probably does have solid integrity.  Mars plays a pivotal role here, in ruling the Moon (his moods and the way he actually feels about things) as well as being the locomotive, the planet with the laboring oar of the chart.  But Mars here is meek, in the true sense of the word — restrained power.  Mars is in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, where his fire gets largely extinguished.  Then he has the Sirius influence to bring a much higher level energy into his consciousness, the ability to see and do great things.

So I have to say maybe Comey does have enough integrity to use his Mercury/Antares in a positive way.  If you’re policing the worst and sneakiest people in the world, it helps to be able to put your head right next to theirs.  The question is whether Comey has enough personal integrity to pull that off.  As much as I hate to admit it, I suspect he does.  The overall tone of restraint and leadership is very strong in this chart.  I may not agree with him about a lot of things, and I don’t.  I don’t trust the FBI or any of our intelligence services or for that matter our government as far as I can throw them.   But in his own way, I believe Comey does have excellent integrity, and was probably very good at his job.

The way he’s done this self-promoting book tour thing makes perfect sense in light of the getting even (Scorpio Moon) very publicly (Jupiter) and with a cash payout (Saturn).  None of that actually contradicts his integrity, if he has defied the odds and used his Antares connection for the good of all.  His chart shows that he may truly have done that.  There’s nothing here to suggest that he gave over to the demons.  Maybe I’m just not the kind of gal who trusts people quite that much, don’t want to have my heart broken again.


Flower Crown

In tarot, people with hats or almost anything on their heads are empowered.  The exceptions are bandages and shawls or cowls, and those imply different things.  The cowls/shawls are seen on children and imperiled women.  Headbands are seen on wealthy merchants and the bourgeoisie, as well as those who are blessed, such as the 2 of Cups.  But Death knocks the king’s crown off, and marches on past both the bare-headed child and the bishop.  Bandages imply a fight in which one is active.  Red implies material wealth, gold is conferred automatically (just as the Sun always rises)  i.e., by birth.

So I’ve decided to just wear either a hat or a crown all the time, because I can.  The flower one was my first one.  Closer looks:





Next I made this one.  I’m doing a cobalt blue version of this.  My two color schemes are cobalt/gold/silver and pink/white/gold/silver.


Then of course laurel wreaths are the sign of a victor from ancient Roman times and before.  I plan to make a gold, open-front laurel wreath soon.  I am told that the Coleman-Waite-Rider tarot deck, the only one I use, comports to the priesthood of Atlantis, and that much Roman cultural tradition carried over from that society.

And of course I’ve only begun to nick the surface of headpieces.  I’ve ordered a pattern to make an attifet, and I can’t wait to make a French hood.

french hood






Michael Cohen, Astrosplained

As Mother Superior used to say, “Don’t make me come over there.”   The punishment was always worse if she had to come to you to deliver it.

Poor Michael Cohen, the FBI brought it to him.  The totally legit-looking guy at the golden elevator of shame in the photo above famously said he would take a bullet for Trump.   Would he really?  Literally?  Gentle reader, let’s take Michael Cohen by the hem and look at his seams.  If you’re not allergic to latex, I’d use PPE.

Michael Cohen chart

Gentle reader, you know I start with the Sun, though I often jump all around from there.  But the Sun is the center of everything in our universe, the source of our energy, the point of it all.  In Michael’s chart there is an amazing story right at the Sun, truly the first paragraph of a book you know the ending of.

Michael has the Sun early in Virgo.  He could possibly be at the tail end of Leo, because I am not working from a birth certificate here.  So for now I’m calling it Virgo, with a Mercury rulership to the chart.  It could also be still in Leo, which would make him more egotistical and less wordy.  But either way his Sun is conjunct Regulus, like Harvey Weinstein and so many others men who would be kings.  

Regulus is a fixed star of enormous magnitude, and like Aldebaran (which Michael also has contact with) carries a high-voltage energy.  It’s like a third rail in the personality, sort of.  It’s a live wire.  You can get into the fast lane with Regulus, Aldebaran, Fomalhaut, or other biggies.  But where a low-speed impact is called a fender-bender,  high-speed wrecks are seldom survivable.  This is especially so with Regulus.  Pride goeth before the fall.

The Sun is so big and so hot that it has a corona, a heat layer around it that is, well, almost as hot as the Sun.    Anything within 8 degrees of the Sun is said to be “combust,” or obscured within the Sun’s corona.  The planet’s influence still occurs in the life, because everything always factors in somehow.  But with combustion, we have a sort of skew in the native’s perspective of which they are likely unaware.  It would be sort of like fish not noticing water, though cats certainly do.

In this case Regulus, Toro the Raging Bull, and Vesta the True Believer are all combust.  That really is a micro-view of Michael Cohen’s personality IMO.  Regulus put him on a certain fast-track (as did his grand trine with kite, which I will come back to).  Then Toro is that rage or lashing out, the point at which someone snaps.   Vesta the True Believer is what the native would kill or die for.  Again, this is one who has said he would take a bullet for his boss.  That’s who he truly is inside.  On that level I will say yes, he will go down for Trump, based on this.  It isn’t about his thoughts.  It’s cooked into the sauce.  Trump is quite likely the personification of Cohen’s Regulus issues, his entitlement body double in a certain way.

Michael’s Moon is in Capricorn, like Melania’s.  Saturn rules Capricorn, and provides a coldness and sourness especially to the Moon.  But Saturn is materially focused, i.e., money and Earthly authority.  It’s not that a Capricorn Moon doesn’t feel deeply.  It’s that you’ll never see them sweat.  There is an inbuilt self-restraint and calculation.   I’m sure that like Melania and Hope Hicks, Michael is a comforting presence for Trump.  Don definitely needs a few level-headed people on speed dial.

