David and Louise Turpin, Astrosplained


Not to get too depressing on you, but I’m on a roll with the WTF factor of the people who keep people trapped in squalid hellholes for years and years.  Inquiring minds want to know, need to know.

David and Louise Turpin, just when you thought nobody could be more gruesome or disgusting than the Garridos or Brian Mitchell and Wanda Barzee.  Looking at both of their charts also made a world of sense, and maybe I will do theirs, too.  It depends on if anything exciting happens with Bob Mueller, and how much art I do.  (A lot.)

Anyway, so these two.   Let’s do him first.

David Turpin chart

I recently explained about the asteroid belt, how I pick which ones to look at.  Here the same little cluster of asteroids and fixed stars plays a very similar role as it does in the charts of Phil and Nancy Garrido.  This is actually fairly stunning, watching the same cluster of asteroids play out prominently in all of these charts.

Here’s the quick and dirty on how David became the head of this particular household:

  • Ceres and Nessus on Algol.  This is actually rather terrifying conceptually.
  • Venus/Pluto/Toro conjunct.  This is not a lot better than the above.
  • Chiron on Fomalhaut.  Badly aspected Chiron gives the inability to check oneself before wrecking oneself.  Fomalhaut is an excellent star, giving extreme intelligence and clarity of thought, great for an attorney or scientist.  Fomalhaut is kind of like being on the Autobahn.  You need good integrity to handle that amount of power, and this guy doesn’t have it.  So that will definitely wreck him.
  • Uranus conjunct the North Node and Regulus.  Regulus gives a lot of things.  It can make people rise to the top, make you a king among men.  It makes people feel entitled to be treated like royalty.  Whether they deserve that or not, whether they do anything to actually make it happen, that’s an open question.  And they still want the royal treatment even if they’re slugs like David and Louise Turpin, who also has a Regulus issue, with Jupiter.  Regulus can almost be thought of as the “What goes up, must come down” star, as we see for example with Harvey Weinstein.

David has a Libra Sun, making this a Venus-ruled chart.  It’s hard to imagine a Libra even walking into such a horrible house, much less having anyone peeing on the floor, or the horrible misery in general.  Venus is about our ability to love and be loved, and how we connect with other people.  A Venus-ruled chart is a people chart, an extraverted (usually) one where it’s all about the other people in their life.  General Kelly has a Venus chart, for example.  He got Rob Porter a job.  The military is all one big back scratching festival.  That may not seem like Venus, but it’s the old “Who loves ya, baby?

telly savalas

No pun intended.  Neither one of these individuals has any idea how to love a baby.  That is clear from the charts.

David’s chart goes badly off the rails in a few ways.  One of them is the Venus factor, where bouncing off of other people is crucial to this native.  So Venus, the planet ruling the chart, must be in bad condition for a Libra native to live in squalor with children chained up in filth.  David has Venus conjunct Pluto and Toro the Raging Bull.   Pluto the Devil and Toro, the personal snapping point, are right on Venus.  This is all happening in Virgo, ruled by Mercury, where it does not get grounded emotionally.  Libra and Virgo are both cerebral signs, and not heart-centered.

Then his Moon is in Cancer, a water sign.  So he is very emotional, probably moody.   This strong Moon is likely part of the urge to hoard.   The Moon is about feelings, and in Cancer it’s all about the home life, the family, specifically food and nurturing, smothering.  Cancer has a hard time letting go, ergo the hoarding.  It’s also a backward-facing sign, causing one to dwell in the past, clinging to old hurts and bearing grudges.  (I have a Cancer Sun chart.)

The problem here, as with Nancy Garrido, is the busted Moon.  The Moon is a reflective body, having no light of its own.  It can only reflect the Sun.  In the same way, the Moon is what allows us to see ourselves in other people.  And that’s where this chart goes bad wrong, IMO.

Based on my own study of narcissism and sociopathy, and my review of my own life and the abuse I dealt with, I have seen certain patterns play out over and over.  The squalor, for one.  Nobody ever shackles somebody up and rapes them in a very comfortable spa-like atmosphere.  Also the food deprivation.  Ariel Castro was very open about depriving Michelle Knight of food.  When this Turpin thing happened, I realized that my mom left me home alone with no food day after day after day not by accident, as I had always thought.  I always assumed that she just didn’t notice, because she wasn’t good at noticing me.  In hindsight, now that I’m an adult, it’s very obvious.  It was intentional.

What the Turpins helped me finally understand was that my mom deprived me because it made her feel virtuous to do so.  She projected everything she hated about herself onto me, and so rejecting that sinful part of herself made her feel like she had it together.  And I believe that’s exactly what went wrong with David and Louise Turpin.  The thing is with that very dark Venus ruling the chart, there are going to be issues interacting with other people.  Then that empowered Moon does not bode well, because again the Moon is where we see ourselves in other people.  So if we don’t like what we see, that Pluto and Toro conjunct Venus are going to beat the hell out of someone, basically.  Beat other people until you like yourself.  That little clusterbomb is at the head of a mini-kite, a little cooperative circuit, and is the predominant aspect pattern in the chart.

With my extreme Moon, I see things I don’t like in other people, know that it’s actually me, and correct myself.  Unhealthy, miserable people do the opposite:  See something they don’t like in other people, believe the problem is really them, punish them until things change.  It’s very straightforward.  If you absolutely refuse to own your own caca, then of course all of your misery is someone else’s fault, and there should be hell to pay.

Further complicating David’s extreme projection issues, this is a locomotive chart, where the native has an enormous amount of inner drive to meet the needs that are addressed in the big empty patch of real estate.  Just as a locomotive has an engine and a caboose, so does a locomotive chart.  David’s engine is the Moon, which was already kicking like a donkey in Cancer.  The Moon in Cancer rules her own roost by fiat.  So David has a ton of personal drive to put into his projects, unfortunately for his kids.

The thing where it really goes off the rails, though, is that David has Ceres the Earth Mother conjunct Algol the Blinking Demon.  That’s already off the rails, suggesting that his mother was a demon.   The mother of his children certainly is.

That gets even worse, as we see Ceres then conjunct Nessus the Wife Beater and Vesta the True Believer.  This is a recipe for one who sees any form of maternal abuse toward the offspring as an actual article of faith, an inviolable and sacred part of the bond.  Ariel Castro had Nessus conjunct Algol.  Algol is about taking the lid off of Pandora’s Box on some particular topic.  In an individual of very high integrity, an Algol connection can create true wizardry, as with Nikola Tesla.  We can see by just the squalor of the Turpins that that is not their deal, without knowing any facts about the children.  This is a truly demonic combination of factors, no other way to put it.

Then that Uranus Regulus thing, that definitely factors in.  Uranus is about insisting on being your own weirdo.  It very often shows up in the charts of men with weird hair or grooming, Carter Page with his stupid hat, John Bolton with his push broom, probably Boris Johnson with his “baby chick just had a seizure” look.  Here we see a guy with such an intense commitment to his own idiotic hairdo that he makes his children wear it, too.  The thing that took me a while to understand about Uranus, especially when it’s badly aspected or in a very negative person’s chart, is that it can be really hostile.  That refusal to toe society’s line, to make them accept you at the White House even though you’re not qualified or even properly dressed for a business meeting ::cough cough::Steve Bannon::, that’s Uranus.  It’s the urge to make society do things your goofball way, refuse to toe the lines everybody else toes.  Wayne LaPierre has a big Uranus, and is also a rather big anus IMHO.

Then speaking of David’s favorite little she-devil herself, Louise’s chart.

Louise Turpin chart

This woman has a Gemini Sun, and her chart-ruling Mercury is completely off the rails.  She is a very intelligent woman, very much in her head.  This one may actually be schizophrenic, as well as just truly evil.

The first thing that leapt off the page at me in Louise’s chart, however, even more than the Sun, was the Dejanira the Victim (Nessus’ beaten/raped wife) conjunct both Juno the Spouse and Ceres the Earth Mother, on Spica!  Spica is God’s spotlight, an enormously powerful star located between the Earth and the even greater Arcturus.  Arcturus is heaven’s gate, and Spica is where manna can fall.  So Louise Turpin got into the worldwide spotlight (and definitely caught God’s attention, no worries) with her wifing, mothering, and domestic victimhood.

She’s not the victim of David, obviously.  But it would not surprise me if both of the Turpins suffered extreme childhood abuse.  They both have the factors you’d be looking for.  Ceres on Algol is very frightening, unless the mother is a magical wizard of nurturing and/or ecology.

Louise has a really, really big problem, though, completely aside from her horrible Ceres/Juno/Dejanira/Spica.  Louise has:

  • Venus on Algol – she surely reminds David of his mother
  • Jupiter on Regulus, conjunct Toro — believes herself entitled to royal treatment, will rage like a bull when not treated accordingly
  • Mars and Nessus on Aldebaran
  • Locomotive chart with large amount of drive
  • Pair of crossed inconjuncts (the dashed green lines) in the formation I think of as the “skull and crossbones”; I first noticed this in the chart of Nikolas Cruz, and have seen it recurring in the charts of antisocial personalities (including Phil Garrido, though I forgot to mention it in the article).
  • Jupiter T-square on Regulus

The T-square makes her chronically angry.  The Regulus and Jupiter contact screams of one who believes themselves entitled to bathe in the blood of babies if that’s what it takes to keep her skin smooth.  Jupiter is not normally a dark planet at all.  But just Venus on Algol would make her a very scary critter, capable of literally anything for love, or able to do anything to another person, or with anyone.  No limits on her ability to interact as a woman.  That’s partly why she was able to have so many kids — not a mean feat, a lot of women couldn’t.

That Nessus and Mars on Aldebaran is very bad news IMO.  As with David’s Fomalhaut and Regulus problems, Aldebaran is the home base of the Archangel Michael, and is thus not to be toyed with.  Actually neither is Sirius (David’s Moon) or Spica.   If your integrity falters with any of these fixed star contacts — especially Aldebaran — you are in for big trouble.  Things will not go bad in a small way, again, like the Autobahn.

So these are both very bright, very capable, highly motivated people, self-starters.  They both have prominent Uranus, with hers in several key aspect patterns.  They are both super weird, in other words, in case you couldn’t tell from the pictures.  They both have prominent Nessus, indicating domestic abuse.  I’m sure if I did a synastry chart I’d see that they have some intense Pluto connection that gives them intense sexual attraction (Lord please soak my brain in bleach) and a sadistic streak.

Louise has amped-up Pluto, conjunct both Pallas and Uranus in Virgo.  In Virgo Pluto is about head games, criticizing in the meanest possible way, manipulating and controlling with words.  Ariel Castro had Pluto in Virgo as well, and all of that fits with how he treated Michelle Knight, how his words were so intense and sadistic.  Pallas the Field Marshal gives this a darker tone, in light of the fact that they did these intense crimes over the course of many years.  She was the strategist, and brought her own weird ideas to the mix with Uranus, her need to be just as imposing with her quirks as David.

