Barron Trump, Astrosplained

Barron Trump

Although I may get sued and/or sent to Gitmo for posting this, fuck it.  I’m an astrologer.  I Astrosplain because I need to know.  I didn’t sneak into Trump Tower and snap the above picture on my phone, nor violate HIPAA to get his birth data.  Barron is by far the most interesting and well-rounded person in his gene pool, as far as I can tell.

My very first thought when I saw the above picture was sadness.  Keeping it 100.  But his chart is truly a ray of hope in this whole debacle, and I feel better about it the longer I look.  I hate to be the one to break Gayle King’s heart, but Ivanka will never cross or challenge her father.  Never McEver.  I have great confidence in him.  He could very well be a lion of the people, a wheel-turning king.  Fingers crossed.

There’s so much going on here.   This is a truly complex and powerful person.  He’s enormously gifted, easily lapping the next closest contender in his family, Melania.  For one thing, his overall personality would serve as a sort of tumbler, constantly polishing the rough edges off his ego.  That’s pretty amazingly great of him, especially considering his circumstances.  Such people are rare treasures.

The young Jedi has his work cut out for him.  There are other things that pack a wallop in here, plenty to derail even a brilliant and high-integrity person like the one I see here, even in an ordinary family.

barron trump chart

The more I look at this chart, the more I get a sense of my little kindred spirit, up in his tower.  First let me say that I’m sure his mother loves him, with his Ceres conjunct Venus, in the 12th house.  Unfortunately there is a marked depersonalization to Melania, reflected here in Barron’s Aquarius.  There are many things in this chart that could trigger a deep sense of alienation.

That 12th house, (Home of Pisces/Neptune with a cluster of planets) and its inward-looking, nebulous, passive quality, is the crux of this chart.  The boy has his Sun 20 seconds from the end of the entire zodiac, clinging to Pisces by his nails even though he had to go into the 1st house (the spotlight) to do it.   He could correctly be an Aries; I note the birth time may well have been rounded by the nurse who charted it.  But to me, both his chart and himself as seen on TV show a person with an inward-focused, Neptunian/Piscean personality.

Overall, this is the chart of someone who is all about his inner world.  As his new friend from the ethers, I’m glad his mom stood up for keeping him in Trump Tower.  God bless, the boy really does need his private mental space and I’m glad he’s getting it.  As a taxpayer, I think if she gets socked with some huge unexpected childcare expense, she should hit the payday loan place.  That’s what I would do.  Anyway if she does sue me, I’ll continue to be one of his mentors in the ethers.  If she has Putin send somebody to shoot me on the street, I’ll spend even more time with him there.  You can’t stop autism, fuckers.

Anyway, Barron is the “hiding in plain sight” Trump, the only one with a fifth gear.  Must get that from his mom.  So far so good in the looks department, too.

The Ascendant is the first impression of you, what people make of you at a glance.  With just Mercury on his Ascendant, we see someone who is very wordy (even if only within himself), who may or may not be smart as hell, but definitely looks the part.   Barron has that plus Uranus, which can be personified by Nikola Tesla, adding a wildly inventive, humanist, and iconoclastic streak.  All of this in dreamy, mystical, mysterious Pisces, smack dab on the Ascendant.   The fact that he’s a profoundly thoughtful person doesn’t belong right on his sleeve, if you think about it.  But there it is, forming the paradox in the photograph above.  All of his thematic elements are in place in the above picture, which I find utterly bizarre.

We all have free will 100 percent of the time, at least internally.  So I’m not saying there’s fate per se.  But there is destiny, or we wouldn’t be talking about him.   His free will is always a wild card, and I imagine it could take him quite a while, if not forever, to fully clear his head.  The child is inundated with extreme craziness, and he already experiences things very vividly and has a lot to integrate.  That much Neptune/Pisces makes it really hard to tell where your inner world ends and the outer world begins — believe me, I know.  Dealing with reality is a full-time job, and none of them have to work.  The whole family has toxic Neptune, i.e., living in a fantasy world.

So I don’t really want to pick all the way on through this chart, mostly because he’s a child and thus a work in progress.   I’m glad I looked, because I’ve discovered that I quite like him, and he gives me hope in a great way.  But mostly I’m doing it because I see my world going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, and he’s one of the clues.  So I’ll give my opinion on the quick and dirty, and go back to connecting with him in the ethers.

Barron has a prominent Pluto/Mintaka opposition.  I got into exploring Mintaka while Astrosplaining Ayn Rand.   Basically I am seeing the core causes of the many genocides we’ve experienced on Earth (including many that we know nothing about) coming to a head.  Things can’t go on like this forever, they will stabilize one way or another. Ayn Rand has a prominent Mintaka, and aptly personifies the mindset of Orion, contempt for all but one’s ego.

I’m still studying up on the whole Mintaka thing, reviewing a bunch of charts including the A-list demons we all know.  Having Pluto on the Midheaven as Barron does is frankly terrifying, even for someone who isn’t the billionaire president’s son.  Put that across from Pluto, and as his dad would say, “Not good.  Not good.”  Barron doesn’t have an Arcturus connection to assure me that the adults in his world won’t just hammer his mind into a hot mess of high-speed craziness.

But I also have prominent Mintaka and Pluto, commensurate with the violence I have experienced.   In my hypothesis, Mintaka makes people hyper aware of genocide and exploitation in every form, and propels them in one direction or the other.  The darkest topics are not only in their thoughts, but they can feel the suffering.  What makes one person regret the suffering of others and another revel in it?  That’s the thing that will decide how Barron turns out.

Unlike Ivanka, it’s entirely possible that Barron is here to bring his father’s corruption to resolution.  One thing for certain, he knows the mass’ suffering in his bones.  He is more aware of death than most adults.   He undoubtedly gets that he lives on a different planet than Don, Sr. and his mother (despite her love for him).  Neither of them can get beyond the very tip of his intellectual iceberg.   He’s the only one of them that isn’t in the bubble reality of his dad. He also has chart factors that add grace and gentleness, and a sense of duty and correctness.