The Moon is in her detriment when she’s in Capricorn, across from her own sign of Cancer.  Especially when ball-buster Saturn is in play, this makes someone not that easy to get close to.  In this chart the Moon is square to Saturn and Chiron.  We talk about Chiron as the Wounded Healer, which is how it looks on someone who is “doing the work” in their lives.  That influence is one of picking up the pieces and moving on, as I have recently discussed.

But for those who take the low road (not saying Michael Cohen isn’t totally classy, just in general) Chiron is about clinging to self-destructive habits, not knowing when to hit bottom.  Chiron is prominent in a lot of  conflict-driven charts, like Wayne LaPierre.  Saturn represents police officers, judges, juries, and executioners, like everyone who can tell you no.  So having Saturn conjunct Chiron adds a certain self-destructive hardness to an already cold and sour planet.  This is happening at the tail end of Pisces, where anything goes, when all the experiences of the zodiac have been had and it’s almost time to start over again at Aries.  So there’s a wild card aspect to this.  In some ways, Cohen has lived a charmed existence.  I’m sure he’s had his fun, though in general he’s not a fun-loving guy.

That Saturn/Chiron is a bit important because it is in a grand trine, that big blue triangle.  The grand trine is one for the gifted class, someone like Carter Page for whom things can flow very easily within.  There’s a certain ease or ability among the planets involved.  This can lead to laziness or entitlement, which is arguable with Carter Page.  But if you think about it, someone as loony as Carter Page got a PhD.  So on some level things were working for him and he stuck to it enough to make that happen.  I’m glad Carter doesn’t have a T-square to provide him some ambition or momentum.

Better than just a T-square, though, Michael has a proper kite.  The kite pattern can help your ideas take flight.  So I’m sure he finds the Mercurial Trump just an enormous gust of wind.  That’s pretty much how I experience him, too.  Like a giant, stinky cloud.   It’s Neptune to Saturn/Chiron and Jupiter/Mars.  Jupiter represents the government, and Trump in particular.  Trump is Mr. Jupiter himself, as I’ve described here.  He and Ivana’s children all have prominent Jupiter, as does Melania.  They’re all a bit over the top in their champagne wishes and caviar dreams.   I’m sure the Regulus Sun makes that only 100 times stronger.

The head of the kite is the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto.  Those are outer-slow moving planets that stay in the same spot for years.  So with those two, the main thing we’re looking at is how they play into the dynamics of this particular chart.  The head of the kite is an interesting place for this conjunction.  Uranus the Inventor looks at humanity from outer space, Mr. “I Gotta Be Me.”  Pluto the Devil is located in the Kuiper belt at the outer limits of our solar system, and represents the point of no return, all forms of extremism.  I think that aptly describes Michael Cohen.  His willingness to go to any length is his claim to fame.  So Michael probably has flashes of brilliance, ideas so far beyond the pale, that Trump just loved him.

Chart-ruling Mercury is 15 degrees away, giving Michael (and Farah and Mike Suckabee Flanders) an ability to compartmentalize his thoughts and words.  For me, my Mercury is combust.  So I’m wordy, and flighty, and it’s very hard for me to think of myself as anything but my thoughts.  Hard for me to feel like a mammal when I’m not in the shower.  Michael doesn’t have that.  He can change his thoughts or words when they don’t suit him.

Michael really doesn’t have very much drive or friction in his chart at all.  If not for the ugly fixed star and asteroid contacts, this guy would never be belligerent.   It’s interesting to me that Michael has Venus conjunct Mercury, because of the empowered Mercury in his chart.  Although he doesn’t do any of the things one normally thinks of as “practicing law,” like filing court appearances or conducting depositions, Michael is a self-described fixer.  That’s the Uranus and Mercury working together.  Saturn is about having an actual license to practice law.

But the Venus connection speaks to the people in his life.  Michael grew up with Felix Sater.  I’ve been wanting to Astrosplain Sater for quite a while now, but when I first heard of him I honestly didn’t want him to hunt me down and slash my face up.  That’s why I haven’t profiled any of the Russians I’ve done charts on.  They’re seriously off the deep end of violence.    Anyway Michael, as the fixer, is also the nexus of the people in Trump’s orbit.  Venus is about other people, being supported by them specifically.  So Michael can reach out and pull people in.

Venus also represents the women in one’s life, as well as other people generally.  The other two key women to look at are Ceres the Earth Mother and Juno the Spouse.  Michael has Juno all by herself in Cancer, suggesting a compartmentalization between his home and outer lives.   His wife is his safe space, his oasis in the storm.  Then his Ceres is a bit dicey.  Cohen has Ceres conjunct the notorious Mintaka.   That is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, which rules his entire chart.  That suggests a supportive or doting mother who got him.  Gemini is not so much one to dote, but based on the chart rulership and the extra strength of the Mintaka connection this is my sense.  Michael was very much influenced by his mother, she made him who he is now.

I also note that the Mintaka connection speaks to the Soviet Union, in terms of the repression, lack of human rights, etc.  Obviously ancient Orion was much worse than anything we’ve had on Earth.  But it’s one of those things like vomit, where the smallest whiff definitely has an effect on you.  If I’m not mistaken Michael’s parents were born in the Soviet Union.  I know it wasn’t the best place to be Jewish.  So I can imagine his mother having a certain sensitivity to the forces of organized oppression, and apply that to her mothering.

What really popped out at me on that note, was that Cohen has Pallas the Field Marshal opposite Seginus.  Seginus the Guard is a smaller fixed star, very remote and slow-moving.  So to have a contact with Seginus a planet (or point or body) needs to be within 1.4 degrees, or right on top of it.  Cohen has Pallas directly across from Seginus.  This reminds me of Hope Hicks, who has Pallas Athena on her psychic bull’s eye in opposition to major chart factors.  Trump has Jupiter conjunct Seginus, which portends ruin through association.  I expect everyone on the Trump train to be tarred with the same stinky, indelible brush.