So yeah, thank God these kids got rescued.  God bless the one who managed to escape.  She’s another one of my heroes.  Amanda Berry paved the way for her escape, even if they never heard of Amanda.  In looking at this latest group of lives I have really come to see how important each of our personal experiences is within the collective consciousness, even if nobody ever hears about our courage or our survival.  It still benefits all mankind.  The entire world is a better place because those kids got rescued.  Even the parents are better off in prison, where they can’t generate any more of that karma, at least not with their own kids.




The Jaycee Dugard Kidnapping, Astrosplained

I remember hearing about the Jaycee Dugard abduction on the news.  It came at a time when my own mental health didn’t permit me to know about it.  Things like that were so upsetting.  I have always had such a hard time creating stability in my life.

Lately though I have had a lot of inspiration from other survivors, like Michelle Knight, Elizabeth Smart, and now Jaycee Dugard.  Now I’m able to look into the differences and similarities among both the survivors and the perpetrators.

It may be more healthy for me to just focus on the survivors.  But I really do want to know why people are so awful.  That nagging question persists.  Why?  How?  What makes a woman like Wanda Barzee or Nancy Garrido participate in hideous sex crimes against children?  If I had a husband and he talked to me about wanting young girls, I would feel like I didn’t belong in that relationship in any sense of the phrase.  I’m not who he wants.  He’s not who I want.  Period.  But that’s me.

Jaycee Dugard was waiting for a school bus at age 11 when the Garridos pulled up in a car and tazed her.  Nancy Garrido then pulled Jaycee into the vehicle.  They kept her locked up in sheds for 18 years, where she bore two children.  She is an amazing survivor.  But right now I want to understand how this match made in hell came to pass.  What makes a married couple hold a girl captive all her life?


I ordinarily start out with the Sun and work my way out, just as our solar system revolves around its core.  However I’m really not so interested in exactly who this individual is.  I want to know why he did what he did, what’s so broken inside of him — and even more so his wife.  How did this arise?  I don’t care about anything but that.

The first obvious place to look for sexual abuse is in the asteroid pair Nessus the Wife Beater and his counterpart Dejanira the Beaten Woman.   The asteroids are very telling here, so let me go on a wee tangent.

The inner asteroid belt consists of myriad bits of space debris from smashed planets like Maldek, lord knows what-all.  There’s a belt of that detritus floating around sort of between the “inner” and “outer” planets.

The inner planets consist of the faster-moving ones that stay near the Sun:  The Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.  Then you have the asteroid belt, which contains ever so many different rocks of various sizes.  On the other side of that are the outer planets, Jupiter through Pluto (that we recognize at this time), with Pluto being at the outer border of our solar system, in another asteroid belt.  So that’s what gives Pluto that intense, way-out feeling, like there’s no going back.  Beyond Pluto, there be dragons.  So that’s where we arbitrarily draw the border of our solar system for now, Pluto.

If you think about what the “inner” versus “outer” planets represent in the psyche, the role of the inner asteroid belt becomes more clear.  The Sun is about our sense of self, the literal human body that walks the Earth.  If you have a Jane or John Doe, those are Venus and Mars.  If you can’t tell the gender, it’s the Sun, just literally a human.

The Moon represents the part of your life that you’re not in control of:  fears, dreams, gut feelings.  It also controls moods, however moods by definition include thought processes.  In other words, moods are a combination of feelings and thoughts.  Sometimes they’re defined by the feelings, sometimes by the thoughts, if that makes sense.  Then Mercury is the thoughts and words, the part of the mind that one is aware of.

So the Moon is the part of our moods that we’re not so in control of, Mercury is the part that is easier to get a grip on (though most people don’t, and the Garridos certainly didn’t).  So I often oversimplify by saying the Moon controls moods.  If the Moon is in too much pain (it is usually the place of the deepest pain in a chart) it can be very difficult for Mercury to get a grip on the thoughts.  (Ask me, I know!)  Moods are complex.

So then we have Venus and Mars.  Venus is our ability to love and be loved, the ability to connect with and be supported by other people.  Mars is the ability to express the Sun’s mission directly, without reference to others.  This border of the inner asteroid belt is  the line between our personal space and others.

The bridge from the active principle of Mars to expansive Jupiter, which is well exemplified by “Don at Mar-A-Lago,” is the inner asteroid belt.  Mars is restless and has a chip on his shoulder.  Jupiter wants to run all around the world plastering his name on the biggest things he can find.  In between there are all those chunks of space junk, some of which we’ve named, some of which we think we know something about.  How could we know if this little bit of rock over there has some effect on some specific aspect of our lives?  How could that be?

Well, everything counts for something, always.  Life happens through you, not to you.  So each individual Sun chooses the time and place where it can best begin its entirely personalized mission.  We call that the natal chart.  So it’s not that any celestial body controls any person.  It’s that the relationships one chooses to everything describe everything about the native.  It’s just like walking into a café or a train car and deciding where to sit.  Things are the way they are when you choose to arrive, and you position yourself exactly where and when you choose.  Most of the time it doesn’t feel that way, though, which is why the Moon can be such a pisser in so many charts.  The Moon is that gnawing part of ourselves that feels things, like the ball of cognitive dissonance many people call life.

So any or all of those little bits of space junk in the asteroid belt could be important to us.  Phillip doesn’t have anything “major” on Antares.  Juno is a minor chart factor, as is Antares if there is no contact.  But look how evil his spouse is.  People always have the free will to choose which internal voices they respond to.  So asteroids can be like follow-up questions, things you might ask if you have a specific concern.

For example, think of your life experience as a highway and your body as the car.  As you’re rolling along, say through the American West, you can pick up a high rate of speed and not even feel it, just flying down the road.  You might not see another vehicle for an hour, as I didn’t on Highway 50, “The Loneliest Road in America.”  (There aren’t even trees, not a single tree visible on that road for hundreds of miles.)  But if another vehicle passes you from the other direction, you will see it for a very long way off.  And if it kicks up just one rock just the right way, and it hits your windshield just so, all of a sudden that one bit of debris on Highway 50 is the most important thing in your chart, because it causes you to flip over at a high rate of speed in the desert when you believe everything is just fine.

That’s of course an extreme example.  But it shows how something otherwise completely irrelevant, the proverbial needle in the haystack, can sometimes stick you in the butt.  The inner asteroid belt is where we take the basic personhood unit we develop with the Sun through Mars, and begin interacting with other humanoids, individually and in the larger group.  That’s what all those asteroids do, bounce off of our psyches the way the people of the world do.  They force us to grow and adapt in all those different ways.  That’s what relationships do for us.

Modern astrologers are still working out the meanings of these things.  Chiron is shown quite often in contemporary charts.  I also work with “the sisters,” Juno, Ceres, Pallas, and Vesta.

  • Juno the Spouse represents the spouse, and life partners in general.  Someone like Roger Stone has both a spouse and a lifelong partner who is possibly close enough to qualify as Juno in his chart, Paul Manafort.
  • Ceres the Earth Mother represents the mother, the way one mothers, and literally the planet Earth.
  • Pallas Athena the Field Marshal is the hypermasculine sister.  Her glyph is like the hand mirror of Venus, but with a diamond head.  Pallas identifies patterns and creates strategies.  She is the goddess of wisdom and craftsmanship, and associates with the courageous.  Pallas shows long-term and higher-level thinking, or not, specifically with respect to Mars.  Strong Pallas can take Mars from an angry mess like Ariel Castro to a highly evolved leader like John Kerry.  Pallas may be considered the Field Marshal to the Archangel Michael, represented by fixed star Aldebaran.
  • Vesta the True Believer is the temple virgin.  Vesta shows the point in the chart where one would rather die than yield.  Vesta’s glyph is like her hands in a V holding the bowl with the eternal flame.  Everybody has a line within themselves that they will never cross.

Of course there are many different asteroids, and which ones you look at depend on which questions you wish to ask.  I’m still unpacking the crimes committed against me in 1972, so I look at a few more asteroids on a routine basis:

  • Chiron the Wounded Healer is, if I’m not mistaken, large enough that it might be considered a dwarf planet (like Ceres).  It’s a fragment of Maldek, the planet whose inhabitants continued to escalate their aggressions until the planet literally exploded as a result.  So Chiron represents burying the hatchet, picking up the pieces and moving on with your life — or not.  The other choice is obviously still available, not to check yourself, to go ahead and wreck yourself.  Strong Chiron is also seen in the charts of those who don’t know when to quit, like Wayne LaPierre and Nikolas Cruz.
  • Toro the Raging Bull is where we see red and charge.  I am often looking at criminals and other misanthropes, so this is good to know.  This is the snapping point.
  • Nessus the Wife Beater is obviously crucial to this chart.  Nessus is the urge to commit violence, gender-based and/or within the domestic context.  Ariel Castro had Nessus conjunct fixed star Algol the Blinking Demon, which is basically like an opportunity to open Pandora’s Box on whatever topic, in this case domestic abuse.  And he thought of all that he did as a family, that’s his idea of husband/fatherhood.  He was born to explore every possible nook and cranny of abusive manhood.  He had two major problems to begin with, Mars and the Moon.  He was moody, impulsive, and angry, even worse when he drank.  (A bad Moon is very bad when drunk.)
  • Dejanira the Beaten Woman is Nessus’ wife.  Her role is self-explanatory.  She’s the woman who is assaulted by proxy, for whatever she represents to him.  Dejanira is every woman who was raped by the Golden State Killer while he screamed, “I hate you, Bonnie.”  She’s the punching bag, as Michelle Knight described herself and as I was.  Jaycee has Dejanira one degree off of her North Node.  As I’ve said elsewhere, the North Node is a perfected spot in any chart.  It’s the end of the karmic line for us, what our souls came here to learn.  The fact that Jaycee has survived her ordeal and is such a beautiful inspiration is a really wonderful thing, a beautiful healing of Dejanira within the collective human experience.  Really both of them, all of us.  But Jaycee has this right smack on her North Node.  She’s a goddess of not being abused anymore.

I’ve seen some very interesting work on Sedna, Ixion, and Orcus.  But I still have my hands full digesting the amount of information I get on each chart as I do it, I’m not so much able to explore every angle unless my saints present it to me.  So let’s get to these two deviants.    I’ll post them together, so you can easily see where these two click and where the sore spots are.

Phillip Garrido chartNancy Garrido chart

Phillip has Toro the Raging Bull and Juno the Spouse on fixed star Antares, the demon pit.  Antares is the low end of the leadership/toxic masculinity axis, in permanent opposition to the Archangel Michael on Aldebaran, linked above.  Basically Philip was born looking for a spouse or partner who would be his partner in crime, who would not battle their demons together but train them into a hunting pack.

