Letters to My Countrymen: Glad Tidings From the River

Friends, Romans, and astrologers: A beautiful thing has happened.  Like the flap of a tiny butterfly’s wing down by the river, a breeze has begun.  Let all humanity rejoice. It seems quite small, and may not be permanent.  But a federal judge has stood up to the unconstitutional, anti-human laws that make homelessness a crime […]

Letters to My Countrymen: The Guy Who Shot Malala

Dear Countrymen, Regarding the deaths of some men who may have attacked Malala, I must send words of loving counsel. As a Catholic, I do not approve of the taking of life.   As a firefighter I did not gloat over the death of bin Laden.  That emotional restraint wasn’t my Catholicism, though.  It’s a result […]

Letters to My Countrymen: Otto Warmbier

This was a fairly amazing press conference, by the team attending Otto Warmbier.  I wish they could coach the president on how to speak very carefully and avoid creating an international incident. IMHO, what the doctors masterfully said without saying is that Otto was chemically restrained.  They very clearly said respiratory arrest, while ruling out […]