Because, Los Angeles: In the 562

  1. Weed is delivered in the 562, like pizza.
  2. People walk everywhere in the 562, even sometimes on the freeway.
  3. In the 562, people have everything in their cupboards to make both spring rolls and street tacos, authentic style, because they recognize the greatness of both.
  4. Children in the 562 are afraid of both cats and dogs, because they pee pee outside.  But even the smallest ones enjoy a balloon — anytime, anywhere.
  5. Firefighters and paramedics riding through the 562 with their sirens on dont know it, but some of the neighbors are praying for them.
  6. So much fun is had at the dog beach in the 562 that angels sometimes leave thank-you notes.
  7. Herbs grow hydroponically in the 562 in very little sunlight, because people so enjoy eating them.
  8. Pinatas are esteemed visitors in the 562, and are grateful when smashed open.
  9. Sandwiches in the 562 are delicious, and anyone with money can have one.
  10. Not everyone has money in the 562.  But everyone can hear the music.
  11. Dancing in the 562 is not as common as music, except among children.
  12. There is always music in the 562, even when nobody hears it.
  13. Music flows everywhere throughout the 562, in loud, commanding waves.  Some music comes from cars, others from bicycles, people singing, and passing foghorns that hate to be forgotten. The sirens practice all night long, but nobody minds.
  14. In the 562, people sing songs and ring bells to sell nopales or corn on the cob.
  15. Things are eventually forgotten in the 562, because the sea salt dissolves them.


The Trinity in Tarot

In a private session, Bashar  confirmed that the guidance I receive from the particular (only) deck I work with, (Rider-Waite-Smith), comports with the understandings of the Priesthood of Atlantis.  Shortly thereafter, I was shown how the trinity is at the center of it all. I have been reading tarot for about 35 years now, so it was a very pleasant surprise to have the whole thing step up a notch.

Alice mentioned the Chariot, and I was shown a relationship between this and the High Priestess.

high priestess chariot heirophant

It’s important to note that the High Priestess is the embodiment of magic, at No. 2 in the procession. Once you move to the Empress at No. 3, that is a mortal woman with a mortal husband. Same with everybody after that, including the Charioteer. But three is the magic number, where things become grounded. The High Priestess is sublime; she is the point where the sky and the water are indistinguishable.  And that sublimation takes you to the next level, where 3 is the magic number.

When you see the red pomegranates on the grey and black background in the tapestry behind her, this is the mastery of death. (You will see this color pattern on one of the Heirophant’s acolytes.)

Note that with the High Priestess, the pomegranates are interwoven with red (material/social empowerment), green (Gaia), black (death), and gold (that which will not be stopped, i.e., the dawn). She alone has this privilege, of sitting at the juncture of all energetic points. (The Heirophant’s acolytes have broken her role down into two concepts: death as the key to life, and emotions as the path to the divine.)

The grey (unpleasant, sorrowful, tedious) stone of the Priestess’ seat becomes the Charioteer’s chariot. Note that the tops of the Priestess’ pillars are not fully seen, but are implied; she is at the outer limits of knowledge, in the realm of Pluto. (Again reflected via Persephone with the pomegranates.)

(With the Heirophant, both pillars are grey, and neither the tops nor bottoms are seen. Humans serve as the base of these pillars.  There is nothing gold or white on the pillars or the throne.  The structure itself is not divine, but mundane.  The only divinity is in the humans.)

The Priestess’ pillars are black and grey. The only white in her card is on herself. Her blue and white are interlaced, showing the divine grace of emotion. That exists between the two pillars, Boaz and Jachin, the Alpha and the Omega. And of course on her lap is the Tora, the Truth. The Priestess’ pillars are black and grey, because she sits between a rock and a hard place, between the Truth and a rock. She forms the third leg of the trinity with Boaz and Jachin, the individuated consciousness, and thus divinity itself is within her. You could think of her as the Holy Spirit.

The Charioteer, again being after the Empress, is a mortal person. Boaz and Jachin are now the sphinxes that will carry him to his destination. See the Moons of her crown inverted as his epaulets. Importantly, note that his background is golden. The water behind him is gently moving, though he anxiously stares ahead. The sphinxes will move when the Priestess tells them to, and he will unerringly land in his destination. Despite his extensive empowerment, he actually has little or no say in it.

