Robert Mueller, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, behold the hidden-in-plain-sight greatness of Robert Mueller.  For weeks now, nobody has heard much from or about him, though we know he is quite busy.  I have known of his existence for several decades without having any opinion of him.  In general, my faith in all of these people is nonexistent.  But this is a really interesting guy.  And his chart gives hope.

Synopsis:  I believe Mueller will act with integrity, in service of our country.  This is the only person in the Trump conversation so far in whom I see true backbone.  After reviewing his chart I have confidence in him.  They not only hype him as the anti-Trump, I believe he actually is that guy.  I am going so far as to say I trust him.

One thing I always look at is the chart shape, the overall play of the planets within the 360 degree horoscope.  This gives a feel for the sort of person we are dealing with, their overall range or potential, what they are built for, how they roll.   Robert Mueller  has a bucket within a bowl, two simultaneous shapes.


Robert Mueller chart

In a bowl chart, 180 degrees of the chart is empty, like a glass half full.  And it can feel that way to a bowl person.  They are often people who put half as much into life, and are disappointed when they only get half back.  Many of the Trump crowd have this sort of chart, it is a theme among them.  That red line across the middle can be almost like a red line that the individual does not cross, a part of life they do not explore or get the benefit of.

People with bowl charts are generally really stubborn, because they can be entirely self-referential and hard to get through to.  They do not meet others halfway.  You have to meet them where they are.  Bernie Sanders is an example of someone who uses his bowl chart tendencies for the good of all, by really focusing and prioritizing his life, only using his energy in very self-directed ways.  Bowl chart people are hard to sway.  If Bernie feels like he has missed out on anything (and I am sure he has sacrificed a lot) he probably just doesn’t think about it while there is still work to do.

Then a bucket chart is an entirely different sort of person.  The difference between a bowl and a bucket is a planet in the middle of the empty spot.  That singleton planet, in this case the Moon, becomes the focal point or fulcrum of the chart. It allows the person to have a more well-rounded experience of life, by expanding into the whole circle instead of the half-empty bowl.  The consciousness becomes very dynamic rather than stagnant or limited.

In this highly unusual chart there are six empty signs, a perfect bowl.  In an ordinary bucket chart, that focal point in the empty space permits the individual’s energy to move all the way around the circle.  Very interesting to see this pattern all within 180 degrees.  Where a normal bucket actually looks like a bowl with a handle, Mueller’s looks quite like a slingshot.  This suggests a compacted, directed, and focused life, remarkably so.

Because all of the other planets are so close together, the chart above does not include all of the ordinary asteroids that I routinely look at, like Ceres, Pallas, etc.  The chart is just already way too cluttered.  The fact that everything is piled up together is more important than the individual positions here.  Also there are some unique factors that do need to be displayed.

Any chart shows a person who can go in either direction.  The chart shows us what the person is working with, not what they do with it.  But with my Astrosplaining subjects, their direction has already manifested enough that I became aware of them through public information.  That does not mean that the chart can tell me if someone is good or bad.  But I can take what I know of astrology, and what I can see of the subject, and compare the two.  In this chart, the hopeful things are the fixed stars.

Fixed stars add a flavor or inflection, another layer of metaphor, to the planets they conjoin.  Of Mueller’s fixed stars, none are the ones I routinely work with.  So I would like to take some time to reflect on each of them more, but again, the pace of things in DC is intense these days.  And I have a ton of splaining to do.

Mueller has a fixed star called Dubhe conjunct his Sun.  The Sun in the chart is just like the Sun to our planet.  Life exists because of the Sun, it all begins there.  So anything conjunct the Sun is automatically important.  Dubhe is the back of the bear, Ursa Major.   My sense of this is that it gives the constitution of a bear, makes you a bear of a person.  I take this as a neutral, in terms of his integrity or intentions.  We can see that he is a formidable person without looking at the chart.

Mueller’s Sun is exalted in Leo, the sign it rules.  Leo is the sign of the lion, and like a lion, Mueller has a certain gravitas about him.  He comes across as one who may be a truly honorable man, capable of rising above. When they go low, expect him to go high.  Pride and dignity are key concepts with Leo, along with of course ego and desire for attention.  But we do not so much see the desire for attention with Mueller, rather a very disciplined communicator.

Mueller’s Moon is conjunct a fixed star called Scheat. This is said to bring misfortune to him.  However, I have no real sense of this, and only mention it because it is conjunct the Moon, the focus planet of his bucket.  He does appear to have experienced at least his share of suffering.  But that could also be from the sourness of his other focal planet, Saturn.  First I need to discuss the Moon a bit here.

The red triangle in this chart is called a T-square.  The red line going straight across from the Moon to Neptune is an opposition.  That is a source of constant friction, two planets who are directly opposed and must interact with each other.  This can mature into a cooperative relationship, but there is always a challenge with the red lines, two parts of the personality in each other’s faces.

The Moon is our feelings, our intuition, our moods and gut reactions.  It is reflective in nature, and thus Moon contacts may create internal dramas that play out by way of other people, where other individuals stand in for the various parts of the personality in the things that they say and do.  This should be especially so when opposite Neptune, which always fudges boundaries and makes things unclear.  Moon opposition Neptune could be one who seeks to escape their intense feelings, gets drunk, and then can’t stop crying.  I don’t see that with Mueller. I suspect it is more of a true, deep remorse for the crappiness of the world, and a strong desire to escape it, which he disrupts with the discipline and focus of Saturn, which controls his thoughts and words.   Mueller is a highly disciplined and detail-oriented thinker and talker.

The Moon and Neptune are the two planets of intuition.  Based on the fixed stars, and particularly his Pluto, I suspect that Mueller is a highly intuitive person, remarkably so.  He has a tremendous inner life, which I would not expect to see in a police officer.

What I do expect to see in a police officer, however, is the strong Saturn connection at the apex of the T-square.  The apex is in the middle of the two opposing planets, and is said to be what the person does to mitigate the stress of the opposition.  Saturn is the planet that represents the police, and all other forms of authority, anyone who tells people no.  That sense of discipline and attention to detail represented by Saturn fits very well with what I know of Mueller.  He may be a man of true depth, and have a compelling internal world.  But he has that reality checking squarely in the middle, bringing things back to Earth and making sure they square up.

