Stephen Miller, Astrosplained

IMO, Stephen Miller, the gargoyle on the wall above, needs Astrosplaining.  By now I believe most people have seen him playing out his Great and Powerful Oz fantasies in that iconic press conference where he advised us that “the president’s powers are very substantial, and will not be questioned.” If you didn’t catch that stand-up […]

Roger Stone, Astrosplained

Roger Stone presents a conundrum.  In the brilliant Get Me Roger Stone, he’s very straightforward about his simple set of rules.  One of them is that being ignored is a fate worse than death.  So it’s like when a spree killer goes on a rampage because he wants to be famous.  Should we pay attention […]

Hope Hicks, Astrosplained

Someone I knew almost nothing about — including what she looked like, until I decided to do this chart — is Hope Hicks.  I have heard the name several times before, but always in a context where someone else was more compelling.  Last night, Hope Hicks showed up on my radar, so here she is.  […]

Louise Linton, Astrosplained

Full disclosure: I am not a fan of the Mnooch.    I was not planning to Astrosplain him, because frankly his chart is super predictable and boring, a la Don Jr..  However, like a jar of mayonnaise sitting out in the sun, Mrs. Mnooch, Louise Linton, has attracted my attention in a way that makes me […]