Note the red wheel and axle in the center, perpendicular to the actual chariot. The red again represents material empowerment. Here it is shown front and center, yet utterly irrelevant. The center of mundane activity, the red and grey houses, are off in the distance, behind a wall. He wants to go there and do things. The symbols on his kilt are all the swirling ideas and passions and information. He is holding the Magician’s wand. But that little red wheel will never take him anywhere, and the sphinxes will take him everywhere.

Lastly, note that while the High Priestess’ columns (representing the Alpha and the Omega) are black and grey, the Charioteer’s sphinxes are black and white. The Priestess, again, is the embodied path to divinity, while the Charioteer is a person on that path. Things look dual to him, whereas she knows they are triune, because she forms the trinity.

In effect, the key piece of advice for anyone who is focused on the Chariot is “Don’t push the river.” You may enjoy the Bhagavad Gita and/or Krishna chanting, as the central theme there relates directly to the Chariot.

Letters to My Countrymen: Otto Warmbier

This was a fairly amazing press conference, by the team attending Otto Warmbier.  I wish they could coach the president on how to speak very carefully and avoid creating an international incident.

IMHO, what the doctors masterfully said without saying is that Otto was chemically restrained.  They very clearly said respiratory arrest, while ruling out all of the other things including trauma and botulism. As Etgar Keret once said, a human body is not a mystery egg.  The pathophysiology of brain death is fairly well-understood.  There are only certain ways that Otto’s results could be created.

Guys like Otto don’t just randomly stop breathing, that’s not a thing.   I wondered if Otto had a naturally occurring stroke, like his blood pressure went haywire from the stress, but no.   The doctors made it clear enough to read between the lines.  There was no indicators of a classic stroke, there was respiratory arrest.  The respiratory arrest was not trauma-related.  The only thing they said about the MRI was the massive tissue loss, nothing about an AVM or other congenital issue.  Otto just stopped breathing for a while.

I was trained to do a thing called Rapid Sequence Intubation.  I walked out of that training thinking about what to do if I were ever called to do that, like if there was a way not to do it without losing my job.  RSI is a way to knock someone unconscious through a drug cocktail for medical purposes.  There are many combinations of drugs, and thus a wide range of things can go wrong.  Respiratory arrest is one of the biggies, especially with  benzodiazepenes. There are medically appropriate reasons to immobilize someone, mostly to control the airway (as Sarah Silverman learned when she contracted epiglottitis).  The other reason is to gain control of them, i.e., chemical restraints.

In an emergency setting, fast-acting antipsychotics are often chased with Benadryl to help knock the person out, for an example of a chemical restraint.   I know someone who died from a reaction to medications used to immobilize him.  This wasn’t a medical necessity, but done to control him for their own purposes, make him manageable.  Benzodiazepenes, such as Xanax, Valium, Ativan, and the famous Midazolam that allegedly needed to be used up before it expired, are notorious for causing respiratory arrest.  It is not such an exact science. Benzodiazepenes work with the individual’s brain chemistry, and in my experience your mileage may vary.  Any time I gave a benzo, I watched like a hawk.  Others took a much more cavalier approach.

[Edit:  I have subsequently seen other reports, such as one on Jezebel, claiming that Otto was beaten or worked into a coma because he was in a camp where people don’t live long.  I stand by my stated opinion.  The UC team was quite clear, it was cardiac arrest reference respiratory arrest.  No sign of broken bones or beatings.  Would they take the time and effort to chemically restrain a prisoner in such a notorious place?  Yes, if  his name is Otto.  He was a high-value prisoner.  This is further evidenced by the fact that the doctors noted no skin breakdown, and that Otto had been fed on a tube.   He was in skilled nursing for a year.  So no, he wasn’t fed to the dragon like an unfortunate Korean would have been.  If Otto flipped all the way out at some point, they would not come and hit him with a shovel until he shut up, in other words. He was very valuable *intact*. They sent Otto back based on his return on investment.]