Mars, Chiron, Mercury, and Jupiter are all in Virgo here, ruled by Saturn.  This is important.  Saturn is non-stop persnickety, detail oriented, and willing to be a pest.  With the important apex position of Saturn in the T-square, that makes Saturn almost a co-leader of the chart.  (I say almost; the Sun is the official leader, then the Moon, because it is the bucket handle.)

That gives me a lot of hope.  You see, the T-square is not necessarily a bad thing.  It is internal friction, the sort of thing that drives someone.  When people learn to use their challenges instead of labeling them problems, the T-square is highly empowering.  Mueller appears to be a fairly mature and self-actualized person.  All that Saturn in his chart, this is why he looks so intimidating.  Saturn also gives a prominent nose or bony appearance to the face, especially if on the Ascendant (which we don’t know without his birth time). But his face and head are a bit bony to me.

Mueller’s Saturn is conjunct Tejat posterior, a star of the nature of Mercury and Venus.  Saturn and Mercury co-rule Virgo, thus Tejat adds a layer of beneficial influence to all of the planets in Virgo, including Mercury and Venus.  Mercury represents the thoughts and communications, and is highly empowered here.  Venus represents the ability to love and be loved, but in this context it can be thought of as charm, likability, and grace.  He is possibly quite a finicky eater, or has very strong opinions about health.  I would expect him to use words with extreme discipline and effectiveness.

I would expect the Tejat connection to provide him with that excellent ability to communicate, not only in terms of the quality of his ideas and the skill at expressing them, but through a marked awareness of how his words will be perceived.  All of that would be reconciled through Saturn, which is really all about integrity, making sure everything adds up and evens out.  This is someone with enhanced maturity and leadership, or at least the potential for it, which he seems to have manifested.

That Saturn influence  would do a few good things for that particular set of planets in Virgo.  For one, it would pressure Mars to evolve into a clarity and leadership aspect as opposed to a restless and aggressive one.  Again, depending on the person and their choices, all of this could make someone quite the opposite, like a person whose anger and sense of right and wrong could drive them to drink.  But I don’t get that sense from Mueller.  His life seems to have been well on track as long as I have known of him.

It is important to note that Virgo is about service, being of service, being served, and the body itself.  Saturn’s rigidity and reconciliation with cold, hard facts are central to Mueller’s life work.  I also note that his Sun is little-aspected, and has a positive major aspect with Uranus.  Uranus is shocking surprises, inventions, weirdness, and things we can’t predict.  Such things are normally anathema to Saturn, they represent opposite ideas.  Mueller’s ego can roll with the changes, even if he doesn’t like them.  Again, potential for excellent maturity and leadership, which he appears to have manifested.

Mueller’s Saturn is in Cancer, opposite of where it belongs.  That makes Saturn subject to the Moon’s rulership overall.  In other words, at the end of the day, he follows his gut.  He works very hard at his integrity and his craft.  But he trusts himself.  Again, this chart could be quite the opposite.  But if he had not mastered this, you would not see a highly accomplished person like Robert Mueller, he would be yet another suicide that no one has ever heard of.

His Pluto is conjunct  Asellus Australis.  I will leave you to read the linked article if you wish, but I see it as major stubbornness.  In light of the heavy Virgo and service themes, the presence of a donkey here almost makes me feel sorry for Don.   This is one of the things that gives me some confidence in Mueller.  I do believe he will try like hell.   This placement of Asellus suggests he will kick like the devil’s donkey.  Between Mueller’s Saturn and his Pluto, he is Trump’s worst nightmare, a guy who is not afraid of anything, and would die for the truth.   Pluto brings hell to the daylight, and vice versa.

With the relentlessness of Pluto and the discipline of Saturn, plus the craftiness of Mercury and Venus, Mueller is literally the anti-Trump, a smooth and disciplined servant who would rip a hole in the Earth for the truth, even if it would swallow him.

It is interesting that Mueller’s Pluto is conjunct his Sun.  Just as the Sun is where it all begins, Pluto is where it all ends, at the outer edge of the Kuyper belt.  Beyond that, you are in outer space.  So there is an alpha and omega feel to this chart and to Mueller’s life.  And the probing, relentless, no-stone-unturned nature of Pluto fits very well with what I know of Mueller and how he has lived.   Pluto is an all-or-nothing planet, and conjunct the Sun, it makes you a high-stakes kind of person in general, one of the indicators of integrity IMHO.  Pluto conjunct the Sun will make you take your life very seriously, or not get it at all, like waste your energy on petty control trips with everyone you meet.  Mueller seems to have taken the former route.

Mueller has Mars and Chiron conjunct Asterion, adding more nuance to his Virgo and Saturn.  I love the idea of Mars and Chiron together, especially in Mueller’s role as special prosecutor.  Mars, the god of war, is unafraid.  When Mars matures, he is exceptionally clear-minded, and capable of leadership through the darkest of times.  Chiron, the wounded healer, represents a wound that will never heal, in this case bittersweet feelings about aggression and leadership.  Chiron is also a fragment of a destroyed planet, and has to do with picking up the pieces and moving on.  Since we do not see evidence of negative behaviors from Mueller that would suggest he has not risen to the challenge of his anger, this Mars-Chiron connection adds a level-headedness and perspective that suits the themes of this chart, and our country, very well.

Importantly, Jupiter does not play any important role in this chart. Trump personifies Jupiter very well, and in the charts of his family, it is so prominent that I believe he literally personifies abundance for them.   Jupiter is considered a benefic planet, because it expands.  But it also represents selfishness run amok, negative ego gone off the rails.  The lack of heavy Jupiter here contrasts beautifully with, say, Paul Manafort or Erik Prince.  This suggests to me one for whom self-service or embiggening himself is not such a huge focus.

