Trey Gowdy, Astrosplained

Gentle Reader,

I’ve missed you lo these long weeks, been working in the studio and drafting a new novel.  But there is work to do.  They’re running like the proverbial rats from a tremendous, fantastic ship, the greatest ship anyone has ever seen.  Nobody knew there were ships like this.   Like Lord of the Flies, but with worse people in more despair.

Each day it becomes increasingly clear to me that life is but a dream.  Thank God for lucid dreaming.  In this alternate dimension, a cohort of celebrity evil twins infest the White House under Donald Trump.


Evil John Oliver

Steven MnuchinJohn Oliver

Evil Nancy Kerrigan

Hope HicksNancy Kerrigan

Evil Gollum

wilbur rossGollum

Evil Michael J. Fox

An Evil Mayan


Evil Joe Pesci


Evil Pauly Shore

stephen miller

Evil Popeye


Evil Beavis and Butthead


An Evil Squeeze Doll


Oh, I could go on — and probably will.  But today, I’d like to kick the tires and look at the teeth of the Evil, Melted Anderson Cooper, Trey Gowdy, while he’s still on board the tremendous, fantastic USS Trump, really great.


trey gowdy chart

Alrighty.  Let’s begin at the beginning.  The Sun is in the very last degree of Leo here, on Regulus. Because I don’t have a proper birth time to work from, I don’t know if the Sun is in the last degree of Leo or the first degree of Virgo.    He does feel like more of a Virgo Sun to me.  Trey utterly lacks the largesse or grace that I would expect with a robust Leo Sun.  I’m surprised he doesn’t have more of that dignity or gravitas just from his Regulus contact.

Trey has Uranus, Pluto, and Mercury all in Virgo, and that’s a well-done Benghazi burger we can eat later on in bed with plenty of ketchup.  If his Sun is in fact in Virgo, that makes Mercury the chart ruler, present in his own sign.  So the choice, then, is whether Trey’s ego is more prominent (Leo), or his thoughts (Mercury).  I think it’s really six of one, half a dozen of the other.  This is a very cerebral, non-interactive guy, even if his Sun is in Leo.  Trey has the sort of extreme Jupiter that suggests a significant ego imbalance, excessive entitlement and shunning of responsibility.  He has a lot of planets in water signs.  But his Moon, the one who controls the tides, is not well at all.

The Sun is at the heart of our solar system, and is the energy source that makes everything go on this planet.  The Sun plays a similar role in the astrological chart, representing the individual, the spirit that couldn’t resist taking this particular form.  Regulus, the Heart of the Lion, is almost self-explanatory in this context.  An evolved, balanced expression of a Regulus Sun would be someone who truly knows the worth of their life within the divine scheme.  But Regulus often includes a fall, and I would expect that especially with such a strong Algol connection as Trey has.  While Regulus can bring you straight to the top, it often does not last.  Integrity is always the key.

There are many Regulus contacts in the Trump administration and in the news, like Harvey Weinstein, Jeff Sessions, Sam Clovis, Mike Pence, Rex Tillerson, and others.  Having the Sun directly on Regulus, as Trey does, would suggest a certain self-assuredness that could be laser focus on self-expression, like a man born on a *noble* mission.  Either that or a severe cranio-rectal inversion, if there’s nothing in it for anyone but himself.

cranio rectal inversion

Astrology, like everything else in life, is what you make of it.  Sun on Regulus could mean an extremely dignified individual, one who refuses to get down into the mud no matter who slings it.  The classic, “They go low, I go high” person.  Astrosplaining involves looking at the various possibilities on display in the chart, and comparing that to what I can Google on the native’s life in progress.  So are we looking at the next Mahatma Gandhi?

The shape of this chart is a little hard to determine.  It could be seen as a see-saw.  I am calling it a Jupiter bucket.  Jupiter certainly plays a key role here, not only serving as the handle to all of the other planets’ bucket, but at the head of a T-square, that red triangle in the middle.  Then of course it’s directly on Algol the Blinking Demon, a binary, malevolent star of enormous magnitude.  Of course nothing is entirely good or bad, again, it’s how you use it.  But Algol takes the lid off of things.  Algol opens Pandora’s box on one topic.  Here, the topic is Jupiter.

So let’s quickly recap what Jupiter is all about, as I’ve described elsewhere on this blog.  You can think of Jupiter as Trump on one of his golf courses.  It’s hard to say which emperor he most resembles.  I’m going with Nero.  But of course whether you see him as a robber baron, Daddy Warbucks, or deus ex machina (“Nepotism can be a great thing.” – E. Trump), depends on you and your perspective.  If you appreciate the things he spends money on, you like him.

Gowdy’s Algol apex with Jupiter, and the fact that he’s been in Congress all this time, scares the hell out of me.  Basically when it comes to governance, the difference between Trey Gowdy and a coyote is that there are some things a coyote just won’t do.

Jupiter is also where we get the word “jovial” from.  It’s not that Trump doesn’t care what you think; he freaks out at how small his crowds (and gloves) are.  But Jupiter wants enough money to live in his own fantasy world, where he’s the mayor of Tiny Town and it’s either Christmas or his birthday every single day.  At least that’s what people with pronounced Jupiters tend to want.  Stephen Miller has Jupiter in the 1st house, literally Job #1.

It can be noted that Jupiter represents the government, among other things, and that Trump has Jupiter conjunct Seginus the Guard, which portends loss through association.  Seginus is the old, “If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”  Stone, Manafort, and many others share contacts with Algorab the Crow.  I am using Seginus as a marker for those who have some karmic connection to Trump himself, and Algorab as a separate contingent that has him for a useful idiot.  Gowdy has neither of these contacts.

So that turbocharged Jupiter/Algol is driving Trey Gowdy in a very large way.  A T-square is like a psychic pebble in the shoe, a source of lifelong internal friction.  This can tend to make a person driven, especially if there are any positive or flowing aspects to the chart.  Then it becomes like an engine that can be steered by the more positive aspects of the personality.  And Trey does have what I call a mini-kite, the little blue triangle with Mercury, Pluto, and Uranus at the head over there in Virgo.  Thus we see someone with some fire in their belly, and the ability to take it somewhere.

Trey was part of the Tea Party wave that basically hijacked Congress in 2010.  They are famous for being the most extreme of extremists, willing to shut the government down altogether.  As Trey’s South Carolina buddy Mick Mulvaney recently said, shutting down the government was “kind of cool.”  So that’s what you get with Algol on Jupiter, which represents the government, anything goes when they get in power.  Seriously, anything, stuff that would boggle your mind.

Trey also has Venus and Mars conjunct on Sirius, which is of the nature of Jupiter and Mars, adding weight to those two.  IMO Jupiter is a co-ruler to the Sun here.  And the two planets have much in common, in terms of self-focus.  It’s appropriate for the Sun to be self-focused, aware of both the adventure and the responsibility, whereas Jupiter just likes adventure much more than responsibility.  And Mars loves to bloody his knuckles.