I mention Rapid Sequence Intubation because it is controversial, not that I believe they intubated Otto.  Had they intubated him, he would have lived.  That is clear from the statement in the video above.  Respiratory arrest led to cardiac arrest led to massive brain damage, very straightforward.   I mention RSI because it’s the sort of thing that can go extremely wrong.  It is an example of a thing where chemical cocktails come into play, which can potentially have disastrous outcomes just like Otto’s.  Drugs are easily weaponized, especially by doctors.  I’m pretty sure Kim Jong Un has control of the North Korean Medical Ethics Board.

The concept of botulism followed by a sleeping pill is ridiculous on its face.  Makes no sense at all, and the American doctors ruled out botulism anyway.  When they said they gave him a sleeping pill, I had an image of him freaking out, becoming combative, and being overdosed on benzodiazepenes and left unattended in his cell, where he stopped breathing and then had a heart attack.  That scenario fits every bit of everything I have seen.

Though I was developing a huge crush on the George Clooney look-alike Dr. Jordan  Bonomo on the left, I suddenly felt very sleepy and went to lie down.  I didn’t fall asleep, but I immediately had a sense of Otto Warmbier in my imagination/intuition, my imaguition.    My sense of him was that he was lingering until his mother could internalize his passing, to give her a chance to say her goodbyes.

But in the coma, his soul had an extensive opportunity to expand and explore the themes of his life, and contribute to a better future between America and North Korea.  I know that doesn’t sound logical considering how this has amped up the tensions on our side.  But I feel things have shifted much for the better overall, as is often the case with an innocent person murdered, if you take the long view.

Otto really had no idea how different other people’s lives are.  His loss has created a lot of awareness, and is an important cautionary tale.  Importantly, it lets Kim Jong Un look and feel like a bigshot.  He got our attention.  He gets to drink our tears.  As messed up as it may be, it relieves the pressure to do something to get our attention.  He looks powerful to his citizens, a real player in the game.  He showed us!

People are criticizing Otto’s poor judgment.   By that logic, we should ask what in the hell Sandra Bland was doing in Texas, before we go hypercritical on their justice system.  The two cases are eerily similar; a person who should never have been in jail in the first place dies under mysterious circumstances with zero accountability.

I don’t remember where I saw it, but one year for their Festival of the Sun, Kim Jong Il basically sacrificed the entire graduating class of their top university’s engineering students.  That entire cream of the crop, the best and brightest, hardest-working scientists in their country, their version of MIT’s graduating class, was sentenced to agricultural labor for life.   It wasn’t to punish them, they hadn’t done anything wrong.  Their lives were arbitrarily ruined because he could, to make the party more fun.  Slow-motion human sacrifice.

What I’m afraid people don’t know is that we created this monster.  Otto Warmbier is our chickens coming home to roost.  When the United States Air Force bombed North Korea, they joyfully destroyed their agricultural systems.  They took the attitude of making sure those rice-eating bastards never see rice again.  This is the kind of thing that pushes people to the wall, puts them into a state of mind where all bets are off.  Kim Jong Un may be fucked, but he is all they’ve got.  We left those people desperately hungry.  Not saying, just saying.  History will judge us.

I see that all things are perfect, whether I understand them or not.

Anyway when I got up from my nap, I saw that Otto had passed.  I am glad I was able to send some good thoughts to him and his mother in their dark hours, and I appreciate the contribution he is making in these interesting times.










Foot-Bound Women’s Art

bound feet

From HuffingtonPost.

“We often underestimate how important handwork was in China’s pre-industrial economy,” she told HuffPost. “The intense pressure on women to work with their hands, to spin, weave, sew, and stitch cloth, bedding and textile products for their families and for sale has gone unrecognized.” …“It’s very rare to find people who notice the role of handwork in the lives of foot-bound women or who ask these elderly women what work they did when they were young girls.”

I’d never heard this before, but it doesn’t surprise me.  I once had a woman painter argue with me that her work was art, while mine was only craft.  There are lots of tapestries in museums, but it doesn’t seem to sway conventional wisdom, probably because China isn’t alone in grossly devaluing women’s art.