And I’m sure it was love at first fright for these two.  Nancy has Pallas the Field Marshal conjunct Antares.  She was made to be his right-hand man.  Pallas, again, has a hypermasculine quality.  Pallas on Antares makes perfect sense in a woman who assists rape.  Where Venus has a round head, Pallas has a cut diamond.  She was pulled from her mother’s womb into her jealous father’s belly, and emerged from his head fully-formed.  So she’s missing that feminine softness.  She lopped off the head of Medusa after Neptune raped her, which is complicated.  Pallas is rock hard.

So Nancy not only has Pallas on the demon pit, like born to be the devil’s handmaid, she has Toro the Raging Bull conjunct both fixed star Regulus and Pluto the Devil.   Pluto is all about manipulation, sadism, cruelty, taking things to extremes.  Having compared the two charts I’m willing to bet abducting Jaycee was her idea.  She came up with a triple clever way to please her alpha, and Jaycee was their child sacrifice.

I’ve noticed with these sicko couples that they need to sacrifice someone else to somehow validate their relationship.  I recently saw a Chicago cop who was outed as a white supremacist.  His identity was partly verified by a picture of him with his wife.  On his wife’s arm was a large tattoo, the silhouette of a lynched man and woman.  Narcissism and sociopathy involve objectifying other people to satisfy your own sickness, so it makes sense that marriages can be formed around this.  I noticed that the Turpins, for example, used their children as sacrifices to their love for each other, much as the Garridos do.  There’s a video of Nancy Garrido being booked, Phillip about 15 feet away looks at her and mouths, “I love you.”  That’s why Nancy cooperated.  She lives in his bubble, she dances to his tune.  And she was born vicious.

Pluto is all about being sneaky and manipulative, which is a key part of Nancy’s deal.  I’m sure she thinks she’s very clever.  However she lives in a little bubble reality created by Phillip, much as Ivanka Trump lives in the little bubble created by her dad (and Meghan McCain, also with her compacted chart, with her dad).   Nancy is a person who likes to limit the focus of her life on one or two people.  Nothing else in the world matters to her, it’s not quite real to her, because her planets only go about 140 degrees around the wheel, not even close to 180.  This is a wedge/bundle chart, a person who has a very limited personality and does not fully engage the world.  A bundle chart is one who lives life to the 1/3rd-est.  They try to have the full range of experience with a limited cast of characters; others outside the bubble are not real or relevant to them.

Phillip has Pluto conjunct Dejanira the Victim.  So the two of them really were custom made not only for each other, but to do their very worst to Jaycee Dugard, with her pronounced Dejanira (again conjunct her North Node).  The way they treated her makes me want to say her name a million times.  Anyway he also has Nessus conjunct Venus, so a general predisposition to abuse women, even without the rampaging Mars.  This is a highly aggressive male with a lot of physical energy.

So here’s another really obvious thing.  Phillip has a locomotive chart, his major planets are all within 186 degrees of the 360 wheel.  When you have a large empty patch, a sort of psychic itch is created.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  The locomotive shape creates a high degree of motivation or drive, much as we see with the T-square, the red triangle that we also see in Phillip’s chart.   But the centerpoint of that blank spot, and anything happening in there, become very strong motivators for the individual, fueling that locomotive.

T-squares can be very angry in general, the congenital pebble in the psychic shoe.  Phillip’s T-square involves Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus.  Jupiter is the part of us that feels comfortable representing the many.  Jupiter loves spending other people’s money, loves to be the VIP, loves to be the life of the party.  He’s not so good and fine details or sometimes even basic integrity.  He likes to be the center of attention, and always puts himself and his name first.  Jupiter, like Saturn, can be very selfish, oblivious to the rights and needs of others.   In Phillip’s chart, Jupiter is the locomotive the main thing driving him.  He feels like a king when he has a naked girl in chains, basically.  He gets to do whatever he wants, and there are no consequences.

Jupiter is the larger-than-life part of us, the part that feels the most entitled to eat, drink, and be merry.  As long as he doesn’t have to use his own personal money, he loves to make it rain because he’s the original good-time Charlie, and he loves the attention.  Trump lives it up at Mar-A-Lago because everybody else pays him to be there.  That’s Jupiter, the Greater Benefic who gets this party started quickly, right.

Then that’s in opposition to Saturn, the Greater Malefic, the worst one in the zodiac before we discovered Pluto.  Saturn is the Punisher, the one who both writes and enforces the law.  Saturn represents things like law enforcement, tax collectors, bosses, everybody you don’t want to deal with because they can override your wishes.

Jaycee was liberated because Phillip showed up at a university police station wanting to have some festival of craziness, where he would protect law enforcement by giving a talk about his book, which is a different way of looking at schizophrenia or something.   There was some speculation that Ariel Castro left the door unlocked the day Amanda Berry escaped because on some level he wanted to be caught.  I don’t think so.  I think he got comfortable, got in a good mood, forgot himself.

Phillip showing up at the police station has, IMHO, everything to do with his T-square.  Saturn is about what passes muster on a material level, what can be empirically proven.  If Saturn says something is real, it is definitely real.  In other words, that Jupiter/Saturn opposition in the T-square makes him want to have his Jupiter stuff validated by the outside world.  Then Uranus the Weirdo is the apex of that T-square, where Phillip decides that the rest of the world should conform to him, because he’s the most insightful form of hairpin.  So when Phillip doesn’t feel his weirdness validated enough by the outside world, Jaycee will get punished, because Saturn punishes.

Uranus at the T-square apex makes him come up with weird, unorthodox ideas and solutions.  He’s a wild card.  So showing up at the university to talk to the police about schizophrenia made perfect sense to him.  Fortunately he was with Jaycee’s two daughters, and that interaction creeped the police officers out so bad they contacted his parole officer, and boom, they found Jaycee.  Jupiter makes him want to expand yourself and your ideas.  Phillip is reportedly a crystal meth user, and that makes perfect sense.  He gets grandiose when he’s high, enough to come off schizophrenic.

I watched the interrogation video of Brian Mitchell, the freak who abducted Elizabeth Smart.  He would ramble on and on with quasi-Biblical nonsense, and the police would put a screeching halt to it.  That was so refreshing.  Brian tried to come off crazy too, as Phillip does.  Brian isn’t even close to crazy, he’s a manipulative deviant.  But I believe Phillip’s craziness is either drug-induced or brain damage from drugs.  He’s way too good at not getting caught, especially with his little she-devil sidekick, to be truly as disordered as he wants you to believe.  And his Mercury is a non-factor.  He’s not schizophrenic.

The thing about a big Jupiter, it does make you sort of a “Big Daddy” type.  So his larger-than-life self-image was big enough for Nancy to set up shop in, basically.  The two charts work together quite well that way.  Nancy has Toro on Regulus, making her want to snap when she doesn’t get treated like royalty.  Good thing she was employed at a nursing home all those years, I’m sure nothing went wrong there.  Then she has Pluto in the mix, making her sneaky, manipulative, and sadistic.  She also has Nessus just slightly out of orb for Algol, which makes her at least compatible with Phillip’s worst instincts.  If anything I’m sure she feels like her Pallas Athena makes her his perfect field marshal.  The two charts are truly twisted together in a disgusting way.

Pluto is what makes Nancy think this kind of sneaky stuff is cool, this videotaping kids on the playground while he plays guitar looking like a terrifying freak.

Nancy’s Sun and Moon are both in the Moon’s sign of Cancer, with the Moon herself on Sirius the Sparkling.  This sort of fixed star contact makes for high-voltage, gives the person greatly expanded capacity.  Nancy has Sirius, Regulus, and Antares, all powerful fixed stars constituting their own sort of psychic third rails:  they could take you anywhere, but you must step very carefully around them.  This chart enables Nancy to plumb new depths of evil, like in the gifted class for sociopaths. But the intense Moon aspects are why she had the gall to argue that she was a mother figure to Jaycee and her daughters.  The Moon is about mothering.  For a woman with this extreme Moon-dominated chart to be involved in the above videotape just shows you how sick Antares really is.

So as I discussed the Moon above, it’s all about moods.  This does not mesh well with a strong Pluto, especially not in a wedge chart where the native is quite rigid.  Especially when they live in the bubble reality of a psychopath.  Jaycee has talked about how much she hates the phrase “Stockholm syndrome.”  She was not even slightly in love with or close to her captors.  They blocked the rest of the world from her view for a very long time, so they took on added importance to her in a way that would never naturally occur.  It’s not that she went along with it.  I see what she hates about this, the way people bandy that phrase about without understanding the finer points.  They systematically robbed her of her agency.  That has nothing to do with affection or any miscalibration on Jaycee’s part.

Also the Moon is about projecting, seeing ourselves in others.  When you have somebody as sick as Nancy, that means Jaycee becomes the embodiment of everything you hate about yourself.   Think about it:  you help your husband kidnap a young girl that he can rape every day of her life.  Then you resent her because she’s the other woman.  And that’s our Nancy, with her raging, busted Moon and her beloved pack of demons.  It’s all justifications for the evil mind games she wanted to play on her captive.  The whole thing was her idea in the first place, for sure.

The thing about Phillip, the main issue with him as I see it, is broken Mars.  Antares is the toxic masculinity poster child.  It’s literally anti-Aries (Mars), Antares.  So with the Archangel Michael as the highest and best example of what Mars can be, Antares is the opposite of that.  But Philip has the Sun, the Moon, and Mars himself all in Aries, ruled by Mars.  The Moon is a reflective, intuitive, emotional water sign, and does not belong in fiery Aries.  Water turns to steam with fire.

Then the Sun in Aries lets you know this is an impulsive, aggressive, conflict-driven individual.  Mars in his own sign, in charge of both of the luminaries in the chart, makes Mars the slam-dunk strongest player in the chart, with Jupiter the locomotive engine second, Saturn and Uranus tied for third.

In Phillip’s chart after listening to the police describe catching him, I expected to see ramped-up Mercury, with lots of disordered thoughts and words, possibly an actual schizophrenic.  Upon review of the chart, again, no, that’s all drug-induced IMHO.  Phillip’s Neptune, his basic sense of integrity, is all keyed to support his broken idea of himself as a man.  Ariel Castro had a serious broken masculinity problem, and so does Phillip.  Michelle Knight/Lily Rose has such strong Venus and Neptune that she literally brought out the devil in him in a way the others did not.  Her river-deep, mountain-wide Venus, her ability to love and be loved, blew his every little gasket.

I’m glad I am looking into these things.  Actually looking at these survivors, getting to know their ordeals and seeing who they are now, has really done my soul a world of good.  I thank God for them.  And thank you for reading this, giving me a voice.



Michelle Knight, Astrosplained

Michelle Knight


I normally make a lot of smart aleck jokes.  This will be a little different.   Today I’m talking about a survivor of the Cleveland kidnappings, Michelle Knight.

I usually want to unwrap the minds of the worst people, because of the extreme amount of abuse I have experienced.   I have only recently come out as a child trafficking survivor.  So while I’ve been dealing with it since 1972, talking about it publicly, sharing my process with the world, is really new.  The extent of my mental health issues may or may not be evident to readers of this blog.  But PTSD is my primary disabling condition, resulting from childhood trauma.