The Royal Stars and other “fixed stars” (of course nothing is fixed; these giant, distant stars move very, very slowly) turn up the volume in a chart.  They add more fuel to the fire, more potential to whatever the native does with their theme.  Especially Sirius adds a “sparkling,” brilliant connotation.  Algol is a fixed star, and you can see how a Pandora’s box, especially on the part of you that loves to party, could be trouble.  For someone who is as non-footloose as Trey Gowdy, obviously he gets his kicks somewhere other than Route 66, like in that horrible tax thing they did.  Jupiter does represent the government, making decisions for others (without necessarily getting their input), and spending other people’s money.

Then Trey also has a connection to Fomalhaut with Saturn.  That is where I see him really, really going afoul.  Fomalhaut boosts both his Mercury and Jupiter, neither of which needs any more help.  With Fomalhaut, you must either check yourself or wreck yourself, especially conjunct Saturn.  The swing factor with all of these is integrity.  That is what will make or break someone with an Algol contact, or any of these on the magnitude of Sirius, Fomalhaut, and Regulus.

All of these high-powered contacts add emphasis to certain aspects of the life.  Add a number of them, and you have someone who shows up on radar.  But it’s like driving.  The faster you are going, the harder it is to correct your mistakes.  And when you do wreck, the faster you are going, the worse you break up.  That’s basically what I see for Trey Gowdy.  He does not appear to me to be a person of high integrity, especially suddenly jumping ship right now after being a Tea Party hatchet man for years.  Not long ago he was trying to get her locked up.  #TimesUp indeed.

Astrologically — ahem — Trey’s Moon is late in Aquarius, so co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus.   I would expect prominent Saturn in Trey Gowdy based on his bony face.  I have pried myself away from thinking of Virgo as at least co-ruled by Saturn, despite how well it works for me, how much Saturn I see reflected in Virgo.  Maybe Trey has Capricorn or Aquarius rising.  Anyway Aquarius has a certain detachment, a certain incompatibility with others on a personal level.  Aquarius, like Jupiter, prefers the big picture.   Aquarius and Jupiter can both be very giving and philanthropic, Jupiter with money and Aquarius with ideas.   I suspect there is more Saturn to this chart than just his Aquarian Moon, because of his overall serious demeanor, and again, bony appearance.  Also his Moon is conjunct Saturn, which can give you Summertime Sadness all year round.  (Ask me, I know!)

The Moon, controller of the tides, is not so comfortable in Aquarius, an air sign.  Saturn is a bummer, and Aquarius is generally insensitive.  This tends to make someone very cerebral, less intuitive, less emotional.  The Moon, representing our moods and emotions, doesn’t do well in this environment.  Like Louise Linton-Mnooch with her Gemini Moon, air Moons really hate feelings, and that’s their thing.  They don’t like feeling them, try to avoid doing so, don’t want to know about anyone else’s, either, except in the abstract.  It’s like having eyes that hate to see.  With Aquarius the tendency would be to take anything on the big-picture, look at it as an engineering problem rather than a human tragedy.  I’m speaking of a less balanced or evolved individual here, again.  Not Aquarius Moons in general.  Remember this is Astrosplaining people I know about, not general astrology.

Importantly, Trey’s Sun and Moon are in opposition, in that T-square with the Jupiter/Algol apex.  Astrologically speaking, the technical term for that is “yikes.”  Algol at the head of a T-square is just an internal mine field.  The Sun and Moon in opposition tend to make someone uncomfortable in their own skin.  This is someone who in some way doesn’t easily connect with their own raison d’etre.   They may think they know it, could write 20 books about it.  But it could be very difficult for such a native to really feel their purpose in their bones, hear it in the voices of others, especially with this afflicted Moon.  This, and the pronounced Uranus, keep Trey from being a people person despite his strong Venus.

The desire to love and be loved, to people-please, is Venus.  And with Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, sitting pretty at the tail end of Venus (the Lesser Benefic)’s self-indulgent sign of Taurus, you’d think that he could be one really big-hearted guy.  Does he come across that way to you?  Even with his own children, do you imagine him being that goofy dad who lets them ride him like a pony, or barks like a dog because it makes them laugh?  He could be just all about his home and family, a major foodista, extreme spoiler of children.  But I don’t get any of that from him.  The Aquarius Moon, especially in that T-square and opposed to the Sun, probably keeps him feeling kind of weird all the time, about himself.

Before I go, about that Benghazi burger.  For years I’ve been thinking of Virgo as co-ruled by Saturn and Mercury.  Eventually I saw so much Saturn in Virgo’s tone that I stopped thinking of it as a Mercury thing at all.  Mercury is about thoughts and words, the part of our minds that we are conscious of.   Virgo is not such a wordy sign to me.  It is, however, chronically in the head mind.  The fact that it’s an Earth sign, and not an air sign, feels more like Saturn to me.  But I’m using Mercury because Ptolemy said to, and I can see that logic, too.  (Just sharing with you my learning curve/personal process.)

So my observation of Virgo over the past months is that Virgo the Virgin does not accept the input of others.  In this very literal way, we find an inroad to deeper understanding of this truly interesting and unique sign.  Virgo is all about small details.  Like Mercury, Virgo is linear and loves making lists.  Virgos tend to show affection by nitpicking.   That’s very Saturnian to me, believing oneself to be the standard by which all should be judged.  And to my eye it underpins the theme of Virgo.

But what the two really share in common is a failure to connect with the heart mind.   This is the same issue with the Moon in Aquarius, where it’s hard to sublimate water into air.  It takes a huge amount of fire to make water into steam.  Trey does not have any fire in his chart IMO, because again I think his Sun will be in Mercury’s sign of Virgo if a proper birth time is found.   But even if the Sun is in Leo, I don’t see him applying all that fire in that particular way.  He does not appear to be a very emotional or intuitive, touchy-feely guy, despite all the planets in Cancer and Scorpio.

That’s the thing that drives me crazy about the Virgos in my life.  They’re sort of intractable.  They absolutely refuse to see things any way but their own.  It’s not that they say they won’t see it that way.  Speaking as a watery, empathic Cancer, on an energetic level you can’t get your foot in the door with them.  There’s a certain buffer of incredulity, a refusal to entertain whatever it is you’re selling.   They are often not willing to internalize your input, like a bowl chart native.

So there in Virgo we have Mercury, just running amok in that mini-kite.  This is a guy who can build skyscrapers out of matchsticks on the clouds inside his head, and judges the world’s cathedrals against them.  He probably thinks words are exactly what he needs.  That’s what makes this the Benghazi portion of the chart IMO.  That whole situation was his attempt to just keep saying Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi, like Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, until Hilary ended up drawn and quartered.  He couldn’t be convinced that no, you’d need to have a there, there.  He has words and thoughts at the head of his kite.  How well he grounds his efforts is a matter of opinion.

Also at the head of his kite is Pluto, the Devil.  I’ve written a lot about Pluto on this blog due to the serial killers and other miscreants for whom it features prominently, like Ayn Rand.  Pluto is about control, plain and simple.  Pluto in Virgo, working with Mercury and Uranus, is about having a little tantrum with words until you get your way.  Uranus is the “I gotta be me” planet, the one ruling Aquarius, for whom people are an abstract concept.  And that’s how he truly “feels” about it, that’s where his Moon is.  Trey Gowdy does not even pretend to feel your pain.