I have to believe that at some point the last will be first, and the first will be last.

Paul Manafort, Astrosplained

paul manafort

I watched Get Me Roger Stone on Netflix, as well as the Zembla documentary about Trump’s Russian mob ties — both very interesting.  So without further ado, allow me to Astrosplain one of the architects of Trump’s America, Paul Manafort.  Overall this chart is as fascinatingly dark and complex as Ayn Rand’s.  Even without the extraordinary synchronicity with Roger Stone’s chart, it is quite a nasty little stew.

First thing to say about Manafort, I do not have a birth time, and thus no information on the angles or houses.  I suspect he has a Libra Ascendant for a few reasons, some of which are below.  Mostly I think Libra because that puts his impaired Neptune on the Ascendant, making him a phenomenon of propaganda and con artistry.  He doesn’t come across as a guy you would trust, unless you were in the Russian mob.  But he doesn’t seem as ideological or hateful as I now believe him to be.   That suggests a Libran smoothing-over.

Next, Jupiter is a key player in his chart, like the handle on a bucket.  Jupiter late in Capricorn suggests one whose every move is calculated toward feathering his own nest as much as possible, in the biggest and longest-term manner imaginable.  That is the prime directive that all the chart factors discussed below serve under.

However, his Jupiter is also inconjunct both Saturn and Uranus (as well as Pallas, discussed below).  The Saturn inconjunct would give a certain lack of reality checking to his balance of promises and deliveries.   I would expect this to be someone who may promise you anything and give you Chanel, or promise you Chanel and give you nothing at all.  I expect him to have an extreme sense of entitlement with Saturn inconjunct Jupiter.

The Uranus inconjunct reflects both lucky breaks and weird setbacks, flukes, longshots, and unexpected outcomes.  It also represents his buddy Roger Stone, who is always a wild card.

Mars is also featured, as Manafort has a cluster of planets including the Sun in Aries.  This is an interesting chart, quite a lot to look at in terms of who we know Paul Manafort to be.  But I will key in on the fixed stars to allow you, gentle reader, to really understand this man without wading all through the swamp.

Paul Manafort chart

The Trump crowd shares a few astrological themes among many members, including a foggy or impaired Neptune.  Neptune is about confusion, illusions, delusions, escapism, sleight of hand, sleight of mouth, and sleight of mind.  (Neptune has many positive aspects, and is the leader in my own chart.  But I am Astrosplaining an individual based on public information, not teaching general astrology.)

Neptune can also represent substance abuse.  Paul Manafort is the first one of the impaired Neptunes in this group that I would expect to be quite a heavy drinker. [I did this chart before Roger’s.]  He probably never appears drunk.  But my guess is that he escapes in a very direct way.  I say this partly because when I looked at his Neptune, I smelled strong aftershave, suggesting that he was covering for metabolized alcohol.

I’m going to highlight his fixed stars, because they surprised me.  Manafort has Neptune conjunct Algorab, The Crow.  He shares a connection to this malefic fixed star with his partner, Roger Stone.  They were born under the same dark stars — plural.  These two have connections over multiple lives.

Roger’s Vesta, the true believer in him, is conjunct Algorab.  I expect Roger has an enormous respect for Paul and views him as a leader, because of this dynamic among the two.  Roger may think of Paul as a visionary, or the other way around, or both.

They inspire each other for sure, and are on the same ideological page.  I doubt Paul lets Roger literally blow him, though.  (Roger is openly bisexual, and again, they have a tremendous synergy with Algorab.  Many marriages lack this strength of connection.  I love the part in the movie where the Pride parade goes silent as Roger passes; then some boos, and he flips the whole crowd off and keeps marching like it’s his parade, not theirs.)  Anyway my sense is that Roger idolizes Paul.

I just described Neptune above as mysticism, escapism, and illusion.  Here, Neptune is opposing three of the key planets in aggressive Aries, directly opposing his Sun.   The Sun represents the conscious mind, and here I see some escape mechanism involved, a false self-image that is central to the native’s thought process.  Manafort’s Neptune would be challenging even without the pack of nasty fixed stars.