Lastly, the main thing that makes me fall to the side of believing he has risen to the challenge of his integrity is Mueller’s Saturn.  In any bowl chart, the point of power is the center of the big empty spot.  That is where the individual can focus their energies to open themselves up to a fuller experience of life.   The way to empower a T-square is similarly to look for the empty spot across from the apex planet, and put something there in the center.

In this chart, Mueller’s ideal bucket handle spot is 28 Sagittarius, and his T-square sweet spot is 6 Capricorn.  The apex planet is Saturn, making Capricorn an ideal sign for him to focus on anyway.  Located in Cancer at the apex of a T-square, his Saturn must feel very homesick.  There is a very solid commitment to truth balancing out a Moon-Neptune opposition that would definitely make many people avoid at all costs.  From his public persona, he appears to have intuitively developed that 6 Capricorn power point by remaining stable and working reliably over decades.

In terms of the Sagittarius influence, again, Jupiter is downplayed in this chart.  Not only is Jupiter less relevant overall, so less focus on self-service and hedonism, but Mueller just doesn’t strike me as a good-time Charlie kind of a guy.  He has a very Saturnian, deep, serious vibe.  His brows furrow even when he laughs.  The way to balance out his bowl tendencies would be for him to let his hair down once in a while, have a laugh and sing a song.

The two power spots exist independently in this chart, giving him sort of a clear path to extreme personal power.  At least with the Capricorn power point, the key phrase would be Better Living Through Coming Correct.  Mueller appears to have taken that route, based on what I can see of him.  This is ultimately what makes me decide I trust him.

Godspeed, Mr. Mueller.







General John Kelly, Astrosplained

Like everyone else writing about the meltdown of the US government, I am having trouble keeping up with all of the people that need to be Astrosplained. Stay tuned for Roger Stone’s chart, hopefully before he gets pardoned.  The Mooch and Reince Preibus  both have charts in the works, though their sell-by dates have passed.  But first, wow, the new White House Chief of Staff, General John Kelly.

john kelly chart

Super interesting chart here, and I want to be quick enough to get on record before anything else blows up.

I am calling this a locomotive chart, showing one who is not here to fiddle-fart around, but rather to blaze through life like a coal train.  He has 139 degrees of empty space, the dead center of which is always important; by my calculation, here the bulls eye is 24 Sagittarius.  Almost in that exact spot, General Kelly has two asteroids, Ceres and Chiron.  In general those are lesser chart factors.  However, their position within the dynamic here makes them pivotal.  Being in the right or wrong place at the right time in astrology is called accidental dignity or debility, a major theme of this chart .

In any chart with this sort of vast empty space, the personality seeks to fill that void as a subconscious drive.  The life goal is reflected in that midpoint, in this case 24 Sagittarius.  He has two asteroids near there, creating an inherent balance, like two matchbooks under a wobbly table leg.  Thus both of those minor asteroids have accidental dignity, continuing that theme.

One of those asteroids is Ceres, the Earth Mother, a lower octave of Venus.  Ceres is conjunct an obscure fixed star called Sabik.  Not a hugely influential star on its own, Sabik shares asteroid Ceres’ accidental dignity here, and thus is exaggerated sort of like a zit on HDTV.  I need to circle back to the Ceres/Chiron conjunction that is pivotal in this chart later, there is too much to discuss.  I note here that the Sabik influence on Ceres will be that of further debasing or debilitating Venus.   The simultaneous empowerment and debasement of Venus is almost an energetic fulcrum of this chart.

General Kelly has also almost no air in his chart, which would represent flexibility, versatility, chattiness, wordiness or cerebral overtones.   In that way he is a perfect foil for our extremely Mercurial president.  He has Earth and fire, a bit of water, and a dab of air.  A very capable and grounded individual.  He does not have any internal chart patterns, like a T-square or grand trine, only individual aspects.  This actually would make him somewhat less effective overall, I would think.  He is very powerful, but does not have internal circuitry facilitating that energy flow, he just makes it all work through discipline.

I had high hopes when he canned the Mooch.  Like if General Kelly was a substitute teacher, he would walk in and everybody would be scared shitless.  The problem is, the class is already trying to work.  It’s Principal Trump throwing spitballs at the mail carrier and letting the air out of her tires.  So for Kelly to stand up to his full potential would basically cause a coup, disrupt his own chain of command.   Interesting paradox.

General Kelly is a remarkably capable individual, who has the potential to jerk a knot in Trump’s ass, if he were so inclined.  IMO Kelly has the potential to ride this thing down in a blaze of glory, like the Sully Sullenberger of the crashing and burning America.  Kelly isn’t a spoiled brat.  He is a real live general of the Marine Corps, knows a lot of people and understands some things, and is positioned to manipulate or drive Trump.  Unfortunately, I do not believe he will become the Sully Sullenberger of our republic.  Maybe I’m just a cynical Gen Xer, but what I see in this chart does not look like it will fall to the good when placed under extreme pressure.  I regret to say that Trump will derail the Kelly Express, and horribly.

There are three important fixed stars in this chart.  The most important one is Algol, the blinking demon.  But Fomalhaut and Seginus also play key roles in Kelly’s future political demise.

General Kelly shares his Mercury conjunct Algol with Saddam Hussein.  Ptolemy and Pliny say a lot of things that I take with a grain of salt, including that an Algol connection can cause you to lose your head.  But it was stunning when Saddam got hung, a little on the nose.  Or on the neck.  Anyway, Algol traditionally brings a great vulnerability to the head and neck, possibly like the head or neck of our government.  I guess that could also look like an epiphany, a light bulb popping on over the head of the entire republic, if you had enough integrity to harness a blinking demon in that way.  Is General Kelly that guy?

I reviewed a lot of charts of famous hangings/beheadings, i.e. Daniel Pearl, and found no strong Algol correlation.  But I did find a number of prominent people with Algol connections that made a lot of sense when Algol is viewed in a larger context, of unstoppability.  For example, Nikola Tesla had Algol conjunct Uranus, the planet of electricity and invention.  He was able to take the concepts of that planet in any direction, like no door was closed to him on those ideas represented by Uranus.  Algol is like a master key that allows you to explore every corner of a concept, things other people cannot even dream of.