So those are the three tools he put in his toolkit for Jupiter conjunct Algol, the focal point of this chart.  I would say that Jupiter overtakes the chart ruler due to the extreme emphasis and obviousness of it in the native’s life.  That’s where you get Benghazi.  He feels like as long as he still knows English words (Mercury), and he’s in any sort of position to make Hilary dance on hot coals (Pluto), that’s how he’s going to get his own way (Jupiter).  Say Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi until it sounds like the holocaust.  Why?  Because I gotta be me (Uranus).  That Sun on Regulus will surely let him feel that with his every breath.

Beyond that, Trey is not a super interesting guy.  He is in the self-service, with Jupiter given carte blanche in a Sun/Regulus-ruled chart.  He has enough fixed stars, and enough personal dynamism in his T-square and kites, to rise to prominence for some while.  But he has no significant Seginus the Guard contact to tie him energetically to Trump.  He also lacks anAlgorab the Crow contact, which so many of the kleptocrat cohort share.  He mostly just feels entitled to be king.









Anthony Scaramucci, Astrosplained

I switched from Santa to Cernunnos this year, and I’ll never go back.   He’s the original Santa.  Instead of an appointed date with wrapped presents, you have to wait and see what presents you find.  Cernunnos makes you be open to what treats fall into your lap, and he continues carrying on as long as you let him.  He is often shown with the antlers of a stag.  This is because he teaches us that abundance is just as available to us as it is to the deer, when we allow ourselves to be that vulnerable, that trusting of the Earth to provide.

Once you understand that and go into vulnerability mode, Cernunnos will keep coming around when you least expect it, showering you with goodies.  I woke up this morning to weed, coffee, and this interview with Dana Bash and Anthony Scaramucci.  😀

First, I have to think Dana Bash owes Jake Tapper a solid now.  I think she actually screwed up a bit, not emphasizing the outrageousness of Trump running this parallel DIY press liaison out to say that he’s willing to make an alliance with the Democrats, since he knows they’re about to come into power.  Whose brain exploded harder, Mitch McConnell’s or General Kelly’s?  [Also “mooch” was already a verb, meaning to beg or freeload, and he was already a noun.  Mooch became a time-period in 2017.]

Ironically, this will take me much longer to unwrap than anything with cellophane.   So Trump had the Mooch go directly to the enemy, CNN — whose reporters he will dismiss with, “You’re fake news!” — and broker peace, not only with CNN but with the Democrats.  This guy!  And when I say that, I mean both of them!  This guy!!!!

That’s an Italian-American thing that we say, a nicer way of saying, “The balls on him!”  which is our way of saying, “Why, the nerve!”   The traditional response is, “What are you gonna do?” which is meant rhetorically, not conspiratorially.

So understand the potty-mouth thing of the Mooch is partially a cultural heritage issue.  And that is why I actually love the Mooch.  I am so, so glad that he’s back.  And I totally get this, as insane as it is.  It’s almost like the White House is now really good fan fiction.  I thought blowing a kiss to the White House press corps was a mic drop on life.  It was amazing for me to see a paisan in this particular way, the way other people might feel if they one day saw RuPaul doing the press conference.  I just never expected it.  Our version of “you might be a redneck.”

Italian-Americans are by no means invisible, especially compared to other groups.  But we are seldom taken seriously, and this is why.  But I will confess, this is my guilty pleasure.  I binge-watched all of the Mob Wives shows, and am watching as much of the Housewives of New Jersey as I can manage.  In my little moments, I sometimes fantasize about celebrities as if they were Barbies and Kens.  I would marry Oprah to Deepak Chopra, so she would be Oprah Chopra.  And I would have the Mooch marry another big Trump fan, Teresa from RHONJ, just because.  Thank God I’m not in charge.

teresa giudice

Gentle reader, I could go on all day, but the stars are speaking.  And thus I share with you the little gem I found in my stocking this morning, the gift that keeps on giving, Anthony Scaramucci.

anthony scaramucci chart

First things first, the Sun is in Capricorn, Saturn is the chart ruler.  Saturn himself is located in Aquarius, a sign he co-rules, so that settles that.  The Mooch is not a typical Saturnian hard guy, because Saturn is really all about discipline.  Mooch seems like a wild card, as you would expect from Aquarius, co-ruled by Uranus.  As Matt Taibbi described him, he looks like he owns a Lamborghini dealership.  Not someone you would think, yeah, White House spokesperson.  Capricorn is usually for attorneys, police officers, accountants, people who like to be authority figures.

Mooch has Mercury combust the Sun, meaning so close to the Sun that it is obscured by the Sun’s corona.  In the life that looks like relating to your thoughts more than your feelings, though with this much Saturn he probably very much relates to his body and the physical world.  Mooch probably does not believe in any kind of afterlife, he is likely to believe that what you see is what you get on the Earth plane, and that is all, that consciousness begins and ends in the physical brain.

With the Moon, the primary water planet, in airy Libra, this chart is quite metaphorically dry.  So moods aren’t really a big issue for the Mooch, which helps him gel with Trump.  Melania and Jared have a lot of Saturn too.  Trump needs stable, solid people around him like the eye of Hurricane Donald, and the Mooch is able to provide that feeling for him.  I note that Mooch’s Moon is conjunct Seginus the Guard, which I have been using as a Trump-specific marker, people who are loyal to the man himself — like Omarosa, who has Seginus the Guard conjunct Vesta the True Believer.  Seginus is described as imparting shamelessness and loss through bad associates.  And Trump has it conjunct Jupiter, the planet representing the government.

There is a lot to talk about in this chart.  The overall shape of the chart is a locomotive, like other very young White House luminaries Hope Hicks and Stephen Miller.  A locomotive chart is one in which the native has significant drive and determination, a capable and motivated individual.  Locomotives have engines, and in this chart the engine is Uranus, co-ruler of Aquarius, with Saturn.

Aquarius is the outsider, the mold breaker, the one who just has to let his freak flag fly.   Uranus is for non-conformists.   And we see in the video above someone who is very comfortable with not being what other people expect him to be, which I actually love about him.  I’ve learned to use such people as role models, and it has changed my life.  So Mr. I Gotta Be Me is very evident in this chart, almost a co-ruler with Saturn.

Venus is not insignificant here, because she is in Aquarius with Saturn, and the Moon is housed in Venus’ sign of Libra.  Venus, the need to love and be loved, works on the agenda of Saturn and Uranus here.  It’s important to note that Capricorn is about security and stability for oneself.  It is frugal and practical.  Capricorn guys don’t usually wear that kind of suit, they go to the warehouse suit place.  That’s more of a Venus thing, like Wilbur Ross with his Hermes pocket square (h/t to Debra M. IIRC).  Venus cares how she looks and feels, every detail of her personal grooming.

