Jane’s Career, Astrosplained

There are so many creeps and criminals on this blog lately, I thought I’d Febreeze the place by helping a promising young lady get some perspective.  I don’t have a picture of Jane, so I’ve loaned her my profile picture from my other blog.  For this Astrosplain, I’ll be the confused sphinx in the background.

Jane wrote:

I am interested the field of Computer Science but I’m not sure if I would fare well or if I can nurture a liking in the field.   I’d like to know if there are any other career options from my birth chart too.

This is a really interesting chart with one, two, THREE yods.  In all the charts I’ve reviewed on this chart so far, I’ve seen a total of one, on Don McGahn.  Not sure if Jane can master the tie-over-shoulder, tousled-hair look that got McGahn into the big chair.   But she has a crazy amount of Saturn in her chart, so I’m sure she can do something useful.

Gentle reader, meet Jane.

Jane asteroids chart

So Jane, first thing I will say is you may come on very strong.  People may really not know how to take you a lot of the time.  I have really never seen a chart like this, so am not quite sure how to interpret some things.  I will use the methodical, systematic approach that I suspect you would prefer anyway.

Step 1, the Sun is in Virgo.  Your Sun is conjunct Toro the Raging Bull.  Saturn is your chart ruler, and he rules here with an iron fist.  Nobody dares question the authority of Saturn in this chart, but nobody — except Venus.  Heh.  Still I am concerned that you may be your own little Hitler, persecuting yourself.  Saturn loves to beat somebody up and tell them what to do.   Saturn always knows that he is right, and he is owed.

It was pointed out that I am biased in my Astrosplaining.  I’m obviously using astrology for political satire to some extent.  But importantly, I have thought about what I know of the person and compare it to what I see in the chart.  I am ready to be surprised.  But I don’t write all of my thoughts on a subject for obvious reasons.  Anyway it’s important to note that you are a younger person than I normally write about.  You are a woman, in an Asian country, just starting out. So a fresh page in a delightful way.  I am very grateful to have this opportunity to share my perspectives.  I have confidence that you can do great things.

I mention your location because sometimes Asian families emphasize education not in a liberal arts sense, in terms of what would make you happy, but as a means to a foothold in society.  This is often not just for yourself, but for your entire extended family.  I have known Asians whose parents basically arranged education the way they arrange marriages, for the same reason.  Your interests are irrelevant.  It doesn’t seem like you’re under that degree of pressure, though I wonder how computer science was selected, possibly not by you but by older people who see that field booming, and because of your 1st house Uranus in Aquarius.

This may or may not be your case.  But even in western families there is really a lot of pressure to get an education that will work for you and others who depend on your income and profession.  This has not been such an easy world to make your way in, though I see that changing.   The good news is, I believe you can find work that will both excite you and pay the bills in a credible way.  The key to your success is, like with everybody else, knowing yourself.  Know your own heart, your own motivations, and your core values.

I said I was going to be methodical.  Well, I used my extreme Neptune and gave an alternative fact.  I need to skip ahead here to your core values, what’s at the bottom of your heart.  Because while all your raging Saturn is scouring the ground for clues, your heart is screaming the answer you seek.  It’s really that easy.  You can trust yourself, because you have amazing gifts.  Once you relax into them, you will know whether they are righteous or not.  You know which path to follow.  The only thing that makes it hard is Saturn.  Saturn keeps you away from the path to your heart.  But Vesta the True Believer is where that eternal flame lives.  And your Vesta is very telling.

You have Vesta at 28:59 Cancer in the 7th house.  Since it is 1 second away from 29 degrees, I’m giving you both Kozminsky symbols.  I believe these two symbols show the nature of your core conflict quite well.

28º Cancer: An old mill-wheel lying on the bank of a lily pond, with pretty creepers growing over it.
Denotes one whose life will be peaceful and whose marriage will be blessed. His desires are simple and his talents are natural. He does not wish to rule in the world of men. His mental attitude and manner of living form a magnetic point of help and sympathy where the world-worn may have balm for their wounds. It is a symbol of Charm.

29º Cancer: A man in a prison cell, a ray of light flowing through the bars, on which a little bird stands singing.
Denotes one liable to be bound soul and body, who will be restricted in action and desire. But even so he may yet release his true self and meet the force flowing from the fountain head. Thus, though one side may frown and obstruct him, the other will smile and release him. It is a symbol of Obstruction.

Saturn is the one who constricts and closes in.  Venus in Libra is the one who does not wish to rule in the world of men.  Her attitude and manner of living form a magnetic point of help and sympathy where the world-worn may have balm for their wounds.  Venus in Libra is the picture of charm.  And there’s your Midheaven on Spica, in Libra.  So this is a flashing neon arrow as to which of the two choices is better for you.  Saturn himself is in Libra’s sign of Taurus, in Cancer’s 4th house.  So you’ve set things up for a male-female conflict, where there is a tyrant in Saturn, who ultimately answers to Venus.  I see the Moon as another benefic in your chart, supporting Venus.  I will talk more about her later.

Your Saturn has this entire chart in a death grip, in that prison cell.  But with those three yods, you can not only see the bird, you can see all kinds of things.  You may not have taken the time to imagine them or work with them, because Saturn tries to keep you always judging, criticizing, picking nits, and dumping ice water on everything.   Saturn is cold, unhappy, and unforgiving, really the opposite of Venus.  The Moon, your ability to actually feel other people, to empathize, that is your superpower and the way to get the reins in your chart.  (I really am being kind of methodical, it just doesn’t look like it.)

Saturn, my dear, is really a cautionary tale for you.  Your Neptune can work beautifully with the Moon, because of their natures, and because Venus is ruling Saturn, ruling Neptune.  But you will have to train yourself to use your intuition in that specific way, because your Neptune thinks he’s working for Saturn, in the rock hard old-man-chair of 29 Capricorn.  It’s like Neptune has such a mean, bossy supervisor (Saturn), that he might forget the supervisor works for the big boss, Venus.  Neptune is important, in the 1st house.

I see your Neptune as being one who works to deceive you that the outside, material world is more important.  But with your Pluto, Moon, yods, and Arcturus contact (by way of Spica), you can be masterfully intuitive and really write your own ticket.  The biggest concerns for you are guarding your integrity (Royal Stars, Neptune) and not buying into materialism (Saturn running amok).  Note that many of the miscreants I Astrosplain, like the serial killers and democracy murderers, have runaway Saturn.  You can use your powerful Moon to see such people as the Ghosts of Christmas Future, the ones you don’t want to be like.  This is why I cautioned you not to seek a position of authority for yourself, no matter how strong that urge may be.  It will not make you happy.  Connecting with others from deep within your truth will.  The harmony and balance that Venus loves, that’s the empty spot your locomotive is charging toward.

In terms of how your yods will play themselves out, this is something that you are going to have to work with and discover for yourself.  Pluto is the one that redirects the Moon and Saturn.  The yod configuration gives you a way to receive those internal GPS reroutes automatically.  It’s great that you love astrology, because learning your own chart, watching it play out in your chart, is a great way to apply all that Saturn.  You can document and look things up like a maniac.  You will be able to connect dots that nobody else can, like a walking database.

The Moon is not only right where she likes it, in Cancer, she has her own yod from Pluto to Uranus.  The bad news, she’s in Saturn’s 6th house of health and service.  But she has a mini-kite, and her own yod with Pluto and Uranus.  Uranus is in his own sign of Aquarius.  However that is co-ruled by Saturn.  So Saturn has fingers in a lot of pies in this chart.   Again, I can’t overemphasize what a bummer Saturn is, how he never stops criticizing, judging, disapproving, and putting down limitations.  I am old enough to be your mom, and I’m still working on helping friends older than myself learn to tell Saturn to just STFU.  Know that you have this aggressive unhappiness the way some people know they have diabetes.  You have to work around this constantly, or it will kill you.

Your Saturn is in Taurus, ruled by Venus.  So you have an interesting femininity axis here, with the superficial, hostess side of Venus displayed on the Midheaven, conjunct the spouse asteroid, even.  But in your heart, in the 4th house (which is extra important because of Saturn and because the Moon is actually very strong in this chart) is the other side of Venus, the lazy, selfish one, like Melania.  Saturn and Taurus are both known for stubbornness, even without a Capricorn Ascendant.  There’s a sense of guilt about self-love, as though the public sacrifice is imperative.  Saturn makes things feel obligatory and generally horrible, even when they really aren’t.  (Ask me, I know!)

About your career, your 10th house is auspicious with Libra and Spica (Arcturus) on the Midheaven.  You have Juno in the Gauquelin sector, suggesting that you may become famous with or have a famous spouse or partner.  However you do have several factors that concern me about you being taken advantage of by such a person.  Among other things, you have Juno conjunct Seginus the Guard.  Trump has Jupiter on Seginus, making this one of the specific markers of his administration.  Seginus suggests being brought down by bad associates, like with the Trump Administration where it’s a rotten barrel in a swamp.   This is especially so when conjunct Juno and on the Midheaven.  Imagine being the wife of Harvey Weinstein or Louis CK.  Avoid that, because such a person won’t lose a minute of sleep over how they’ve ruined you, no matter what they say.  Imagine that scenario as if it were really happening, and ask yourself, “Do I deserve that?  Who should I owe such loyalty to, and why?”

It will be very important for you to work with your Neptune, keep your discernment sharp by practicing ethical impeccability.  You are likely to lie to yourself, with your chart ruling maniac Saturn square Neptune.  The thing to remember is that Neptune is the part of you that directly reflects God.  The more you embrace and enhance Neptune, the more divinity you express with every beat of your heart.  The more Saturn you embrace, the less your heart can shine.  It is very difficult to be both warm and cold at the same time, though I guess there is fried ice cream.


Of course all that Saturn can be an amazing gift for someone with as much internal flexibility as you have.  You don’t usually see so much movement in such a heavy Saturn chart, because Saturn is an Earth planet, all about rigidity and stability, imposing order.  On this theme, there is a musical selection below that expresses your theme beautifully in the lyrics, even if the music is not your cup of wasabi.  (If you’re not familiar with this band, you might turn the speakers down.  If you are familiar, you’re welcome.)