Integrity is the key to your success with Algol.  Integrity gives the ability to remain stable at high speeds and pressures.  Without strong integrity, Algol makes you likely to crash and burn.  Few people have the kind of integrity found in Nikola Tesla.  Kelly could be the one, but I say no.  I just don’t see him riding two giant tigers like Algol and Fomalhaut and having it end well.  I pulled a card to see if I am wrong, because I definitely want to be wrong.  The card was the 8 of Pentacles, upright, with the man working very hard at a thankless job that will eventually pay off.  I will make it a point to fantasize about him being the real-life Captain America, to throw my energetic support behind him just in case.  But my gut feeling, he doesn’t stand a chance.

So Algol conjunct Mercury can makes someone as sneaky as Saddam Hussein, basically.  There is an unparalleled cleverness and quickness, and gift with words.   Because of his otherwise complicated Mercury, not sure how this would play out.  Maybe he is quick and clever but his verbal timing is off, something like that.  May involve his siblings in his plans, or be involved with sibling pairs like Erik Prince and Betsy Devos.  I will need to do some research into General Kelly beyond just the news that he is in and Mooch is out, and his natal chart, to see who he is personally involved with.  But again, chop chop before everything changes again.  Mooch’s interesting chart is obsolete before I can type it up.

It should be noted that General Kelly’s Mercury is in the unfavorable condition known as combust.  Because the Sun has a huge corona, any planet within 8 degrees of it cannot be seen.  Thus the combust planet never fully comes into its own, always overshadowed by the Sun, or sublimated to the overall life.  You could say to some extent his ego has overtaken is conscious thought processes.  That is not necessarily negative ego, just there may be some self-awareness issues in the thought process and communication, almost like a Mercury retrograde effect with delays, mechanical problems, ineffective communications, and bad timing.

So Algol impacts that afflicted Mercury, and makes Kelly sneaky AF, and it is in Taurus, near his Sun.  Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is technically the chart ruler.  Venus represents the ability to love and be loved, the way one experiences and expresses love.  And she has some issues here, along with a dominant influence.  Kelly’s Venus is super complicated, and I do not wish I was her.

In astrology, each sign is ruled by a planet, like an individual’s office within a firm.  The ruling planet will set the tone, how it feels to be in that room or sign.  So Venus loves being in her own office (as all planets do), and she has two:  Libra and Taurus.  She does not like being in Mars’ sign of Aries, the man cave, as she is in Kelly’s chart.

Venus is conjunct the North Node, which is said to help one marry up.   The North Node is the life’s overall direction or trajectory, from a past-and-future-life perspective, and must be viewed as a perfected spot in the chart.   In general, Venus on the North Node can only be a positive thing, even for a severely afflicted Venus like Kelly’s.  And good lord, his Venus has accidental debility issues.

Aside from being stuck in the stinky man cave of Aries, Venus is across from her own sign, Libra.  The goddess of love is not comfortable in the god of war’s domain.  So sort of on the outside looking in at her life, while under attack from Neptune in Libra.  Neptune is about dreams, ideals, fantasies, illusions, and delusions.  Opposition Venus it can make you madly love your ideals, be really delusional about the people and things you love, or both.  Venus is not on her good foot here.

To make matters worse, Neptune is conjunct Seginus, another fixed star that would otherwise be quite minor but for the accidental dignity.  Seginus has a tendency to debase or bring out the worst in Venus, similar to Antares and Mars.  Neptune is a generally soft planet, which has a softening effect.  But it can also be that slippery slope to the blind eye, like one glass of wine can lead to washing down a Percocet with a glass of wine.  I am not necessarily calling Kelly’s Neptune debilitated, as we see in many of the other Trump folks, like Melania and Paul Manafort. But Kelly’s Neptune is afflicted enough that I do not see integrity carrying the day here.  I will work on giving him a chance to surprise me.

The Seginus contact is worse for Venus than for Neptune.  But it is integral to destabilizing Venus.  With Neptune in Libra, there should be a love of having things always appear balanced, whether they are or not.  In the Marine Corps they call this bearing, the ability to look calm no matter what.

The actual thing that will not allow his house of cards to ultimately stabilize itself fully, in my estimation, is Fomalhaut.  There is an old saying, something like:  The lady who enjoys riding the tiger is afraid to dismount.  Fomalhaut is an extreme boon and/or burden, depending on your integrity level.   Based on the Algol and other fixed star impediments to Venus, the chart leader, I suspect that his integrity is greatly challenged.  I could be wrong, I know very little about the man.   But I see him about to have his locomotive massively derailed.  Were his Venus not such a mess, I would have higher hopes.

Saturn, Mars, and Juno in Virgo suggest to me someone with rock-solid discipline and attention to detail, a strong sense of duty and obligation, the sort of leadership we look for in an evolved Mars.  This stands in stark contrast to the Antares connections of Erik Prince and Betsy Devos.

General Kelly has a lot of aspects coming off his Sun, which is generally a person with a lot of heart, a lot of ability to connect with other people.  Sun aspects are also generally about ego.  Without a proper birth time there is a lot I cannot know, about how this and other things ultimately factor into his life.

General Kelly reportedly made a pact with General Mattis to never leave Trump alone to make decisions.  This is the only sane thing to do, and it makes me want to think that maybe he will rise to his full potential.  I love to think that people who actually understand the government are ready to get us back on track, even as I watch my republic plunging into the ocean.  I would have more faith had General Flynn not sold us out to the Russians, not even for ideology, just for cash.

That important asteroid pair, Chiron and Ceres, need to be discussed.  Chiron is a little fragment of a planet that exploded.  It is described as the wounded healer, as in teaching others the things you learned the hard way.  It can be seen as the energy of picking up the pieces and carrying on.  There are excellent factors for that sort of thing to go well in this chart.  Ceres, the Earth mother, adds an interesting quality of nurturing and support to this very pragmatic and seasoned energy that both Chiron and Kelly bring.