Pallas is the one who identifies patterns and creates strategies.  She has a hypermasculine quality, and can be seen as an aggravating factor in an overly macho chart.  I would call this a semi-macho chart.  Again, if not for the fixed star and asteroid connections, there would be very little drive in this chart.    So Michael is not one to put a lot of elbow grease into it, a “work smarter, not harder” guy with a Mercurial focus.

The combination of Saturn and Mercury makes perfect sense in terms of Cohen’s taxi license ownership.  Mercury the messenger is all about getting around.  Saturn is all about licensure and authority.  Owning the license that other people work under is definitely up Saturn’s alley, and thus suits his Capricorn Moon.

Importantly while we’re determining how macho the chart may or may not be, Michael has Nessus the Wife Beater on Aldebaran, the Royal Star of the Archangel Michael.  This automatically puts him on the Aldebaran/Antares axis of leadership versus toxic masculinity.  Nessus is himself archetypally aligned with Antares, fitting perfectly in with Antares’ (anti-Ares or anti-Mars)  mission.  It’s possible that Cohen is here on Earth cleaning up toxic masculinity through his Nessus on Aldebaran, his repentance of his own abuses.  I’ll keep an eye out on that just in case that’s his deal.

More likely is that Michael has been playing with spiritual matches ever since he met Donald Trump.  Because of the grand trine and kite he has gotten away with it thus far.   Michael has Neptune square Venus and the chart-ruling Mercury.  So that Neptune weakness suggests that he may cave after all.  He doesn’t have the integrity to withstand the onslaught.  If you think about integrity in terms of structural integrity, like a bridge, that is about the ability to carry a load.  In this case I believe it will mean that there’s nothing Michael can do about it.  They’ve got him.  They’re going to crush him.  And they’re going to show him that Trump is already done, with or without him.  And he’s going to save himself, because living vicariously through Trump won’t seem so appealing when the weather changes.




Mike Pompeo, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

Mike Pompeo is someone I have never known much of anything about.  I recall him being the CIA director, and so I marked his file “untrustworthy” and left it there.  I must be cracking up, I thought I recalled Pompeo being involved in the GW Bush administration.  I haven’t liked or trusted him for a long time, let’s say.  He was a big Tea Partier, and holds opposite views to my own on most subjects.  He likes Guantanamo, doesn’t want to permit abortion, doesn’t want GMOs to be labeled, fill in the blanks.

So Pompeo is part of that crew.  I’m pointing all of this out because nowadays CIA and FBI agents are all over MSNBC and CNN, and the left is all fawning over them as if they’re our friends.  They are definitely not.  Both of those agencies are as dirty as Mark Fuhrman.  The FBI has a long, sordid history of domestic spying on leftists.  Trump is their dirty, craven chickens coming home to roost.  Not that I don’t appreciate the input and information of Malcolm Nance or Clint Watts, I’m sure they’re well informed.   They seem like nice enough guys.  But their employers are enemies of the people, and always have been.  I appreciate that they do things like catch bombers and kidnappers.  Not saying the FBI or CIA are worthless.   Just that they’re not trustworthy, and never have been.  Now that the right wing scares even themselves, all of a sudden we’re buddies?  I don’t think so.  I remember who they are.  Craven, vicious cowards, the entire GOP.  Racist through and through.

That said, thanks to the extreme secrecy of Dick Cheney, I know little or nothing about Mike Pompeo.  So with that gentle reader, let’s look into the alleged soul of Mike Pompeo.

mike pompeo chart

The Sun here is in the first decan of Capricorn, making Saturn the chart ruler.  Mike likes money.  Mike likes having his word take precedence over the words of others.  That’s what Capricorn is about.  Saturn is the planet of grounding, checking every little fact, the letter of the law, and things that can be proven empirically.  Thus Saturn automatically rules things like science, law, mathematics, and medicine.  Saturn rules health and the physical body, again, on the idea of grounding.  Saturn runs things to ground, looks at the details, counts the pennies.

Because of that material focus, Saturn is notoriously money-conscious.  The Saturn-heavy Melania Trump, with her bags of money in her golden skyscraper, threatens lawsuits against mom and pop bakeries in Slovenia that were selling Melania cakes.  It’s the principle of the thing:  nobody has a right to make money off of her but her.  As elegant and ladylike as she may appear in public, underneath that polished exterior she belongs with her husband.  Her love of money is completely declasse, with pettiness in my estimation the opposite of charm.

Saturn is the opposite of charming or pleasant, representing all of the people nobody wants to deal with, like the police, the IRS, and judges.  Saturn focus tends to make people utterly boorish, believers in their own authority and avid lovers of money.  Jared Kushner has a Saturn chart.  Anytime you see Saturn, think of one who places zero value on non-material experiences, like Bob Mercer.  I saw an interview where Bob was described as valuing people only on their money.  People who have no money have no value in Bob’s mind.  It’s okay, Bob has very little value in mine, either, except as a catalyst for revolution.

Anyway back to Mike.  So Saturn is the main driver of this chart, because the Sun is there in Capricorn.   Saturn himself is in his other sign, Aquarius.  Aquarius shares the same cold, sourness that is Saturn’s trademark.   Saturn is always the planet of grounding.  However Aquarius is an air sign, thus dealing in thoughts and words.  Saturn is not available for connection except on his own terms.  Saturn is a punisher, who does not question his own authority, as, again, he represents all authority figures.  When Saturn goes amok in a chart, I’ve noticed this in a lot of regular people, too.  They get very bossy with the barking commands at strangers.

I knew a very wealthy Saturnian woman, who ordered an astrology reading from me.  I delivered it, she was thrilled with the quality.  But because I was new to *charging* for astrology, in her little Saturnian pinhead she took that to mean I was a beginning astrologer.  That concept was such a jaw-dropper for me when our mutual friend explained it, that she had to explain it twice.  You see, my friend and I had been sitting around talking astrology, and this lady overheard me talking and began asking me questions about people in her life.  I had a series of insights for her, all of which were accurate.  That’s why she ordered the reading.  So how that translated to “beginner” in her mind, I found it baffling, as did my friend.