I see a person who wants most of all to make a meaningful contribution.  But he’s going to have to carve that out of thin air, because nobody in his world is modeling it for him at anywhere near his level of capability.  He must envy Eric.  So he could very easily fall prey to Little Prince Syndrome, and end up using his gifts to lash out at the humanity that doesn’t need him, or simply decide it’s all too much for him and retreat into inventing a new form of math or hand-copying sacred texts in ancient Sumerian.  Which direction Barron goes will be up to him, and even he won’t really know until he chooses a spouse.  The two of them will be a force to be reckoned with, for better or for worse.   If he decides to switch off his empathy superpower, or toggle it in the other direction, there will literally be hell to pay.

There is reason to believe that Barron is generally easy inside, in terms of feeling good about himself and his ability to pursue the things that interest him in-depth, which is what he wants.  His chart says he wants his contribution to matter, to make a difference.  He wants to be of service.  He wants to get to the bottom of things and sort them out, because balance and fairness are a more efficient and effective way to design a society.  Or he could go altogether the other way, and bring back the days of ancient Orion.  I have faith in the little man.  I know he can do it.  See you in the ethers, kiddo.

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The Trump Boys, Astrosplained

The more I look at the Trump coterie, the more I need to look at them.  Like the dismantling of the American government, there aren’t enough hours in the day to absorb it all, the whole thing just keeps getting bigger.  Thus I’m going to handle both of the Tweedles here, to save time.  Hopefully I’ll never need to do Tiffany.

Trump family attends ground breaking of new hotel in Washington

Let’s go left to right, first Eric then Junior.

eric trump   eric trump chart

As discussed in Ivanka Trump, Astrosplained, Eric has a wedge chart.  Like Ivanka, Eric lives in a bubble of dad’s beneficence both literally and figuratively.  Eric’s major planets are situated Libra through Pisces, so a slightly greater personal range than Ivanka.

I astrosplained that Barron was the potential bright spot in this family, and he is.  But he’s also vastly more capable, infinitely more likely to be a person whose name people will rue even more than his father’s.  Barron could go either direction, either being a wonderful gift to the world or someone like Heinrich Himmler.  I have faith in him.

Eric has no such potential for menace.  Eric has the most positive and well-organized chart he could have with such a limited range.   All of the connecting lines in this chart are blue, with the exception of one — a square from his Saturn to his Moon.  All of that is internal cooperation, like a finely-tuned machine — one that may or may not ever do anything.

The one stress point is Saturn (the authority figure) versus the Moon (the way he feels).  I would say that his father (and as discussed below, Junior) can utterly wither Eric, who is very easy inside but probably self-critical.  Eric has a low-testosterone chart.  He’s the Trump least likely to grab your pussy, possibly including Barron.  Compare to the gentle tapir.  Bit of a Jeb!.


Don, Sr. placed his children into a financial and intellectual bubble, and Eric is the sort who does beautifully in a terrarium.  Eric isn’t the one out there shooting elephants, that’s Don.  Eric’s Pluto in Scorpio (where admittedly it’s meaner and sneakier) conjuncts his Mars in Libra (where it’s passive-aggressive).  So he’s okay with the he-man stuff of his father and brother generally, but I don’t see the literal blood lust.  And besides, he doesn’t need the ego stroke.  When his dad sues people and makes them shut up, all is right with the world.  He just doesn’t care that much.  Eric mostly stays in the golden terrarium where he was born, with some beautiful blonde, not giving a single fuck as long as he wins, every day.

Eric’s Neptune plays a key role in smoothing him out.  It’s closely flanked by Mercury on the one side and Jupiter on the other.  Neptune-Mercury keeps his thoughts daydreamy.  Like his sister, all of this, the entire chart itself, happens within the bubble Don, Sr. created for them, both literally/financially and figuratively, represented here by Jupiter.  Those three factors form a hub, which the rest of his consciousness can flow around as smoothly as Don, Sr. can glide down an escalator.  This is the one who splained that nepotism can be a great thing, continuing the wedge/bundle or bowl with a lack of self-awareness theme.

Again, as with his sister and brother, Eric’s Jupiter must on some level represent his literal father, based on what we all know of them.  Neptune is about escapism, denial, and illusion.  Ivanka puts it to great use in her chart, as does Melania.   Things can be whatever you want them to be, what you need them to be, no problem.  Eric’s chart is all set for him to be the emotional center of that family, the guy who really cares, the soft one.  God bless.

Then there’s Don, Jr.

don trump jr

Sorry I had to make the pic so small, his face makes my teeth hurt.  I just wanted to be clear which Tweedle I’m talking about now.  This is the least interesting, most annoying one, so this will be comparatively brief.

donald trump jr chart

Like his dad, Don, Jr. has a bowl chart, as described in-depth in comparison to Ivanka’s.  One characteristic of the bowl chart is that they have enough range to have all of the major aspects, including the 180-degree opposition.  That opposition is seen as the lip of the bowl, a demarcation line across which the bowl chart native does not wander.

This can manifest as a person who is oppositional, bull-headed, or refuses to listen or hear others.  This is an intense focus, where about half of life just never happens in their minds.  It can be unconscious way of blocking out other people, speaking from personal experience with bowl-chart loved ones.  They can be belligerently self-referential, and they’re not doing it on purpose.  Bernie Sanders also has a bowl chart.  With him I get that much of his personal life is in the empty spot, everything he didn’t think about while fighting the good fight.

Anyway, for  an example of the complete lack of self-awareness, Junior was the one who said that if women can’t deal with workplace sexual harassment, the only part of the workplace fit for them was teaching kindergarten.  That’s a classic bowl chart viewpoint.  “Everyone else lives in my life, too.”

He went on to further say, on another day, (in front of a camera, while sober and dead serious) that yes, his father got him in the door, but that he stays there on his own merit.  Again with the lack of self-awareness theme they all share, though his Neptune is nowhere near as groggy as the others’.  He doesn’t need the denial Kool-Aid the way they do.  He’s authentically on board.  He is the chip off the old block, appropriately named.   I’m sure Don, Sr. is both thrilled at the faux-macho hunting, as his progeny reflects on his own testosterone, and at the same time on some level feeling the classic bowl-chart disappointment about who Junior actually appears to be.

Importantly, Don, Jr. has a little bowl-chart quirk.  Rather than having a straightforward rim, like a normal bowl, Don, Jr. has the Sun poking out just 5 little degrees from the rim opposition, like one of those annoying earthenware soup bowls that has a hand-formed lip spout.  It’s still a bowl, only with a blip on the lip.  A bowl that thinks it’s a gravy boat.