Ultimately I do not see any strengthening factors in this chart that would make him this remarkable person who can save us all.  I could be wrong.  I do not have access to his vertex, houses, angles, lots of things that would help me get a more definitive look.  But from what I see, he is positioned to be as tempted as anyone has ever been to serve himself rather than his country.  And he is not a guy who can afford to get anywhere near that line, much less cross it.  Fomalhaut will do him in if he is not careful.  It is not as clear-cut a question for him as I think it would be for me.

The bigger they come, the harder they fall, when dealing with President Wrecking Ball.











Erik Prince, Astrosplained

Lucy, I got some Astrosplaining to do. There is quite a backlog.  I want to get Roger Stone Astrosplained before he actually gets pardoned.  First, let’s look at Erik Prince and (soon) his sister, Trump Education Secretary and Men’s Rights Advocate Betsy Devos .

Astrosplaining is my way of looking at how the malignant energy of ancient Orion plays out in modern society, not only in America but globally.  That is to say, the same issues of violence and exploitation appear to be recurring in the same patterns, all these millennia later.  My idea is that the fixed star Mintaka is now roughly in the former position of Huva, the long-destroyed center of extremism in the misery that was ancient Orion. I also have very strong Orion in my own chart, this is personally relevant for me.  (Remember there are two sides to every epic battle.)  So I seek to Astrosplain the players who show up on my personal radar.

Gentle reader, meet Erik Prince.

erik prince chart

First things I note about this chart are the oppositions, the big red lines across the middle.  This is especially pointed with the opposition hitting Antares.  Antares is literally anti-Aries, or the sign ruled by Mars, the god of war.  Antares is the lower octave of Mars, the worst sort of rotten brat energy.  Antares is all of the restlessness and violent impulses, with none of the clarity or integrity of highly evolved Mars.   Prince shares the Mars conjunct Antares aspect with his sister.  But his chart is vastly more complex.  Hers is a bowl shape, one of the recurring themes of the Trump administration, where there is less rounding of the personality overall.

Importantly, Antares the antagonist is always directly across from Aldebaran, the most noble fixed star.  They are like the astrological Goofus and Gallant.  Although Prince doesn’t have a planet conjunct Aldebaran, Aldebaran and Antares have irreconcilable differences, like Cain and Abel.  You can’t keep them any more separated than they are, and it’s still a problem.

A quote from AstrologyKing on Antares conjunct Mars:

Ptolemy classified Antares as a Mars-Jupiter type, and all astrologers have noted it as an indicator of success in war, and high command therein, but not forgetting that one’s opponent may have the support of Aldebaran, the star opposite to this one, and star of Archangel Michael, commander of the Heavenly Host itself!

[Full disclosure, I have Mars conjunct Aldebaran.  Prince and I are natural enemies, like a snake and a mongoose, or maybe a shark and a tornado.]

The Antares-Mars makes all the sense in the world for Erik Prince, right down to the impulsivity and abiding belief in war as a solution.  More importantly with Prince, he was custom built for war profiteering, using that sour Venus and empowered Jupiter to good effect.   The two ordinarily work together well anyway, with Jupiter the Greater Benefic and Venus the Lesser Benefic.  This chart is like an Ikea box with all the parts you need to make a perpetual war machine, some of them pre-assembled.

Prince’s Mars-Antares conjunction is also in a T-square, that big red triangle, with Mercury (his conscious mind) and the Moon (his moods).  This is a person with a great deal of internal friction.  His Moon is at the apex, making this burning war machine a thing he can feel in his gut 24 hours a day.  One of the elements of this three-legged table of misery, Mars, is located sort of at the mouth of a volcano (Antares).  For most people, this could make them just irascible as fuck, non-stop aggressive.   My sense of Prince is that he largely controls and harnesses this, as discussed below.  Aggression is a commodity in his mind, not something to squander.  There is a great deal of organization in this chart.

Prince also has a complicated ability to love and be loved generally, with Venus conjunct supergrump Saturn.   The linked article adds beautiful depth to the understanding of this aspect if you are so inclined. This is happening in Taurus, which is all about nesting and making oneself very comfortable.  Because Venus is in her own sign of Taurus, she takes the lead in this arrangement.  So, he genuinely loves the pain and suffering that Saturn brings.  That is how he feels love, intertwined with misery.  In this chart, Venus/Saturn in Taurus are specifically about making extreme sacrifices to keep a spouse safe and happy.  I’m sure that is how Prince views his career.  He would have zero moral equivocation about who he is.  He was born to be the guy he is.

Generally speaking, the Saturn conjunction is a dampener on his flow of love.  Saturn brings a coldness and sourness, and conjunct Venus it can be a bit of a permanent buzzkill.  At the very least, the sort of person who needs  time apart in a marriage, much as you find with military deployments, extreme personal space within the relationship.  His Pallas/Juno conjunction adds dimension to this, but I am not so interested in his marriage.  Back to the sour Venus, note the face of a resigned sourpuss who trudges on anyway, evident in pictures where he is ostensibly smiling, or at least has willingly posed:

erik prince 1erik prince2

This is not a happy camper, even when everything is going perfectly.  The picture on the left looks like the mug shot of a hit man.  He’s the opposite of sorry, he doesn’t care.   Time wasted posing for mug shots could be better spent making money doing what he loves.  It’s the old, “People to kill, things to do.”  And he will never run out of ideas.  He also has a minor superpower of being a highly intuitive liar and verbal manipulator, discussed below.

It’s not that he’s not loving.  He does it all for love.  It’s that his way of loving has a very particular perspective, and it has everything to do with the art of war.  What he does is his way of expressing his love.  Prince is a mercenary largely because he was born to prosper from war.  But also he probably believes that making as much money as possible for his family is the best thing he could possibly do, not only for them but for the world overall.  It must feel perfectly right to him.

In this chart, Saturn serves Venus, then both of them serve Jupiter, the overall chart leader.  So at the end of the day, the thing driving Erik Prince and his entire philosophy, is the rock-hard belief in and commitment to embiggening himself for fun and profit.  He shares this Jupiter-driven life with many other Trumpets, including Paul Manafort, and all of the Trump/Ivana offspring.  In the kids’ charts, Jupiter is so prominent it stands in for Trump himself.  Jupiter is for adventurers, party animals, and/or greedy bastards.