I once knew a Saturn/Uranus guy who was not attractive in the first place, but put the same amount of care into his hair as his front lawn.  Much less, actually, because he kept the lawn up.  When his wife got too loud, he’d go to this half-blind old man who only charged $5.00 and did a terrible job.  Mike only wanted to do it like every two months, and he wanted it basically cut almost completely bald so he wouldn’t have to come back as fast.  Which of course looked completely stupid and awful.  I came to really understand Uranus, though, when his moustache got so bad it upset my friend, his wife.  I used to ask him, “What color are the flowers going to be?” meaning the flowers on that nasty bush under his nose.  One of the big things about his wife, she was very Venusian.  Her hair and nails were always perfect, she always had an outfit with a bag.  Mike insisted on looking like a homeless guy, because Uranus needs to break rules.  It’s a little “screw you” to society.  And it plays into Saturn’s need to exert authority.

So that does factor into the Mooch’s personality, though obviously they have different ideas about grooming.  Some of that is cultural, as I mentioned above.  In general our people are very materially focused, like with the Guido culture.  I’m sure the Mooch grew up doing GTL — gym, tanning, laundry — just like the Jersey Shore guys.  Unlike my friend’s husband Mike, the Mooch has a little Venus in the mix, to make him a little more sociable, a little more ready for prime-time than he would otherwise be, a little choosier about his ambiance.

Pluto and Mars also need to be looked at here because they co-rule Scorpio, where Mooch has Neptune, Vesta the True Believer, and Juno the Spouse.  Trump likes Plutonian personalities like Omarosa and Stephen Miller.  Trump likes the power-trip feeling such people give him.  Jupiter (Trump) loves being able to have his way, do whatever he wants unimpeded.  Past a point, that can get ugly, even with the lengths Jupiter will go not to notice the consequences of his behavior.

The relationship between Jupiter and Pluto is complicated.  Pluto is in Virgo, ruled by Mercury (I am accepting the traditional rulership on this, though I still get much more Saturn than Mercury for Virgo).  Mercury is combust, meaning the native is probably not so much aware of how much they identify with their thoughts.  (Ask me, I know!)  So the Sun, the ego itself, is controlling Pluto.  The Sun is, again, in Capricorn, so both Pluto and the Sun are on Saturn’s agenda of guarding his wallet and enforcing the law.

In the video above, the Mooch references Cicero to proclaim his love of jurisprudence.  But he’s doing so to shill for our own Orange Jupiter, who on his best day thinks of the law as something for other people.  Trump is so comfortable being Jupiter that he said, “We’ll see” when asked about pardoning Flynn.  That is quite Jovian, that willingness to arbitrate without considering any viewpoint but his own.  There is a marked lack of self-awareness, ironically, when Jupiter blinds someone to everyone but himself.

So when you have contradictory things like the above, that is generally a Neptune issue.  Neptune is about the connection to the higher self, to source, and how willing we are to make and express that connection within ourselves.  So Neptune is about integrity, about how closely what you tell the world tracks with what you know of yourself.  Very often low integrity can come from lack of self-awareness, as with addictions, also represented by Neptune.

The Mooch has Neptune in Scorpio, square the chart’s ruler, Saturn, and Venus.  So Scorpio gives Neptune himself a Mars-Pluto rulership, and as noted, both of those are on Saturn’s agenda in one way or another.   It’s important to note that Saturn is not the Sun, the actual persona of the individual.   Nor is Saturn Neptune, the native’s actual connection to all consciousness.  Saturn is a self-described authority figure, who has as much authority as you choose to give him.  And like with the police, the IRS, and everyone else represented by Saturn, when you give them a little, they push for more.  Saturn is traditionally considered a malefic planet due to the hardship it always brings.  A Saturn native may believe he’s correct in punishing others, bringing hardship to others.  Or, like Wesley Willis with his Saturn T-square, they may be on the other end, where the whip comes down on them.  Anyway Saturn can get really lopsided really fast, become self-righteous and miserly.

Here, there must be some conflict between what Saturn and Venus want to do, and what the Mooch knows in his heart of hearts.  I do not get him as a substance abuser, though that is often an issue with hard Neptune aspects.  Here, I see the Neptune influence with the conjunct asteroids, Pallas and Juno, because of the mini-kite and what’s nearby in Sagittarius:  Ceres the Earth Mother conjunct Toro the Raging Bull, on the malevolent Antares.  In any chart with any sort of Mars emphasis, as we have here with Mars conjunct the Sun, Antares is a red flag.  As I have gone on and on about, Aldebaran and Antares form a leadership axis, with Aldebaran on the Archangel Michael side and Antares on the demonic side.  Do you get the Mooch as a warrior for the archangel Michael?

So we look at Ceres the Earth Mother, and with Mooch’s Moon on Seginus, it all makes sense.  Ceres was the one who charged into hell to retrieve her daughter Persephone from Pluto.  Toro the Raging Bull is that point where the native sees red, literally like a raging bull.  Frida Kahlo had this asteroid on her Ascendant, her astrological face.  She was very assertive about who she was, who she would believe herself to be.  Anyway Mooch’s Antares-Ceres conjunct Toro is like the mom who beats up another kid’s mother when her kid loses a game.  Not that the other kid did anything wrong, she’s just angry that her kid lost, so she punches somebody.

Then Neptune is over there with Pallas the Field Marshal and Juno the Spouse.  That’s forming a mini-kite, a nice little cooperative, soothing circuit, with the Sun/Mercury and Pluto/Uranus.  Remember that the Sun is conjunct Mars here, and Mars co-rules, along with Pluto, that mini-kite head in Scorpio.  So remember that Scorpios don’t get mad, they get even.  Mooch was very straightforward that he was brought in to chop some heads.  He’s not an emotional guy, but he does not soft-pedal the ugliness of politics, even he can see it.  His Libran Moon may have his feelings hurt a bit, because he wants to be liked.  But ultimately he smoothed it, which is what Libra prefers.   Mooch is a political hit man, who made his bones with Reince Priebus.  That’s what Pallas and Juno want to do together.  That’s what Ceres and Toro do together on Antares.  Anything on Antares, they’re up to no good.  And Neptune also rules show business and perceptions.

The Moon is also in a big fat T-square, that red triangle, with Jupiter and the Sun-Mercury.  Jupiter himself is located in Mars’ sign of Aries, and opposed by the wonder team described above with Neptune and the Mean Girls.  Then the Sun and Mercury are attempting to balance all of that discord, make that three-legged table stand nicely.

The apex of a T-square is often roughly across from a large empty patch, and this chart has that shape.  Mooch has an approximately 150 degree vacant lot, and I put the center of it, the energetic bull’s eye, approximately mid-Gemini, between Aldebaran and the North Node.  Mooch does have the North Node at 11:11, which is highly auspicious in any sign.  However it does happen to be in Cancer, which makes his South Node 11:11 Capricorn — directly between the Sun and Mercury.

That is kind of a deep thing, that honestly I would need to consider more than I intend to on this New Year’s Eve morning.  I can say that for me, having such a weighted emphasis on where you started out, with the inner pull (North Node) over there in the part of your life you can least relate to (in this case Cancer, the Moon’s sign), would be a difficult challenge.  I don’t see anything in this chart to bring Mooch’s attention to the part of his life he intended to address psychically, that North Node.