Something else specifically on career.  There are a number of things that make me suspect you are likely to have social difficulties.   Saturn is not so feminine, which is unfortunately still a social consideration even in 2017.  You have Capricorn on the Ascendant, which can make you come across very serious and a long-term thinker.  People may experience you as a bit of a sourpuss, or wish you were more feminine, the old “you should smile.”  Saturn is not a smiler.

angela discipline

Also you have the Sun closely conjunct Toro the Raging Bull, as I said above.  You may come on strong for people in a way that women aren’t expected to.   Also you have both Capricorn and Uranus in the 1st house, which will automatically throw some people energetically, even without the presence of Neptune and Uranus.  The 1st house is akin to your psychic face, the thing that is front and center, what everybody sees of you as a first impression.

Neptune can be personified by the guru.  Some people think he has an amazing conduit to the divine.  Others find him to be a snake-oil salesman.  Especially the strong Saturn people.  They often have a very hard time feeling their Neptune, because the two have a sort of opposite focus.  Neptune blurs the edges and lines, while Saturn breaks things down to pinpoints and sorts them both chronologically and alphabetically, with the OCD.   Throw Neptune into the 1st house, automatically freak a lot of people out.

Uranus is the thrower of curveballs, the wild card, like Roger Stone.  So there is some strong sense of you appearing to be an iconoclast, one who is maybe detached and hard to get to know, a little out in left field like Dr. Hackett.  This is not the real you, not with that Moon in Cancer with her yod and mini-kite.  That is a deeply heartfelt, loving person with a strong feminine intuition.  But you may appear quite direct due to the Toro.  Saturn makes people prickly on a good day.

angela titillated

Please know that some people will key into your potential, and think they can harness it even if they don’t understand it.  There are always those so greedy they believe they can ride the lightning.  Your 12th house Dejanira is considered to be in the 1st house.  So you may carry a certain victim vibe that you are unaware of, especially with your Saturn square Neptune.  That can be very self-defeating, like having the valve to your higher self tending to rust shut.  But you have strong positives here.  You have given yourself ways to find your own truth and work from it.  The yods are all servants of Neptune, in a way.  The yods will keep you aware of the fact that at the end of the day, your higher self is the boss of your life, not your Saturn self.  The sands will move under your feet, the carpet will suddenly fly away.  I’m sure Saturn wants to fight that and has every intention of winning.  But know that feeling good, feeling happy and connected, feeling your own true worth, that is the only point.  You can map everything out to the nth degree, and at the end of the day that might give satisfaction, but never joy.

So it’s important that you understand you have to pave your own way.  When I asked what you were passionate about, you went on and on about astrology.  Well that is your answer.  Computer science can be very well applied to astrology.  Astrology needs Saturn people.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t like the career suggestion of you using that Saturn/Venus combination to go into beauty and makeup.  That came from a man.  Personally, I wish Saturn would really turn away from Venus, stop picking at her about every little perceived flaw.  Astrology, on the other hand, has a megaton of mathematical data to be considered, a mountain of reading to be done.  We need people to comb through old documents as cuneiform tablets are discovered, and consider what else needs to be incorporated into our canon of knowledge.  Clearly computers are integral to all of that.  Look at the extravagant selection of variables available at astro.com.  There really are an unlimited number of ways you can put Saturn to good use.

It’s possible to create a career that excites you while paying your bills.  The more you can be true to yourself, exploring your Neptune in ways that make you feel loved and accepted from within, the better career opportunities will open up.  Your Achilles’ heel, as I see it, is self-sabotage.  If you allow low self-esteem to be a factor in every decision you make about yourself and your life, as Saturn clearly wants it to be, you open yourself up to relationships with people who would exploit and abuse you.  You must now allow that negative, sour voice to carry the day when you look in the mirror.  You must know that your gifts are important, and only you can really feel them.  Then make your Saturn work for it, instead of you being a slave to Saturn and the insecurities it breeds/feeds on.  There are good jobs for Saturn, just like a German Shepherd, a personal trainer, or an accountant.  I suggest you make him work for the Moon and Venus, and you will surely find happiness.  But never let your dog or your accountant run your life.  They are all there to serve you, not the other way around, whether human or otherwise.  It’s your life.

I haven’t really discussed your locomotive chart yet.  But your empty spot is centered more or less around your active Midheaven.  Then your Saturn is over there in the 4th.   Your locomotive engine is Pluto, in that nice yod with the Moon and Saturn, like a family counseling mediator.   Pluto can get to the bottom of things.  If you think about planets doing rock, paper scissors, Saturn might be the scissors that cuts you short.  But Pluto is the rock that can smash it, just like he ripped a hole in the Earth to abduct Persephone.  Pluto flips over the apple cart and makes you start over, then Saturn has to pick it all back up and put it back right.

So I suspect that life will keep you on your toes.  I suggest you find ways to incorporate all of the things that excite you.  Your career itself can be an art form in which you express different parts of yourself as you discover them and learn to incorporate them.  Your astrology guides are obviously working overtime, because I’ve never even checked that thread at all before and they tapped me on the shoulder and sent me to look.  I pulled your question because you got the least answers, that simple.  There’s nothing simple about such things, dear.  That’s synchronicity, a sign that you are moving in the direction of better integration and alignment.

So with the Midheaven right in the empty spot of your locomotive, and your non-traditional sort of femininity, I can only imagine you would prefer to have something woman-centric and pleasant, if not fun with all that Saturn.  But if you can practice raising your fun-tolerance threshold I think that will help.  I suspect you might be quite introspective, and as I said with the 1st house, maybe not easily read by less clever or evolved people.

Ultimately I feel you can do amazing things with astrology.  You might consider getting a number of smaller degrees, like one in electronics, one in math, one in computer science, and creating a large toolkit while you are young.  Astrology can be incorporated into art.  you can create software tools that help astrologers.  I don’t know if you can imagine how much your Saturn would benefit a goofy Neptune lady like me who can’t keep her chronology straight on anything anymore.  The longer you go through life adding skills and training, the more ideas you will have about what you truly enjoy, what kind of people get you, and where you can make the best impact.  Because your Uranus and Pluto are both wanting to be a force for positive things, I think.  They are less-prominent because of the intense stuff.  But like with certain orange presidents, you don’t have to let the loudest, most obnoxious guy talk all the time just because he wants to.

Jane, I am excited to see what you will choose for yourself.  If you have any questions or comments please let me know.  And I mean that going forward as well.  I am glad to support you.



Chris Christie, Astrosplained

While we’re busy Febreezing New Jersey, this is a good opportunity to Astrosplain what the hell’s been going on over there, at least in the mansion.  Mansions.  He was working at the one on the closed beach in the picture, okay?  Mind your business!  Run for governor and you can have the house too.  Don’t make me close the road you live on.

I have to turn off my channeling while I look at this guy.  Because frankly I have some serious Moon/Saturn issues myself, and a big fat Mars T-square from hell too, and I can swear way more than he can and would love to prove it to him.    Let me ‘splain what I’m talking about here, the moody ass Moon of Chris Christie — not the beach ball one you can see with your eyes, but the one you can hear in all the crap he says in this video.  Wouldn’t it be kind of fun to just say, “Are you stupid?” anytime you thought it?

So yes, while the people of New Jersey celebrate the reopening of their beaches and turnpike exits, I have lit a candle for this whole crew to go to jail and stay there forever.  He may have been smart enough to avoid doing anything that Mueller will eat him alive for, maybe.  But judging by Bridgegate, and Kim Guadagno’s subsequent run for governor, maybe not.  They all seem to think consequences can’t possibly mean them.  I’d like to know if they’re all wrong, including this guy.  And thus gentle reader I have Astrosplained the soon to be forgotten Chris Christie.  Ding, dong, the mitch is dead.

chris christie chart.png

This is a very busy, eye-poking chart. But the first place to look is the Sun, the prime directive of the soul seeking incarnation.  Here I do have a proper birth time, thanks again to the valedictorians at Astro.com.    Houses and angles add a wealth of information, and this chart, like Harvey’s, is a great example of prominent angles.  This is a locomotive chart with a Mars engine, overall ruled by Saturn.

This is an extraordinarily complicated Sun, with a blinding number of aspects in both red and blue.  This is a lot of ego conflict, a lot of engagement with other people as shown in the video above.  The Sun is in Virgo, so Saturn is the ruler of this chart.  However Pluto is combust, or consumed within the Sun’s corona.  While Uranus is out of orb for the Sun, it is in orb for Pluto.  I realize this is controversial, but for now I am a believer in fudging my orbs.  I have seen that everything is connected, and people can pull their energies in a lot of directions, even if the connections are not so automatic to the naked eye or strictly mathematical.  Scientists have only known how bees can fly for about ten years, you know.

At any rate I am considering conjunctions to be literally merged into one, like plastic beads that melt together into whatever shape, sort of like psychic gerrymandering.  People come up with all kinds of ways to extend their energies here and there, connecting dots that other people would never imagine.   It’s one of the luxuries of the way I work, that is to say cherry picking information from charts of public figures.  For example Christie has Regulus a smidgin out of orb for the Midheaven.  But I would have to say he looks to me like one who definitely fancies himself king, which is further borne out by the Jupiter IC, which I am getting to.  And like with any of the Royal Stars, if your integrity falters in any way, the native fails spectacularly.  This is a deeply hated politician, who allowed Trump to use and abuse him and got rolled for his efforts.

For my money, Christie has the Sun conjunct both Pluto and Uranus on the Midheaven, in the Gauquelin sector even.  The Gauquelin sectors are the range within 5 degrees on either side of the four major angles, 10 degrees total.  A planet on the Midheaven is said to denote fame, because of the 10th house’s role in describing the career and public life.  So yes, Chris Christie is very famous for being an egotistical bully with unique ideas and a disconnect from the rest of humanity.  He does have a certain ingenuity, and the drive of a locomotive, or he wouldn’t be where he is.  But let me not dwell on Uranus, which is a minor player, subservient to Saturn as I will explain below.

Importantly, the only angle that Christie doesn’t have a major contact is his Ascendant.  He has the famous Blinking Demon, Algol, on the Descendant, opposition his AC.  I think it makes him capable of just about anything when it comes to other people and how he relates to them.   He has Neptune conjunct Toro in Scorpio in the 12th house.   Christie’s Neptune is complicated; even though it’s in the grand trine and kite, it’s in the 12th house, conjunct an out-of-control asteroid, and square the chart ruler, Saturn.  If the Ascendant is like the face, the 12th house is the back of the head, something we cannot possibly see without some help, like a mirror.  12th house things, it’s easy to forget they exist.  Other people can see them clearly, though.  Christie’s Neptune is thus IMO afflicted, especially conjunct Toro.