Prince’s Neptune-Mercury opposition is pivotal.  Neptune is a tricky planet, representing ideals, imagery, metaphors, dreams, illusions, delusions, addictions, and all things that are kind of murky, like the bottom of the ocean.  The parts of life that you can never pin all the way down, by definition.  Here, it is in opposition with Mercury, his conscious mind and written/verbal communications.   So he should be a super smooth liar.  Also with his prominent Uranus, a very clever, resourceful, imaginative one.

There is a certain oppositional/defiant flavor to folks with strong oppositions in their charts.  But as that dynamic matures, or if it is nurtured well, it can become a constant exchange, like a sub-circuit within the personality that runs on AC while the rest of the chart (and astrology) runs on DC.  That is what I see happening here.  I believe Prince uses his intense internal friction for energy, like an electric car.

This Mercury/Neptune thing, even without his empowered Jupiter, makes Prince likely to believe that the ends justify the means, any and all means.  Like Ayn Rand (and me), this individual’s chart shows one who came here with a mission.  He meant to be exactly who he is.  Erik Prince is a natural born killer, re-enacting some ancient Orion concepts on Earth now for fun and profit.  Just like the good old days!

That sounds super harsh.  But hey, check out Erik Prince’s curriculum vitae.  He has a few other very special features that I haven’t gotten to yet, like his Vesta conjunct Mintaka, or the real little nasty in this chart, the Jupiter/Pluto/Uranus cluster.  With respect to the latter, I believe this little troika of planets is what makes Prince who he is in the public eye. There is nothing inherently negative about any of these planets, it all depends on how things are used. Things can always go the exact opposite way, by the native’s choice.  Here, I can go by what is readily observed from internet searches.

Jupiter is the desire to be the winner, as opposed to the desire to conquer or fight (that would be Mars and Antares).  Daddy Warbucks or the Koch brothers can personify Jupiter.  It is both a philanthropist and a war profiteer.  Jupiter is a good-time Charlie who doesn’t sweat the details as long as the house (himself) is winning.  The ends always justify the means as long as you go down in history.

Then Pluto is the desire to control, manipulate, and exploit.  On higher notes, Pluto is about transformation, like when human bodies are transformed into dust.  Before I caught on to Mintaka, Pluto was as close as I could get to understanding the Orion energies.  It represents the outer limits of human experience, the willingness to go to extremes.  (Prince’s placement of Vesta will further that, discussed below.)    If Pluto is the devil, Mintaka is a shade of black so much darker than him that I can’t fully imagine it.  Pluto is as close as my brain can get.

As with Ayn Rand, in this chart the flow of love is restricted by design.  (Astrology assumes that the consciousness chooses the life and all factors in it  before birth.  Thus the natal chart can be seen as a list of the choices the individual made in the planning stages.)

So with the inner lover impaired and co-opted at the outset, the real malice can begin.   Uranus adds inventiveness, and a personal detachment or willingness to look at humanity in the big picture.  This would play off of Prince’s Ceres (the Earth Mother) in Aquarius, where on some level he feels like what he does is the absolute best thing for humanity overall. He is a true believer.  That plus the fact that he actually personally goes scary places and does scary things makes him vastly more respectable than anyone in the Trump family IMHO.  A lot of the Trump-related charts really don’t appear to believe in much of anything or care a whole lot.

In his own way, he is quite honest.  Prince has Vesta conjunct Mintaka, bringing my Orion hypothesis back around.  Vesta is the vestal virgin, representing our personal true north, that which is pure and sacred, and that we would kill or die for. This conjunction tells me Prince feels just as strongly about his side of the ancient Orion wars as I feel about mine, for the same/opposite reason.  He is a reminder that all life choices are equally valid, to be made however the one doing the living sees fit.  I find his values deeply disturbing, but that is my own personal issue.  Enough about me.

This fascinating chart is unusual in that I am perhaps controversially calling it a bucket chart with three handles — that Pluto/Jupiter/Uranus conjunction referenced above.  The three planets are spaced a total of 7 degrees, which seemed much to me.  After reflection I would call it elbow room in an uncommon arrangement.  This chart could also be seen as a locomotive, with approximately 1/3 of the chart empty.  That interpretation would also fit with Prince’s history of blazing his own trail.

However, upon much consideration, I feel it is that these three planets are truly unified and operating as an energetic troika in his consciousness, with Jupiter the most prominent bit.   A bucket chart is one where one planet sits off in a patch of blank real estate with empty space on each side.  That makes the singleton planet (in this case group of planets) like the handle of a bucket, the focal point and leader of the chart.

If you are ever wondering how that combination of planets might appear on a person’s resume, what it would look like in practice, check out this article from The Intercept.  Jupiter is about expanding, having a good time, making and spending money, getting your name out there.  Uranus is about inventiveness, unpredictability, bolts from the blue.  Then our good buddy Pluto, who you may recall from ripping a hole in the Earth so he could drag a little girl into hell and rape her.  The thing to understand about Pluto, he is located at the outer limit of our solar system, and thus represents the outer limit of human experience, the threshold of what we can imagine.  So Pluto is about polarity and going to extremes.  It is also about transformation, just as with death.

Of the three, I am calling Jupiter the leader, because he rules Sagittarius, the location of Prince’s prominent Mars/Antares.  Mercury is technically the chart leader, but Prince’s Mercury is severely afflicted, whereas his beefed-up Jupiter would tend to endear one to large institutions, especially if they are of the conquering or colonizing mindsets, and he appears to have accomplished just that.

Prince has invented his own special brand of double-clever war profiteering.  This work that he does is the natural byproduct of his Orion connections and his own personal set of talents and skills, the only logical outcome of this chart.