The exact center of the empty spot is somewhere late in Gemini, ruled by Mercury.  The North Node, however, is the end of that hallway we call life.  It is where you will end up, all BS aside.  We always have free will in the choices we make with our conscious minds.  But astrology is about the choices we make with our higher minds, before birth, and learning to bridge the gap between what we can see and what we truly know.

I don’t envy the Mooch with his North Node.  Like Ayn Rand and Louise Linton, this person has set their life up to avoid the one thing they would most benefit from.  With Ayn Rand, she had no space for love, the willingness to love and be loved.  Mooch has a similar deal to Linton’s, where he’s not a feelings guy.  Linton’s is a lot more pronounced, though, and will be easier to identify in her life.  With Mooch’s intense Saturn and Pluto-Mars, there is a lot of desire to get out there and mix things up.  But like Linton, Mooch likes to keep things very cerebral.  He needs to learn to feel things, to prepare himself for his North Node.

Anyway one other thing I wanted to mention about my Mooch, is the whole Moon-Seginus trine Saturn-Venus.  The Saturn-Venus is happening in Aquarius, which is about zooming out when you look at humanity.   Mooch’s Venus Moon is conjunct Seginus, again, representing Trump himself.  Mooch is not good at relating to other people emotionally in general, but I suspect he can definitely feel Trump.  The Moon is in conflict with Mars, the Sun, and Mercury, but she’s compensating for that by giving Saturn and Venus a little reach-around, to use a Scaramucci-esque analogy.  Mooch’s moods and feelings, though he does not so much like to feel them, boost his sense of self-discipline and self-care in Saturn-Venus.

Anyway that Aquarian detachment, combined with the unemotional Libra Moon, explain how the Mooch could decline the birth of his child to attend the needs of man-baby Trump.  Like Omarosa, the various chart factors here suggest that this is a person who can see so much of himself in Trump that he can lose sight of the outside world to a great degree.  I don’t believe Omarosa ever considered life after Trump, just as the Mooch clearly didn’t.  The Aquarian nature of the Saturn and importantly Venus (the one who’s giving birth to the actual baby, hey) make it seem logical to the Mooch that if he has a chance to impact society as a whole, that’s much more important than that one baby.




Studio Visit

I have been making things all my life.  But until a couple months ago, I was a craftsman.  I didn’t really understand the difference between arts and crafts.  For as long as I can remember, I have been enormously anxious about drawing.  I have always felt that I wouldn’t be able to draw a representation of something in my head even if I knew what to draw.  I thought of myself as an artist only in the smallest possibly way.


Princess Prettypants

A couple of months ago I became aware of the support network of mentally ill artists who are not currently alive.   Understand that there is nothing special about me; anyone can access these guides, or any others, based on the common themes that are shared among the living and the dead.  The more I have opened myself up to their support, the more aware I become of the extreme support that is available to me as an artist.

I receive emotional support from luminaries of the art world whose names I won’t even mention.  Not that I am on their level as an artist.  But they appreciate how much I have tried and what I have to say.  And they all have something about their own process to share.  The ones who were not mentally ill, some of the most famous masters, are hyperfocused individuals like myself.   They had rich inner lives, like me.  But they were able to negotiate the outside world much better.  They mentor me, and many others, in managing this particular gap, between your head and the world.


Hand Mirror Selfie

Anyway I am still really anxious about drawing, and drawing these reflections out of myself.  I am afraid that I will go to the well and it will be dry.  I am afraid that I will have to go back to crafts, and it will never be the same.  Logically I know that can’t be right.  But it’s still a huge leap of faith for me.

I did my first painting since kindergarten this weekend.  I didn’t like the way it looked at all.  And I am learning through my mentors that how it looks is not so much the point.  The question is what I can reveal to myself in the doing of it.  Through my many years of craftsmanship, one of the main things I revealed to myself was disapproval.  Eventually it came to a point where I noticed that it was equally arbitrary, whether I approved of myself or not.  I just chose to validate myself 100 percent of the time, which was really difficult and took years of dipping my toe in the baby pool.  The hardest part was just convincing myself that that would be possible, then that it’s an okay way to live.


I’ve taken a tip from another deceased mentor, the next one I’m Astrosplaining so I won’t spoil the surprise.  But he suggested I put my work up around my room, where I can look at it all the time.  That quickly turned into me being in love with my own work.  I suddenly find myself interesting and worthy of study.  The painting above shows my depiction of my eye color, that was what I wanted to paint.  Then I just went with it.

This is an ugly painting, but I chose to love it just because I drew it, and it’s about me.  That’s all I need now.  And this morning I see what the point was, what my mind was showing me about myself:  the mouth is very close to my own ear.  The ear is much larger than the mouth, which has been probably my #1 life goal, so mission accomplished, et voila.   This is entirely new way of living, one that finally feels like there’s a great reason for me to exist.

Most importantly, I am learning that I can use my creative process to change my life.  I am working on a piece called The Winner, below.


This was one of the first two drawings I ever did, the night my guides carried me over the threshold into believing that I could draw.


I started out stitching this piece with a different crown.  I had wording along the bottom, started out with a different edging pattern.  There have been about fortyleven million stitches in this piece that nobody will ever see, because I ripped them back out and changed them.  What I now have at the top and bottom is perfect.  It gives me three reflections of the trinity that I did not notice until I left it up on the wall for a while:  the crown’s three pearls, the three eyes, and the three motifs in the margin:  crown, heart, and hand.  It was unintentional, but these three symbols comprise a Claddagh ring.  That is a traditional Irish ring featuring hands holding a heart wearing a crown.  The symbolism is friendship, love, and loyalty; this is a promise ring.  Once my guides showed me that I had inadvertently stitched a Claddagh into my self-portrait, I got the message.

DC5DAC87-D758-42B2-A6C7-441274874F0EI had originally stitched “congratulations, betch,” in the bottom margin.  This piece is about the near-death experience I had at age 7.  I chose to return to my life, despite being warned that it would be grim.  I felt like I had won by surviving.  Then within 24 hours I deeply regretted that decision, and that was how I felt about it up until a few months ago when I started this piece.  My perception of all of that has changed dramatically in the making of this piece.

For one thing, it has allowed me to realize that the child that I was and the woman I am are not two different people.  There is simply a third viewpoint that shares both, and that is the power spot for me.  Importantly, I stopped resenting the child that I was for choosing to live through extreme abuse and neglect, rather than remaining dead and not being conscious of any of it.  In the making of this piece, I am discovering the perfection of my trials and tribulations, including my death.  Total win.


The idea that I could not only do my own design, but make it as easy as drawing on it with a Sharpie and being fine with whatever happens, that is a new level of liberation that I don’t have a word for.  Emancipation isn’t quite strong enough.  I exist now.

In stitching The Winner, I am bringing closure to the fractured, unsupported first part of my life.  I can knit all of these things together into one person who can go forward knowing she has already won.  I can’t emphasize enough that this is how magic is made.  I have created a totem, and it has shown me how to get where I’ve always wanted to be.

I hope to have The Winner completed by New Year.  It’s possible.  Mostly that is symbolic on my part, it would be amazing to feel complete in this way to start the new year.  But I’m fine letting it take its course.  I’m not in a hurry to become someone better anymore.