Also importantly, Scorpio is of the nature of Mars and Pluto.  Toro is the red flag waving at the bull, the thing that will make him lose it and charge.  The video above is full of such instances, where Christie is completely out of line with his constituents as though they were drunks harassing his children at a grocery store.  Scorpio is both mean and secretive.  Mars is the definitive aggression planet, especially when you have an Antares contact.  Evolved Mars is about clarity, courage, and leadership.  I have not seen that in him, though others obviously did enough at some point to elect him to office.  Again, Mars and Pluto are both raging in this chart.

The 12th house Toro Neptune got me to look at the specifics of his verbal sucker punches.  Neptune is about smoke and mirrors, when it’s at all afflicted.  It’s about poor integrity — which, again, in a chart with any Royal Star or Algol contact at all spells disaster.  The pattern I see in the above video is that when someone has Christie dead to rights, his Neptune basically changes the conversation to an alternative-facts one that enrages him, and then Toro charges.  He has his own red flag, basically, is his own bull, and will defend his own bullshit to the death.  It’s on the back of his head where we can all see it, and he doesn’t think it’s a thing.  Buh-bye, Chris.

Like General Kelly and General McMaster, this is a guy who can’t afford to fib, even to himself, ever.  The 12th house makes you vulnerable to secret enemies.  I can only hope and pray he somehow stepped in something that leads Mueller et al. to him.   He is quite likely to have kicked enough underlings in the face that it could come back to haunt him.  I am confident they will get straight up his birthday cakes if he did.  Christie is oblivious to how obvious his poor integrity is, thanks to the 12th house Neptune.

Christie’s Moon is smack dab on Antares.   Antares-Aldebaran are in permanent opposition, on what I think of as the leadership-immaturity axis.  Any contact with either Aldebaran or Antares automatically puts the enemy at your back.  Antares adds to other chart factors (Pluto, Mars, Uranus) making him volatile.  Pluto is also immature, mean, vindictive, and prone to lashing out on his whims.  For me any Antares connection, especially as prominent as this one, tanks the whole chart.  (Also obviously an Aldebaran contact in an afflicted-Neptune chart; integrity issues send you straight to Antares.)

Add to that his raging Jupiter, where he truly feels better than everyone else, plus Algol, Regulus, Fomalhaut, and other issues, and this guy is a pre-Hindenburg walking around playing with matches.  There is nothing in this chart that speaks to humility, gratitude, or any kind of grace or centering, much less integrity.  He may look like a beer keg in a suit, but that’s actually a powderkeg full of nails underneath.  In a weird way he’s totally honest, by being a complete dick whenever it suits him, in your face.   He has greatly empowered the Moon by putting her at the head of a mini-kite.  But she’s at the head of a T-square, that lifelong psychic pebble in the shoe.   And again, he’s a giant pipe bomb of entitlement, emotionally.  That’s his deal.  His ideology is his own entitlement, full stop.

Worse yet, the other members of the T-square, the ones in such fierce opposition punching each other’s faces with the Moon standing between them, are his Jupiter/Fomalhaut IC and his Sun/Pluto MC.   So his moods, the way it actually feels to be him most of the time, is the old torn between two lovers, feelin’ like a fool.  Christie’s Moon is in the first house, which is why there is a highlights reel of him showing his butt on camera.  Even on election day, he doesn’t care enough about his protégé to bother being nice to constituents with cameras.  He doesn’t have a drop of anything in him that allows for that restraint.

Christie’s Moon is in Sagittarius, making her a tool of Jupiter.  Again, Jupiter represents the government, and Trump specificially with his strong Jupiter.  Trump himself is denoted by a contact with Seginus the Guard, which he has conjunct Jupiter.  But Christie has no Seginus or Algorab the Crow contact.  This may be partly why there would be absolutely no cabinet post for him.  Chris has a Jupiter/Regulus/born better than y’all issue.  And he’s moody AF.

For my own purposes of this series, Christie does not have any Mintaka, Seginus, or Algorab contacts.  He is a highly oppositional, highly conflict-driven motherfucker, which is obvious from the highlights reel.  His attitude is purely the raging entitlement to special treatment that screams out from his MC/IC axis.  Jupiter is there right on the IC, in Christie’s deepest heart of hearts, how he feels about himself.  And there’s Jupiter, conjunct Chiron on the other side like a smaller plastic bead melted to a giant one, with the IC and Fomalhaut fused to Jupiter’s other side.  Christie has an extreme belief in himself as an emperor among not kings, but peasants.

Another factor that always reminds me of the IC is Vesta the True Believer.  Vesta is sort of the sorest spot in your heart of hearts, something you would kill or die for, no questions asked.  I note that Christie often pivots to defense of his wife and children when he goes into self-enraging bull mode.   With all due respect, fuck both his mother and his wife.  I chose a picture with her in it for a reason.  Christie has Juno the Spouse conjunct his Vesta, which is all about his entitlement to be king.  Mrs. Christie is actually worse than Carmela Soprano to me, because society has always validated her as respectable while she stands on our throats.  Other than that I love her, totally.  His mom?   Well, he has Ceres on the North Node, right there in Leo, like a literal in-law apartment from his Marie Antoinette wife.  His mother made him exactly who he is.

Christie has a turbocharged Mars, in the grand trine and kite.  Fiery Mars is in the Moon’s sign of Cancer, which is like dipping a match in water.   But don’t worry, Chris has plenty of other things to make him highly aggro, discussed above.  Because Mars is in the prominent Moon’s sign, while the Moon is conjunct Mars’ worst enemy, Antares (anti-Aries), basically all his aggression defers to his own emotional agenda in the Moon.  What this guy does passes for leadership only because our society is deeply screwed.

Last thing to mention here on Christie’s Minute 16, 3rd house Saturn in Aquarius, a sign Saturn co-rules with Uranus.  Saturn is where the rubber meets the road, the one who lays down the law and tells you how it’s going to go.  Aquarius is prominent here because of Uranus’ place on the MC and Saturn’s location. Aquarius imparts a detachment to the rest of humanity, the Major Tom archetype.   Saturn, the chart ruler, is in the mini-kite with the Moon.  Saturn is the psychic skeleton, the physical infrastructure in which the personality can express itself.  Saturn always reads the fine print, even though he writes it.  He just does, that’s his thing.  He likes to nip problems in the bud, even when they’re not necessarily his problem.  That’s the thing about Saturn, he’s bossy AF and super annoying, like Sam Clovis.  Ultimately this Saturn/Uranus dynamic is what makes Christie so very comfortable ruling by fiat from on high.

Don’t let the door hit you in them birthday cakes, Chris.








Don McGahn, Astrosplained

I want to get out in front of my homework before I need to know about all of these people, like before their testimonies become public or they get charged.  It’s sort of like reading through the whole book on the first day of the class.  I’m a pain in the ass that way.  Anyway I started out to do Oleg Deripaska, but decided I’m too young to die.  So without further ado, let’s look at the fine young barrister riding the golden elevator of shame in the photograph above, White House Counsel Don McGahn.

don mcgahn chart

First order of business, the Sun is in the third decan of Gemini, so Mercury is where it’s at for Don McGahn.  He’s an attorney, so I would be looking for good Mercury bandwidth and solid Saturn.  Again, I don’t have the birth time, so no house or angle information which is always illuminating.  Mercury is combust, meaning hidden within the Sun’s massive corona.  Planets that get too close to the Sun, the human ego around which the life experience centers, get lost in the shuffle to some extent.  Don has a super complicated Sun/Mercury cluster with Mercury, Venus, and Mars all combust, a stellium late in Gemini.  His Sun is actually in a lot of trouble, IMHO.  I’ll circle back to that, I promise.  This guy probably identifies almost entirely with his thoughts, his head mind.

Before I come back to the specific stars and factors in this unusual chart, I’d like to point out that it is another locomotive , the definitive trend among White House personnel not closely related to Trump.   It takes a certain amount of focus and drive to get yourself a White House job by working your way in.  Importantly, Don has a rather unusual yod or “finger of God” configuration by way of Neptune in Scorpio.  Scorpio can be seen as God’s hand, Neptune the finger wagging back and forth between the Sun and Saturn.

Of course everything can go either way at any time, not only in astrology but in life.  So there are always different ways things could play out.  I am focusing on someone I expect to be charged with major crimes in the near future, an attorney at the highest level of practice whose Neptune is in as much trouble as McGahn’s.  As mentioned elsewhere in this series, Neptune is about personal integrity.  I see integrity as wholeness, an ownership of the entire life experience.  (This is the difference between a heaven or hell afterlife experience, how well you have processed your life, how complete your integrity is.  I go in-depth on all of that here.)

Don also has Jupiter conjunct Regulus, one of the Royal Stars of Persia.  Jupiter represents the government generally, and Trump personally with his strong Jupiter conjunct Seginus.  (I have used Seginus as a Trump-specific marker for this series, such as with Bob Mercer.  I have found Algorab to be another pertinent fixed star nearby with a lot of Trump-related connections, like Roger Stone.)  Then Regulus is the star of kings.   The royal stars make it possible for a commoner to make it to court.  But if you get into the palace and it doesn’t end well, it’s a rough landing for a regular guy.  Don also has Nessus the Wife Beater on Aldebaran, and therefore opposition Antares, putting him on the leadership versus brattiness axis, with a very bad influence there.  So two major fixed stars suggesting an integrity failure will be critical, unrecoverable.

Wait, did I say two?  His yod Neptune is opposition Algol the Blinking Demon, properly within the ruthless orb.  Three strikes, you’re out.  Especially Neptune, the blurrer or lines, makes Algol a very hard ride.

The combustion of all of his immediate planets except the Moon makes the Moon conspicuous in her absence.  And there she is, the engine of this locomotive.  So Mercury, the brainy, thoughts-and-wordsy part of McGahn, is by far the leader of his life.  He is a super cerebral guy, probably has a lot of associates and not so many friends, probably chatty, versatile, and able to relate to Trump in a lot of ways with the flightiness.  But clearly much, much smarter than Trump, smart enough to get that job honestly.  Still not quite able to get past the love of goofy hair, though.  Not quite smart enough to think that might undermine his credibility as a really sharp guy.

