Studio Visit: Attifet Edition

I haven’t been Astrosplaining much lately, and I have missed it.  I’m teaching myself, with help from my friend Pat and some internet videos, how to make hats.  I got a pattern for this one. I went to the fashion district in LA to shop materials.  That is a once in a lifetime experience I […]

Flower Crown

In tarot, people with hats or almost anything on their heads are empowered.  The exceptions are bandages and shawls or cowls, and those imply different things.  The cowls/shawls are seen on children and imperiled women.  Headbands are seen on wealthy merchants and the bourgeoisie, as well as those who are blessed, such as the 2 […]

The Winner

I’m feeling the gestalt of this piece, which is truly life-changing for me. This was my first attempt at drawing myself.   I have had a surprising amount of anxiety about drawing.  I almost never draw anything, and it has never felt good.  It never occurred to me to draw myself until a few months […]