But this particular blip, just poking its head out past the opposition, happens to be the Sun, his sense of self, his conscious mind.  I would say, based on what I know of him, that minor technicality about his bowl chart gives Junior a whole different perspective, one he mistakenly believes to be a non-bowl, well-rounded, informed vantage point.

He reminds me of a turtle that feels super clever when it learns to poke its head out, and doesn’t know that there are birds, who have no shells at all.  It legitimately makes him feel bold and adventurous, like he has gone beyond all the others, because none of them get that life can actually be a 360 affair, not just a 180.  Taking your life 185 degrees around the circle isn’t an option, much less a major accomplishment, in any family I know.   Like with Ivanka being treated as a highly qualified Pallas Athena stand-in, this family grades on the curve.  He really does believe he’s the best guy for the job, or he wouldn’t still be in it.  Bless his heart.

Importantly, his Sun isn’t in the rim opposition to Jupiter.    He probably — not incorrectly — believes that he has taken over the family business, adding his own Eddie Bauer flair to the brand.   In Trump’s bubble, doing whatever the hell you want at all times is a business, one they make lots of money at.  Just ask them!

If you ask Junior what he does for a living, I have no doubt he says “deals.”   I’m sure it’s the suit and tie version of his prairie dog-shooting thing.  His father is in the real estate-golf-vodka-steaks-education-politics-beauty pageant-treason business, and he is, too.  This is the one who told Mike Pence he’d be in charge of domestic and foreign policy, was asked what Don would be doing.  He replied, “Making America Great Again.”  Unfortunately Junior is not wired to see that the way the rest of us do.

Off to shower!





Ivanka Trump, Astrosplained


Speaking of people I can no longer avoid thinking about, Ivanka Trump.   I’ve been busy not caring about anything she does since I became aware of her sometime in the 2000s, I think.  That no longer feels like an option.  Like her stepmom, IMHO she is one of the below-radar Trump Admin people worthy of scrutiny.  (In looking for chart data on her and Kellyanne, I see that Good Golly Astrology is on the same page with me, wanting to know what makes this crew tick.)

There was an incident wherein Ivanka and her children were on a commercial flight, and a passenger confronted her about her complicity — not using Ivanka’s definition, but the usual one.   She was incredibly poised, managing two kids perfectly despite the whole thing being extremely awkward.  She seemed to 100 percent validate the other person’s anger, even as it slid off her Teflon coating and vanished.

Then there was the heroic German moderator who asked Ivanka to clarify her role on the dais in question.  Is she speaking now as a daughter?  A ranking White House official?  A CEO?  Ivanka’s Teflon coating was in place.   She legitimately didn’t seem even a little bit flapped.  It was absolutely not a problem for her.  Contrast her response to the German humiliation with that of Kendall Jenner, who may never show her face again after that Pepsi ad.  Is that a superpower, or a psychological deformity?  I want to know.

ivanka trump chart

Before we crack the acorn in question, let’s look at the oak tree it fell from, Don Trump.  A chart with all planets in only six signs, like Don (and Don Jr.) Trump’s, is called a bowl.  It looks half-empty, half the circle is blank.  Bowl chart people remind me of someone who halves a recipe to save on ingredients, and is disappointed with how few cookies they get.  The bowl chart can exacerbate a sense of entitlement, even in people who don’t come from privilege.  There’s usually a sense of a life unfulfilled in some way, like someone who lives in a mansion with half the rooms sealed off.  Bowl chart people tend to feel like they’re missing out, and in my estimation, they kind of are.

In my experience people with bowl charts, for example George W. Bush and Ivanka’s dad (and brother), Don, can be intractable.  They see things as they see them, and stuff that originates in the empty side of that bowl literally doesn’t exist in their consciousness.  It’s the unmade half of the halved cookie recipe above — which, again, they can’t smell or eat, they only have a vague sense of missing out on.  Especially if there’s a lot of Earth in the chart, a bowl chart can be someone who is blind to nuance and impossible to please.

In short, stuff that originates with other people isn’t quite real to many people with a bowl chart.   It’s not that they refuse to meet others halfway, it’s that they’re not wired for it.  It’s much the same way Fox News truly feels fair and balanced to the people who watch it.  People and things have to come to them, always.  They can’t stand up on legs they don’t have.

Ivanka doesn’t have a bowl chart.  She has a wedge chart, where all the action happens in only four signs — like her brother Eric and Kim Jong Un.  I would not be surprised if his father, Kim Jong Il, also had a bowl for the same reason as GW Bush and both Dons Trump.  I was surprised neither of the Hussein boys had it.

Where a bowl shows a mind that locks itself away in half of a mansion, a wedge chart shows a consciousness in a bubble.  Where the bowl person starts with half the ingredients and on some level knows there could be so much more, a wedge person thinks they are actually going all the way around the circle.  This because their planetary activity happens in each of the four elements — fire, air, earth, and water.  To the wedge native, that feels like a full deck, no sense of missing out.

A wedge indicates a very limited personal range, someone who lives life to the 1/3rd-est.  That’s not to say they’re stupid or their lives aren’t fulfilling.  Their lives are extremely fulfilling, because they drill their caring down to a very tight focus.  This is someone who never goes more than 20 miles from where they were born in their entire life, so to speak.  They marry the boy next door.  They like to watch the big world out there, but all of that is outside the bubble and this not entirely real to them, even if they really like it.  Ivanka does have a couple lucky stars that make her specifically more open-minded and willing to get out there, and lots of Jupiter to do the same.  For her this provincial streak plays out in the actual cast of her life, not the geographic location.  That’s the real point of it all, anyway.  Wedge people care very deeply about their core group.  But that feels 100 percent fulfilling to them, and they can’t apply it outside that specific group.

Based on this chart, I’d say fully 2/3 of what most of us call “reality” doesn’t happen in Ivanka’s consciousness.  Her chart shows a marked lack of self-awareness.  It may be impossible for Ivanka to take things that originate with others personally, especially if they’re strangers.  She literally has no frame of reference outside herself, based on both her chart and what I’ve seen of her.  She literally cannot see your point of view, her eyes will not register it.  Again, she’s simply not wired for it.  You can’t get a car loan from an ATM.  This terminal doesn’t process that request, sorry.  In other words, Ivanka comes by her poise honestly.  You really can’t bother her.