Don has the Moon in Pisces, where she is very moody, emotional, and empathic.  I have Pisces Moon and extreme Mercury too, what with my emotional rollercoaster and the Wordmatic 3000 running at all times.  I can only imagine with a Sun as busy as Don’s, that is much harder to control, especially when you’re as busy as he is in life.   In other words, I expect him to be a bit of a raw nerve, very easily triggered, emotions on his sleeve.  Looking as frazzled as he does in the golden elevator above.  His entire life must be an emotional rollercoaster.

Importantly, the Moon is opposite Pluto (conjunct Vesta) and Uranus in Virgo, ruled by Saturn.   Pluto opposition the Moon, just by itself, is a recipe for emotional volatility.  I expect Don has a lot of relationships end suddenly, whether by him or the other party.  Pluto is very all-or-nothing, very polarizing, and adds depth and passion, as well as secrecy.  Here, Pluto (described in depth in Stephen Miller’s chart) is on the same degree as Pallas Athena.  This, plus his Regulus Jupiter, can blow someone like hurricane Don McGahn into the White House.  There is no escaping Pluto’s penetrating insight and visceral drive.  Pallas’ glyph is like Venus’, but with a diamond for a head.  There is a hypermasculine quality to Pallas the Field Marshal.  She is a getter of shit-done, the head-chopper-in-chief.  So Pluto conjunct Pallas is outstanding for an attorney, even without the Gemini Sun stellium.  This is an attorney who goes for the jugular, because it really is personal.   Like Wilbur Ross, this guy has a really complicated Sun that could take up 3,000 words by itself.

Uranus is not such a key player in this chart, but it does something important.  Uranus is about flashes of brilliance, bolts from the blue.  It has been conjunct Pluto for a while, but in this chart it serves to keep Don off-kilter emotionally, I would imagine.  Don clearly has a tremendous inner life, with his Neptune yod.  But as I see it, his Neptune is in extra deep borscht.  McGahn’s Neptune is directly opposite Algol, the famous blinking demon that people either ride to glory like Nikola Tesla, or straight to hell like General Kelly or Saddam Hussein.    Integrity is always the make-or-break factor, I have it on good authority.   Anything can be either a blessing or a curse depending on your integrity.

There are too many ways for this McGahn thing to go wrong, is what it comes down to.  I would have to say key word unstable, even more than the permanently “I smell pee”-looking Louise Linton.  Louise is like the princess with the pea under her mattress.  But McGahn has actual depth, and much greater velocity as a human being.  It really is pretty bold of him to be living his life on the razor’s edge as he has been.  I kind of like him, because I still haven’t found out all the horrible treasonous shit he probably did.  He’s a bit Michael J. Fox-ish, kind of youthful and wind-swept.  Michael J. Fox News.

Anyway the Moon is probably Don’s least-aspected planet.  The planet with the fewest connections, especially in a chart where everything is aspecting everything, is a bit of a standout.  The least-aspected one is like a free agent, not necessarily working on the overall chart agenda.  It can be a hole in the personality, or a latent superpower that can be developed by addressing the issues represented by that planet consciously, as I have done with my least-aspected Venus.  Here, due to the overall volatility of the Moon herself with the opposition to Pluto, Pallas, and Uranus, and the nature of the Moon, I would expect his moods and instability to completely screw his life over.  Louise has a Gemini Moon, where she just doesn’t like feelings very much and defaults to her head mind.  But Don’s Moon is in Pisces, where it feels every little thing 100 percent in his heart mind, before his Mercury can mangle it beyond recognition.  His Moon is so unstable with the Pluto/Uranus situation, plus the shaky Saturn, that I imagine he’s a mess.

Saturn is the thing that provides infrastructure to the life, the actual physical expression of the life’s energy.  Saturn represents the body, the profession especially for an attorney, employers and employees.  When we see shaky Neptune in the chart of a professional like McGahn, we need to look also at Saturn.  With Dr. Hackett, for example, I saw problems with both his Neptune and Saturn, and suspected that he misused his professional license.  The investigator reported (allegedly) that Dr. Hackett was running a pill mill and was believed to also be a substance abuser himself.  I hadn’t thought about the pill mill, but believed he would treat patients unethically, like brought to him by criminals, which I believe he did with Shannan Gilbert.

Anyway here Neptune is in an extreme role.  It’s the caboose of the locomotive chart, which normally is sort of like the caboose on a train, more of an afterthought.  But anytime you have God wagging his finger at you, that finger is important.  Neptune, again, is about the things you can’t put a finger on.  It represents dreams (the Moon can, too) because if Buddhism is to be believed, “real life” is actually a dream.  That’s why Neptune is about intuition, and things that are deeply felt and thus believed.  So Neptune is bouncing McGahn back and forth between his complicated Sun and his also complicated Saturn.  His integrity, his higher mind, shifts its focus back and forth between his ego and all the things he believes about himself as a human being in the world, and Saturn, his internal fact-checker.  Neptune is the one that blurs the lines and opens the door to lies, for the reasons stated above.  Life could be a dream, sweetheart.  And thus you don’t have to buy into it at all, even though it is absolutely “real” when you wake up in a cold sweat.  The yod forces your hand, moves your eyes from here to there and back.

Don’s Saturn is complicated because it is conjunct both Vesta the True Believer and the North Node.  So Don does have the internal wherewithal to draw the line in the sand.  He’s bright enough to get the point, to know how to cross Ts and dot Is.   I expect him to be flighty as hell, but he’s not an intellectual bumblefuck like Big Don.  McGahn’s Vesta sits between Saturn and the North Node, suggesting that in his deepest heart of hearts, McGahn wants things to be correct.  He knows very well the difference between right and wrong.  The question is whether or not he goes the distance, forces himself to do the right thing every single time as Regulus demands of him.  And I have to give that a resounding no, sorry.

I would call Vesta being flanked by Saturn on one side and the North Node on the other something beyond commitment.  There is a sense of right and wrong that would be immediately and deeply felt and recognized as true north.  With the auspicious Jupiter and other chart factors, McGahn has obviously put that Saturnian stick-to-itiveness to work, driving his locomotive chart to where he currently is — on his way to prison.  I have no idea why.  But he’s going down.

Importantly his Saturn, his moral backbone, is inconjunct Uranus, and thus influenced by that whole deeply felt, off-kilter structure, which again tugs at his unstable Moon locomotive engine, making him likely to run very hot and very wobbly.  In a locomotive there is always a big empty spot.  Here it is pretty easy to identify visually as about the middle of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.  So the hole in his soul that really wants to be filled, that itch that he wants most of all to scratch, is there in the land of Saturn, where the rubber meets the road.

That desire for integrity, for everything to line up perfectly, is a very strong impulse within this native.  It’s designed to tug at that North Node and Vesta, and that deeply committed feeling of Saturn that will wait forever to get to the end of Capricorn, and scream “true north.”   Unfortunately I do not see a snowball’s chance in hell that Don McGahn has risen to the challenges of Regulus, Algol, and Aldebaran.  Granted Nessus is a minor asteroid, not necessarily in play here as there is no suggestion of any physical violence or misogyny at all.  But this boy is playing with fire.

Seginus, the integrity-lowering fixed star, is opposite both Vesta and the North Node.  Those are both conjunct Saturn in a little merger.   Seginus is conjunct Trump’s Jupiter, and thus pertains directly to everyone in his cabinet.  From the link above:

Fixed star Seginus gives a subtle mind, shamelessness and loss through friends and companies. [1]

I see it as Seginus the Guard acting as sort of the doorman at the Bada Bing, shaking the strippers down if they want to go work in the VIP room.

bada bing

The fact that the president has natal Jupiter (the government) conjunct Seginus casts a shadow of low integrity over his whole cabinet, period.  Like that guard is standing there peeing on the carpet, everything stinks.

At the end of the day, whenever I find out what he’s been up to, I’m going to be glad he’s going to get what’s coming to him.


Wilbur Ross, Astrosplained

At the risk of stinking this place up so bad I’ll need a hazmat team to decontaminate, I’m going to take a look at Wilbur Ross before he hopefully dies in jail.  The talking horse was funny, the talking horse’s ass not so much.

I have lit a candle for Bob Mueller et al.  to be the real rain that washes the streets of Washington clean. Good riddance to bad rubbish.  Gentle reader, Wilbur Ross.

wilbur ross chart

First things first, Wilbur has the Sun in Sagittarius, making Jupiter the chart ruler.  Jupiter represents the government generally, and specifically Trump with his prominent Jupiter.   Wilbur also has his Sun conjunct his North Node and Antares.  The North Node, as I have said elsewhere, is a perfected spot in any chart, the karmic end point of the life experience.  That is not necessarily to say it is a predictor of death, but more the primary take-away from the school of life.  Having the Sun on the North Node is about knowing exactly who you are, feeling your own destiny and charging toward it.

Then Antares has been discussed at length in this series.  It is the lower octave of Mars, representing all of the aggression and impulsivity with none of the clarity or leadership qualities of Mars.  Antares is the perennial brat, the defiant part of ourselves that stands in permanent opposition to the Archangel Michael’s star, Aldebaran.  Many of the Trumpets have Antares connections, including Czarinka.

Any Antares or Aldebaran alignment automatically makes enemies of those aligned with the other.  When there is a planet or point on the Aldebaran/Antares axis, the native will face challenges of maturity and leadership, whether they are for or against.  General McMaster has a very prominent Aldebaran, and is the natural enemy of the Antares natives — unless his integrity has been compromised.  If General McMaster’s integrity fails even the slightest bit, he goes down in flames.  The Archangel Michael will come for him.

Still on Wilbur’s Sun, it is in a grand trine with Saturn and Pluto.  Saturn is the bean counter, the money-grubber.  Pluto is the devil, the child murderer, the one who does whatever the hell he wants to anyone he wants to do it to.  This particular grand trine makes for a fine foreclosure king, especially with the Moon conjunct Vesta, Spica, Seginus, and Toro.   It was pointed out to me, and rightly so, that only Vesta is properly conjunct Spica here.  Spica is very far away, and has one of those ruthless orbs of probably 2.4, maybe 1.4 if I check astrologyking.com.   But as explained below, it automatically falls under Arcturus.  So if Spica lights up, Arcturus lights up, similar to Aldebaran/Antares.

After working on the Long Island Serial Killer stuff (John Bittrolff has extreme Saturn and Pluto, for example) I am feeling very old-school about conjunctions.  Because Vesta is conjunct the Moon, those two are fused into one.  The Moon is secondary only to the Sun, so lighting up the whole chart in her own way, just as we can often see her in the daytime.  Here Vesta is like an appendage of the Moon.  So when it contacts Spica, that automatically brings the Moon into the loop of Acturus.  Then Seginus is a longshot, but lo and behold there’s Toro right in the asteroid belt, well conjunct the Moon.  To me, Wilbur’s Moon is almost like an octopus with long tentacles reaching out to grab this handle and that one, as many as possible.