But that’s ultimate Saturn.  When the woman declined to pay me, she said that she had done some research on what an astrology reading costs, and she wanted to pay me “a reasonable price.”  I did a 20-page Astrosplain that covered three specific subject areas, and I charged her the same rate I charge now, which I’m still entirely comfortable with.   However the Saturn lady doesn’t value anything she can’t count or prove.  So she doesn’t get the difference between punching in your data and getting a computer printout, and what I do.  That’s the best way to understand Saturn.  If you value my insights into the unseen, your Saturn can’t be all that strong.  Saturn is utterly blind to nuance, the linear archetype.  And that’s rampaging around Mike Pompeo’s chart, all of the stuff discussed above.

Aquarius being an air sign, again, focuses more on thoughts and words, the part of the mind that one is conscious of.  I wouldn’t expect Mike to have much in the way of intuition, or emotions other than anger, with this Saturn.  But he’s actually a very intuitive guy, bit of a spook even.  ha ha!  Get it?  Spook?  CIA?

I say that because Mike has the Moon not only in her glory in Cancer, but on Sirius.

Moon conjunct Sirius: Success in business, influential friends of opposite sex, favorable for the father, good health, beneficial changes in home or business. If a malefic be with Scheat, death by fiery cutting weapons or from beasts. If Saturn be with the Moon, death by wild beasts or soldiers. [1]

That sounds rather bland.  After looking up Pompeo’s Scheat I can say he doesn’t need to sweat the fiery cutting weapons.  But Sirius is a formidable star, bringing high-voltage spiritual energy into the life.  And the Moon is a crucial luminary, the next most important one after the Sun.  So this is a major influence in the life, most likely the thing that propelled him to his position.  Keep in mind that this has been a well-placed and highly influential man for many years.

Let me quickly point out, on that note, that Pompeo lacks either the Seginus or Algorab contact that so many Trumpets have.  Pompeo has been a journeyman Republican spook, a reliable stand-by, for much of my adult life.  He’s simply in the pool of resources, and should not be expected to be specifically loyal to Trump.   From the Wikipedia page:

In 1998 Pompeo moved to Wichita when he and three other West Point graduate friends, Brian Bulatao, Ulrich Brechbuhl, and Michael Stradinger, acquired three aircraft part makers companies in Wichita (Aero Machine, Precision Profiling, B&B Machine) and one in St. Louis (Advance Tool & Die) and renamed it Thayer Aerospace (named for West Point founder Sylvanus Thayer).[15][16][17] Venture funding for the private organization came a 2% investment from Koch Industries[18][19] as well Dallas-based Cardinal Investment and Bain Capital (Pompeo’s friend Brechbuhl worked for Bain at the time).[20][15] Brechbuhl and Stradinger left the company shortly after it was founded but Pompeo and Bulatao continued until 2006. In 2017, when Pompeo became head of the CIA, he named Bulatao as Chief Operating Officer (a position which Pompeo renamed from its earlier name of executive director).[16]

In 2006 he sold his interest in Thayer to Highland Capital Management. The announcement said clients of the firm included “Lockheed Martin, Gulfstream Aerospace, Cessna Aircraft, Boeing, Spirit AeroSystems, Raytheon Aircraft and others”.[21] It was renamed Nex-Tech Aerospace.

Pompeo became president of Sentry International, an oilfield equipment company, which was also a partner with Koch Industries.[18]

So Bain Capital (Mitt Romney) and the Koch brothers, check and check.  That’s who this guy is, speaking of Saturn and his love of money and authority.   His net worth is listed at under half a million dollars on the Wiki.  But he doesn’t roll around with this crew just for fun, not with all that Saturn.  He got his, somehow, I guarantee it.

Anyway there’s a lot more to talk about with this chart.  The Moon is opposite the Sun, making it probably difficult for Mike to feel comfortable inside his skin.  There are quite a lot of hard angles in this chart, with a T-square headed by Jupiter, with the Moon and North Node opposed by the Sun, Mercury, and Mars.   That is a pretty fearsome tangle.  Chart ruling Saturn and Venus are both in hard aspect to Neptune, and that’s where things start getting shady.  For a planet as pronounced as Saturn is in this chart to be in hard angle to Neptune screams of an integrity challenge.    Neptune is about integrity and our ability to commune with our higher selves.

One thing we see with a compromised Neptune can be drug addiction.  Another thing can be manipulation, illusions, smoke and mirrors, lies of all stripes.  Pluto and Uranus are both well empowered here.  Uranus co-rules Aquarius with Saturn, who is situated in  Aquarius.  So Uranus can almost be considered a co-ruler of the chart.  Not quite, but certainly strong because of co-ruling the sign ruling Saturn is in, but because of all the blue lines.

All of the blue lines are flowing, cooperative aspects, like people who get along well that are seated just right at a dinner table.   Mike has the pattern I call a “mini kite,” the blue triangle from Pluto to Neptune and the Moon.  That sort of flowing circuitry creates a gifted personality, even without the grand trine that defines a proper kite.

Then there’s another kite, from Neptune to Venus/Mars and Pluto/Uranus.  All of that internal circuitry creates a certain balance and flow within the personality, which is certainly helpful when you have the Sun opposition Moon.  So this is a complex guy, working on multiple levels.

With Neptune, Pallas, Juno, and Dejanira all in Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto, it’s safe to say Mike is sneaky AF.  The Pallas/Juno/Neptune in Scorpio (which is a generational influence, I have it too) is about intuition, higher-level thought process with respect to identifying patterns and creating strategies, and with Juno, forming partnerships.  This of course all depends on the individual’s dynamics.  In this chart I see it making him a perfect Koch/Tea Party operative, the exact sort of guy who heads the perma-shady CIA.  This due to the overall complexity, the Plutonian sneakiness of Scorpio.  That little cluster in Scorpio is also square Saturn the hyperpowered chart ruler.  Again, having your higher self at odds with your driving mission doesn’t end well for a lot of people.