I’m doing a full analysis of this lady’s chart.  However I’m doing it in relation to myself, my own story, because she has been such an enormous inspiration for me.   When looking at someone with a known history of abuse, I like to take what I know of the behaviors and find them in the chart.  I like to know what makes people do the things they do.

Anyway this one isn’t as direct as the other Astrosplains, and I’m talking about myself, too.  So here’s the quick and dirty, if you just want to understand the greatness of Michelle Knight, aka Lily Rose Lee.


SYNOPSIS:  Michelle/Lily has a very strong, very stubborn, very loving Sun.  All of her personal planets but the Moon are within the Sun’s corona.  This woman knows exactly who she is, much more than many others ever will (including me, which is why I’m so inspired).   This is a very strong Venus/Sun chart.  Very loving and very clear on the reason for living, the worth of her own personal mission on Earth, and importantly, herself as a woman.

A Sun blazing like this is almost always an enormous butt of a person.   But Michelle/Lily was tempered in a raging fire for ten long years, and only the shining steel remains.  This is an amazing woman, and one who has used her afflictions as launching pads.  She is back from hell, both literally and figuratively.  She’s the only one of the three that no one was looking for.

She also has a very strong Neptune/Moon conjunction, which is in support of her Sun/Venus complex.  Dejanira the Beaten Woman is right there in the conjunction, showing that all of the victimization she experienced, from her birth right until the police breached the door, was part of her arrangement with the divine, to create experiences that would test her understanding of her own worth.  And she won.

With all that Taurus she’s incredibly stubborn.  She was treated so much worse than the others because she’s so much stronger.  She’s the one who would not break.  While Amanda is the one who actually escaped the house, Michelle is the one who broke his spirit.  She did that by plumbing the depths of her Neptune, and using her awareness of her own divinity.

Importantly Michelle/Lily has Nessus the Abuser conjunct Ceres the Earth Mother.  Her own mother was a domestic abuser towards her, in other words.  My sense of the mother is a histrionic narcissist, whose need for male approval was always Priority 1 (like my mother, for full disclosure of potential bias).

Her abuser has Nessus conjunct Algol, the Blinking Demon.  As discussed elsewhere in this blog, Algol is about the concept of Pandora’s Box, taking the lid off of some topic.  In his case, sexual/domestic violence.  I expected to see much more Pluto in his chart.  His chart is marked by the Nessus/Algol issue, with Mars and the Moon at T-square apices, causing lifelong extreme internal friction, sexual and rage issues triggered by moods.  Impregnating a captive woman and then beating her into miscarriage is extreme Nessus, and he did this multiple times.  When Amanda became pregnant, however, he was glad for the child, and treated that child almost like a normal person.  That child ended up saving them all.

So Michelle/Lily, the one with the strongest sense of herself and her own divinity, is the one who drove the abuser completely insane with rage.  Because again, he never broke her.  She broke him, with her rock-solid, unwavering Taurus.  To make a woman with all that Taurus live in squalor, in any sort of discomfort, is brutal abuse even without the actual beatings and rapes.  Just the bad smells, the uncomfortable bedding, the rotten food and stifling air.  Making her live with any kind of mess around is its own torture for someone with this Taurus.  She’s all about her physical space, her awareness of her life.

So that’s the short form.


I know about a lot of things that I have little information about, especially when it comes to the sexual sadism so often perpetrated against women and children.  For example, I know there’s a woman named Jaycee Duggard, and I sort of know what happened to her.  But her situation happened when I couldn’t cope with knowing about it.  I knew about the Cleveland kidnappings.    I cried literal tears of joy every time I thought about Amanda Berry running into that neighbor’s arms for years, still do sometimes.  But I couldn’t know much of anything about it.  That hit me too close to home.  My own mental health is really fragile.  I couldn’t eat for a week after Trayvon Martin was murdered.

I spent most of my time from 1972 until — well, I’m still fighting it actually — regretting my decision not to stay dead when I was murdered by, among others, Joe Kalady in 1972.   I am coming around to being very glad I did survive, like turning the corner from surviving to thriving, over the last year.

The Winner is something I recently did to knit together the disparity between the child who died in 1972 and the woman who resulted when she refused to stay dead, aka me, who I am now.  This piece was the beginning of me being glad I went to the trouble of surviving.


I hadn’t intended to include a Claddagh, the traditional wedding ring given within my mother’s culture.  The hands represent friendship, the heart love, and the crown loyalty.  So Irish people give such rings to each other, sometimes to a close family member or loved one.  (If it’s a wedding ring, the heart points in toward the wearer.  If a friendship ring, the heart points out.)  Anyway it was really important for me to suddenly see that in my finished piece, that I had inadvertently given that to myself.   I hadn’t realized how much I blamed the victimized part of myself for what happened to me.  I actually had to rip out and re-stitch quite a lot, because my intentions about it changed so much in the process.   Michelle/Lily is quite aspirational for me in this regard.  She has what I need.

I didn’t know that at the time, I just felt like I could watch the Lifetime movie about it, and am really glad I did.  The extent to which they showed details, which I know are true and not inserted for shock value, really freed me from a lot of shame.  I couldn’t watch all of it, I mostly listened and occasionally looked at the screen.  (I really like Raymond Cruz, who reminds me a lot of the man in my life.  So I actually didn’t want to see him and almost didn’t see his face.)   But I got all the way through it.  Like my personal demon, Michelle’s tormenter is dead, and the world is a better place now.

Another thing that has kept me from talking a lot about my experiences is that I don’t want to offer it up as porn.  I know that there were those who watched that movie and loved it in all the wrong ways.  But the greatness of Michelle has made it obvious how unimportant that is.  They really don’t matter at all, as long as they don’t have access to women or children.

At the time the Cleveland women escaped, I was thrilled, overcome with joy for them.  I started listening to their stories.  One of the first bits of information I saw was something that shut me down from going further, because it grounded my own fragmented memories to my reality.  A lot of what happened to me is a blur, partly because I was choked out and then moved a lot.  So I’d come to in a different place with a different person on top of me.  He’d see my eyes open and choke me out again.  The whole thing is like a smashed mirror.

I remember reading that the first thing he did when he got Michelle trapped was to hogtie her and suspend her from the wall.  That was something I believed Joe Kalady had done to me, too.  I had a lot of memories just like that, where I could recall something happening, like how it looked and felt, but somehow not believe in it, as though it were a movie I saw with myself in it, but had never acted in.  This threw my entire life out of whack.  As soon as I saw one of them reporting something I also remembered, the whole thing slammed shut in my head for processing.  I got through it by watching the above-linked movie.

I was glad I did watch that part of the movie, because it helped me understand both of our experiences better.  It helped me validate that yes, that did happen to me.  It’s not only possible, it’s a thing with these guys.  I had felt like it was so hard to breathe while I was suspended that it couldn’t be true.  By considering this subject, writing this post, I realized that the flashbacks where I wake up right before they hoist me, that’s because I kept passing out so they had to let me down to keep me alive.  I suspect that my significant orthopedic problems may be related to how excruciatingly painful that was.

I knew Michelle was telling the truth, and she said he left the house with her tied like that.  I didn’t see how it was possible.  (1) Joe didn’t have the cord around my throat, but a longer piece of bedsheet going from my mouth to my wrists and ankles.   And (2) in the movie Michelle was suspended with her waist supported, so she could breathe.  Big differences.  I would not have survived being left like that for hours without being let down.

There were a lot of reflections in Michelle’s story that align with my own situation, much more than the other two survivors, Amanda Berry and Gina Dejesus.   One of the worst parts of the movie for me (and the part I could not watch at all, and went in the other room for a minute) was about Michelle’s home life and the way he bludgeoned her with the pain of that.

I’m struck by how much more I hate Michelle’s mother than Michelle does.  That’s why I’m doing this chart.  I need to see what an angel actually looks like.  This is the largest person I have ever known of in my lifetime.

One of the best life tools I’ve ever been given is the idea of “act as if.”  When I see someone who has something I want, I notice that what I want is possible for other people.  Then I have to ask, why not me?  What would I need to change?  That’s usually not something I quite know how to do.

And in watching a few interviews with Michelle, I see that she definitely has something I want.  She first of all has many more “minutes in the ring” than I do.  That may sound odd to people who have never been physically assaulted.  But every second feels like a day when you’re bound and gagged.   I’m often able to tell by listening how many minutes someone has in the ring.  This is especially so when it’s a very low number, like zero, someone whose humanity has always been respected.  I have met a lot of people with much more abuse history than mine, many times.  But they’re usually not so high-functioning.  So it’s wonderful to not be the biggest adult in the room anymore, because there is Lily.  She is also much less bitter and depressed than I am, clearly.  She’s my role model for the person I’d like to be.  And honestly I’m not too far off.  The same things I respect in Lily are true of me, also.  Just much more with her.

Understand, gentle reader, that this woman’s privacy has been violated in ways that are inestimable.  So I have no intention of exposing anything but the greatness of her.  There is no claim of fairness or balance here.  I explain people either because I love or dislike them so much that I’m fascinated.  I do it for my own learning, because I need to.   Let’s look at Michelle’s chart.  (From here on out I’m going to call her Lily.  She’s asked people to call her that now, and I’m all in favor of her being exactly who she wants.  So don’t be confused, Michelle is Lily.)

Michelle Knight chart

The first thing I look for in a chart is the Sun.  Just as everything revolves around the Sun in our solar system, so does the entire life revolve around certain ideas that the soul comes here to explore.  The Sun, and its condition in the chart, are the logical place to begin.  And Lily’s Sun explains a lot about who she is, and why and how she survived.

Lily has the Sun early in Taurus, and in a stellium of personal planets.  A stellium is any group of several conjunct planets, or planets in the same sign.  Any planet within 8 degrees of the Sun is obscured within its massive corona.  Those parts of the personality become cooked into the sauce, so to speak.

Then there are different subsets of planets and other influences.  If you start at the Sun, again, the fastest moving planets, closest to the Sun, are Mercury, Venus, Moon, and Mars.  All of those planets (but the Moon) are right there in the corona in Lily’s chart.  So that’s part of the difference between us:  Lily has a very, very strong sense of herself, of who she is as a human being, and of her own worth.  I, on the other hand, have a 12th-house Sun, with lots of other depressing stuff like the Moon conjunct Saturn.  Very poor self-image.

Lily has quite the opposite situation.  This is someone who is very aware of and comfortable with both her passive and active qualities, who identifies very much with her thoughts, and feels a very strong sense of purpose to her existence.

A robust Sun often leads to an enormously arrogant and narcissistic person, who believes the entire world revolves around them.  Lily had no such luxury, of developing such traits.  One of the things that helps me really identify with her in particular is how closely her dynamics mirrored my own, both before and after the abuse.   So her process tracks to mine in a way that other survivors’ don’t.  And frankly, of all the three women, Lily suffered the most and has been the most gracious about it all.  I love that she’s not bitter about the other two cutting off contact with her.  That’s one of the huge things about her that I am “acting as if.”  I manage that same level of forgiveness in abandonment sometimes.  I’ve done so recently.