Spica is a lovely star, falling right under Arcturus’ gate.  Arcturus is the actual doorway to your higher mind, the path to your own true north.  Spica is thus highly auspicious, bestowing the most fertile of psychic fields, like the spot in your life where manna falls from heaven.  Ptolemy called it a Venus-Mars influence, which is unusual.   Jamie has described it here,

As the star of the grain harvest, it is the provider of our material needs, and indeed it does always show up well in that respect. There is, however, a word of warning to go with it: We only reap harvest if we have first sown the seed and cared for the fields, and what we reap must last us, and all who labored in our fields, until the next harvest is ready. He does not do so well from Spica who reaps what he has not sown, uses it profligately, or denies to others their share in his good fortune. As though to rub this in quite firmly, Arcturus in the sky above the Virgin’s Hand is the prime star of the much rougher character, the Herdsman, just as ready to take care of his herd but not to stand any nonsense from them.

Still on Wilbur’s Sun, the grand trine will tend to make things feel very easy to the native, like being in the gifted class and still getting As without trying, especially with the kites and T-squares in this chart, and the fact that it has an overall locomotive shape.  I believe the easy feeling of the grand trine with kites is mostly what allows Carter Page to be so completely oblivious, because his is heavily influenced by Neptunian delusion.  But it’s the same sort of feeling that everything is just fine, you can go for it.  And the world bears that out, by giving a PhD to someone as kooky as Carter Page.

Here we have two things, a proper kite in a grand trine, and a mini-kite with a sextile and two semi-sextiles, freestanding.  The kite is the little blue triangle from Jupiter to Venus and Saturn.  Saturn is thus highly empowered here, being like a fulcrum between a larger and smaller cooperative team.   Melania also has heavy Saturn.  I saw an article out of Slovenia about how kind she is, that she has decided not to sue bakers who make “Melania cakes.”  Is she not merciful?  So that little selfish bone, the one that lets you either forget or not care that other people can see you, is working overtime in Wilbur’s chart.  And I reckon it’s a part of Wilbur that Wilbur really loves.  Saturn is everything cold, damp, sour, and prickly, everything that makes you wait and then kicks your ass, like death and taxes.

Now, as I said (still on Wilbur’s Sun, his ego drive to come to this planet) Wilbur’s Sun is ruled by Jupiter in Sagittarius.  Jupiter is located in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, conjunct Field Marshal Pallas Athena.  This placement, especially at the end of Capricorn and combined with his other chart factors, makes him one whose mission in life is to remake the government from the top down in such a way as to extract as much money as possible, forever.  If your agenda is to drain the economy in such a way that it could never possibly be refilled, Wilbur’s your guy.  With an Antares Sun, the warning of Spica, and the punishment of the Herdsman (in this case Archangel Michael, waiting on Aldebaran to kick Wilbur’s ass) is a given.

For the Venus-Mars nature of Spica, Antares points us to the lower nature of both, even the Lesser Benefic, Venus.   In Libra,  unevolved Venus can be superficial and vain.  In Taurus, she can be lazy and selfish.  Unevolved Mars, like the Antares Wilbur has so strongly committed to with both his alpha and omega, his Sun and his North Node, is about destructiveness for the fun of it.  This is an extremely ugly combination of factors, one born to smash the moral compass and erase it from our memories.  All those blue lines will make that extremely selfish agenda not only easy for him to accomplish, but he can feel just fine inside the whole time, not one qualm.  Especially with his Mercury opposition Mintaka.

Mintaka was my original line of investigation, specifically the fascist/antifascist axis I believe it represents.  Anyway Wilbur’s strong Mintaka connection, opposition my Venus, is probably why he makes my skin crawl.  The first time I ever saw his creepy little face I felt like I was looking at a literal gremlin.  He offended both my Mars and Venus, Aldebaran and Mintaka.  But enough about me, just to let you see how and why others may rub you the wrong way sometimes.

So bottom line, my dislike of Wilbur is very authentic.  He is exactly who he meant to be, and I am his nemesis also by choice.  His mini-kite goes from Venus to Jupiter and Neptune.  Neptune is in Saturn’s sign of Virgo, so on Saturn’s material agenda.  Neptune is the turner of the blind eye, the one who decides whether to lie or avoid.  Neptune is about integrity, the spiritual nature of the individual.  I think of it as the oceans of planet me, the primary characteristic of my planet from space, like a negative image of a mountain range beautifully hidden by water.  There is no way to tell what exactly is down there, or where it ends.

Anyway once your integrity goes sideways, it can be really hard to recoup.  There is always the option of taking every single chart factor in the opposite direction.  Especially in a chart this dynamic, this is a person who really could have made the world a much better place.  (Like the slave trader who repented and wrote Amazing GraceExactly like that guy, who cried out for grace for himself while in a storm at sea, survived, and then continued trading slaves.  D’OH!)

In a high-integrity native, this would be one who creates new, sustainable economic systems that benefit the Earth and all its children increasingly over time.  That would look like taking that Antares/Node/Sun and seeing that hell is the most direct route to heaven, on Aldebaran.  Just let go and Michael carries you directly to the top.  He could do that, or be Trump’s Putin-ball-licking foreclosure guy, one of the two.

Now that I’m finished talking about Wilbur’s ego/Sun and stinginess/Saturn, this is a locomotive chart with Pluto at the engine.  Speaking of plumbing the depths of your own bad instincts, Pluto, the guy who ripped a hole in the earth to abduct a highly fuckable child.  Again, the Antares/Node/Sun almost guarantees the lower echoes of everything in the chart.  So Wilbur has Pluto in the grand trine, opposition his chart-ruling Jupiter, either at the tail end of Cancer or 1 Leo.  The last degree of Cancer would make it the absolute bottom of your heart, like Vesta.  The first degree of Leo would make it almost like a mini-ascendant, the Sun stepping into his designated spot.  Without a birth time, I can’t tell.  Either way, as noted above, Wilbur has no emergency brake on his lower impulses.

With the locomotive, as with General Kelly, Stephen Miller, and most White House personnel, we see a native who intended to take charge of life and get a lot accomplished, someone with a lot of zeal for their interests, a getter-done of things.  (Stephen Miller has a prominent Pluto, evident in his speech writing.)  Hope Hicks is experiencing her Saturn return on the world stage because her locomotive chart rolled her into the White House like a coal train.  So again, Wilbur is a man with a plan, and the parts in his hand.  Despite being as trustworthy as Putin, Wilbur is basically a what-you-see-is-what-you-get guy.  If you look at his face, and read his Wikipedia, you will probably understand him just fine without even reading any of this.

So there’s also the Moon, Vesta, Spica, Toro, Seginus over in Libra, ruled by Venus.   Wilbur’s Venus is in Scorpio, so ruled by Mars (at the head of a T-square) and Pluto (opposition the chart ruler in the grand trine) and overseeing this mini-stellium.   Before I go back to that, his Venus is conjunct Juno in Scorpio.  I expect his wife to be his partner in crime, literally and figuratively.  Scorpio is underhanded and mean, and she’s in it to win it.  Sad.

Stelliums generally refer to the main planets.  However I use asteroids and fixed stars, because ultimately every single thing everywhere counts, has its influence, whether we acknowledge it or not.  My kipu show me different things as I look around the chart, and I follow their lead and do my research.  So I may look at things differently, but I’m very Neptunian myself so I have tides.

Anyway this little pack of factors I believe does matter, even though Toro and Seginus are kind of sort of out of orb, maybe.  Seginus is a Trump-specific marker, due to his prominent Jupiter being conjunct Seginus.  Keep in mind Seginus is far, far away, and has a really tight orb of 1.4.  However Toro is an asteroid, one I would not normally have looked at except I changed my defaults to look at the serial killers, and they’re helping me look at everyone now.  So Toro is basically where one would “see red” and charge.  Harvey has it on Uranus, marking these sudden lurches at horrified women.   I have it touching nothing, over in Aquarius, making me hate people like Wilbur Ross.  Everything counts, always.

Toro is an asteroid, in the belt where we go from our inner to outer planets, the interface between ourselves and other people in the ordinary course of things, in all things.   So that lights up Seginus for me, especially with someone in the Trump cabinet.  I’m coming to believe that orbs can be a lot looser than I previously thought, after reviewing the LISK/victim charts.  It’s also conjunct both Vesta and the Moon, under Spica as discussed above.  The Moon is our moods and feelings, the way our consciousness constantly ebbs and flows.  It does not emit light, only reflects the light of the Sun.  In the same way, the Moon represents that part of ourselves that we are never really fully in control of.  Some people have a harder time with moods than others (ask me, I know!).  Louise Linton, for example, is the proverbial princess born with the pea under her mattress.  She is exactly the woman in her wedding picture, precisely.   Her mood is probably almost never good.

The Moon is automatically important, right after the Sun.  This is not really a Moon-prominent chart, Wilbur is not that moody of a guy especially with so much Saturn.  Jupiter’s moods are usually pretty good, as long as he has two scoops of ice cream and somebody brings him a Diet Coke when he pushes the buzzer.  But Scorpio can run really hot, and he does have Toro right at hand.  With the Seginus connection I expect him to be an economic pit bull for Trump, check.   And with the Moon and Vesta the True Believer, that just lets you know he falls asleep every single night rubbing his money with a big smile on his face.  I’ve come to think of Vesta as a sort of mini-IC, that most tender spot where you live in your heart of hearts.  It’s the way my dad used to say, “I swear on my mother’s grave.”

Ultimately Wilbur will look great in orange.  Don’t let the door hit you on the ass, Precious my Precious.