[Update 4/24/18:  Current reporting indicates that Pompeo’s wife also reports to CIA on a regular basis.  There is an inquiry into the nature of her role there.  I should have caught that, with the Juno right there in the hot spot.  Like Ben Carson’s wife.  Speaking of the shady Neptune, I also believe Scott Pruitt is perhaps sexually inappropriate with someone on his staff, not sure if I put that in his ‘splain.]

There is so much going on in this chart, but it’s not ping-ponging around like Rick Gates’ chart.  The oppositions are all among the most personal planets — the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars — and are mostly internal conflict.  This is an extremely disciplined, controlled individual, which I would expect in a Saturn-intensive chart.  Saturn has the tightest lips of all, Mercury the loosest.  (Trump has sun in Gemini, ruled by Mercury.)  Pluto is very secretive too, but will also tell lies, which Saturn is less prone to.  Saturn can be a liar too, but he’s generally the one writing prescriptions or death sentences or whatever, whereas Pluto is just a rapist.

Mike has a T-square headed by Jupiter, which again represents the government.  Again there’s no Seginus (Trump train) or Algorab (Manafort/Stone zone).  Pompeo is a journeyman Republican.  The guys who keep screaming “smaller government” are of course the ones gorging at the trough, the Koch brothers.  That’s the Jupiter T-square apex in Aries, ruled by Mars.  So expect this individual to be all about the Defense Department as a solution, like Bolton.   His advisors have read the GW Bush playbook, basically, so expect him to start a war so nobody will notice that he stole the election and also he’s a crooked idiot.  Not saying, just saying.

The T-square, again, is the lifelong pebble in the psychic shoe, the internal friction that the native must work through on a constant, ongoing basis.  Like the anger management version of chronic pain, especially when Mars (Jupiter in Aries here), Pluto, or Saturn are involved.  (Ask me, I know!)  So this is an emotionally complex, moody guy, who is not so comfortable within himself (the oppositions) and has Jupiter at the apex, trying to break up the fight.  Jupiter is of course an external focus.  That makes perfect sense for one who has spent his life trying to limit the rights and freedoms of others via the Tea Party.  Fixing the government and society, or at least acting out on it, will stem the emotional bleeding within.  Works every time.

The Aries location of the Apex, the focal point, emphasizes the aggression inherent in the above-described dynamics.   Recall the definition of aggression:  acting with concern for your own rights and needs and not those of others.  (With assertion of course being respecting the rights and needs of oneself and others.)   For someone like Mike Pompeo — who I can guarantee has never been pregnant — to work as hard against abortion as Pompeo has, that IMHO is the definition of overstepping one’s bounds.

That Jupiter T-square apex takes on additional importance because it plays into yet another aspect pattern, the yod.   This is an exceptionally complex individual, with a sort of push-me, pull-you of different energetic circuits at play in a very tightly wrapped, highly “projective,” or emotionally evasive, chart.  Mike’s Moon, despite being exalted in her own sign, is afflicted by bad aspects with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in the chart ruler’s sign, with Jupiter stepping in from Mars’ house of Aries.  So the raging bullies in this chart, the Greater and Lesser Malefics, Mars and Saturn, are tag-teaming his Moon.

As with Louise Linton, an afflicted Moon can make someone oblivious to themselves.  Just as you can always tell what Republicans are thinking by whatever they accuse you of.  For example, Dana Loesch’s goofy “Time is running out” commercial.  This is such a beautiful example of manipulative wingnut projection that I will actually transcribe it for your convenience.  You’re welcome, dear.

I’m going to break this out so you can see how clearly this is the Koch brothers and their buddies at the NRA, along with their many swampkins, projecting.  This is what an afflicted Moon looks like:  raging on everybody else because you’re unhappy all the time.  It’s always their fault, you need them to change.  The NRA obviously does focus groups with progressives and people of color.  They ask us what we’re ticked off about, and we say all of the stuff below from “we’ve had enough of the lies, the sanctimony… in America.”  Like thoughts and prayers, gerrymandering, etc.  We saw what you did there with Citizens United, and we’ve never been okay with it.

We’ve had enough of the lies, the sanctimony, the arrogance, the hatred, the pettiness, the fake news.  We are done with your agenda to undermine the voters’ will and individual liberty in America.

To be perfectly clear, there is also an organization calling itself Citizens United.  You may be shocked and amazed to discover a rock-hard MAGA connection therein.

From their Wikipedia page:

Citizens United and the Trump Administration[edit]

In 2016 the Donald Trump presidential campaign enlisted Citizens United president David Bossie as deputy campaign manager.[14] During the campaign, Bossie made regular television appearances on behalf of the Trump campaign.[15] Bossie is a close friend and longtime acquaintance of Trump administration officials Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway,[16] having introduced Bannon to Trump in 2011.[17]

Citizens United Productions[edit]

Citizens United Productions, headed by president David Bossie, has released 25 feature-length documentaries. The following is a list of films produced by Citizens United Productions.

I left the first few titles in the quote to give you an idea of what they’re up to.  According to them the American Civil Liberties Union, the organization that protects individuals against giant organizations, is the enemy of the people.  See how this works?  And not for nothing, this is Mike Pompeo’s funky Moon we’re talking about here.  See how endemic this issue is in his crowd, how quick they are to work this manipulation.

Back to the Dana Loesch ad:

So, to every lying member of the media, to every Hollywood phony, to the role-model athletes who use their free speech to alter and undermine what our flag represents, to the politicians who would rather watch America burn than lose one ounce of their own personal power, to the late-night hosts who think their opinions are the only opinions that matter, to the Joy Ann Reids, the Morning Joes, the Mikas, to those who stain honest reporting with partisanship, to those who bring bias and propaganda to CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times, your time is running out.  The clock starts now.”