Like her definitely-not-wicked stepmother, Venus is one of the co-leaders in this chart.  Ivanka has a cluster of planets, in Libra, ruled by Venus.  This much Venus in a chart would automatically give someone a lovely exterior — especially when it’s in Libra, the charming, socialite side of Venus as opposed to the selfish, stubborn homebody side, Taurus, as seen in Melania’s chart.

(Let me take a moment to say that the potential bright spot in this karmic septic tank is Barron Trump.  At a glance I say he’s a beautifully gifted child, quite likely autistic.  Importantly, where his siblings’ charts are significantly limited in an expected way, Barron’s is not only well-rounded, but shows higher-level organization, a multidimensional thinker.  He’s the only one of them who stands a chance of getting famous completely on his own merit.  He could go very strongly in either direction.  If he decides to be evil, he will put Heinrich Himmler to shame.  But he won’t be mediocre.)

The Libra focus of Ivanka’s chart explains why butter doesn’t melt in her mouth.  Anyone with this much Libra was born polished.  Libras abhor unpleasantry, and naturally create the calm and inviting vibe she’s becoming known for.

With her unwillingness to have a scene plus her Sun in wily Scorpio, you have someone who plays it very close to the vest, and is almost certainly a candidate for the Manipulator Hall of Fame.  Then with her Venus conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius we see “daddy’s little princess,” with possibly unrealistically high expectations of love in the form of lavish gifts and surprises.  And based on what we all know, her dad is that guy in real life.  Also note, Scorpios don’t get mad, they get even.  She seems to all the world like a Libra.  But Ivanka has a stinger that she keeps well-hidden.

Jupiter is the other key player in Ivanka’s chart, alongside Venus.  Due to his role as the Greater Benefic to Venus’ Lesser Benefic, and the bigtime Sagittarius here, Jupiter becomes the grand prize leader of this chart.   I have joked about the strange sexual boundaries between Ivanka and her father before.  Now that I’ve looked at this chart I will have to stop joking about it, because it really makes me throw up a little in my mouth.   Jupiter very much represents her literal father here, in my opinion, and this what I see grosses me out.  What I see here is “my heart belongs to daddy” in a truly disturbing way.

Don Trump naturally personifies Jupiter very well, as do the Koch brothers.   A normal filthy rich Jupiter is larger than life, and donates enough money to get a library named after himself not because he loves books, but for his name to go down in history.  Don not only wants things named after himself, he wants to literally, visually see his name, his mark, on the world.  More is always better for him.   Don also has the classic Jupiterian “ends justify the means” mindset, where he’s a big-picture guy and details are somebody else’s job.  He’s the leader, the loudest voice in the room.  It’s his dynasty.  The opposite of a major philanthropist  is a kleptocrat, and both are represented by Jupiter.  Jupiterians are very comfortable making decisions for others.  Jupiter is not mean (that’s Pluto), but can be oblivious to others except as they reflect on himself, especially in a bowl chart.

Jupiter in general represents the “big daddy” role, one who can be very generous and make things happen.  All of this describes Don, at least with respect to Ivanka.  The dynamic wherein she’s acting as first lady is reflected in the relationship between her Jupiter/Pluto and Venus/Neptune.  Those four planets are sort of on a perfect double date in this chart, each pair closely conjunct and working well with the other pair.  They would light the world on fire for each other, I have no doubt.

There is a “look out, world” aspect to Ivanka, fully aside from her Scorpio Sun, that she keeps hidden.  She has the Moon conjunct both Antares and Lilith.   Antares is a lower, less-evolved echo of Mars, the god of war.  That means Antares has the aggression, impulsiveness, and restlessness without so much the clarity, courage, or leadership of Mars.  Kind of like astro Goofus and Gallant.  Then our Lilith is a notorious ball-buster.

Those two are arm-in-arm with Ivanka’s Moon, the way she feels.   This all takes place in Jupiter’s sign Sagittarius, which makes her a generally “set course for adventure” type, not one to sweat the details, especially if they’re unpleasant.  Expect her to shoot first and ask questions later, always in a covert manner (Scorpio Sun).   Antares is said to have a more positive influence on a Moon conjunction like Ivanka’s, and she does display some of the traits Ptolemy described, such as broad-minded and influential.  And I’m not mad at Lilith, you know.

But all of that rebellion is contained inside Ivanka’s Jupiter/daddy bubble, and it’s not directed at him, is it?   Does she strike you as one who would bite the hand that feeds her?  Where does her desire to lash out get directed?  Who is daddy’s little soldier shooting at?

The more I look at this chart, the less I like it.  Jupiter, as I said, is conjunct Pluto in this chart.  Pluto is the Greater Malefic, the one who famously ripped a hole in the Earth in order to drag the child Persephone into hell and rape her.  Pluto is at the outer limit of our solar system, and represents lines that cannot be crossed.  Pluto is about destruction, polarity, and specifically the point of no return, and Don Trump is notorious for not getting that last concept.  Consequences aren’t entirely real to him.  As president, he aptly personifies the authoritarian, mean-spirited, selfish, rapist Pluto.  Put Jupiter and Pluto together, and you have either a very ugly kleptocrat, or one so generous that he radically transforms society for the benefit of all, just because he can.  Which one you see in Don Trump depends on you.

Pluto and Jupiter conjoined as they are here, inside a Jupiter bubble-reality, create a suitable environment for a person without a moral compass, no appropriate concept of absolute limits, especially with her real-life circumstances.  The Hero (Jupiter) and the Villain (Pluto) are the same guy in this chart.  Her own real-life Daddy Warbucks is quite Mercurial, switching from one ideology to another with the tides, but at the end of each day she wins.  That’s what she knows for sure.  He is her only benchmark.  Remember that everything described above takes place within the wedge chart, or bubble reality, created by Don Trump both literally and figuratively.  Ivanka’s world is meta-Donald Trump.

This chart displays a marked lack of grounding, both in the wedge/bubble-reality shape, and the complicit Neptune.  Neptune is about inner life, escapism, dreams, illusions, delusions.  In a chart this myopic, I don’t see how that lack of reality checking leads to the highly evolved, mystical, and insightful part of Neptune.  She doesn’t strike me as a substance abuser.  I get that her fierce escapism — into daddy’s bubble — is the essence of their bond.  At a minimum, it almost certainly facilitates seeing things the way daddy tells her to, even when her own eyes disagree.  The two of them have an unbreakable positive feedback loop, and they both depend on it.  The fact that Ivanka’s complicit Neptune is opposite Mintaka, combined with her role in my world, honestly freaks me out a bit.