But my feelings on that whole thing are super complicated, again mirroring my own life.  I hate that Lily is a painful reminder, rather than a person, a treasured new family member that they would never have gotten otherwise.  I hate that the people who had supporters kicked her to the curb by herself.  I know, it’s complicated.  I’m not judging them.  I wish none of it had happened to any of them.  It just triggers my own shit.  The more painful my life was, the less people wanted to know about me.  People just have no idea.  I don’t know how people like me and Lily become invisible.

The lifetime movie was really well-crafted, with a lot of “show, not tell.”  So the parallels between Lily’s mother and mine became immediately clear.  How painful it was in the movie that her mother only cared about her good time, like my mother.  The only reason Child Protective Services was involved with her son was because her mother allowed a boyfriend to abuse the child while Lily was looking for work, of course having no other resources for childcare.  Like me, she was born in a socioeconomic checkmate.  But again, hers was worse.

One of the things her abuser tormented her with was the fact that nobody cared that she was missing.  Nobody was looking for her.  They assumed she blew her son off the same way her mother blew her off, only the most logical thing.  His sadism was really non-stop, utterly vicious in his need for cruelty.   And Lily is a tiny little cupcake of a girl, like she sits on one of my shoulders telling me to do good things and Natalia Veselnitskaya sits on the other shoulder with a pitchfork.

I imagine that when such people have someone captive, that’s a given.  You taunt them with the idea of hopelessness, reinforce despair.  It’s gut-wrenching to know for sure he did that, over and over, and that she knew it was true.  Again, this is much harder on my shit apparently than it is on Lily’s.  Her strength amazes me.

I truly have no words for how awed I am by her grace, her ability to be kind and positive while everyone in her life rains blows down on her.  People seem to love kicking her while she’s down — though that seems to have changed.  She recently got married.  I can’t wait to read her new book, Life After Darkness.   She doesn’t seem to have the same stained, trashed feeling that I’m so sick of.  That’s what I want.  I want to act as if, and have that instead.   I’m really grateful for her, though of course it’s logical to be as happy as you can, that’s the best revenge.  It can be hard to see how to get there from here.

Anyway the parallel between Lily’s mom and mine, the complete failure of parental responsibility, was stark.  Another big difference between Lily’s situation and mine is that she was dramatically rescued.  So she automatically got validated in her experience, despite her mom’s dismissal.  People do know and understand what happened to her enough that she can just write a book and people get that they want to read it, she has something valuable to say.

My mom didn’t want to divert attention away from herself enough to deal with the fact that I had been trafficked by Kalady, a friend of my father’s.  Once she realized he had stolen (and sold) all my underwear, she ended contact.  As far as she was concerned there was nothing else to discuss.  She had no follow-up questions and has no idea what actually happened to me.  Like Lily, I had to be my own adult from a very early age.    She mentions that her prior familial history sort of prepared her to deal with her abuser, more so than the other two, who were from loving, supportive homes.

Lily says that her son was the only thing that kept her going, and I think that’s obvious.  So I was devastated to discover that the foster parents took such a hard line with her.   For those who may not know the story, when she was rescued she was told that the adoptive parents wanted no contact with her at all, to shelter the boy from the truth of his mother’s life.   While I can understand that urge on the one hand, I’m sick of people thinking that the only way to deal with this sort of thing is to block the victim out of your mind.  That’s why I’ve lived my entire life on society’s margin, no country of my own.

In Lily’s chart we see a few interesting things that leap right out.  For one, she has Ceres the Earth Mother conjunct Nessus the Wife Beater in Cancer, the sign of hearth and home, the childhood and family home.   This speaks to the reason CPS was involved with her son; Lily’s mother had a boyfriend who abused the child.  So just as that very strong sense of self occurs naturally with the stellium around the Sun, so Lily has a perfect storm for the kind of abusive upbringing she experienced.

Nessus the Abuser has a counterpart, Dejanira the Victim.  Lily has a similarly telling configuration there, with Dejanira conjunct both Neptune and the Moon.  That little cluster of factors is happening in Sagittarius, the upbeat, happy-go-lucky adventurer sign ruled by Jupiter.  So that’s another key difference in making Lily a lighter-hearted gal than me to begin with.  Even if I hadn’t experienced as much abuse as I did, I would still be prone to major depression, and probably still quite high on the autistic spectrum, probably due to my Mercury bandwidth.

Lily has Ceres and Nessus conjunct in Cancer, ruled by the Moon.  Based on the overall play of her life, where her mom is a huge abusive loser, and Lily jettisoned her and went on to be happy, I will say that her Neptune/Moon is in great condition.  Lily really is as advertised, a truly graceful person.

Because of her overall internal fortitude, I can say that the benefits of Jupiter/Sagittarius have greatly helped Lily in her ability to connect with her true self and feel the reality of that very strongly.  This is a large part of her ability to bubble up when they push her down.

So Lily is lighter-hearted in general with the Jupiter Moon and Neptune.  Neptune is about our connection to our higher selves, the divine part of ourselves that instinctively knows the difference between good touch and bad touch even at a very young age.   Neptune’s coin of the realm is intuition.  Neptune is about the higher self because it represents the point at which each individual merges into the whole.  No man is an island, no matter how it feels.  We are all fingers on the same hand.  Neptune is where people either feel that or don’t.

Then the Moon is the emotional self, the other place where we look for intuition.  Just as Neptune rules the oceans and the point where everything dissolves in the murky abyss, the Moon controls the tides on the surface.  So those two work very well together, especially when they’re conjunct as they are here.   Intuition is felt in the body, in the emotional self, which is ruled by the Moon.   Any time you have an emotion and a corresponding physical sensation, you’re getting a message from your core.  That’s Neptune bouncing a message to the Moon.   Lily is like a shortwave radio for that sort of thing, a very wide-open antenna for spirit.  I’m sure that’s how she survived.

Again, I give this same caution all the time:  any chart feature can be applied either positively or negatively by the native at any time, due to free will always being a factor.  Lily has some heavy chart factors, described above.   It’s refreshing to do a chart of someone who has shown a high degree of leadership and personal integrity for a change.  I can confidently say that this native shows a high degree of personal evolution.  And because I see so many commonalities between how Lily has responded and how I have, it makes me feel good about the person I’ve become, despite it all.

Another really interesting chart feature here, and undoubtedly a big part of her personal firepower, is that Lily has Pluto conjunct Spica.  Spica, as has recently been discussed, is a truly blessed fixed star.  Spica can be thought of as God’s spotlight.  It stands between Earth and Arcturus, heaven ‘s gate.  Spica illuminates the native, sort of like a halo.  Those who use this connection badly, well, they’re in God’s spotlight.  Breaching your integrity here usually doesn’t go well.   Lily is a nice example of someone not screwing that up, using it for the good of us all — just as any tough placement is meant to do.

The tough thing about this Spica placement is Pluto.  Pluto, as I’ve discussed many times, is the Devil.  Because of its physical location at what we think of as the outer limits of our solar system, Pluto represents things that are beyond the pale, beyond the point of no return.  In mythology, Pluto was the one who ripped a hole in the Earth so he could abduct the child Persephone and drag her into hell.  Ceres, Persephone’s mother, charged into hell to retrieve the girl.  That story is quite on the nose for both me and Lily, except for the glaring part where neither of our mothers cared what happened to us.

It seems to me that if your mother doesn’t care about you, it’s very hard to get society to even see you.  A strong mother, even if greatly disadvantaged, makes all the difference.  That’s just one of the things I’ve learned via Lily.  Again it validates my experience.

But the way I read her Pluto/Spica, Lily is one who came here to bring the light of joy to hell on Earth.  As they say, “sunlight is the best antiseptic,” and that’s a good description of this chart.  If you look at the squalid hellhole she was shackled up in, even aside from the beatings, rape, and psychological torture, just the physical reflection of her ordeal is shown here with Pluto on Spica.  Into the worst, filthiest, darkest corner of evil, God’s spotlight can shine — if someone is willing to carry it there.  That makes me feel so much better about my own life.  See how quickly the whole “act as if” thing works?  I saw Lily do it.  I noticed I am doing it too.  That feeling doubles inside me, pow.  Again, it’s lovely to see someone using something like this to be a powerful healer, rather than getting famous by being extremely awful.

I started out talking about Lily’s powerhouse Sun, and didn’t even get to the main ruler of the chart, Venus.  Lily’s Sun in Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love.  Lily is obviously charming, a people person.  In Taurus, Venus can be very lazy and selfish.  She has the best taste, and wants everything to be as comfortable as possible for herself and her family.  Lily is into cooking, among other things, and this fits perfectly with her Taurus stellium.   This is a woman who, like Melania Trump, lives through the other people in her world, and expects to be treated like a queen.  Especially with her very strong Sun stellium, this is pronounced.  Lily was really born with an awareness of her own goodness that I have never felt.

The Venus rulership makes her charming, protective of her loved ones, and a hedonist at heart.  Especially with Venus right there in her own headquarters of Taurus, Lily is a very girly girl, one who was born to be pampered.   This is the paradox of her life experience.  Venus in Taurus, even without the stellium, is a girl who really needs both a personal assistant and a masseuse who comes to the house daily.  To think that animal threw her down the stairs.

Lily’s pronounced Venus was undoubtedly part of what triggered her abuser.  I’m going to post his chart here, just so we can look at the connections.

ariel castro chart

A few things pop out at me here.  I was sure there would be a runaway Pluto situation with this guy, due to the similarities to Persephone.   No, his Pluto is in Virgo, where Mercury keeps it all in the head.  Mercury in Pluto doesn’t shackle women to the wall.  That’s about the secrets and head games.

Lily’s abuser had a couple of marked problems:  (1) Nessus the Abuser conjunct Algol the Blinking Demon; (2) Toro the Raging Bull conjunct the North Node; and the biggies, (3) Mars and Moon T-square apices.

The T-squares are the red triangles, representing major friction points within the native.  This person is very unbalanced, and has two extreme pressure points:  Mars and the Moon.  As discussed above, the Moon is about the moods, feelings, and gut responses.  So this person had extreme ups and downs.  The Moon is also a reflected light, only able to shine in relation to the Sun.  In this way she represents our shadow, the parts of ourselves we can’t fully explain or control, like dreams.

So when the Moon goes bad, as it has with this abuser, personal failings are projected onto other people.  Whenever the individual felt bad about himself — which should be all the time, obviously — he needed to blame someone else and punish them for it.  That was the role Lily played for him.  Even among his captives, he had a scapegoat and a golden child.   When Lily got pregnant several times, he beat her until she lost the children.   When Amanda got pregnant, he was excited to be a father.  He then treated that child better than the captives, taking her out to the park, etc.  That’s how they eventually got free.  But it’s telling to me that he deprived Lily of her motherhood over and over and over again, and now the other two have rejected her from their lives.  It hurts me a lot.