Do you see how they started out with exactly what we think, then sort of eased their way into a 180-degree turn?  “To every lying member of the media…”  Progressives don’t trust the media, either.  Not a coincidence that’s where she goes next.  Hollywood phonies?  I don’t love them, but they’re nowhere near as big a problem as the NRA.  And the rest of the ad is them whistling past the graveyard.  This commercial aired before the #MarchForOurLives, but it looked just as silly to me at the time.

So that’s the crowd Pompeo runs in.  That’s how they work.  Then there’s the yod, which I mentioned above.  The yod is that dashed green V aspect pattern.  The inconjuncts, the green lines, represent redirected energy, a sort of side-swipe rather than a head-on confrontation.  When you have one planet making an inconjunct to two others, that’s called a yod, referred to as “the hand of God.”   It’s not to say that things are necessarily fated for the individual so much as that this sort of energetic switching surely will occur within the life.  Don McGahn also has a yod.

Here, the hand of God is situated at the highly empowered Pluto/Uranus conjunction, at the head of that mini-kite in Mercury’s sign of Virgo, and in strong aspect to the Sun, Mercury, and Mars over there in Saturn’s Capricorn.   So all of the elements that are assailing Pompeo’s Moon get along great with his Pluto/Uranus.  That of course emphasizes the importance of the Scorpio action described above.  Pompeo is quite the well-oiled machine of what he does.

So it’s interesting to me the way Jupiter interacts overall.  I’d have to say Jupiter is the second most influential in the chart.  The other end of that yod is at Venus in Aquarius, co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus.  So that’s that, Venus, his connections with other people, are purely on the agenda of that yod.  That’s the other side of the mechanism from his Pluto/Uranus inconjunct Jupiter.  The whole thing is almost like a little Rube Goldberg machine, where energy gets passed around from one circuit to the next almost like juggling.  Pompeo’s circuitry is not quite as complex as the below, which goes on for almost ten minutes.

And I’ll leave you to enjoy the above, and remember that November is only six months away.  A lot can happen in six months.  Six months in the Trump administration is like 11 Obama years.


Rick Gates, Astrosplained

Finally birth data for Rick Gates, my prayers have been answered!  Maybe I should start praying for better things.  But I have been curious lo these long months, and I’m probably not the only one wondering about this international man of mystery.

I really don’t know a single thing about him except that he was Manafort’s partner, then the money laundering allegations that have come out.  I also heard that Trump didn’t like Gates and thought of him as a hanger-on.  Also for whatever reason his face reminds me of the Grinch.

Is he a mean one, Mr. Gates?  Let’s find out.

Alrighty, the Sun is in the first decan of Taurus, making this a Venus-ruled chart.  Like with General Kelly and Rob Porter, a Venus chart in a fairly aggressive guy speaks to one whose live revolves around other people and the native’s connections to them.  That is the primary driver, connections with and support from others.  Think of Venus as the original Real Housewife, especially in Taurus where she’s liable to stay home drinking in her jammies all day.

Trump may not like Gates, but Gates has Uranus conjunct Seginus the Guard, the fixed star indicating a connection to Trump personally, especially for political contacts, because Trump has this star conjunct Jupiter.  Jupiter, of course, represents the government generally, and Trump specifically because he is a walking, talking Jupiter archetype.  A smaller fixed star like Seginus is really a minor chart factor, and this is a great example of when something like that matters a whole lot.  Seginus, again, portends ruin through association.

With the chart ruler established and the above note out of the way, the next thing I note is the aspect pattern.  This is I think the first Trump-related chart that I’ve seen with a “mystic rectangle,” that blue rectangle in the middle — Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury.  Note that there is also plenty of red, lots of dashed lines too.  This is a dizzying chart, would be very difficult to really understand the interplay of all the planets due to the extreme dynamism.  It’s very, very busy inside Rick’s head.

Anytime I see a turbocharged Neptune, I’m looking for either a mystic, a liar, or both.  I’m reminded of a former friend, a young covert narcissist named Alex.  He also had a mystic rectangle.  He is quite a spiritual person, has a lot of intuition and good insight.  But as I got to know him, I realized he truly lives in a little fantasy world in his head.  He doesn’t know which things are true for himself or not, because he lies so constantly and so fluidly within himself.  I suspect Gates does, too.

With Alex, I began to notice that he had a lot of really illogical ideas, things that made no sense to me at all.  He had a lot of difficulty keeping his own nonsense straight, is what it comes down to.  I imagine Gates is, like Alex, a world-class manipulator.  Alex would often be at loose ends, unable to focus or ground himself.  Gates probably has the same issue simply because of the way his energy moves around his chart like a superball.

When you think about the above-described skillset, I imagine Paul Manafort put him to amazing use.  Gates, with his Venus chart, either already had or was able to make the right connections to facilitate his goals.  Manafort and Stone provided the overall vision.  I can only imagine what an amazing assistant Gates was for Manafort, with his versatility and cleverness.

The Moon is in the tail end of Libra, Venus’ other sign, making both of his luminaries ruled by Venus.  That normally makes someone a bit polished, charming, sociable.  But the Taurus side of Venus definitely has horns.  Taurus Venus is also a people person, a hostess at heart, who wants to gather everyone around her table (and let them wash the dishes afterward, because she’s lazy and selfish).   But it’s still a very feminine and passive planet.  The classic Taurus thing is, if you mess with the bull, you get the horns.  But think about it:  a bull charges you to protect its family, its home.  It doesn’t feel it has any other choice.   A Venusian native would rather have everything peaceful and relaxed at all times.