Because, Los Angeles: In the 562

  1. Weed is delivered in the 562, like pizza.
  2. People walk everywhere in the 562, even sometimes on the freeway.
  3. In the 562, people have everything in their cupboards to make both spring rolls and street tacos, authentic style, because they recognize the greatness of both.
  4. Children in the 562 are afraid of both cats and dogs, because they pee pee outside.  But even the smallest ones enjoy a balloon — anytime, anywhere.
  5. Firefighters and paramedics riding through the 562 with their sirens on dont know it, but some of the neighbors are praying for them.
  6. So much fun is had at the dog beach in the 562 that angels sometimes leave thank-you notes.
  7. Herbs grow hydroponically in the 562 in very little sunlight, because people so enjoy eating them.
  8. Pinatas are esteemed visitors in the 562, and are grateful when smashed open.
  9. Sandwiches in the 562 are delicious, and anyone with money can have one.
  10. Not everyone has money in the 562.  But everyone can hear the music.
  11. Dancing in the 562 is not as common as music, except among children.
  12. There is always music in the 562, even when nobody hears it.
  13. Music flows everywhere throughout the 562, in loud, commanding waves.  Some music comes from cars, others from bicycles, people singing, and passing foghorns that hate to be forgotten. The sirens practice all night long, but nobody minds.
  14. In the 562, people sing songs and ring bells to sell nopales or corn on the cob.
  15. Things are eventually forgotten in the 562, because the sea salt dissolves them.


The Trinity in Tarot

In a private session, Bashar  confirmed that the guidance I receive from the particular (only) deck I work with, (Rider-Waite-Smith), comports with the understandings of the Priesthood of Atlantis.  Shortly thereafter, I was shown how the trinity is at the center of it all. I have been reading tarot for about 35 years now, so it was a very pleasant surprise to have the whole thing step up a notch.

Alice mentioned the Chariot, and I was shown a relationship between this and the High Priestess.

high priestess chariot heirophant

It’s important to note that the High Priestess is the embodiment of magic, at No. 2 in the procession. Once you move to the Empress at No. 3, that is a mortal woman with a mortal husband. Same with everybody after that, including the Charioteer. But three is the magic number, where things become grounded. The High Priestess is sublime; she is the point where the sky and the water are indistinguishable.  And that sublimation takes you to the next level, where 3 is the magic number.

When you see the red pomegranates on the grey and black background in the tapestry behind her, this is the mastery of death. (You will see this color pattern on one of the Heirophant’s acolytes.)

Note that with the High Priestess, the pomegranates are interwoven with red (material/social empowerment), green (Gaia), black (death), and gold (that which will not be stopped, i.e., the dawn). She alone has this privilege, of sitting at the juncture of all energetic points. (The Heirophant’s acolytes have broken her role down into two concepts: death as the key to life, and emotions as the path to the divine.)

The grey (unpleasant, sorrowful, tedious) stone of the Priestess’ seat becomes the Charioteer’s chariot. Note that the tops of the Priestess’ pillars are not fully seen, but are implied; she is at the outer limits of knowledge, in the realm of Pluto. (Again reflected via Persephone with the pomegranates.)

(With the Heirophant, both pillars are grey, and neither the tops nor bottoms are seen. Humans serve as the base of these pillars.  There is nothing gold or white on the pillars or the throne.  The structure itself is not divine, but mundane.  The only divinity is in the humans.)

The Priestess’ pillars are black and grey. The only white in her card is on herself. Her blue and white are interlaced, showing the divine grace of emotion. That exists between the two pillars, Boaz and Jachin, the Alpha and the Omega. And of course on her lap is the Tora, the Truth. The Priestess’ pillars are black and grey, because she sits between a rock and a hard place, between the Truth and a rock. She forms the third leg of the trinity with Boaz and Jachin, the individuated consciousness, and thus divinity itself is within her. You could think of her as the Holy Spirit.

The Charioteer, again being after the Empress, is a mortal person. Boaz and Jachin are now the sphinxes that will carry him to his destination. See the Moons of her crown inverted as his epaulets. Importantly, note that his background is golden. The water behind him is gently moving, though he anxiously stares ahead. The sphinxes will move when the Priestess tells them to, and he will unerringly land in his destination. Despite his extensive empowerment, he actually has little or no say in it.

Note the red wheel and axle in the center, perpendicular to the actual chariot. The red again represents material empowerment. Here it is shown front and center, yet utterly irrelevant. The center of mundane activity, the red and grey houses, are off in the distance, behind a wall. He wants to go there and do things. The symbols on his kilt are all the swirling ideas and passions and information. He is holding the Magician’s wand. But that little red wheel will never take him anywhere, and the sphinxes will take him everywhere.

Lastly, note that while the High Priestess’ columns (representing the Alpha and the Omega) are black and grey, the Charioteer’s sphinxes are black and white. The Priestess, again, is the embodied path to divinity, while the Charioteer is a person on that path. Things look dual to him, whereas she knows they are triune, because she forms the trinity.

In effect, the key piece of advice for anyone who is focused on the Chariot is “Don’t push the river.” You may enjoy the Bhagavad Gita and/or Krishna chanting, as the central theme there relates directly to the Chariot.

Letters to My Countrymen: Otto Warmbier

This was a fairly amazing press conference, by the team attending Otto Warmbier.  I wish they could coach the president on how to speak very carefully and avoid creating an international incident.

IMHO, what the doctors masterfully said without saying is that Otto was chemically restrained.  They very clearly said respiratory arrest, while ruling out all of the other things including trauma and botulism. As Etgar Keret once said, a human body is not a mystery egg.  The pathophysiology of brain death is fairly well-understood.  There are only certain ways that Otto’s results could be created.

Guys like Otto don’t just randomly stop breathing, that’s not a thing.   I wondered if Otto had a naturally occurring stroke, like his blood pressure went haywire from the stress, but no.   The doctors made it clear enough to read between the lines.  There was no indicators of a classic stroke, there was respiratory arrest.  The respiratory arrest was not trauma-related.  The only thing they said about the MRI was the massive tissue loss, nothing about an AVM or other congenital issue.  Otto just stopped breathing for a while.