While Lily’s physical ordeal was 10+ years, mine was probably not more than 6 or 8 weekends on a boat, with weekdays off, mere neglect in between.  I wasn’t beaten by my family, don’t know if Lily was.  I was just ignored and scapegoated.

It was a little staggering for me to notice the direct similarities between her mother and mine.  One of the things her mom said in the movie was something my mom said to me any time I questioned her ability/willingness to provide some basic necessity:  I kept you alive this long, didn’t I?   My mom has no idea that I had a near-death experience, that the only reason I’m still alive is because I insisted on it.  She never had one single follow-up question about any of it.   The whole thing was way too upsetting for her to discuss, go figure.

The part of the movie where Lily offered herself instead of the very young Gina, a virgin screaming for her mother, was also reflective for me.  I also tried to shield other children, as if I could.  I also sometimes focused on the suffering of others even while receiving much worse treatment, right in the same moment.  I have never felt like that was a virtue on my part, merely confusion because I was so young and so overwhelmed.  But Lily chose that name because lilies are pure of heart.  And I really am too, despite how angry I get sometimes and how much I swear.  I have forgiven a lot of people for truly despicable things they’re not sorry for.

Anyway with Lily’s turbocharged Venus, of course she drove her abuser mad.  He has a very angry Mars, the God of War.  The thing about Venus and Mars, their symbols are the glyphs for male and female gender representation, the old Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.  With his raging Mars, and her raging Venus, he found her irresistible.  Especially with her tiny frame and thick glasses, she was so perfectly vulnerable that he had to have her.

In the chart of John Bittrolff I noticed that Mars gave him an inordinate amount of physical energy.  Bittrolff is not a huge guy physically, like Lily’s abuser.   But he had raging Pluto and Saturn, just as I would expect to see in a convicted murderer.  In his chart, I saw how different it would be to live in a male body.  It’s hard for me to empathize with the way men feel about sex.  Wrapping my head around male sexuality has been one of the biggest challenges of my life, actually.

Anyway with Bittrolff I saw how he had an enormous physical need to lash out.  With Lily’s abuser and his terrible moods, and his tendency to blame somebody else every time he feels bad, that Mars makes sense.  Saturn the Punisher is in raging opposition to the abuser’s Sun.  With his broken Moon, he will want to punish whoever makes him feel so bad, in no uncertain terms.

When looking at Jane and John Doe, Venus and Mars stand in for the male and female human body.   In the movie about this kidnapping, friends ask the abuser why he’s in such a great mood.  He says, “Sex on a shelf, man!”  This makes no sense to me, and maybe not to them either, so they didn’t follow up.   But the idea of having a bottomless well of vagina, just available for the taking, had to be very appealing to this individual.   That’s the raging Mars thing.  Amanda said he raped her multiple times each day.  I can only assume he made the rounds.  In other words, this is a guy who used to masturbate a dozen times a day, and came up with a system he liked much better.

After watching the movie I was struck by how unnecessary it all seems.  It occurs to me that there was a way this guy could have gotten just so much love, so much validation from Lily, that she would have made all his dreams come true.  In one of her interviews she remarked that she got in the van with him because she literally didn’t know where she was going that day.  It was more important than anything (the appointment with the social worker so she could keep her son), and she had no idea how to get there.

Had the abuser not had that sick need to lash out, probably caused mostly by the contact between Nessus the Wife Beater and fixed star Algol, he could’ve charmed her and the baby into moving in with him.  She could’ve fixed his place up great, and he could’ve helped her raise the child.  But no, he had to go this other route.  I don’t get it, I just don’t.

And that struck me so much, because with my Moon-ruled chart I see my reflections in other people all the time, too.  However even with the horrible T-square and Saturn in my Moon, I am a much more highly evolved individual than the abuser.  So I see things in others and hold myself accountable, rather than the other way around.  This is again an example of how any factor can be used for positive or negative ends, as you wish.

Here’s Lily’s chart again, to cleanse the palate.

Michelle Knight chart

Look at all that lovely flow, all those harmonious blue lines from Neptune and the Moon to the Sun stellium.  With the Sun, as I said above about the corona, things are sort of cooked into the sauce in a way that the native probably doesn’t notice.  Similarly, those blue lines represent flowing grace that sustained Lily through a decade-long onslaught, directed at her very personally, enforced by constant torture.  This individual has a very strong sense of her own divinity, and it brought out the devil in him in the worst way.

With that Dejanira conjunction to Neptune and the Moon, you could have one who is the world’s largest victim.  Where Neptune is afflicted, you may look for substance abuse.  Lily has discussed that she had some alcohol issues after being rescued.  But I suspect that was not so much alcoholism (with her strong Neptune) but a simple coping/learning phase she needed to pass through.  Think about it, how many drinks would you want to have after what she went through?

Note that Lily has Jupiter flanked by Saturn and Toro the Raging Bull – which her abuser has conjunct his North Node.  Jupiter is again a key player in Lily’s chart, ruling Neptune and the Moon.   Jupiter and the chart’s ruler, Venus, are generally supportive of each other, and play nicely in the sand box together.  The North Node is a perfected spot in any chart, the karmic end point of the life experience.  This is who or at least where the individual will be at death, with the South Node representing the opposite, that point for the birth.

Lily’s North Node is early in Leo — the only sign ruled by the Sun, which is again turbocharged in this chart, co-ruling with Venus.  In other words, Lily was born to always know exactly who she is, no matter what.  And she has done that in a way that blows me away.

The thing about that Jupiter/Saturn/Toro situation, it’s inconjunct the Sun cluster, those dashed green lines.   That’s a reflection, in my opinion, of the punishment dealt out to Lily by her abuser due to his Moon problems, discussed above.  But the reason he never broke her, never overcame her rock-solid Neptune sense of self, and the reason he abused her so much worse than the others, was Jupiter.  Jupiter is about being the bigshot.  And her abuser wanted to be the bigshot, the one who gets to decide.  He hated that he couldn’t get her dancing to his tune.  She just infuriated him with her goodness and her ability to resist him no matter what he did.  She refused to become a person who would hit him in the head with a frying pan.  That’s where I’m very different from Lily.  I definitely would have crushed his skull, with glee.  I have Mars and Nessus on Aldebaran, also at a T-square apex, like this perpetrator.  My heart can be just as ugly.

Anyway the inconjuncts from Saturn and Jupiter to her Sun complex represent his desire to punish and redirect her expansive sense of self, and the rage he must have felt at not being able to.   As seen with John Bittrolff, Saturn is the Punisher.  Having this redirection from Venus in Lily’s chart creates an opening for the sort of misdirected punishment she experienced.  Her bubbling, unstoppable Sagittarius Moon must have infuriated him.

It’s a little hard to see exactly, but I believe that is an actual yod to Uranus, that other green dashed line.  That should be redirecting both Mars and the Sun, exacerbating the sexual violence, by coming across weird and defiant to him, having a personality he can’t accept or get his miserable head around.  She made him completely insane, I’m sure.  That’s why she got treated worse.  Same with me and my mom.

Uranus is about “I gotta be me.”  That insistence on holding on to your own viewpoint even if it alienates you from the entire rest of the world, that’s something that also probably enraged her attacker.  It would make her seem weird, hard to understand.

The last thing I want to note about Lily’s chart is her Vesta.  Lily has Vesta the True Believer just a degree or two out of orb for fixed star Regulus.  Regulus is one of those high-voltage influences that makes or breaks people, like Harvey Weinstein.  I don’t see any of the hubris in Lily that we would see with a strong Regulus native.  Vesta is about that which we would kill or die for.  Lily is not one to take a hard stand on anything but her own humanity.

It’s interesting to me that Vesta is so close to Regulus in a native with so much proven integrity.  But ultimately I’m not sure the contact is there.  I suspect this native may be in touch with her own sense of royalty with her Sun and Neptune, and the challenges she’s been through.  She said she chose the name Lily because she’s pure of heart.  And that’s what I am taking from her, the willingness to see myself as blameless too.





Studio Visit: Attifet Edition

I haven’t been Astrosplaining much lately, and I have missed it.  I’m teaching myself, with help from my friend Pat and some internet videos, how to make hats.  I got a pattern for this one.

I went to the fashion district in LA to shop materials.  That is a once in a lifetime experience I would recommend for everyone, likegoing up to the top of the Sears Tower.


Target Trim is an extreme sensory overload within a truly surreal neighborhood, a trip through its own looking glass.  I’m not sure how big it actually is, at least half a Walmart overall.  But it’s entirely crammed, floor to ceiling everywhere you look, with rolls of trim and chain in every imaginable color.

The fashion district is home to both wholesale fabric vendors and a tent city for street people.  It’s semi-scary even in the daytime.  But in fairness the street people were nice to me there.  Still super dodgy. I will post about that trip separately.  But if you want trim, check Target  Trim -gadzooks.

So the attifet was a major win for me, a whole new skill set.  I kept wanting to give up, and then I’d relax and get the help I needed.  Feels amazing.


Natalia Veselnitskaya, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

I just watched the most amazing interview with Natalia Veselnitskaya, Russia’s answer to Nancy Grace.


For some reason as soon as this was over I had the overwhelming urge to watch Meryl Streep’s greatest movie, She Devil.  Weird.

she devil

I was about to Astrosplain Joseph DeAngelo, and got well into his chart actually, when I got interrupted.  Meanwhile the A students at astro.com have come up with birth times for his family members, too.  I will definitely need to do his mother, then his father and stepfather, before I will begin to know WTF happened there.  I’m not positioned to wallow that far into the mental health quagmire at this moment.  I need to keep the mood lighter.  And Natalia is the supervillain that I’ve been waiting for my whole life, so there’s that.

Natalia Veselnitskaya chartNatalia has the Sun in Pisces, conjunct the fixed star Fomalhaut and asteroid Pallas Athena.  Pisces is co-ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune, making those two the co-rulers overall.  However the Sun itself must be considered a third co-ruler, due to its location directly on Fomalhaut, one of the Royal Stars of Persia, and its placement within the grand trine, that big blue triangle.  Natalia is a big personality, noted to be charming even by people like me, who are fearful, repulsed, and intrigued all at the same time.  Like if Hannibal Lecter had tiny little plump feet in sculptural shoes.

The Sun with both Fomalhaut and Pallas combust, or obscured within the Sun’s enormous corona, is a good thumbnail sketch of Natalia.  There’s so much going on in this chart that I want to make sure this one crystal clear aspect gets mentioned, because hey, it’s the Sun, which is the center of the whole mission.  Fomalhaut is the Eye of the Fish.  Here it is in the constellation and as seen by the Hubble telescope, both from this interesting page.

If you think about the implications of this eye of great magnitude conjunct her Sun, so huge and bright that it can be seen from as far away as Fomalhaut is from us — wow.    Fomalhaut brings megawattage, clarity, and brilliance, a highly desirable star for an attorney.  Then Pallas Athena is hypermasculine, the Field Marshal who identifies patterns and creates strategies.  Look out, world.