So with all this Venus focus, I need to see where Venus herself is in this chart, how she’s situated.  And this is where the chart takes a decidedly macho turn.  Gates has Venus directly on the malevolent Mintaka, suggesting a strong tie to the ancient Orion wars (I will confidently say he’s on the other side from me).  Further, his chart-ruling Venus is tightly conjunct Mars and Nessus the Wife Beater.  I have no reason to think Gates beats his wife.  But if you think about the imagery of a wife beater in chart where Venus rules both luminaries, it creates kind of a staggering paradox.  Venus conjunct both Mars and Nessus suggests a profoundly toxic vision of love, what it means to love or be loved, who or what other people are.  This would be rough even without the Mintaka connection.  General Kelly also has a prominent, defiled Venus, notable for both ruling and affliction.

Gates also has Toro the Raging Bull conjunct the North Node late in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, suggesting that the end of his life may have a huge payoff.  With Capricorn, we start out that hardscrabble orphan, and through hard work, scrimping, and saving, we end up Warren Buffett.  It takes a really long time, and there’s a lot of scar tissue in between.  But Capricorn is where Saturn ends up holding all of the money he worked his whole life to get.

And this is where we get to the weasely Neptune.  Capricorn is the mountain goat, the tough, determined one.  In the picture below, there is a goat on top of the cliff, and a little group of them on the first plateau down.  (More on these fearless guys here.)

mountain goat

That’s late Capricorn.  Except when it’s people instead of goats, that mountain is all made of money.  And with Taurus, that’s his own wife and kids with him, and nobody else in the world.  Like Venus, he’s a money person, self-centered.   Like Venus in Taurus, he’s grounded (Earth signs).    Unlike Venus, Saturn (Capricorn) is not a people person, quite the opposite.  Saturn is judge, jury, executioner.   Saturn on his best day is meaner than Venus, even when she’s in Taurus.  He’s not a rapist, like Pluto.  He’s a hanging judge, who thinks of empathy as something his wife whines about when he takes a rod to the children.  Saturn is a punisher, and late in Capricorn, he’s king of the hill.

So if you think about the picture above, Neptune is about integrity.  Capricorn the mountain goat is the king of grounding.  He can go very, very high, because he stays 100 percent connected to that rock that holds him.  It’s a very intricate dance done with the whole body, gripping the stones with the foot pads while balancing the core like Pilates masters.  Compare Rick Gates to the below goat.

mountain goat niche

That’s a good analogy for where Rick Gates is right now.  He’s no spring chicken, in his late 40s.   He’s well up that cliff face now.  We’re looking at a close-up picture above, but if the view pulled back I would probably want to throw up from how high that is.  Goats apparently never look down, they just keep looking in front of themselves.  And with a chart as dynamic as this one, I’m sure that’s the case here.   That’s why he’s the assistant, not the boss.  He needs the direction of someone with more focus and perspective, because Gates zooms around inside himself at a high rate of speed.

The difference is goats stay in their element 100 percent of the time.  They never try to do anything at all except climb up and eat stuff.  With Rick’s intense Mintaka, even without the intense Mars, this is a power-hungry individual, one who lives to conquer.  With Mercury, Vesta, and Chiron all in Aries, Mars is both influential and highly aggro in this chart.   Especially with the close Mars/Venus conjunction on Mintaka, this chart is almost like a carjacking, where Mars has Mrs. Venus duct taped in the trunk of her car while he drives around looking for ATMs.  It’s her chart, it’s her car, it’s her debit card.  But there’s is a very macho agenda in this chart, with the Nessus, and Toro on the Node.

Remember, the North Node represents where the life will end up, the destiny of that individual.  (Free will always exists, within the destiny that is chosen by free will at a higher level, says me.)  So the North Node is a perfected spot, always, showing where the native will hand the baton to the “next” life in the succession, if you look at lives linearly (which I don’t:  there is only here, there is only now.  all lives exist at once).

Anyway Toro on the Node is reason to pause for thought.  If you think about the life as a hallway, where you enter at birth and exit at death, that hallway is chosen by yourself before birth.  The South Node would be the entry point, the North Node the exit.  Free will always exists.  We use free will to choose our hallways, then again while we traverse our paths, we use free will to choose the tone and form of every step of our lives.   So the North Node is where we need to end up on a higher level, where we will end up.  Gates is ending up in Capricorn, at the top of that mountain, charging like a raging bull.  Yet it’s fairly easy to see from reading the news that he’s in no position to dictate terms to anyone.  Curiouser and curiouser.

I can only conclude that the weasely Neptune I began discussing above will give Gates no choice but to be airlifted from that second goat picture, the one where he’s splayed out vertically.  Unlike that goat, Gates hasn’t chosen each and every step very carefully, with full awareness of the contour of each and every pebble underfoot as well as his own body weight.  He has that massive drive leading him to the top of that mountain.  But when he arrives there, does he have a solid footing?  Neptune is about integrity, how we connect to the higher self — the part of us that chooses the hallway in the analogy above.  See where I’m going with this?   Do you think Gates can account for every piece of paper Mueller will hand him?  That’s Saturn/Capricorn, the one with the paperwork.

Someone with a mystic rectangle is unlikely to be enough of a self-buster to break through his own lies.  Mystic rectangles can be difficult people.  The oppositions make them somewhat oppositional-defiant, whether they are overtly aggressive or passive-aggressive like my former friend Alex.  With this chart, I think he’s capable of either, but with the Venus ruling, most likely passive.   Nessus speaks of actual physical violence though, and it’s by no means out of the question IMHO.

What I’ve observed among mystic rectangles that I know, is that they have something like a hall of mirrors inside their heads.  Russell Brand is a mystic rectangle, for example.  He was a famous substance abuser, addicted to heroin.  I think the fact that he was charming and witty enough to become famous is what allowed him to get a grip on his Neptunian addiction.  The fact that he was in the public eye, that he received so much negative feedback for his behaviors, made it clear that his connection to other people was more important than what he was using the drugs for.  He forced himself to straighten out through shame, basically.  I have yet to meet a mystic rectangle who wasn’t at least somewhat egotistical, that is a very strong motivator especially in a Venus chart.