Then there’s Mars, the locomotive on this karmic trainwreck.  That’s her best chance at being grounded.  Because of the wedge shape with only four signs in play, the other signs have multiple planets.  But the one sign with only one major planet is the Earth sign, Virgo.  That’s where we would normally get our “four-square” stability.   If Ivanka’s chart were a coffeehouse table, you’d need a matchbook to put under Virgo.   Earth can be used to quell fire, which is not good for Mars.  Ivanka does have the naturally simpatico Pallas Athena in Virgo, but not interacting with Mars.  I can observe her as someone who feels like a leader and is treated like one, largely because her family grades on the curve, and her chart supports that.  Anyway with Mars and Pallas in Virgo, her leadership may come mostly in the form of nitpicking, or in this case shepherding.

Importantly, Antares is a VIP in Ivanka’s chart, and he’s literally anti-Aries, or anti-Mars.  So for the Gayle Kings of the world, I hate to be the one to tell you, I don’t see her being anywhere near the leader you hope she is.  This chart says she has no fixed ideology other than self-service, due to setting her watch by Don himself plus her overall chart factors.  She has no concept of integrity.

Ivanka’s  Mars, the part of her that would potentially be the biggest adult in the room and take this whole thing in a better direction, is also positioned to do so at the cutting edge of her wedge chart.  But it’s in hard angle to the Moon/Lilith/Antares.  So Ivanka’s clarity of thought and leadership qualities (Mars) are at odds with their own evil twin (Antares), plus his two girlfriends (Moon/Lilith).   Things that grate on the Moon put people in a bad mood, and putting Ivanka in a bad mood is not allowed, what with all that Libra.  She’s not a “rise to the challenge” girl, that would be strong Mars.  Ivanka’s Mars is off by himself, doing his own thing, in a sign where he doesn’t belong.

Also her complicit Neptune lets her blow anything and everything off.  In other words, based on this chart, I would say Ivanka has every inclination to take the low road, and with her Venus, the social skills to get away with murder.

That’s a bummer way to end the post, I know.  Sorry.  On the bright side, she does look very pretty and has better taste than the others.   I’m sure she’s a lovely homemaker.

Ayn Rand, Astrosplained: Orion and You

ayn rand

In Stretching Your Limits, someone asked the channeled entity Bashar about Orion.  His response led me, tangentially, to a new interest in Ayn Rand.  You see, at this late date, past the midpoint of my life, I finally get it.  In the chart of Ayn Rand, I see the eternal validity of evil, the direct line from Trump’s America to ancient Orion.

I finally get that one can be a highly accomplished spirit with a negative intent from the very beginning.  It’s not necessarily a thing where people live dark lives because they went wrong and will eventually get it.  No, some people are very satisfied with the miserable lives they lead.  I didn’t believe it could be nature that perverted people thusly, only nurture.  Oh, what a naive goober I am.  There really can be a child born a demon.  Ladies and gentlemen, Ayn Rand.

To paraphrase his many talks on the subject, millions of years ago, the Orion star system was the proverbial giant oak tree from which little acorns like Hitler and Pol Pot fell.  As nasty as the violence and genocide has been on our planet, they are only the tail-end ripple of the tsunami of evil that was ancient Orion.  To hear Bashar describe it, ancient Orion was multiple planets, all raging with the worst sort of behavior, on an unimaginable scope and scale, for a very long time.  The center of all of this negativity was said to be the planet Huva.

In Stretching Your Limits, Bashar gives the physical location of the long-destroyed Huva as approximately where Mintaka is now.   That got me wondering about its reflection in my own chart.  Lo and behold, I have a prominent Mintaka conjunction.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but I’ve personally been subjected to a sort of violence that should not even exist.  Go figure.

I saw an article by Clinical Psychologist Bruce Levine about the psychology of Ayn Rand, with some details about her personal  life.  As I was reading about her controlling, aggressive interpersonal behaviors, I could only imagine her Pluto had run amok.   Intrigued by the article,  I pulled up her chart.  Why yes, Rand has quite an ugly, prominent Pluto, conjunct Mintaka, adding extremity to a harsh T-square.  Bit of a nasty triple word score, if you will.

Remember Pluto, the one who ripped a hole in the Earth to drag the child Persephone into hell so he could rape her?  Check this out, from Dr. Levine’s article:

Back in the late 1920s, as Ayn Rand was working out her philosophy, she became enthralled by a real-life American serial killer, William Edward Hickman, whose gruesome, sadistic dismemberment of 12-year-old girl named Marion Parker in 1927 shocked the nation. Rand filled her early notebooks with worshipful praise of Hickman. According to biographer Jennifer Burns, author of Goddess of the Market, Rand was so smitten by Hickman that she modeled her first literary creation — Danny Renahan, the protagonist of her unfinished first novel, The Little Street — on him.

What did Rand admire so much about Hickman? His sociopathic qualities: “Other people do not exist for him, and he does not see why they should,” she wrote, gushing that Hickman had “no regard whatsoever for all that society holds sacred, and with a consciousness all his own. He has the true, innate psychology of a Superman. He can never realize and feel ‘other people.’”

This echoes almost word for word Rand’s later description of her character Howard Roark, the hero of her novel The Fountainhead: “He was born without the ability to consider others.”

The Orion struggle was largely about narcissism that raged unchecked for far too long, plumbing new depths of depravity.  The connection here to the malefic Pluto has dire connotations.  Pluto can be seen as a sort of outer wall of our solar system.  Unevolved Pluto can be seen as one whose nature is to push others to/through the outer wall of human experience.  Among other things, Pluto is the locus of selfishness, and where violence (pitch or catch) is shown in a chart.  It’s not a pretty combo platter, especially with her other chart factors.

Ayn rand chart

Aside from being in that T-square at what you could call the Apex of Evil, I note that her Venus is in her Gauquelin sector at the Midheaven, a potential indicator of fame or notoriety.  (Check out Oprah’s Aldebaran Midheaven – new heights of fame.)  Venus in astrology is just like the goddess Venus, or the tarot card The Empress.  It shows the native’s ability to love and be loved.  The link above describes it as “love and money,” because it’s about the physical, material life, the home, and being supported.