It’s hard to know where to begin with this chart, there’s so much to tell.  I actually can’t help but love this woman just because she comes by her treachery so honestly, and it’s so masterful.  The Pisces Sun makes her easier inside than she would otherwise be, intuitive, and a little bit otherworldly.  Grand trines generally make people somewhat complacent or at least unaware of how gifted they are, believing incorrectly that others are equally capable.

I don’t see that being a big problem with Natalia for a few reasons, her Saturn/Moon/Sirius yod for one thing.  I know that kind of sounds like a $68 artisanal salad.  What I mean is that the Moon and Saturn are conjunct in the Moon’s home sign of Cancer, with a yod, which I’ll get to.  The Moon is arguably as empowered as the Sun here, and arguably a fourth leader, creating a feminine flair to help balance the ugly male energy of Saturn, the Greater Malefic, and the hypermasculine quality of Pallas combust.   For one thing the Moon loves being in Cancer, where she is the boss.  This would tend to give a certain fluidity of moods, and a person who is in good command of their intuition, who may appear very nurturing and supportive sometimes, definitely has that in her.  Natalia’s charm lies in her ability to meet others at their emotional level, like water.  She can read people.  She can get under your skin.

Then the yod is that green dashed V.  It’s something of an internal switch, wherein one planet (pair of planets here) acts like a knuckle on a hand, with the finger going from one planet to another, back and forth, redirecting the energies in a vacillating circuit.  Here the Moon and Saturn, joined at the hip, go back and forth between Mercury/Vesta and what I will just call the Neptune Kerfuffle for now.  The Moon and Saturn are quite prominent, conjunct Sirius the Dog Star.  Neptune is a co-ruler, and I’m starting to think there can’t be much of a hierarchy in this chart because it’s all so finely-tuned.  The yod is certainly essential to this native’s operation, an ability to reroute her personal energies internally.

It’s important to note that the Saturn Moon casts a note of pessimism and depression over the entire chart, like a rain cloud.  The weather is always Seattle in Natalia’s heart.   Cancer is always backward-looking, and thus prone to dwelling on loss.  There’s a certain nihilism I’ve seen in Russians sometimes, a deep and very pragmatic cynicism.

Being Irish, [or having Saturn Moon] he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy. — W.B. Yeats

My Saturn Moon is in Pisces, so only slightly less moody than Natalia’s.  It keeps me able to shed tears at any moment, and able to switch emotional gears at a speed that freaks people out sometimes.  Natalia can probably do the extreme highs and lows with great fluidity.  I would encourage Natalia to follow my lead and avoid alcohol as much as possible.  It would be very easy for her to get paranoid or in her cups — a laughing, stripping, crying, singing, angry drunk like Ronny Jackson.

I suspect Natalia uses that Saturn to control the urge to imbibe.  I’m not saying that she doesn’t drink, even to excess, just that she makes sure it doesn’t become a problem in her life, that she never gets messy.  This is a very controlled woman, with significant personal resources.  Natalia is gifted in many ways.

Back to the Neptune Kerfuffle.  Natalia has Neptune, her connection to her higher self, conjunct a bunch of prickly things.  The main one of course would be the demon pit Antares.  That’s actually a huge red flag in any chart.  Now it could be that such a person is very much focused on battling their demons, anything can be used positively.  Let me quote someone else on Antares for a switch:

Fixed star Antares is of the nature of Mars and Jupiter. It causes malevolence, destructiveness, liberality, broad-mindedness, evil presages and danger of fatality and makes its natives rash, ravenous, headstrong and destructive to themselves by their own obstinacy.

Agrippa1531 corScorpii.png  Antares is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars. Its image is a man armed with a coat of mail, or a scorpion. It gives  understanding and memory, help against evil spirits, and the power of driving them away and binding them. Rules sardonyx, amethyst, long aristolochy and saffron. [1]

Antares in the constellation of Scorpio is, as its name Ant-ares says, of Martian nature, but to this Mars nature, powers of Mercury, Jupiter and also Saturn are added. Antares makes people tough, belligerent and pugnacious. This is an important star for military personnel and is said to convey mental alertness, strategic ability and courage and to make daredevils, especially if tied up with the Midheaven, Ascendant, Sun or Jupiter.

Toro the Raging Bull is there too, which makes this unlikely to be a highly evolved configuration.  Toro is about snapping, seeing red and charging like an animal.  It’s not about rolling up your sleeves and working hard all your life to slay every demon.  Especially with the trine and the voltage from Fomalhaut and Pallas, I would expect Natalia is more of a commander of demons, one who can quickly raise a legion.

Last but not least the North Node is there, making this a perfected spot, underscoring the blood-chilling thought above.  Neptune being one of the co-rulers of the Sun, this is a very sensitive point in this chart.  Natalia did not come here to make friends.   When Neptune is compromised in any way, as it is in conjunction to Antares, anything can go wrong with the native’s integrity.  It could be lies, narcissism, substance abuse, manipulation, really a host of issues come into play when someone is not able to hear (or listen to) the wisest voice in their head for whatever reason.  Like Ayn Rand, this appears to be one who chose this very negative set of circumstances very deliberately.   I think Natalia is a highly evolved and very negative individual, like Erik Prince for another example.  There is a high degree of organization, high-level circuitry, and star power, and it’s configured in a way that will be very, very difficult to use for positive ends.

Natalia certainly doesn’t have a problem tuning into her higher self.  She has the Sirius contact and Fomalhaut, that sends her to the head of the class.   But her moral compass may have an off switch.  The yod could serve as a sort of internal escape hatch to avoid dealing with things you don’t like.  You shift focus, redirect, misdirect.  Especially with a bad Neptune like this.  With the high-wattage fixed stars (including Antares, which is the negative mirror image of Archangel Michael’s star Aldebaran) this person does nothing by half measures.  She’s intellectually gifted.  But her shiftiness is a superpower.  That and her intuition and manipulation.

Jupiter and Venus are both in the last few degrees of Pisces here, where anything goes.  If you think about the zodiac as a life, 1 Aries is a brand new baby kicking and screaming.  Then 29 Pisces is an old person who has seen it all.  The senior may still be fighting and struggling with their life, but it will surely be in a different and more informed way than the infant, if that makes sense.  The contrast with Aries is important because of Ceres the Earth Mother, who is conjunct both Jupiter and Venus, but in the beginning of Aries.  So these three influences are entirely bound up together, and are quite disjointed, not an easy fit.

Jupiter represents the government, and especially in Russia where the government is so pervasive and unchallenged.  Jupiter and Saturn can both be seen as the big “they,” in one context, the ones who giveth and taketh away.   Then Venus is about our connections to other people, how we love and are loved, who we know.   Ceres the Earth Mother is the one who charged into hell to rescue her daughter Persephone from Pluto the Rapist.  She takes no shit from nobody, especially at the beginning of Aries.   I see those three influences saying one very clear thing:  Natalia had a very aggressive, very jaded mother, one who made it her business to make the connections that would position her daughter well.  Natalia is exactly who her mother made her.  Her mother would not have been subtle about her aggression.

I see Mercury and Vesta the True Believer are conjunct in Aquarius.  That further underscores the above, about the way certain ideas about society and how things work were cooked into the sauce with Natalia.  Vesta the True Believer is what we would kill or die for, that which we hold most sacred, the line we will not allow to be crossed.  Mercury is the conscious mind, the thoughts and words.  Aquarius, co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus, is not easy to relate to on a personal level.  Remember that Natalia has that Moon situation, with Saturn in Cancer.  So this is a very moody and deeply felt woman, whose feelings are generally quite cold and sour.  Then Mercury and Vesta are ruled by that soggy Cancer Saturn, in a way that detaches the native.  She deals with the negative view of life, the world, and other people by compartmentalizing.  I’d be amazed if she weren’t a person who believes anything goes just because of all the horrible things other people do.

Lastly, the other bit of business in Aries:  Juno, Dejanira the Victim, and Chiron.  This is not very sparkly IMHO.  It suggests to me that Natalia could end up being victimized by her associates.  Remember that Ceres the Earth Mother was conjunct both Jupiter and Venus, the Greater and Lesser Benefics.  But those two were both in wise, mellow Pisces, co-ruled by Jupiter.  Jupiter the Boss Man on his own turf.

The Earth Mother in early Aries is in a much tougher position.  Aries is not a maternal sign for one thing, ruled by the God of War.  Ceres is at a great disadvantage in that conjunction, maybe like a useful idiot whose rage can be harnessed.  Jupiter and Venus are both quick to use other people when it suits them.

So later in Aries when I see Juno the Spouse conjunct Dejanira the Victim, that fairly screams of a domestic violence victim.  Which if you think about the adorable little fiend I’ve described so far, that may seem unlikely.  But no, she’s tiny.  A mentally strong, physically small woman is in grave danger IMHO, especially if she’s half as aggressive as Natalia.

The presence of Chiron here does not bode well either, I don’t think.   Chiron the Wounded Healer is about picking up the pieces and moving on, learning from the School of Hard Knocks, mellowing out, and being a leader.  Unless the native chooses not to do any of that.  Then they can just carry on pushing their own negativity forward long past the point of self-destruction.  Remember that Chiron is a fragment of the planet Maldek, long ago destroyed by the aggression of its inhabitants.  There’s a lot of that still going on, seen in the charts of people like Wayne LaPierre, for example.  The world is still full of people who don’t know when to bury the hatchet.  And that can definitely get you killed.

So yes, I’m saying Natalia may end up being killed by her partner(s).  As I discussed with Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, Juno the Spouse can be the literal spouse, or it can be one with whom you have the most intimate, ongoing bond.  It’s the first person you think to text when something important happens.  So in this chart it could very well represent her spymasters, one of whom she may very well also be married to.

Good lucky, tiny terror.


Dr. Ronny Jackson, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

Today I’m looking at the chart of Dr. Ronny Jackson, the physician so amazing he noticed that Trump was a full pound away from obesity.  I wasn’t trying to be confused or concerned about him being nominated for the VA because frankly why wouldn’t he be?  Meat Loaf is busy.  Why shouldn’t the kid who cut the White House lawn be the Secretary of the Interior?  Because that kid doesn’t have any shady business hookups, that’s why.   World-famous geologist Ryan Zinke is clearly the most qualified one for that job.

But as I mentioned in my Sean Hannity Astrosplain, Ronny Jackson and Hannity actually contrast each other in a few key ways.  I will admit to not so much being interested in this guy.  But his chart is actually rather interesting, and congress is thinking about hiring him, so it’s need-to-know.

ronny jackson chart

The Sun is in Taurus, so Venus is the chart ruler.   As with General Kelly, a Venus-ruled chart indicates someone whose life revolves around other people.   It’s about connections.  This fits someone in his position.  The military is nothing but a giant, dysfunctional, alcoholic family.  Having worked for the Department of Defense, I can tell you that by and large it is the biggest toxic boil that has ever existed on the ass of humanity.  (Or Sean Hannity.)   Things that look good and fair on paper are immediately perverted by the massive corruption.   The layers upon layers of perverted corruption within the federal government are difficult to even describe.

