Mick Mulvaney, Astrosplained

Daytime friends and nighttime lovers, America has a budget gremlin.  His name is Mick Mulvaney.  He’s the one who’s not an African-American lady reading the riot act in the featured picture. When I heard Mick Mulvaney talking budget, I came away with exactly one message.  “The American people have one voice, and I, Mick Mulvaney […]

Tim Nolan, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, At the risk of turning my blog into a sex-offender registry, allow me to introduce Kentucky’s answer to Sam Clovis, Trump’s Kentucky campaign chairman, Tim Nolan.  The orange stripes aren’t an homage, that’s an actual prison jumpsuit.  Nolan was recently sentenced to 20 years on a score of human-trafficking-related sex offenses, mostly against […]

Rob Porter, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, Hope Hicks has notoriously bad taste in men.  It does not surprise me that Hope, with her Venus/Libra chart, worked on a smoothing-over for her new boyfriend.  In case my snarky hinting wasn’t good enough, I believe Hope Hicks is Trump’s comare, not Nikki Haley.  She and Trump have bigly chemistry, #Sad.   […]

Letters to My Countrymen: Glad Tidings From the River

Friends, Romans, and astrologers: A beautiful thing has happened.  Like the flap of a tiny butterfly’s wing down by the river, a breeze has begun.  Let all humanity rejoice. It seems quite small, and may not be permanent.  But a federal judge has stood up to the unconstitutional, anti-human laws that make homelessness a crime […]

The Winner

I’m feeling the gestalt of this piece, which is truly life-changing for me. This was my first attempt at drawing myself.   I have had a surprising amount of anxiety about drawing.  I almost never draw anything, and it has never felt good.  It never occurred to me to draw myself until a few months […]