A planet within 10 degrees of the Midheaven is like a spotlight on the life, in this case Venus.  Rand is quite well known.  Books and articles are written about her love life.  It’s reflective, but it’s not exactly what she’s famous for.

In her chart, I see the Venus Midheaven as more of a “pertinent negative,” or something we would expect to see, and don’t.   In a broader sense, she’s famous for the non-expression of love, represented by Venus.  Interesting that one can be famous for not having something, but that’s what drove her career.  Dr. Levine’s article does a great job of showing how what I will describe below as her severely afflicted Venus/Moon played out not only in her life, but in society.

I say her Venus is severely afflicted, despite being exalted in the very last seconds of Pisces, because of her aspect patterns, specifically the Pluto-amped T-square.  It’s like Venus (her ability to love and be loved) is standing between Uranus (the Weirdo) and Neptune (the Subconscious), both of whom are punching each other and elbowing her face.  Her T-square is brutal, severely destabilizing Venus.  Rand has Neptune as both the host of and a participant in this assault on her love.  Neptune is about escapism, illusion, and universal truths, among other things.  Rand was a known abuser of amphetamines and cigarettes, consistent with a debilitated Neptune.

Venus is a lower octave of Jupiter, and here is in the 9th house, which he rules; however as Rand’s Jupiter is in Aries and does not interact with Venus, she is without her benefactor in this chart.  Add to this melee the fact that next to Jupiter, also punching at Venus separate from the T-square, is Pluto/Mintaka. It’s kind of like Boston Bruins v. Venus.

Rand’s Jupiter is also in direct conflict with what I think of as her Beast of Capricorn, agitating her Moon/Mercury/Pallas complex.  Her internal world must have been a deeply grim place of both raging fire and intense pressure.  I don’t see any evidence of joy, only extreme defiance and the satisfaction of conquest.

At the risk of Sean Spicer-ing myself, I think that past a certain point of ill will, the only real difference is scope, scale, and motivation.  The main difference between Hitler or Christopher Columbus and, say,  Ariel Castro, is what the individual’s fantasies are and how big they’d like it all to be, divided by how capable they are personally.

In Hitler’s chart I can clearly see deep feelings (even with his also Capricorn Moon).   From comparing the charts, I believe Hitler was motivated by excessive feelings that he couldn’t process, whereas Rand was born to not feel things.  She hated feelings, especially love.  Her chart shows that being by design, by personal preference rather than a result of childhood tragedy.

When we have an afflicted Venus, the natural remedy for that would be something like a happy Moon — an easygoing, loving nature — or maybe a well-aspected Ceres, the Earth Mother, could help balance such a personality.  Maybe a strong 7th house Juno with a wonderful Cancer partner, someone who brings out their loving potential.  I would hope to see evidence of some personal trait that helps a wounded person feel loved, some ability to feel grateful, or at least want to, something to soften the edges.   Rand has barbed wire where a pillow should be.

Understand that no matter how fiercely she might argue the fact, Rand’s Moon — her moods and feelings — moved constantly, as all of ours do, as the Moon itself does.  That emotional variability, our tendency to stay in motion, may be challenging, but it is what keeps us from snapping under pressure.  We may think we’d like to be mighty redwoods, standing our ground for a millennium, never having to budge.  But remember, for every such tree there are at least 1,000 knuckleheads with chainsaws.  Change can be good.

Rand’s Moon and Pallas Athena are on the same degree (21 Capricorn), and applying, like conjoined twins.  So when Rand’s ability to love and be loved (Venus) is threatened — as it constantly is by Uranus and Neptune in the T-square (plus Pluto/Mintaka just because of her karma) — she has only her beleaguered Moon for emotional support.  Beleaguered is not a mood I would try to put Pallas Athena in if I were feeling blue, and I suspect Ayn Rand stayed in it all her life.  Head-chopping is a go-to problem-solving move, especially with Mercury (her intellect and communication) one degree away, acting as the third head of Cerberus.  Ayn Rand, as shown in this chart, was who Mr. Spock would be if he developed just enough emotion to experience hatred.

Adding Mercury to that mix helps her keep her focus purely cerebral, caulk up any tiny little crack that may have existed in the giant wall around her heart.  So her general thought processes, as well as her feelings, moods, and strategic initiative, are also deep in the home of Saturn — limiting, cold, authoritarian, the punisher, he who threshes, he who calls for payment, the one who makes you wait, the one who sweats the details and makes you sweat them, too.  Saturn/Capricorn are all about personal stability and accrual, eliminating personal vulnerabilities.

Also Capricorn is the Moon’s detriment, opposite her natural home in Cancer.  As a general rule of thumb that I learned in Secrets From A Stargazer’s Notebook, one can know what to expect from the world by observing the Moon’s sign in the natal chart, part of its accidental dignity.  When your Moon is in its own sign, it’s your turn to receive.  When it’s in the opposite sign, it’s your turn to give.  Debbi Kempton-Smith calls them red light/green light days in the above book.  This can be seen as lucky/unlucky days, when things are liable to either go your way or not, when the wheel is turning toward you or away from you.  When your Moon is in its own sign, you are the pigeon.  When it’s in the opposite sign, you’re the statue.

With the Moon in its detriment in Capricorn, Rand was born in what could be called the red-light/bad luck/not your turn to win/you must give position, because again, of its accidental dignity.  Rand was born having cornered herself emotionally into a never-win situation.  Of course there’s no such thing as a one-sided coin.  So where there’s a never-win, there’s an always-win — and of course the wild card, which is the rim that they share.  But that’s an evolved viewpoint which would not have been evident to someone with Rand’s curriculum vitae.  She was no Helen Keller.

When the Moon got back around to the part of life where she would normally be entitled to receive (its home in her natal chart, Capricorn), it was paradoxically in its own natural “you must give” position.  As I see it, taking when it’s your turn to give is the definition of sin.  You can do it, as long as karma doesn’t concern you.  Selfishness is an insidious vice for the Capricorn Moon.