Once I am done with The Winner, I will dig into Level Playing Field in earnest.


Like The Winner, I began feeling my way around in terms of what I want to accomplish with this by just threading up a needle and diving in.  Since this was photographed I have stitched in a large motif that will be ripped once I’m done with The Winner.  I have changed my mind about the designs on the linen part of the piece.

Last but not least, over the Christmas holiday I pampered myself by painting.  Painting, like drawing, is something I’ve been super anxious about.  I am not confident that I have good taste or the ability to compose or render artwork that will please me.  So I made some papier mache pinatas and piggy banks.  The stakes are pretty low, I’m easing myself into feeling like a person who paints.


This lovely piggy bank has an extra large capacity, with plenty of space for both dollars and rubles!




And unlike boring piggy banks, this one is an action figure.  Look, he’s Tweeting!


All kidding aside, I am fresh out of both weed and money.  So if you’d like to purchase this handcrafted American treasure, hit me up at artnunymiss on the gmails.

Thanks for touring my studio!



Wesley Willis, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, allow me to share with you my own personal Christmas Angel, Chicago’s own Wesley Willis.

Wesley was someone I bumped into quite often on the North Side of Chicago.  He was always out and about.  He went to every rock and roll show that came to town.  He was often seen playing his keyboard and singing in front of the Rock and Roll McDonald’s downtown, which he thought was a truly fabulous place.  That was one of the things I liked most about Wesley:  he was quite a simple man, in the best way.  He just wanted to be liked and accepted.  He accepted amusement and entertainment even in the music of commercial jingles.  He was ready to be happy and excited at all times.  And he was hounded by demons that wouldn’t allow it.

The discoloration on his forehead isn’t a birthmark.  It’s an actual lump, a raised bump on his head that stayed at all times, because he kept bumping it.  Understand that he was about the size of a Volkswagen Jetta standing on its end.  He would rock and sway a lot of the time, and he had nystagmus, where his eyes bounced around in his head.   You could tell how excited he was at any given time by his body’s metronome, how fast he rocked side to side.   When he liked somebody, he’d say, “Head butt me!  Head butt me!” and bend down to bless you with a head bump.  Many people, including me, were way too scared of that process, though in fairness I never once saw it go wrong.  He did it all the time.  He was quite large and unpredictable in real life.

There are many things to tell about Wesley, and the Internet is full of stories of him.  He lived very much in public.  There is a website called wesleywillisart, where people have uploaded their stories, like this one:

wesley willis buses

Wesley gave this picture to me after he had come into the bar I worked at and needed orange juice to take his medication.  He didn’t have any money and was insistant that I take this piece.  I framed it a few years later and it now creates many conversations in my dining room. 

There was very often a crowd of proto-hipsters around him once the college kids discovered his zany music.  When I say zany, please understand that Wesley was a severely abused and neglected child, and also schizophrenic.

One thing I should mention about Wesley, I never experienced him as anything but the world’s biggest and most lovable abused teddy bear.  For a while I dabbled in cable access TV production.  When I saw Wesley drawing in front of the train station at North Avenue, I asked him if he would come on my cable access show.  I will never forget his response, because his swaying tempo instantly went from lullaby to thrash metal.   it was the quintessential Wesley Willis:

“I would love to be on a cable access show.  My demons say I’m a killer for hire, but I’m not a killer for hire.  I would love to go on a cable access TV show.”

That was all well and fine as far as he and I were concerned.  But the person who owned the garage where I would’ve shot the interview looked at me like I had lost my mind.  Something that I had never thought of until many years after his death, a lot of people (men, mostly) were truly afraid of Wesley.   I didn’t realize until reconnecting with Wesley after his death, now that he is a spirit guide for me, that the sight of me would send his demons packing.  For an attractive woman to smile and say, “Hi, Wesley!” made his day more than I could possibly have imagined.  He thought I was so lovely, like a literal angel that dispelled the darkness by saying his name.    I felt the same about him.

The guy who owned the garage, on the other hand, was someone Wesley’s demons were very comfortable with.   CTA bus drivers also saw the side of Wesley that had to be terrifying in an enclosed area, the part of him that really, really suffered.  For Wesley, a bus ride was literally a journey to another world, especially if there was a rock show at the other end.  He had joy rides and hell rides.  The demons in his head told him so many lies:  he was a bum who robbed liquor stores; he was a jerk, like a kidnapper; he was an asshole con man.  He was none of those things.  But he would freak all the way out and get arrested for being mentally ill on a bus often enough.  And he was a huge guy who could really trash that garage, so it didn’t happen.

Okay, before I get to Astrosplaining my Christmas angel, here is Wesley’s own Christmas song, Kris Kringle is a Car Thief.

Alright, enough fun and laughs.  Down to the chart.

wesley willis chart

First, we see Wesley’s Sun at 9 Gemini, on Aldebaran.  That explains so many things.  First, as discussed in General McMaster’s chart and elsewhere, an Aldebaran contact automatically puts you on the front line of the battle between good and evil.  You can approach from either side.  But when you stand at one pole of that continuum or the other, you can see them both quite clearly.  And you are open to attack from the other side, whether you serve the Archangel Michael with your life or the malcontent Antares.

Aldebaran is one of the Royal Stars of Persia.  As mentioned above, Aldebaran is the energetic point where a connection with the Archangel Michael can occur, and Wesley is there with the Sun, the central focus of his consciousness just as the Sun is the center of our solar system.  I have Mars on Aldebaran, so that may explain why Wesley and I clicked so well.    When you kneel before Michael, there is automatically a pack of demons at your 6:00 position on Antares.

Wesley also had a bucket chart with a Neptune handle, like I do.  We are kindred spirits, lucky me.  A bucket chart is one in which one planet is separate from the others.  That becomes an energetic fulcrum around which the whole chart rotates, a reference point the individual constantly goes back to.   Neptune represents the individual’s connection with their higher self.  An afflicted Neptune can create difficulty in knowing the higher mind or having a sense of the sacred.  Neptune is about integrity in terms of truthful words (though words are ruled by Mercury), in that with a strong Neptune, lies just don’t feel good.

This could also be argued as a Saturn bucket chart, with Saturn as the handle.  That may also apply, like with Lee Godie, Mike Pence, and Bob Mueller, who both have multiple possible shape interpretations.  Like Lee Godie with her Saturn focus, that somehow didn’t translate into the sort of material stability we would expect, though she became an acclaimed artist during her life, like Wesley.  Saturn, the Greater Malefic, is more concerned with authority than comfort, even his own.  Jupiter is the one who makes himself comfortable, not Saturn.  Like Mike Pence, this could also be argued as a see-saw chart, with Aquarius through Gemini on one side and Leo through Scorpio on the other.  Anytime you are wondering whether it’s this or that, remember that it’s both, because it’s always Schrodinger’s cat

Mercury is important here because the Sun is in Gemini, Mercury’s sign.  Thus Mercury rules the chart and the life.  Then Mercury himself is late in Taurus (ruled by Venus), a smidgin out of orb for the blinking demon, Algol.  Now, here’s one where I’m not making a firm decision either way.  Gentle reader, I leave it to you to decide for yourself whether that Algol “blow the lid off” energy was intermittently part of Wesley’s thoughts and words.  Algol is very, very far away from us.  But it is huge, and very bright, and Wesley’s Mercury is standing quite near the door, you could say.  So that begs the question whether something like the Aldebaran connection brings enough energy into the life that certain lesser things can come into play, due to the enhanced energy flow, like seeing more clearly in a brighter room.  That seems quite likely, as I look at Wesley’s chart.