Carter Page, Astrosplained

I really hadn’t planned on traipsing down Cuckoobird Lane all the way to Carter Page’s house, but I just saw a Jake Tapper interview that made me wonder if I was having an LSD flashback.   I can’t take any more of this guy.  Just WTF?   Gentle reader, I Astrosplain because I don’t want you scratching a hole in your head trying to understand Trump’s version of Gale Boetticher, the man so smart his friends killed him for doing a good job, because I care.   I care enough to understand Carter Page for the good of us all.  You’re welcome.

carter page chart

I chose the picture above specifically because the thing that freaks me out so much about Carter Page is the way he smiles, like in the picture.  I’m sure Anderson Cooper wasn’t telling him a charming anecdote at the time.  Jake Tapper and Chris Hayes ask him about things that constitute treason, about senate committees and federal investigations into his looney behavior, and he looks like what they’re saying just couldn’t be any funnier or more adorable.  It kind of makes me want to throttle him.  It’s obviously inversely proportional to how unpleasant the questions are.  I can only guess that it comes from being a Minnesotan, the old Minnesota nice, Minnesota ice, smile when you hate somebody.

A glimpse at this chart shows that we are not talking about an average bear.  I have never seen anything quite like it, I don’t think.

Step 1, the Sun is in Gemini, so Mercury is the chart leader.  Mercury is in Taurus, conjunct Algol the Blinking Demon.  Taurus is ruled by Venus.  Therefore since she rules the chart leader, Mercury, she is the co-ruler overall.  She also has prominence due to the importance of her other sign, Libra.  Algol can be either an amazing blessing, as with Nikola Tesla’s Uranus/Algol conjunction, or a curse, like most people who have it conjunct anything.  It’s an intermittent urge and ability to take some idea or experience beyond what other people can imagine, like open Pandora’s box on one topic. Carter has three Pandora’s boxes, two of them directly reflecting the native’s materialism:  Venus and Saturn.

Because of the Mercury conjunction, Saturn is the third most important planet in this chart, IMO.  It’s not really so much a four-way conjunction as a merger, like candles melting into one.  Saturn also co-rules Mars and the North Node, in Aquarius and the grand trine, as does Uranus.  Venus arguably overtakes even Mercury with the Sun, however the conjunction of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn here is truly a blend of all three with Algol into one blinking demonic bobble-head.

Carter Page has Mercury and Saturn on Algol, which explains a lot.  Though his Venus is out of orb for Algol, it is closely conjunct Mercury, putting Venus also into contact with Algol.   I think the crazy smiling while you’re about to be literally hung for treason is evidence of him having a very different sort of mind.  It’s partially attributable to his Moon/Uranus in Libra (ruled by Venus), which I will come back to.  Saddam Hussein had Mercury on Algol, as does General Kelly.  I ‘splained him when he first moved over to Chief of Staff, before his integrity issues really showed out in full.  In hindsight it’s easy to see the twisted rationale behind his understanding of slavery.  An intellectual contortionist.    See Mercury on Algol as one who might think or say anything, much more potentially random than Trump.

Mercury is an extreme cleverness, restless mind, sneakiness, willingness to involve siblings in business, flexibility, competitiveness, and importantly the spoken word.  Then Saturn is about materialism, and would tend to support his extreme ability in academics and intelligence.  However it could also make him sort of tunnel-visioned, unable to relate as much emotionally due to focus on money and material issues.  It would also tend to give the sort of stick-to-it-iveness that makes him so accomplished.  It’s a commitment to his own bizarre ideas.

But clearly, like Gale Boetticher, this is a truly brilliant man.  He has extreme intellectual bandwidth.  Whenever we find birth data on Papadopoulos, we are not going to find him to be so very clever.  Page, on the other hand, has a PhD, and has a truly impressive curriculum vitae in intelligence and international affairs.  Even so, this brilliant goofball goes on television over and over to dig himself even deeper into the hole.  I am speculating that this is his grand trine, the lovely blue triangle in the middle, making him perhaps overconfident of his ability to smooth things out with his giant turbo-powered brain.

Importantly, I am giving Carter an Aldebaran Sun conjunction, though he is an RCH out of orb.  I say this because first of all, this is obviously a remarkable person, or I wouldn’t be talking about him at all.  In a chart with either an Algol or Aldebaran connection, any integrity issues are a serious problem.  An integrity breach in an Aldebaran chart activates Antares, and nothing good comes of his monkey business.  An integrity breach with Algol can take your lid off — ask Saddam.  Aldebaran is something like a universal adapter that can be used to access any archetypal energies.  It makes the mind of the individual something like a universal remote, in terms of connecting with guides.  I believe this is partly what makes Carter so loopy-loo, he can see a lot of things, a lot of ways his crazy Uranian ideas could play out.

The Moon and Uranus are conjunct Algorab in Libra, ruled by Venus.  Uranus is about electronics, changeability, sudden insights and inspirations.  Uranus makes things change on a dime, adds a wild card and a streak of brilliance.  The Moon is constantly cycling, controlling the tides and reflecting the Sun.  In the astrological chart, the Moon represents our moods, feelings, and projections.  We project our consciousness outward constantly in order to have any experience at all.  Then like emotional sonar, it comes back to us reflected off of the people and things in our worlds.  A less-evolved Moon avoids painful feelings and projects them onto others instead.  As we evolve emotionally, the Moon becomes empathy and self-awareness.

Carter has the Moon and Uranus in Libra, ruled by Venus, in the sign of pleasantry.  Libra is an air sign, and can be very superficial.  This is especially so due to the conjunction of those two planets with Algorab the Crow, and their prominence due to placement in the grand trine and Venus’ overall importance here.  A grand trine is a circuit of positive interactivity and mutual support among planets.  They can put people in the gifted class, though things can come easy and people may not always motivate as they would with a T-square or some other hard aspect pattern.   With the Venus/Algol contact, and Algorab bringing a negative quality to everything it touches, I would expect the laziest, most selfish, superficial form of Venus.  The grand trine would only make her lazier.

As mentioned elsewhere, Algorab is a nasty star, bringing all manner of low instincts to bear.  Like a huge family of crows, the Algorab contingent have come to pick whatever shiny things they like off the ground, whether they need them or not.  Though there are many great things about crows, on the downside, as with Algorab, they are scavengers, opportunists, liars, coyotes of the air.  Their human counterparts are all over the White House these days.

This is a really fascinating combination of factors, and I believe this is ultimately what makes him do the crazy smiling.  That is Libra smoothing out the lightning bolts from Uranus and the upsetting way it would make him feel in the Moon, if his Moon ever experienced things instead of bouncing them.  Carter’s Libra Moon helps him not internalize negativity, but bounce it like a psychic mirror.

Carter has some super complicated oppositions to motivate him, namely the chart ruler, Mercury, opposition Neptune and Jupiter right in the beginning of Sagittarius.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius, which is about getting out there and having a good time, and not sweating the details.  Collateral damage is not something Jupiter worries about while he’s in Sagittarius, especially not while conjunct Neptune.  Neptune is the thing that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, which seems to be a serious problem for Carter.  Carter has an afflicted Neptune, under the bad influence of his buddy Jupiter the sailor on shore leave and opposition the chart rulers and Algol.  This would tend to make someone likely a liar, and also liable to abuse substances and/or live in a fantasy world.

This particular Neptune/Jupiter conjunction in early Sagittarius I think is very unfortunate for Carter.  At the beginning of Sagittarius, Jupiter is at his most extreme, most likely to behave badly.  Jupiter of course represents government generally, and Trump in particular with his intense natal Jupiter.  So Carter is all set to turn a blind eye to anything that could impede his good time.  Having this opposed to his Saturn and Mercury, his ability to think strategically and focus logically, does him no favors.  He is truly delusional.  He keeps going on TV and jabbering like a madman because he lives in a fantasy world where it’s all going to be fine, thanks to his grand trine and genius Algol brain.  Carter Page is a one-man Pinky and the Brain — one is a genius and the other’s insane.

Mars, Vesta the True Believer, and the North Node are all in Aquarius here, with Mars and the Node conjunct.  The Nodes are perfected spots in any chart, sort of like the Sun, due to their importance in the life.  You may think of the South Node as the point where the soul emerged into the life, like a dragon coming up from the water into the sky.  Then during the life the dragon flies overhead, and plunges back down into the water at the North Node upon death.  The North Node is our life’s trajectory, whether we like it or not.  How we get through our lives is our own choice.  But we choose what we will learn before the birth, and there is no changing that lesson plan.  In Aquarius, Mars would be more passive-aggressive, taking the 1,000-mile view of human affairs, especially in this chart with the Venus/Saturn/Mercury Algol, where anything goes on any of those topics.  Venus on Algol would allow him to smooth over and blow off anything.  Mercury would allow him to similarly rationalize anything at all, no problem, especially with Saturn’s help.

So Mars becomes a key planet not only because of the North Node contact, but because of its placement in the grand trine.  Aquarius was traditionally ruled by Saturn, and is currently thought of as ruled by Uranus, both of which are key planets in this chart as described above.  Thus Vesta, the fire in his heart, the things he believes to be most true about himself, the things he would kill or die for, answer to both Uranus and Saturn.   Uranus with the weird ideas, and the wide-open Algol Saturn with the greed and selfishness.  This seems to have rendered Carter’s moral compass nothing more than a trinket, unfortunately.  He is an example of someone who could’ve been anything at all, so much so that he couldn’t focus and choose very well.  I don’t envy him.

Carter doesn’t actually have a least-aspected planet, which is something of a latent superpower that can be a hole in the personality if undeveloped.  It’s a free-agent planet, basically, that can operate free of the limitations the other planets face.  However, Carter’s Sun is almost the least-aspected, despite being in the grand trine, because it only makes two aspects and they are both positive.  A least-aspected Sun would tend to make someone a bit of a guru type, unflappable, peaceful inside.  And I think that is also part of the way he comes across that makes me want to slap the smile off his face.  With his airy Libra Moon, he really doesn’t feel things all that deeply anyway.  Even if he did, he has all kinds of weird ways to interpret them thanks to Uranus, and his Neptune allows him to the king of delusion.














Jeff Sessions, Astrosplained

Ladies and Juggalos, I wish Bob Mueller would catch me being a naughty astrologer and give me the spanking I deserve.  He’s probably married, I’m sorry to say.  Seriously, I hope he throws Jeff Sessions under the jail, along with all his little creeps like Stephen Miller and the truly insane Carter Page.  I really can’t wait until it’s in the congressional record, all the dirty stuff Sessions has been up to.  I hope Kamala Harris makes him nervous at his sentencing.  Let’s sniff up on the rotten little gremlin in the hollow tree of democracy to whet our appetites for the day Mueller fixes him.

jeff sessions chart


First things first, Jefferson Beauregard Biscuits and Gravy Sessions has the Sun at 2 Capricorn, right on my south node, which feels gross.  Saturn is the leader of this chart.  2 Capricorn is a really hard place in the zodiac, basically a double Saturn.  The beginning of a very long and hard road.  So he intended to take as much responsibility as possible, and wait however long it might take.  Take response-ability.