There is an amazing paradox here, and thus an enormous opportunity for transformation and mass transmutation.   Rand was actually born with a very Plutonian, zero-sum, angel-or-devil set of options.  Her vertex is directly opposite her Pluto, which was directed at society like a fire hose in the 11th house.

She was fully equipped to be the exact opposite of who she was.  There is a transformative, transcendent part of Pluto where anything is possible, there are no outer limits.  It can be awesome outside the box.  But you have to get past all the anger and desire for revenge, the lust for blood and treasure.  You not only have to stop wanting them, you have to be sorry for having taken so much of them.  Rand did have circuitry inside her mind that could have balanced beautifully, had she toggled it in the other direction.

Based on what I know of her and the chart above, I’m sorry she didn’t rise to the challenge of the lovely paradox she created.  Her emotional self was not unlike a person who is born blind, but to emotion rather than visual stimuli.  She was like lactose-intolerant, but with feelings of humanity rather than milk.  She may never have hated anything more than the part of her I describe herein as the Moon or Venus.  She could have flipped that over and been truly astonishing.  Too bad she would’ve hated Harriet Tubman so much, she would’ve helped poor Ayn understand.

harriet tubman

The other key thing about the particular way Rand’s Moon/Pallas/Mercury conjunction operates is shown in her philosophy.  Rand had grossly conflated her own personal moods (the Moon) with her ability to recognize larger patterns and project clarity, as represented by Pallas Athena, with her head made of a cut diamond.  The two are conjoined twins in her chart, and Mercury makes it something of a triplet, or perhaps in her case a Cerberus.   Rand had basically fused her own personal and sexual needs with her intellect/writer and inner Pallas Athena.  Her whims were sold to her collective members as “pure logic,” and people bought it because internally, Rand wasn’t lying.  She has the chart of someone who truly does believe herself to be the arbiter of objectivity, the axis Creation revolves around.

Ayn Rand is like nails on my psychic chalkboard, so I really don’t know that much about her.  Dr. Levine’s description of her personal romantic world — her affair with Branden and also her marriage — are a natural outgrowth not only of the above Venus/Pluto/Moon factors, but her unique Sun in Aquarius in the 7th house.  They all felt the sting of her controlling Pluto.  They all feared her, which was her version of love.  And they were the prototype, the seeds, for what she hoped to accomplish — and largely did — in society.  How much would she have loved Trump, and his version of Obamacare?

There is no one fulcrum to her madness, as there is with Hitler.  Rand has more like a circuit between the Sun, the T-square, and the Moon/Pallas/Mercury.  There’s an episode of The Simpsons where a doctor heals Mr. Burns, and that throws him out of whack, because he has all his diseases balanced inside like a Jenga tower.  Rand has the emotional version of this in her chart.  A little bit of good health or balance would throw this entire consciousness into chaos.  Rand has multiple factors, all perfectly calibrated to each other to create something that psychologically rolls like an egg.  She could have been an avatar, with the enormous spiritual paradox shown in her chart, had she chosen to shore up her infrastructure with the massive resources at hand.  She could’ve had the joy of learning to roll like a ball.  But that was not her choice.

Rand had, in her Collective, a cult of personality.  From her vast writings, it is clear she believed herself to be the embodiment of logic itself, the actual bellwether by which one can determine whether something is objective or subjective.  If it works for Rand, it’s logical.  If she doesn’t get it, it’s emotional/weak.  That was a very clear rule in her dealings, even from the little I’ve read about her.  She directed her acolytes in the matters of their marriages, too, sometimes instructing them to divorce — and having them comply!  At any rate, if you were looking for said arbiter, she was perfect for the job.  She selected the perfect fabric to cut herself from, with that costume in mind.

Her tiny little seventh house is all squashed down into 13o of Aquarius — less than half a normal house size.  Strikingly, there’s only one thing happening there:  the Sun!  And in astrology the Sun is the individual’s core expression of will, their reason for coming to Earth in the first place, their EGO.  Because Aquarius is a “duplicated sign” in her chart, the Aquarian (co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus) impersonality and iconoclasm are prominent themes.  Because of her oddball houses, Aquarius is almost like a moat around her Sun.

What I see here is someone who is committed to their own will and ego in a way that is seldom seen.  Yet with her Sun in the 7th, in his detriment, a complete union with another is something she wants more than anything.  She might never be okay without it.  Yet marriage is bullshit for her, because it was created before she was born to define it “rationally.”  And she really was potentially one of the least emotional or cuddly people on Earth.  Love was her Kryptonite.  Had she developed a tolerance for it early on, been dipped in it a few times, things could gone differently.  But I don’t think so.  I get that she really prefers it this way, even now.

Rand had literally conflated her own needs and desires (the Sun) with the general mechanism of the human race (Aquarius).  Her Descendant, the heart of her personal commitment in life, was tiny.  Like a wall safe, her tiny 7th house is deep in her enhanced sense of detachment, and contains the only thing she’s truly committed to:  the Sun, her own ego.  She has it squirreled away where there would normally be a marriage, in a sort of fortified bunker.  There was no challenging her on any of this.  That’s what inspires people about her.  She didn’t have the courage of her convictions, she WAS her convictions.  Her troubled Neptune, especially in the 12th house, would have permitted her to gloss over anything inconvenient, completely block out awareness of any personal issues, externalize any and all societal impacts.  She was probably alcohol-friendly.  [Come to find out she was quite the speed freak, hm.]

Rand’s philosophy collapses in the 7th house, and here’s why.  The 7th house Sun normally indicates someone who really needs to be partnered, and I think Rand is no exception to this.  Her marriage sounded utterly miserable (at least for him) from the above article.  She seemed to have the classic Borderline Personality Disorder quality of “I hate you, don’t leave me.”  I imagine her husband living not unlike the Grinch’s dog.  For all her talk of pure rationale, and answering only to herself, as genuinely as she felt those things, she had a raging need to merge with another.  She had extreme ego boundary issues, truly not knowing where she ended and everything else began.

Counter this withLeo, the other duplicated sign, on the Ascendant, and you have someone who has no idea how much they expect to be noticed and praised.  First of all the Sun is ruling the Leo Ascendant from the other side of the chart.  Again, the duplicated signs are areas of extra focus.  In this case it’s the Sun/Leo with its huge ego, willfulness, demand for attention, high standards, and leadership self-image.  She was able to get all eyes on her when she walked into a room, and she probably loved that.