So Algol may or may not be kicking Wesley’s mind into 12th gear once in a while.  I think that Wesley did not have the deviousness I would expect from Mercury on Algol, like with Saddam Hussein or General John Kelly.   General Kelly’s chart looked to me like he would ultimately have an integrity failure due to his Royal Stars contact.  After the debacle with Representative Wilson where he showed his ugly colors, that becomes very clear to me.  For a Marine general, accidentally getting the facts wrong on camera is not an accident.  I expect we will find out many  more disappointing things about General Kelly.  When Algol derails someone, it wrecks them spectacularly.  I see no such integrity failure in Wesley, quite the opposite.  Wesley was no killer for hire.  He was someone who would work all day on a drawing and trade it for orange juice rather than accept the juice for free.

Anyway Venus is strong here, and Wesley was definitely a people person.  He was all about having fun and being accepted.  I think the late Taurus placement makes sense for Wesley’s Mercury.  I expected his Mercury to be retrograde, because of the way he constantly repeated himself.  This was in his normal conversation, not just his lyrics.    But Mercury late in Taurus gave me the image of a bull stuck in the mud, unable to quite get moving.  Wesley’s mind went in circles a lot of time.  And like a bull in his meadow, even when he got known and traveled to do shows sometimes, he sort of had his own little headspace that he constantly tamped town.  Head butting was part of that, incorporating each new person into his inner meadow.  Strong Neptune like his makes the inner world more compelling than the outer world; he never leaves his own garden in a way.  (Ask me, I know!)

Importantly, I think that Mercury was one of the main components of Wesley’s schizophrenia.  Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and we see that Wesley has a lot happening in Virgo — the Moon, Vesta, Juno, Ceres, Pluto, and Uranus.  That’s not technically a stellium, because only the Moon, Pluto, and Uranus are considered planets, not the asteroids.  But all of that is happening for me, because I saw it happening for Wesley.   Virgo is where there is no forest, but we have a precise inventory of trees.

The asteroids are about interacting with others, and Virgo is about small details.  I saw Wesley getting bogged down in small details and missing big picture all the time — often in a highly beneficial way.  But I also saw Wesley do things like trade a drawing worth thousands of dollars for some juice.   And yet those disordered thoughts, that people will think he’s a rapist or a bank robber, kept circling back into his head.  I imagined Wesley robbing a bank, good lord.  Even if he remembered to put a mask on, he’d be rocking back and forth, saying crazy stuff, and they’d know for sure it was him.  One thing is for sure:  he would leave that bank with no money.

At the same time, Wesley grew up in one of the scariest places in America, Cabrini Green.  He lived through a sort of hardship that all humans should be ashamed of.  Wesley Willis was the residue of slavery walking the frozen streets of Chicago.   Society cared for him by throwing him into Cook County Jail.   In the sort of world where I’d like to live, Wesley Willis would never have seen the inside of a jail, and would not understand frostbite even as an adult, because he would have no need to.  Wesley was truly a lamb to the slaughter.  This is shown in his North Node conjunct Dejanira the Victim.  It was Wesley’s destiny to face these hardships, like with me and everyone else who does.  Remember that destiny is always chosen by our higher selves, and free will has everything to do with it even while alive.

There is so much to talk about within this chart.  Another fascinating element of this native is that he almost had a grand cross, the big red box marked X.  You see it’s missing one side, there isn’t quite a square from Neptune to Uranus.  A grand cross, where there are sets of oppositions with feet in Air, Water, Fire, and Earth, creates an enormously dynamic chart.  The native has a high degree of internal friction and a balanced way to move it all around the life.  With a few softening and supporting factors, a grand cross can be an enormous blessing, making the native much more driven and capable than they would otherwise be.   Wesley had a three-legged table there, where all that friction built up and he had to find ways to deal with it.  Instead of a nice square where all points could touch, he had something of an energetic eddy, where things could build up.

Saturn, Mercury, and Venus are all at the apices of T-squares in this chart.  Wesley had an enormous amount of internal friction, as discussed above.  Because of the duality, the polarity of the war of good and evil in Wesley’s life, his joy rides and hell rides, I would expect Pluto to be a key player.  Pluto is in the asteroid belt at the outskirts of the solar system, and as such it represents the point of no return, the all-or-nothing, black and white, in or out vibration.  With angels and demons battling for his moods on a moment-by-moment basis, I would’ve expected to see Pluto and the Moon, or at least Mercury, having a spat.

But no, I believe that war of good and evil was Wesley connecting with the Aldebaran/Antares axis.  Because Wesley’s Pluto is square his Sun, which can explain how dark things could go for him sometimes.  Pluto represents the devil, our worst instincts and impulses.  (I expect to see very strong Pluto, and possibly Algol, in the chart of Adolf Wolffli, as well as Saturn with all that OCD.)  And that had a tendency to brush up against Wesley’s ideas of who he was, the example of demons calling him a jerk like he’s a kidnapper or something.    Pluto likes to control and manipulate, and Wesley was constantly in a battle to be the ruler of his own head.  I saw him work very hard to stay on the good foot, and IMHO he did an amazing job.  I am awed by him as a human being, truly.

Then one lovely thing Wesley has is both Mars and Uranus on Regulus.  Regulus the Heart of the Lion is an interesting place for the I Gotta Be Me planet.  Having a Regulus contact and an Aldebaran contact in the same chart is a recipe for disaster without strong integrity.   Highly evolved Aldebaran Mars is about clarity and leadership, as opposed to Antares’ toxic masculinity and avoidance of responsibility.   All of this figures into my assessment of Wesley as a phenomenal success at playing the hand he was dealt.

Saturn brought the hardship for Wesley, by the boatload.  But despite the brutality of his short life, in my estimation Wesley won.  I never saw Wesley be dishonest or unkind.  He died of cancer, in a hospital.  But his ability to float back to the surface, to keep getting back up over and over and over again, I am attributing that to his regal Uranus.  Wesley did on some level have a strong sense of himself as a child of God, with his prominent Neptune.  And his sense of himself as a man is his blessed Uranus.

With a prominent Uranus I might expect someone more inventive than Wesley.  His work was very repetitive overall, with his disordered thinking prominent throughout.  He was good for saying or doing the occasional bizarre thing, which is Uranus on the nose.  But overall in his own way he was kind of predictable, with that plodding Taurus and Venus emphasis.  Venus is important here, again, because the chart’s ruler, Mercury, is in Taurus.  Taurus is for foodies, fat people who love eating well at home.  All good, but Wesley spent a lot of time on the street.  I am not sure if he ever had an apartment, though sometimes I think he got a room when he wasn’t in jail.  So he wasn’t able to be a classic bourgeois Taurus with a wine cellar in a penthouse, like Melania Trump probably has.  But Wesley was a famously big eater, and like everything else, he wrote a song about it.