For example, “veterans’ hiring preference” sounds like an American family value, that we have to include the people who carry our collective shame.   In practice, however, the DoD is a giant clique, where if you kiss the right butts the meanest kids will let you sit at their table.  The actual human needs of veterans or their families are a non-fucking-issue, please believe me when I say that, or if you don’t, ask almost any veteran.  The Dod, and the federal government, have always been run by mean, selfish drunks as far as I can tell.  It’s a huge bully pack, like the world’s most obnoxious football team.

Anyway back to Dr. Ronny Jackson.  So Venus is where it’s at, the connections with others, like with General John Kelly and Rob Porter.  Venus archetypally is the passive one who is supported by another — Mars.  Venus is meant to be the primary motivator for Mars, if you think about it.  Why do men go out and do battle with the world every day?  For their women and children, right?  Theoretically?

Venus can depict cronyism and nepotism.  Like with the Neptune issues I discussed in Hannity’s chart, where basic integrity is the swing factor, if you use the chart ruler in a negative way, anything can go wrong.  Once you nip into your integrity there’s no controlling the outcome.  If you deviate from what you know to be right in your deepest heart, of course you can go in any direction from there, all bets are off.  It just depends how motivated and focused the person is, what their predominant feelings and thoughts are.

Here’s an opportunity to see how a positive thing like a grand trine, which is sort of like being born with both a trust fund and a beautiful face, can be a bad thing.  The big blue triangle from the Moon to Neptune/Vesta to Jupiter is a grand trine.  Ronny has a sorely afflicted Neptune as discussed above.  Way too much redirection of the native’s core truth for this to be a rock-solid guy.  He may be very intuitive and very much a people person, and almost surely is.  But there’s no telling who this guy is in real life.

Note that smooth, flowing relationship of the grand trine between the permacranky Moon, afflicted Neptune, and Jupiter, and the redirection going on with the green lines.  Jupiter represents the government and large organizations.  Trump happens to have Jupiter conjunct Seginus, which Ronny has conjunct Mars.  This is where we see the broken Venus thing discussed above really working for Ronny.  His compromised Neptune works quite well within the government.  His Pisces Moon makes him very intuitive and able to suss people out.  This is a very Machiavellian guy.

With Dr. Ronny we see a locomotive chart with a Pisces Moon engine.  The Moon may seem an unlikely driver for the chart, being the other primary feminine archetype besides Venus.  Dr. Jackson, being not only a doctor but a military man, is a double-authority figure.  I would expect a lot of Saturn and Mars with such a person.  But no, he’s ruled by his extraverted personality, not his discipline, love of medicine, or love of war.  Venus needs everybody to get along, and importantly, she needs you to like her.  She needs your approval.  You being in her life makes or breaks her, even in stubborn Taurus.  There is an underlying neurosis there, or at least potential insecurity.  Venus is by definition dependent on others — which is ironic or paradoxical for the potential VA director I think.

Our national conversation is all in Crazylish these days, so people are talking about “excessive drinking on the job.”   Maybe it’s possible to show up at a news outlet only semi-drunk and not get fired.  I know that journalists have to be working 24 hours a day, meeting people over drinks, etc.  But in real life, I know a woman who went through the years of grueling education to become a Registered Nurse and lost her job (and entire career) for reporting to work drunk.  She wasn’t drinking at the job, she just hadn’t gotten 8 hours of sleep before reporting.  They tested her, and then she started over with her education from Square 1, because none of that stuff transfers and she can never be a nurse again.

So there’s that bit of context about how perma-wrong the Ronny Jackson conversation is.  But hey, this is all speculative, because they clearly don’t have the resources to piss test him on the spot like they did my RN friend.  This is what I mean by corrupt Venus, running with a bad crowd.  Obviously not everybody in the military is a scumbag.  But hey a lot of decent people can’t work with/around the ruling group and get ground up and spit out from the inside, not sure what that’s about.

I think back to the many dedicated people who put their hearts and souls into their military careers to have them arbitrarily ended with a flick of the pen, sometimes for the slightest reasons.  “Pissing hot” is one of the biggest roadblocks for many of the long-term functional alcoholics of the uniformed services, including police, fire, and EMS.  (Ask me, I know!)  I don’t drink, which is good because when I got injured on the job by somebody else’s driving, the very first thing they did was check if I was drunk, not the reckless driver.   He was another one with the broken Venus.  But he didn’t need it, the system is set up to attack the one who files for workers’ compensation, not the one at fault.  If you piss hot, they don’t pay your injury claim plus your career is over, bye.  So that’s how Dr. Ronny Jackson could conveniently never get tested after all these years, despite that sword of Damocles.

You’d be amazed how many people are easily 3 to 4 times the legal limit or more at every minute of their lives, because they’ve been drinking so long.  Of course this is not just uniformed personnel.  Alcoholism is chronic and cumulative.   People develop a tolerance and a threshold.  The more you drink, the more you need to drink, obviously.  Past a certain point, an individual would die if forced to sober up.  The roads are crawling with people who would never be able to pass a test without a period of hospitalization first, they would  literally die, or at least wish to.

(I know this is semi-controversial.  See below from the National Institute of Health.)

Disease processes or events that accompany acute alcohol withdrawal (AW) can cause significant illness and death. Some patients experience seizures, which may increase in severity with subsequent AW episodes. Another potential AW complication is delirium tremens, characterized by hallucinations, mental confusion, and disorientation. Cognitive impairment and delirium may lead to a chronic memory disorder (i.e., Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome). Psychiatric problems associated with withdrawal include anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbance. In addition, alterations in physiology, mood, and behavior may persist after acute withdrawal has subsided, motivating relapse to heavy drinking. Recent advances in neurobiology may support the development of improved medications to decrease the risk of AW complications and support long-term sobriety.

Anyway the whole question of whether Ronny Jackson is fit for duty at his present job (no) could be answered in the length of time it would take him to drain his bladder, and we could save all this time and money talking about it.  But that question isn’t getting asked, the same way Trump is officially not obese and the status of the driver who injured me was not questioned.  (I didn’t pop out of the womb this cynical.)

Other complicating factors with this chart, well, there are several.

  • Chart-ruling Venus is at the head of a T-square
  • Venus conjunct Dejanira the Victim and the malevolent Mintaka
  • Venus inconjunct Neptune, a redirection between the higher self and the afflicted chart ruler
  • Three-sided blue box, not quite a mystic rectangle, creates an energetic eddy.  The native can get all bottled up inside in a bad way.
  • Extremely dynamic chart, the native is likely to be riled up internally with the hard T-square and Moon issues.
  • Moon-dominance with this afflicted Neptune strongly suggests substance abuse, i.e. alcoholism
  • Nessus the Abuser is on Aldebaran, a very bad sign in anyone with less than impeccable integrity.
  • There is an extreme dynamism with scattered focus, similar to that seen with Rick Gates.
  • Afflicted Moon locomotive engine.  This will be a very cranky and emotionally needy person.  If a substance abuser, expect a happy, mean, and weepy drunk, depending on the day or hour.  It’s all about his moods.
  • Mars on Seginus, ruin by association specifically with Trump.  Had Dr. Ronny Jackson just kept his pants on and stayed where Obama left him, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.  But no, too clever by half.
  • Many dashed and dotted lines, significant redirection of energy.  This is part of the dynamism I mentioned.  It reflects many internal trap doors, like a game of chutes and ladders the native plays with himself.  A very tricky person to interact with.
  • Aside from the above scattered focus, Jackson has that criss-crossing inconjuncts, the dashed green lines.  I saw the same thing in Nikolas Cruz, and began noticing it in a lot of people including Hannity.   I’ve observed it as a sort of oppositional-defiance without an opposition, or in addition to them.  I’ve come to think of it as the skull and crossbones, a certain refusal to play nice with others.

So there’s the question of Dr. Jackson drunkenly banging on a subordinate female’s door in the middle of the night.  It was reportedly such that the Secret Service dealt with him so he wouldn’t wake Obama up.  The fact that he suffered no work consequences for this confirms the corrupted Venus issue discussed above.  Ask yourself how things would go if you were drunk and disorderly in such a way that the Secret Service had to deal with you, even if it weren’t an employment matter.  This is the whole broken Venus problem.

Our government is so shady, and always has been, that we need a complete overhaul, not just a cosmetic remodeling.  Trump is what Native Americans would call a heyoka, a sacred clown.  That probably sounds funny coming from me, the idea that Trump is in some way sacred.  But I’m also a true believer in the Ghost Dance, which I reckon is being won right now.  We are on the brink of going back to the old ways, when humanity was the coin of the realm and absolute ownership of property was not a thing.

As I said from the very beginning, the GOP had a serious problem in Trump.  They thought they had another useful idiot, and that they’d be able to control him, and I knew how wrong they were.  The thing with a heyoka is he changes his mind, or does or says the opposite.  Heyokas confuse and befuddle people.  There’s just no telling what will happen, and they can do and cause the unexpected in very noticeable ways.  Whether you find the heyoka funny, outrageous, or terrifying is up to you.  If you believe that a bastion of liberty can be created from a double genocide, that two wrongs can make a right, well, good for you.

But a heyoka serves to cut people loose of their moorings.  And Trump clearly had the karma to become president, just as GW Bush did, despite being a bit of an idiot man-child.   So it’s good to note that the usual games of social control don’t work anymore, and take advantage of the chaos.  To my ears, “All bets are off” is code for “jailbreak.”  But almost nobody listens to me.

Back to the Nessus/Dejanira issue.  Any suggestions of sexual impropriety are most likely true based on this chart.  Nessus the Wife Beater and Dejanira the Victim are both prominently placed, Nessus on the high-voltage Aldebaran.  That puts him basically on a sort of psychic trap door, where he can be beset by his demons particularly with respect to gender relations.  With this severely afflicted Venus, Jackson almost certainly has real issues with women.  His miserable Neptune just opens the floodgates for bad behavior.

Anyway gentle reader, remember that it’s always darkest before the dawn.  I have increasing faith in Bob Mueller and company as I see them playing hardball, like with Alex Van der Zwaan.  It may seem like he got a slap on the wrist at 30 days in jail.  But 30 days is a lifetime in jail for a guy with Van der Zwaan’s rock and roll lifestyle.   Also he can’t come back to the United States, or work as an attorney again, possibly anywhere in the world.  So there’s that.

There is really a lot going on in this chart, for example Pallas the Field Marshal conjunct Algol the Blinking Demon.  I expect Ronny to be a guy who can come up with ingenious, risky strategies, things nobody else would ever think of.  In a more effective, less afflicted and scattered person, that could be really bad based on his position.  But I’m going to let the bullet points suffice because frankly this guy isn’t going anywhere.   Seginus the Guard has already ruined him for history.   There is higher priority work to do.