Where there are duplicated signs, there are intercepted houses.  Rand’s intercepted, or “scattered-focus” areas (opposite the highly focused or dominant areas described above, i.e., Aquarius/Leo) are the 5th and 11th houses.  The 11th is Aquarius’ natural home, and is about society in general.  It’s about the impersonal human condition, how people interact, large groups of people, humanity as a whole.  As described above, Rand is quite blurry in this department, and in its opposite, the 5th house.

These intercepted houses represent parts of life the subject doesn’t exactly get.  The 5th house is about creativity, children, and playfulness.  She didn’t strike me as one who enjoyed parties.  Why would she?  They’re full of other people!  I’ve never seen her appear lighthearted.  I bet she hated kids even more than adults. [Oh, after I wrote that, I saw this:]

In elementary school, her class was asked to write an essay about why being a child was a joyous thing. She instead wrote “a scathing denunciation of childhood,” headed with a quote from Pascal: “I would prefer an intelligent hell to a stupid paradise.”

Rand did have Uranus technically still in the 5th house for another minute, so it’s possible she threw very odd parties, or some form of entertainment that was unique unto her (Uranus is for weirdos, and she has Aquarius on steroids).  With her unique Moon and generally sour Saturnian personality, I suspect she had the same taste in entertainment as a very tight-fisted Roman emperor.  She may have thrown “parties” (and I’m purely making this up) where people would be savagely criticized or otherwise subjected to unpleasantness that Rand said was for their own good, and thus entertaining for her, and thus rational.  Her Collective members would undoubtedly have swallowed their pride to her sheer delight many times.

I feel her Uranus more reflects her 6th house, wherein she had oddball ideas about health and service.  Rand taught that self-service was the only virtue.  She believed smoking cigarettes made people more rational, and as Dr. Levine describes, refused to retract her smoking mandate even after being diagnosed with lung cancer.  She lived to be of disservice, just like she was famous for not-love.  There were other things, too, about what people ate and drank, and what she expected from them in fealty. I get that she conflated marriage with service, with her Sun (self) in the 7th, and all of her asteroids in the 6th.  Because of who she was, she saw that as more of a one-way thing where he gives and she takes.  That was her thing.  But she could’ve taken that the opposite direction, and let him help her help herself to astonishing result.

A person with a lesser-evolved, duplicated Leo Ascendant is already likely to truly believe themselves to be royalty among men, and demand extreme ring-kissing, even without her intense Pluto and other issues.  The more validation she got, the more she would want.  There would be a tendency for her Sun (ego) to run amok.

Rand had Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer in the 11th house, and Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn in the 5th.  Each of those houses, with their multiple signs, would be a big mishmash of things she probably didn’t know what to do with.  The only activity in either of them is Pluto/Mintaka in the 11th.  (I know, technically Uranus is still in the 5th house for another minute.  It’s headed directly into the Moon/Mercury/Pallas crap storm, so I’m calling it part of that mess.)

The 11th house interception (with the chart factors in play here) suggests to me someone who may have lots of vague ideas about how society should work, yet no real ability to extrapolate how policies would play out in real life, what that would look like.  It could be a certain myopia regarding the realities of the human condition overall, which combines with the absolute dearth of empathy and compassion in this chart to chilling effect.

I see it as potentially the sort of thing I’ve heard about Henry Ford:  that he was a virulent racist most of his life, until he saw the actual human experience on the other end of his rhetoric played out in the Holocaust.  I have heard he had a 180-degree revelation once the dots were connected viscerally.  I would expect Rand’s acolytes themselves to have this experience, though from this chart I doubt she ever would.  If the people in the images were not European, I would expect her to double down on killing them all, and possibly even if they were.

Rand’s capacity for emotional expression was so thoroughly ravaged in this chart, so meticulously absent, that it makes me wonder if she was consciously incarnated to represent hatred, like HH the Dalai Lama’s evil twin.  She was enormously capable in her own way, and from what I’ve seen of her I doubt she had one single regret about the way she lived her life, other than not doing the same but more and harder.

The radioactive-looking cherry on top of this shit salad of a chart is Vesta, the true believer.  I don’t believe Ayn Rand ever spoke a false word in her life.  Her entire life was one enormous lie, and she believed every square centimeter of it.  The Vestal Virgin within her, the one who would rather die than cross her own line in the sand, was right there on the IC at 9 Libra.

I see the IC (we all scream for ice cream!) as the proverbial heart of hearts, where a person lives emotionally, their sense of their core truth.  Rand’s Vesta — the one who never couples, who chooses death above dishonor — sits right there atop a fixed star called Vindemiatrix.  Terry Nazon describes it as “Falsity, folly, disgrace, stealing, widowhood, depression, witch hunts, mysticism, and the occult.”  This underscores my sense that she was very, very comfortable with her dysfunctional 11th house, or ability to relate to humanity in general.

Lastly, there’s some very gross stuff in her chart for me personally.  For one, her Jupiter is on my Midheaven, and we have the same Ascendant at 7o Leo.  This is conjunct Praesaepe, an unfortunate fixed star that drives individual will and can portend violence and misery (as I have been on the receiving end of).  Also, her key player Uranus (also a key player in my T-square), is conjunct my South Node at 2o Capricorn.  For me, 2o Capricorn represents the hell of ancient Orion, and the effect its ripple has had in my life.  Of course my Ascendant is how others see me, as with everyone.  Marilyn Monroe has the same one too, it’s not all bad.  But I don’t like having such key factors on the nose with Ayn Rand.  I’ve recently discovered that Heinrich Himmler’s chart strongly resembles my own, too.  Yuck.

On Anger Management

Lately I’ve gotten angrier more often.  I’ve been actively managing my anger for decades, so this has been remarkable.

I decided not to dwell in anger over a decade ago.  By that I mean not buying into the idea that anger is appropriate other than as an indicator of a personal miscalibration. That was arguably the best thing I ever did for myself.

Nowadays anger management is like emotional diarrhea for me.  It’s that dreadful, and I want the same amount of privacy, for the same reasons.

I don’t judge or hate myself for having the process.  It was the proverbial “something I ate,” expanded here to include “that which was shoved down my throat.”  It’s six of one, half a dozen of the other.  Bottom line, it’s mine to deal with.  And this, too, shall pass.