Jefferson Beauregard Spanish Moss in the Graveyard Sessions has a striking chart similarity to Sam Clovis.  Both men have locomotive charts, which has emerged as the predominant style among White House personnel.  Both have Saturn-led charts.  And both have Neptune conjunct Algorab the Crow as the focal planet across from the big empty spot, the psychic itch that the native seeks to scratch within the life experience.   Sessions’ Neptune is an RCH out of orb for Algorab, but as with the serial killers, some of it is on the nose even if out of orb.  Algorab is a nasty star, indicative of all types of low-integrity behaviors and associations.  I have found it quite common in the Trump administration as mentioned in the recap here, which is outdated at the moment due to the huge influx of information.

Anyway I would call this a Uranus locomotive, with Vesta the True Believer almost centered in the empty spot, not quite opposing but across from Neptune.  Jefferson Beauregard Mint Julep Sessions’ Neptune is sorely afflicted, squaring his Sun, Moon, and Mars.  For bonus points is it also conjunct Ixion, the one so sneaky he would do anything to anyone for money.  It is also able to prod the sore spot without activating Vesta.  In other words, he may be one of the world’s most amazing liars, able to believe his own propaganda as if his life depended on it.

An unhappy Neptune is about addictions.  That can be to substances, gambling, or just lies.  Narcissism is essentially an extreme form of lying, in which one continually projects their shortcomings onto others.  That is what makes someone able to say the sort of things this twisted elf has said, like that he liked the KKK until he learned they smoked marijuana.  That is also a very weird, left-field sort of thing to say, very Uranian.  Uranus is both the altruist and the misanthrope, he’s simply an outsider.  An afflicted Neptune is a structural integrity problem in the soul.

Jefferson Beauregard Dogs Sleeping on the Porch Sessions’ shady Neptune is in a mini-kite, a sort of benevolent alliance with Mercury and Pluto conjunct Saturn over there in Leo. Again, Saturn is the chart leader.  Leo is ruled by the Sun, the ego, the conscious mind of the native.   So the chart leader himself is beholden to the ego.  This is about as material a person as you might hope to meet.  His Neptune is afflicted, unlikely to bring him any spiritual insights while conjunct Algorab, and positioned to derail the development of integrity at Vesta due to the nature of Neptune’s influence, that of blurring the lines and offering illusions rather than truths.  I take this particular Vesta/blank space/Neptune interaction as very much like with Sam Clovis, a person who can rationalize however they feel.  Speaking of feelings, the Moon is in ice-cold Capricorn here, the other intuitive part of the consciousness.  So don’t expect any warm fuzzies or good vibes from him.

Jefferson Beauregard Boiled Peanuts Sessions has Mars combust, meaning hidden by the Sun’s massive corona.  A combust planet ends up being wrapped into the person’s self-image in a way that probably seems automatic to them, unremarkable.  This would make him sort of very traditionally male I would think, a true believer in old-fashioned gender roles.   Importantly, he has a number of inconjuncts, or redirections of energy among planets.  The Sun, Moon, and Mars are all inconjunct the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.  Saturn and Pluto combine for a really ugly control freak, between Saturn’s petty selfishness and Pluto’s lust for dominance.  Both are considered malefic planets, and here they are involved with literally everything in the chart except Uranus, the engine of the locomotive.   That raging desire to control the material world is, again, in service of his ego, there in Leo where it feels like the lion king.  Sessions represents a worldview that is notoriously committed to staying inside the box.  So this iconoclasm and unconventional strategizing adds to the extreme dishonesty of the chart overall.

Venus and Jupiter, the two benefics, are conjunct in Scorpio.  Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, both of which are involved in inconjuncts/redirections.  Mars is combust by the Sun in Capricorn, in mutual reception with Saturn/Pluto in Leo.  Mutual reception is like planets being guests in each others’ homes, they are automatically inclined to support each other.   Basically his ego makes him feel like an appropriate authority figure, and the more authority he gains, the more it feeds his ego.  Will be really fun to watch him put on an orange jumpsuit.

Hat tip to the smarties at astro.com for pointing out the Ixion and Orcus connections in Harvey’s chart, which I need to re-assess.   I have not been working with those two, so that is some new exploration for me.  On a hunch I punched them into this chart, and lo and behold, quite prominent indeed.  Orcus is a newly discovered planet, and its effects are still being speculated on.  But it is in the nature of Pluto for now, and conjunct Sessions’ Uranus.  Uranus, his 1,000-mile view of the human condition, is the primary tool he uses to advance his double-Saturn, material-world agenda.  Uranus is about electricity, invention, and thinking outside the box.  Yet he appears to be an extremely inside-the-box guy.  That’s the shady Neptune.  Mueller is coming for this goofball, coming like the winter.  Too clever by half.

The North Node is on Aldebaran here.  Any integrity compromise with one of the royal stars, in this case the one representing the Archangel Michael, is playing with fire.  A low-integrity native with an Aldebaran contact is actually an Antares contact due to the relationship between those two fixed stars.  And of course that puts Antares on the South Node anyway.  Antares is toxic masculinity, a preference for unevolved Mars.  Antares is the one who rages against maturity, the perennial brat, another conflict-driven motherfucker like Ixion.  It can be read as one who was born to overcome his worst impulses, because he will be met by the Archangel Michael himself at death.

The North Node is a perfected spot in any chart, the ultimate karmic destination of the life.  It represents not so much what the native should do, but what they will do, one way or another.  People are not necessarily aware of this.  The first time I considered my node it made no sense at all.  I’m sure he has no clue what a mess he made of his golden opportunity, his Aldebaran contact.  General McMaster is the natural enemy of the Antares people, with his Aldebaran contact.

The Venus and Jupiter combination strikes me as a way of putting a kinder face on your sense of entitlement to be king.   Jupiter represents government, and specifically Donald Trump, a very Jupiterian figure with prominent Jupiter himself.  Venus can be very selfish and spoiled, and Jupiter loves to spoil her.  Then Uranus the inventor is somewhat detached from the rest of humanity, viewing us sort of in the abstract.  This helps him along with the passive aggression this chart drips with.  The redirects/inconjuncts from Saturn and Pluto to the Sun, Moon, and Mars looks to me like an ongoing attempt to covertly control everything in the native’s life and the world as he knows it.  Combined with the low-integrity Neptune, selfish Saturn-dominant chart, and Mercury in the mini-kite, this individual probably can believe his own propaganda, and is fully invested in selling it to the world writ large as a means of controlling the many things that make him anxious.

Jefferson Beauregard Jim Crow Sessions’ Uranus co-leader does some strange things in this chart.  For one, it is the engine of the locomotive, the thing the native leads with.  Uranus is about electricity, inventiveness, and alienation.  Nikola Tesla had Uranus conjunct Algol the Blinking Demon.  This is a reminder that anything can be either a positive or negative depending on how you use it.  Tesla was always an outlier, but his entire life was focused on society and the human condition.  The two men seem to have very different ideas about what humanity needs, though, and how best to go about it.  Uranus gives a herky-jerky, inconsistent, off-kilter energy to anything it touches.  Mercury is about thoughts and words.  The opposition here between the words one speaks and writes, and the bolts from the blue of Uranus, could mean big, big trouble come Mueller time.  I expect Sessions to be completely screwed on his paper trail, specifically emails.

Sessions’ Uranus is conjunct Mintaka, the nearest thing to the former epicenter of fascism in ancient Orion.  That was the beginning of this Astrosplaining series, my desire to see how the ancient Orion wars are playing out now, as I see my side about to win.  It’s no surprise to me that he has a chart co-leader on Mintaka, he is definitely a soldier for the other team.  Importantly, he is a deeply conservative, establishment Republican from one of the most conservative Republican parts of the country.   Uranus is the free-spirited weirdo, like Tesla, the guy nobody really knows or understands.  On the surface, Sessions is the opposite of that, the ultimate good old boy.

Because I don’t have an actual birth time, it may be that Jefferson Beauregard Alligator Bayou Sessions’ Vesta is actually at 1 Aries.  It could be at 29 Pisces.  I honestly can’t say which fits him better.  29 Pisces would tend to give him a sense of being able to create magic, being one with an expanded perspective that can be implemented.  Then 1 Aries would also make sense, because that is the most aggressive point in the zodiac IMO.  Again, the Sun has swallowed Mars, which is also important in ruling both Venus and Jupiter here.  Mars is quite busy in this chart.  I would tend to think his Vesta is probably in Aries, because he is actually very aggressive when it comes to his deeply held beliefs.

Jefferson Beauregard NASCAR Sessions is from the south, which is why I keep screwing with him about what a stereotype he is, named after two different confederate generals.  He is like a cartoon character of a respectable southern racist.  I’m not saying my northern Catholicism is any good, by no means.  We’re a nightmare.  Just that in his own context of white Alabama, this chart makes perfect sense.  My dearly departed friend Shelby, the consummate southern belle, had to explain the whole story below to me after the Christian lady left.

The south is populated by Christian groups that do not necessarily have any sort of baseline standards other than the Bible.  An illiterate, itinerant preacher can put up a tent and have an instant congregation, and forbid them from reading anything but the Bible.  Whatever he says, goes.  I once had a lady from the south tell me her pastor told her not to open her mind, because the devil could get in.  It was one of the rare moments that I was speechless.  I wanted to ask her, “What if he’s trapped in there and can’t get out?” which I thought was too obvious.  She would not have taken the question well.  She basically thought I was leading her on the merry road to hell with my relaxation guided imagery.  So being closed-minded is considered a virtue in Alabama for a lot of people.  In that context, Sessions makes perfect sense.   He has Vesta over there in the psychic vacuum, like a bat signal harkening back to the good old plantation days.  His Neptune helps him gloss over any unpleasantries, then and now.  As long as he keeps his Mars under control — no swearing, no public dancing, no pussy-grabbing — he’s a rock-solid Christian.  At the end of the day, he was a self-professed fan of the Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

While writing this I was reminded of my neighbor’s pastor in North Carolina.  He told me that a lot of people are outside of God.  I asked him how it was possible to be outside of the alpha and omega.  Where is that located, outside of the alpha and the omega?  So it’s alpha, omega, miscellaneous other?  Of course he had no answer.