Algorab is a malefic star, adding an inclination to misbehave to his already shaky Neptune, directly opposing his personal planets in volatile Aries.  This chart shows a very complex relationship to anger and potential willingness to act out.  It would be very easy for such a native to lash out at “others.”  People would be easily externalized.

Crows are highly intelligent birds, which can mob together and kill an eagle.  So I think Algorab is a very interesting connection for these two men.  It is sort of the emotional theme that their partnership brings to the table.  This implies there are others; this is a spiritual mob of crows with a loyal family connection.

Algorab shares much in common, attitude-wise, with the also prominently placed Antares.  Antares is literally anti-Aries, the unevolved form of the war god.  So displaying the aggression and impulsiveness of Aries, without the clarity or leadership portion, with the wily persistence of a crow, the coyote of birds.  Antares is also opposite the fixed star associated with the Archangel Michael, Aldebaran.  They are sort of the Goofus and Gallant of fixed stars.  Antares has the specific vibration of disrupting clarity and leadership, countering the Archangel Michael.

Manafort has Chiron , The Wounded Healer, directly on Antares.  Chiron is a fragment of a destroyed planet, and has recently been described by Bashar as the vibration of letting go that which is no longer relevant.  If you think about a crow, they like shiny things.  A crow sees a shiny thing, takes it.  If another bird also wants it, the crow intimidates him.  Crows are not about letting go of that which they don’t actually need.  They want stuff because they want it.  And they are okay with using force.  And in this case, denial and treachery.

Manafort’s Chiron is (conjunct Antares) in Sagittarius, so answerable to Jupiter, the bucket handle and thus boss of this chart.  Something about learning to control his worst impulses despite his strong need to secure his legacy and pad his nest egg.

To me, Manafort doesn’t come across like someone with this amount of ill-will in his heart/mind/spirit.  Without his birth time we cannot know his ascendant, but my guess, again, is Libra.  He appears polished and professional, if not trustworthy.  But he looks more Steve Bannon-like in the chart than in the photograph.  He is employing the falsity of the impaired Neptune with Libran social skills to good effect.  Libra on the Midheaven might not surprise me either, but that requires further review.

The first two ugly fixed stars weren’t the worst thing in this chart.  Next we have a real doozy, Juno conjunct Algol, the blinking demon.  Juno represents the spouse.  The two together suggest one who is okay partnering up with literally anyone, including Roger Stone.  I can’t actually think of a better example of Juno conjunct Algol than a guy who partners with both Roger Stone and the Russian mob.  No barrel too dirty to scrape.  (Note that this same thing could also make someone willing to partner with very unexpected people in much more positive ways.  There’s nothing in this chart to suggest any higher-level activity though, especially in light of publicly available information.)  Bottom line, the difference between Paul Manafort and a coyote?  There are some things a coyote just won’t do.

One of the big questions I’m working on right now is about Mintaka, whether a prominent Mintaka connection reflects souls who have come to finish the business of ancient Orion.   Manafort has Mintaka conjunct Pallas Athena.  If you were looking for someone willing to field marshal for the devil himself — or for Pallas Athena in her role as heroine — I would go with this configuration.  Pallas Athena has a diamond for a head.  She recognizes patterns and is a master of strategy.  That’s what Manafort does for a living.

So the big nasty roundup for Paul Manafort:  Antares, Algol, Algorab, Mintaka.  Four strong malevolent influences.  He looks like a sleaze, which is what I’d expect with his Neptune.  He looks like a shady bastard.  But he doesn’t look as mean and nasty as this combo platter would suggest.  All that Aries, I’d expect him to be more personally obnoxious, like Roger.  So again, maybe Manafort has a Libra Ascendant or something that makes him appear perfectly stable.

In summation, the most surprising thing in this chart is the actual bullying mean-spiritedness of it.  He used to strike me as a weasel, not a bully.  He’s both, but most importantly watch out for his mean streak.  He shares that prominent Antares, the Bart Simpson within, with Ivanka.  He’s actually fairly predictable himself overall, but he has no moral compass, and is willing to ride the crazy train into hell with Roger.

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