Paul Manafort, Astrosplained

paul manafort

I watched Get Me Roger Stone on Netflix, as well as the Zembla documentary about Trump’s Russian mob ties — both very interesting.  So without further ado, allow me to Astrosplain one of the architects of Trump’s America, Paul Manafort.

First thing to say about Manafort, Jupiter is a key player in his chart, like the handle on a bucket.  Jupiter late in Capricorn suggests one whose every move is calculated toward feathering his own nest as much as possible, in the biggest and longest-term manner imaginable.  That is the prime directive that all the chart factors discussed below serve under.

However, his Jupiter is also inconjunct both Saturn and Uranus (as well as Pallas, discussed below).  The Saturn inconjunct would give a certain lack of reality checking to his balance of promises and deliveries.   I would expect this to be someone who may promise you anything and give you Chanel, or promise you Chanel and give you anything at all.  The Uranus inconjunct reflects both lucky breaks and weird setbacks, flukes, longshots, and unexpected outcomes.  It also represents his buddy Roger Stone, who is always a wild card.

Mars is also featured, as Manafort has a cluster of planets including the Sun in Aries.  This is an interesting chart, quite a lot to look at in terms of who we know Paul Manafort to be.  But I will key in on the fixed stars to allow you, gentle reader, to really understand this man without wading all through the swamp.

Paul Manafort chart

The Trump crowd shares a few astrological themes among many members, including a foggy or impaired Neptune.  Neptune is about confusion, illusions, delusions, escapism, sleight of hand, sleight of mouth, and sleight of mind.

Neptune can also represent substance abuse.  Paul Manafort is the first one of the impaired Neptunes in this group that I would expect to be quite a heavy drinker.  He probably never appears drunk.  But my guess is that he escapes in a very direct way.  I say this partly because when I looked at his Neptune, I smelled strong aftershave, suggesting that he was covering for metabolized alcohol.

I’m going to highlight his fixed stars, because they surprised me.  Manafort has Neptune conjunct Algorab, The Crow.  I just described Neptune above.  Here, Neptune is opposing three of the key planets in aggressive Aries, directly opposing his Sun.   The Sun represents the conscious mind, and here I see some escape mechanism involved, a false self-image that is central to the native’s thought process.  Manafort’s Neptune would be challenging even without the fixed star action.  Algorab is a malefic star, adding an inclination to misbehave to his already shaky Neptune, directly opposing his personal planets in volatile Aries.  This chart shows a very complex relationship to anger and potential willingness to act out.  It would be very easy for such a native to lash out at “others.”  People would be easily externalized.

Algorab shares much in common, attitude-wise, with the also prominently placed Antares.  Antares is literally anti-Aries, the unevolved form.  So displaying the aggression and impulsiveness of Aries, without the clarity or leadership portion.  Manafort has Chiron , The Wounded Healer, directly on Antares.  Chiron is something I’m still intuiting the deeper meanings of.  But I do understand it to be a very personal process of integrating the themes of one’s life.  That sounds like bullshit, I know.  But it’s the way a lot of things are all kind of the same, when you take the long view.  That’s my sense of it, anyway.

Manafort’s Chiron is (conjunct Antares) in Sagittarius, so answerable to Jupiter, the bucket handle.  Something about learning to control his worst impulses despite his strong need to pad his nest egg.

To me, Manafort doesn’t come across like someone with this amount of ill-will in his heart/mind/spirit.  But the first two ugly bits weren’t the worst.  Next we have a real doozy, Juno conjunct Algol, the blinking demon.  Juno represents the spouse.  The two together suggest one who is okay partnering up with literally anyone, including Roger Stone.  I can’t actually think of a better example of Juno conjunct Algol than a guy who partners with both Roger Stone and the Russian mob.  No barrel too dirty to scrape.  (Note that this same thing could also make someone willing to partner with very unexpected people in much more positive ways.  There’s nothing in this chart to suggest any higher-level activity though.)

One of the big questions I’m working on right now is about Mintaka, whether a prominent Mintaka connection reflects souls who have come to finish the business of ancient Orion.   Manafort has Mintaka conjunct Pallas Athena.  If you were looking for someone willing to field marshal for the devil himself — or for Pallas Athena in her role as heroine — I would go with this configuration.  Pallas Athena has a diamond for a head.  She recognizes patterns and is a master of strategy.  That’s what Manafort does for a living.

So the big nasty roundup for Paul Manafort:  Antares, Algol, Algorab, Mintaka.  Four strong malevolent influences.  He looks like a sleaze, which is what I’d expect with his Neptune.  He looks like a shady bastard.  But he doesn’t look as mean and nasty as this combo platter would suggest.  All that Aries, I’d expect him to be more personally obnoxious, like Roger.  So maybe Manafort has a Libra Ascendant or something that makes him appear perfectly stable.

In summation, the most surprising thing in this chart is the actual bullying mean-spiritedness of it.  He used to strike me as a weasel, not a bully.  He’s both, but most importantly watch out for his mean streak.  He shares that prominent Antares, the Bart Simpson within, with Ivanka.  He’s actually fairly predictable himself overall, but he has no moral compass, and is willing to ride the crazy train into hell with Roger.


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