I was trained to do a thing called Rapid Sequence Intubation.  I walked out of that training thinking about what to do if I were ever called to do that, like if there was a way not to do it without losing my job.  RSI is a way to knock someone unconscious through a drug cocktail for medical purposes.  There are many combinations of drugs, and thus a wide range of things can go wrong.  Respiratory arrest is one of the biggies, especially with  benzodiazepenes. There are medically appropriate reasons to immobilize someone, mostly to control the airway (as Sarah Silverman learned when she contracted epiglottitis).  The other reason is to gain control of them, i.e., chemical restraints.

In an emergency setting, fast-acting antipsychotics are often chased with Benadryl to help knock the person out, for an example of a chemical restraint.   I know someone who died from a reaction to medications used to immobilize him.  This wasn’t a medical necessity, but done to control him for their own purposes, make him manageable.  Benzodiazepenes, such as Xanax, Valium, Ativan, and the famous Midazolam that allegedly needed to be used up before it expired, are notorious for causing respiratory arrest.  It is not such an exact science. Benzodiazepenes work with the individual’s brain chemistry, and in my experience your mileage may vary.  Any time I gave a benzo, I watched like a hawk.  Others took a much more cavalier approach.

[Edit:  I have subsequently seen other reports, such as one on Jezebel, claiming that Otto was beaten or worked into a coma because he was in a camp where people don’t live long.  I stand by my stated opinion.  The UC team was quite clear, it was cardiac arrest reference respiratory arrest.  No sign of broken bones or beatings.  Would they take the time and effort to chemically restrain a prisoner in such a notorious place?  Yes, if  his name is Otto.  He was a high-value prisoner.  This is further evidenced by the fact that the doctors noted no skin breakdown, and that Otto had been fed on a tube.   He was in skilled nursing for a year.  So no, he wasn’t fed to the dragon like an unfortunate Korean would have been.  If Otto flipped all the way out at some point, they would not come and hit him with a shovel until he shut up, in other words. He was very valuable *intact*. They sent Otto back based on his return on investment.]

I mention Rapid Sequence Intubation because it is controversial, not that I believe they intubated Otto.  Had they intubated him, he would have lived.  That is clear from the statement in the video above.  Respiratory arrest led to cardiac arrest led to massive brain damage, very straightforward.   I mention RSI because it’s the sort of thing that can go extremely wrong.  It is an example of a thing where chemical cocktails come into play, which can potentially have disastrous outcomes just like Otto’s.  Drugs are easily weaponized, especially by doctors.  I’m pretty sure Kim Jong Un has control of the North Korean Medical Ethics Board.

The concept of botulism followed by a sleeping pill is ridiculous on its face.  Makes no sense at all, and the American doctors ruled out botulism anyway.  When they said they gave him a sleeping pill, I had an image of him freaking out, becoming combative, and being overdosed on benzodiazepenes and left unattended in his cell, where he stopped breathing and then had a heart attack.  That scenario fits every bit of everything I have seen.

Though I was developing a huge crush on the George Clooney look-alike Dr. Jordan  Bonomo on the left, I suddenly felt very sleepy and went to lie down.  I didn’t fall asleep, but I immediately had a sense of Otto Warmbier in my imagination/intuition, my imaguition.    My sense of him was that he was lingering until his mother could internalize his passing, to give her a chance to say her goodbyes.

But in the coma, his soul had an extensive opportunity to expand and explore the themes of his life, and contribute to a better future between America and North Korea.  I know that doesn’t sound logical considering how this has amped up the tensions on our side.  But I feel things have shifted much for the better overall, as is often the case with an innocent person murdered, if you take the long view.

Otto really had no idea how different other people’s lives are.  His loss has created a lot of awareness, and is an important cautionary tale.  Importantly, it lets Kim Jong Un look and feel like a bigshot.  He got our attention.  He gets to drink our tears.  As messed up as it may be, it relieves the pressure to do something to get our attention.  He looks powerful to his citizens, a real player in the game.  He showed us!

People are criticizing Otto’s poor judgment.   By that logic, we should ask what in the hell Sandra Bland was doing in Texas, before we go hypercritical on their justice system.  The two cases are eerily similar; a person who should never have been in jail in the first place dies under mysterious circumstances with zero accountability.

I don’t remember where I saw it, but one year for their Festival of the Sun, Kim Jong Il basically sacrificed the entire graduating class of their top university’s engineering students.  That entire cream of the crop, the best and brightest, hardest-working scientists in their country, their version of MIT’s graduating class, was sentenced to agricultural labor for life.   It wasn’t to punish them, they hadn’t done anything wrong.  Their lives were arbitrarily ruined because he could, to make the party more fun.  Slow-motion human sacrifice.

What I’m afraid people don’t know is that we created this monster.  Otto Warmbier is our chickens coming home to roost.  When the United States Air Force bombed North Korea, they joyfully destroyed their agricultural systems.  They took the attitude of making sure those rice-eating bastards never see rice again.  This is the kind of thing that pushes people to the wall, puts them into a state of mind where all bets are off.  Kim Jong Un may be fucked, but he is all they’ve got.  We left those people desperately hungry.  Not saying, just saying.  History will judge us.

I see that all things are perfect, whether I understand them or not.

Anyway when I got up from my nap, I saw that Otto had passed.  I am glad I was able to send some good thoughts to him and his mother in their dark hours, and I appreciate the contribution he is making in these interesting times.










Foot-Bound Women’s Art

bound feet

From HuffingtonPost.

“We often underestimate how important handwork was in China’s pre-industrial economy,” she told HuffPost. “The intense pressure on women to work with their hands, to spin, weave, sew, and stitch cloth, bedding and textile products for their families and for sale has gone unrecognized.” …“It’s very rare to find people who notice the role of handwork in the lives of foot-bound women or who ask these elderly women what work they did when they were young girls.”

I’d never heard this before, but it doesn’t surprise me.  I once had a woman painter argue with me that her work was art, while mine was only craft.  There are lots of tapestries in museums, but it doesn’t seem to sway conventional wisdom, probably because China isn’t alone in grossly devaluing women’s art.

I have to believe that at some point the last will be first, and the first will be last.