Mystic rectangles are often inclined toward arts and music as well.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Gates plays in a bluegrass band or something.   Some of them really do have great talent.  But they’re also prone to wanting attention, and can be very pretentious.  All of this is stronger in a Venus chart, of course, due to her love of art and music, and her  need for external validation that is part and parcel of her archetype.   The hall of mirrors effect makes it very, very, very easy to offend them.  They see negative reflections coming from all sides.  They can be exceptionally brittle in this way.  Gates has the Sun opposite the Moon, exacerbating that sense of discomfort within one’s own skin.

And especially in a double-Venus chart, there is a really strong need for acceptance, to love and be loved.  Venus in Taurus (Rick’s Sun sign, his reason for incarnating) is not one who would ever, ever climb up that mountain.  Hell no.  It’s cold.  Nobody will visit.  And OMG it’s really hard work.  Saturn would have to carry Venus in Taurus on his back to get her up there.  But that’s where he does end up, on that cold rock all by himself.  And then Toro the Raging Bull, has no choice but to charge, no other impulse.  I can only see this as Gates being plucked off that mountain he’s clinging to sideways by Bob Mueller.  Charge where?  How?  Especially with wobbly Neptune opposite Saturn, I don’t see that ending well for Rick.

Saturn and Capricorn are also emphasized because Jupiter is at the head of a T-square in Capricorn.  That’s of course the red triangle from Jupiter to Mercury and Uranus.   Jupiter again represents the government and large groups, like political parties.   That is how Gates uses the conflict between his Mercury and his Uranus.  I talked a lot about Uranus in John Bolton’s chart.  Basically Uranus is that guy who thinks he’s different than everybody else, has a broader perspective, and thus must be treasured by us plebes as some sort of genius.

I need to touch on Mercury, though.  Mercury, the conscious thoughts and ideas, is in mutual reception with Mars here.  That means each planet is housed in the other’s sign, with Mercury in Aries and Mars in Gemini.  Again, I take Mars as the carjacker here, Mercury is his sidekick.   This chart is on Mars’ agenda, not Mercury’s.  Venus is actually complicit in all this, by the native’s own choice, as with Ayn Rand.  Why would anyone do this to themselves?  Who knows?  Because it is there, maybe.

Also I think this is the widest setting I’ve ever seen of the Sun to Mercury, almost 30 degrees apart.  That is truly stunning, and blows my Farah Suckabee Flanders theory all to hell.  I had wondered if that wide setting between the Sun and Mercury was reflected in the setting of the eyes, close or wide.  But no, Gates has narrow or average eyes.  So that’s either the theory blown all to heck or the exception that proves the rule.  I think the former.   Anyway it suggests a marked ability to distance oneself or compartmentalize the thoughts.  This individual feels like he can change his thoughts the way he changes his socks.  He’s not bothered by any one thing, other than Mars’ agenda, the carjacker of this chart.  Pluto is also in Mercury’s other sign of Virgo, adding darkness and secrecy to the thought process.

The criss-crossing dashed green lines also need a mention.  I have seen this pattern many times now, and am beginning to understand it as a sort of internal trap door.  It occurs in the charts of fractious people like Nikolas Cruz.   I haven’t observed it  long enough to know what else it can look like.  Right now that circuit looks to me almost like a reverse yod, where the individual has internal escape hatches to avoid responsibilities and consequences.

As I look deeper into the chart, I have to say again that physical violence is not out of the question for this native, though I have not heard any suggestion of same.  The overall tone of this chart, with the empowered and debased Venus with raging Mars is a red flag already, even without the presence of Nessus the Wife Beater.  Throw Mintaka in there like gasoline into a bonfire.

But the way Juno the Spouse is situated directly between Pluto and Dejanira the Victim made me literally gasp.  That’s happening in Libra, so again Venus, who we know is already duct taped in her trunk, so to speak.  Having those three together is a recipe for extreme emotional and physical abuse of sexual partners, no other way to describe it.  Especially with Ceres the Earth Mother in Leo, not contacting anything in the chart, there is a pronounced distance between mothers and wives in this native’s head.  Women are born either Madonnas or whores, basically.   Ceres has nothing to do with anything here except the ego itself, the Sun ruling over the sign she’s in.  She gave birth to him.

As I look at the hourglass or see-saw shape of the chart overall, I see that Ceres in Leo is actually punctuating an axis that would make the chart flow much better.   For example if there were something else across from Ceres it would be a splay or locomotive chart.  If there were another red line going from Ceres to something in Aquarius, that would create a whole new axis, basically, one that rolled rather than flip flopping like a see-saw.  That could make the native more scattered, and be a complete disaster.  But there is so much willfulness in this chart with the raging Mars.   I think any way around it, this guy needs leadership and mentoring on a lifelong basis.

Unfortunately Rick’s wife is unlikely to be the moral and intellectual leader that he so desperately needs.  He is unlikely to choose a woman that he has any respect for.  She may be someone from a wealthy or connected family, that would not surprise me at all.  But this is a very compartmentalized guy, capable of going in a lot of different directions.  The overall tone of this chart is, again, like a carjacking.  Mars is the opposite of the chart’s double ruler, ruling both the Sun and the Moon.  But those two are in opposition, working against each other, while Mars holds sway over Venus due to the highly malevolent fixed star and asteroid in tight conjunction, Mintaka and Nessus respectively.

Altogether the whole thing screams of Gates being used, manipulated, and victimized by his partners.  I think that’s fairly self-evident.  Manafort got him in so deep with Oleg Deripaska that Gates probably freaked out when Mueller showed him how badly his buddies hung him out to dry.  I have no doubt they thought of Gates as a highly useful idiot.  He’s not stupid.  But as aggressive as he is, in my experience the mystic rectangles can be very, very easily derailed due to the intense internal dynamism described above.  He’s no match for the people he was in bed with, basically, Juno the Spouse in a Pluto the Devil/Dejanira the Victim sandwich.

So hey, Rick?  Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.