Harvey Weinstein, Astrosplained

I’m taking a break from my artwork to Astrosplain sexual harassment icon Harvey Weinstein, pictured above.  This follows pretty naturally from the Long Island Serial Killer series, using the same sexual perpetrator/victim axis analysis.  Harvey’s chart is stunningly on the nose for what we know of his life story.  So grab your pepper spray, and let’s go meet Harvey.

harvey weinstein chart

Before I get into the meat of this intense chart, obviously all those red lines explain a lot about what we now know of Harvey.  And again, thanks to the A students at astro.com, I have a birth time to work from.  So there’s angle and house information.

First things first, Harvey was born on a day when the Sun changed signs, from the very end of the zodiac to the very beginning, Pisces to Aries.  Harvey’s Sun is clinging to Pisces for dear life, literally 40 seconds from the end of the entire zodiac.  So Neptune is the ruler of this chart, and the traditional co-ruler, Jupiter, is also prominent for the same reason.   The last decan of Pisces is where anything can happen, the very tail end of the zodiac.  It has the nature of Scorpio, so Mars and Pluto, both of which feature prominently in this chart.  Jupiter is conjunct Mercury in Aries, so ruled by Mars.  Harvey is an aggressive guy in general, and specifically an aggressive self-promoter.  Jupiter is the man who would be king, especially with Harvey’s fixed stars.  Mercury represents the thoughts and words, all of which are directly tied to his sense of self-service.  In a chart where Mercury is this far from the Sun, I expect one who does not so much identify with his thoughts and words, like Sam Clovis.  Especially in a Neptune-led chart, the internal life is much more real  to the native than his thoughts and words.

Ptolemy didn’t know of the existence of Neptune, and would’ve used Jupiter.  So Jupiter is automatically a key player.  While Neptune is the planet of mystics, snake oil salesmen, and alcoholics, it is also the planet of show biz.  I was sure Harvey was going to turn out to be an Aries, based on his famous aggression and impulsiveness.  But no, it turns out that show business, the smoke and mirrors of it all, the personal fame and prestige was what really drove him.  Also Neptune is about illusions and delusions.  I saw yesterday that Harvey is now hailing himself as the hero of the whole thing, the one who brought the conversation to a head.  That is some extreme Neptune.  I feel that also reflects Harvey’s prominent Regulus and Jupiter.  Harvey has Regulus on the Ascendant conjunct Vesta the True Believer.  Harvey’s entire self-image, in his deepest heart of hearts,  is  that of a benevolent emperor.

Even after de-crapifying this chart, it’s still a little difficult to see exactly what the overall chart shape is.  I am calling this a locomotive chart with a Uranus engine.  A locomotive, like Hope Hicks, is one who came here on a mission with a lot to accomplish.  There is by definition an empty spot in the chart, reflective of an itch the native cannot scratch.  Harvey’s is not so pronounced as others, but his is located basically right on top of Algol, the blinking demon, which he seems to be in tune or compatible with.  Algol is about taking the lid off, anything goes in a certain sense.  In this case it is roughly opposed by Mars, a very important player in this chart.  But I will come back to that.

Harvey also has a nice grand cross, with feet in fire (Aries), air (Libra), water (Cancer), and Earth (Capricorn), making a perfect X in a box.  You don’t really see that every day, though it’s common enough to be identified.  Those are all cardinal signs, the mark of a person who is an initiator, a go-getter, a self-starter.   The grand cross native is remarkably capable.  Those red triangles are called T-squares.  Each of them is like a pebble in the psychic shoe, spurring the native to action in some way.  The grand cross has them nicely balanced, like two legs using their opposing actions to walk.  So of course all of those red lines amount to internal friction.  It’s no surprise to see that Harvey is quite abrasive on the inside, always at war with himself in multiple ways.  This is a guy who really could have accomplished anything he set his mind to.  He could give Alexander the Great a run for his money, like Paul Manafort.

All of those red lines across the center are oppositions.  Each of them represents two planets who are permanently in each other’s faces in this person’s life, two parts of himself that must be reconciled, or at least deal with each other forever.  In a well-actualized person, this can be like an arranged marriage, wherein two that didn’t necessarily choose the arrangement choose to adapt and flourish within it.   I’m sure this happened to some extent with Harvey, or he wouldn’t have been so successful.  All that harsh Neptune would’ve caused him to have serious substance issues, I would think.  If he didn’t manage to become successful with this configuration, it would’ve killed him for sure.  It’s a remarkable amount of tension.

Really interesting about Harvey, his sexual abuser asteroids.  He has Nessus the Wife Beater in the Gauquelin sector, 3 degrees off of the Midheaven in Taurus.  Planets within 5 degrees of the angles, especially the Midheaven, are thought to be markers of fame.  Harvey’s name is now synonymous with sexual abuser, so that is on the nose.  He also has Mars, whose symbol is literally a visual euphemism for an erect penis, 2 degrees off his IC.  The IC is sort of the heart of hearts, who that person really is on the inside as opposed to who they are publicly.  So Harvey really is a walking hard-on at heart, especially with all those hard angles in the grand cross.  Just to underscore the point, Harvey also has Pluto about 5 degrees from the Ascendant.  That would give him a foreboding, controlling, manipulative vibe.  He looks like a creeper even in the cleaned-up picture above, at least in my opinion.  People are quite intimidated by him in person, I’m sure.

The Ascendant can be likened to the front of the face, and the 12th house to the back of the head.  It’s the part of ourselves that we cannot see by definition.  So Harvey’s Pluto — which is not quite close enough to be considered in the 1st house — is something he is not really aware of, how much he scares and creeps other people out, how controlling and abusive they really find him.  Pluto carries the stench of death, and as I explained in Stephen Miller’s Astrosplain, he is quite like Popeye’s archenemy Bluto.  Harvey even kind of looks like Bluto, with his shaggy face and crazy eyes.

Importantly, Harvey has fixed star Regulus 5 degrees off of the Ascendant in the 1st house.  Regulus is one of the Royal Stars of Persia.  All of those are make-or-break influences, in that they are an integrity challenge.  I predicted the extreme demise of General Kelly, in no small part because of the integrity challenges I saw in the chart specifically with the Royal Star Fomalhaut.  The Royals bestow the greatest of glories, but only to high-integrity natives who evolve into them.  Those with integrity issues, like General Kelly, will crash and burn spectacularly, like General Kelly.

Especially with Regulus in the 1st house right in the Gauquelin sector, we can see how some people saw him as the king of kings — generous, fun-loving, one who showers favors and blessings on those in his court.  But of course that Pluto in the 12th house, and Mars on the IC, all of that counts for sure.  He could’ve used those things with integrity, developing the clarity and leadership qualities of Mars rather than indulging his own sexual needs and impulses.  But he has a very volatile and dynamic chart, with lots of riled-up, angry stuff going on.  So if you’re wearing Regulus on your proverbial sleeve, right on your astrological face on the Ascendant, your fall is going to be extra public and humiliating, and there will be no recovering from it.  You can’t fall from that height and survive.

Harvey has Dejanira, the prostitute/sexual victim asteroid, late in Sagittarius in the 5th house.  Late Sagittarius is like an aging satyr, still working on his hedonism well into his old age.  Because it’s right at the beginning of the 5th house, which is the house of parties, creativity, and fun, there’s a sense of young, sexually available women being what you need to get a party started.  Sagittarius is notorious for not sweating the details as long as he’s having fun.  Harvey clearly never thought there would be any consequences, he could just let the good times roll forever, no matter who they rolled over.

Importantly, his prominent Uranus is also conjunct Toro the Raging Bull in the first decan of Cancer.  That would suggest sudden surprise attacks that the other person couldn’t necessarily anticipate or counter, pretty much on the nose.  This is consistent with a “con”-type serial rapist.  He was planning the attack all along, got her alone on false pretenses, and decided when to spring.  He was accused of at least one blitz-style rape too, wherein he knocked on the door of a woman he knew professionally, and when she opened it, forced his way in and forcibly penetrated her in the small foyer.  But his basic approach was the classic con rapist, where he gets the woman to trust him and then surprises her.

Harvey has the Moon, Chiron, and Vertex all conjunct in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.  The Moon is in her detriment in Capricorn, meaning she’s not comfortable there.  The Moon is the softest part of us, the feeling part, the part of us that curls up into a ball on our worst days.  Capricorn is the proverbial rocky hard place, a very cold place for the Moon.  Melania Trump is the classic Capricorn Moon, you never see her sweat.  It’s not that they’re unemotional.  It’s that they present an unflappable front.  They are the opposite of moody, they only have one mood:  off.  Chiron is the wound that will never heal, and the vertex automatically makes it something the native is destined to deal with, a question that will arise in the life.  Harvey appears to have a marked lack of empathy, which could be reflected in Capricorn’s Saturnian selfishness as his underlying emotional state.  A con rapist is by definition a sociopath.

Harvey’s Neptune is also conjunct Spica.  Neptune, again, rules show business.  From the linked article on Spica from astrologyking.com:

As the star of the grain harvest, it is the provider of our material needs, and indeed it does always show up well in that respect. There is, however, a word of warning to go with it: We only reap harvest if we have first sown the seed and cared for the fields, and what we reap must last us, and all who labored in our fields, until the next harvest is ready. He does not do so well from Spica who reaps what he has not sown, uses it profligately, or denies to others their share in his good fortune. As though to rub this in quite firmly, Arcturus in the sky above the Virgin’s Hand is the prime star of the much rougher character, the Herdsman, just as ready to take care of his herd but not to stand any nonsense from them.

The Royal stars make best friends and worst enemies.  Integrity is the make-or-break factor IMHO.  Harvey’s integrity breaches were significant, his entire world was built on them.

Before I wrap this up, I’d like to note that Harvey has Venus conjunct the North Node.  This is generally a sign of marrying well.  His wife certainly seems to be a much better and more socially acceptable person than himself, someone who puts a much nicer finish on his public persona.

Also, thought I don’t have it displayed on the chart, Harvey has Algorab the Crow conjunct Saturn.  This definitely makes him a cheapskate when it comes to his own money, though the Regulus, Jupiter, and Neptune things could tend to have him making it rain other people’s money, or at least in a way that actually costs himself nothing.  Algorab is very prominent in the Trump administration, with people like Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and Sebastian Gorka all having Algorab connections.  I have come to view Algorab as a distraction with material self-enrichment, like a huge family of crows who arrived on Earth to pick it clean of shiny things, whether they need them or not.