Whenever we see a big vacant lot in a chart, as Wesley has here between Neptune and Saturn, there is an energetic vacuum that the native seeks to fill.  With Wesley, the bull’s eye for that hole in the psyche is the tail end of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.  Sagittarius is good time Charlie, set course for adventure, devil may care.  The ends justify the means, as long as you made your mark.

One of the main things that kept Wesley on the good foot, kept him feeling his angels instead of his demons, was music.  Specifically he liked alternative and punk music.  He went to every show of Alanis Morrissette, who he loved as though she were a literal angel.  His other extreme favorites were Henry Rollins and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  But he liked them all, went to all of the shows.  He would sometimes go and hang out and draw all day near where a show would be, like in front or on the corner.  Then when people would start coming in, he was a bit of a local celebrity and would make the rounds, head butting everybody.  He very often was taken backstage, and met all his favorite celebrities.  And that was what he totally lived for.  That is exactly the sort of thing you’d expect to see when someone hits that energetic bull’s eye, as Wesley clearly did, right in the last bit of Sagittarius.

Really, I’m going to harp on that for just a minute, because of the unsung nature of Wesley’s American Heroism.  Wesley Willis, a terrifying-looking, mentally ill descendant of slaves, got himself invited backstage to meet every A-list rock star that floated his  boat, like, every one of them at least twice.  I know for a fact all of the ones I mentioned were very good to Wesley, because after they’d leave town he’d still be talking about it for weeks.  As I said, he was very repetitive.  Even with a lot going on, like going to jail in between and losing his keyboard or whatever, if he got a chance to talk he’d still rather tell you that he met Alanis Morrissette (for the fifth time) two weeks ago, in Jesus’ name.

So it just goes to show, gentle reader, and that is my gift to you:  sometimes people get exactly what they need, even if it doesn’t seem to be as much as they deserve.  Keep in mind that you really don’t know what anyone else had in mind when they set their life up, what courses they intended to take with their days.   I talk a lot about Saturn on this blog, because it features prominently in the charts of both serial killers and political operatives.  But aside from money, cold, hard facts, and authority, Saturn represents hardship in general.  And Wesley had plenty of Saturn to deal with.

Saturn can represent order and organization.  But with Lee Godie and Wesley Willis, we see that even with fierce Saturn someone can be quite disordered.  Despite Saturn being the governor of health and the physical body, both Wesley and Lee Godie, prominent artists, were unable to protect themselves literally from the elements of the planet.  It seems ironic, which I have come to understand means there is a paradox waiting to be identified.

Here I am over 3,000 words into this blog and I haven’t even mentioned the yod!  That’s what a fascinating character our Wesley was.  The yod, as discussed in the charts of both Jane and Don McGahn, can be seen as the finger of God wagging back and forth between two planets.  Here, the hand of God is seen at Jupiter, and he moves his finger back and forth between Pluto and Neptune.  An inconjunct, the dashed green line, is a redirection of energy between two planets, a sort of passive-aggression where they interact indirectly.

Now, as discussed above, Pluto is where we look for the sort of polarity that was evident in Wesley’s mental health issues.  And Neptune is our ability to hear and render that voice of God.   Then Jupiter has rocketed to prominence in this chart not only because of the energetic focal point created in the empty spot in Sagittarius, because it is the yod fulcrum.   In my assessment, as I said above, I believe Wesley channeled his consciousness splendidly to address that Jupiterian need to have a good time, get out there and meet people and sing songs.

So while Wesley’s life may not look enviable to you or me due to the extreme, undeniable hardship he was born into, it may be useful to remember that most of us know very little of who we truly are, what our larger selves are up to when we decide to incarnate here.  But like a lot of guys, maybe he really didn’t care so much about physical pain or discomfort.  With his ruling Mercury, constantly moving around may have been fine for him, may have been his preference.

Anyway Jupiter’s deal is living large, and that’s the hand of God here.  Jupiter can represent people like Don Trump, and God help me but I’m going to recycle this same picture and joke because fucking A, this picture is worth at least 1,000 words on Jupiter:

fat trump golfing

Okay, truth in advertising before I re-fat-shame, I’m an old fat lady who rides around the grocery store in a scooter.  But Jupiter looks like a big fat guy with crazy hair, golfing while the world burns.  In ordinary, low-quality, low-integrity people, you see the above.

And yet that same feeling is what God told Wesley Willis to shoot for, how Wesley should get on a joy ride.  That’s the hand of God moving Wesley — the guy with the Aldebaran Sun and his Uranian weirdo identity planted on Regulus the Heart of the Lion — around like a chess piece.   It goes to show how anything in astrology can truly go either way, can be a positive or negative force, used for integrity or disintegration.

There was nothing Saturnian in Wesley’s life, not one bit of  factual evidence, that the “Don at Mar A Lago” feeling would be available to Wesley Willis for one red-hot second.  There was no hint of it anywhere in the blood-stained concrete of Cabrini Green or the frozen streets of Chicago.  And yet Wesley used his imagination, his Neptunian access to other worlds where his Lion Hearted identity was recognized, to make that happen in Chicago.  Again, Wesley went to every show, and he almost always went backstage.   Women like me would walk up to him and be excited to see him, and say, “Hi, Wesley!”  That’s exactly what Jupiter wants.

And so, gentle reader, I drop this portrait of an angel on this Christmas Day, so that you may also enjoy the greatness of Wesley Willis.  See for yourself what it looks like to let God move you through your life like a chess piece, how you will be rewarded with the thing you want most of all.  Go forth and head butt, and to all a good night.





Lee Godie, Astrosplained

I’m celebrating the holidays this year by Astrosplaining some Angels I Have Met (TM), people who were in my orbit in Chicago, like the adorable Lee Godie.

This has been a pretty great year.  Looking back on 2017, honestly I slept most of the time.  I really needed it, I feel like a new woman.  I moved to LA in 2017.  I came out as a child trafficking survivor this year.  Thank you to everyone who supported me on that.

But the most important thing this year is that I discovered myself as an artist.  This year I’ve become much more aware of a group of non-physical (dead) artists whose lives were similar to mine in certain ways, people who lived on the margins of society.  They were not aware of each other in life, they are souls who act as muses to me, guiding me through my process — including Lee Godie.

After death, people shed their craziness to a great degree.  The psychological pitfalls of life in a society that just doesn’t care, all of that stuff vanishes in a blink after death.  There is clarity, and perspective.  There is awareness of many other lives, of which your life is only one link in a chain.  And that tends to help people become what we think of as spirit guides, when they see what they misunderstood or couldn’t see while alive.  Then they gravitate to others who have those same feelings and ideas, and offer their guidance.

And that’s who this group of artists is to me.  Many of them are people I have never heard of.  But most of them dealt with major mental illness, some of them were also physically disabled, homeless, socially marginalized, or simply misunderstood.

Anyway, today I’d like to talk about one of my primary guides these days, the lovely  Lee Godie.   She is a highly collected artist, and has been described as a style icon.  The video below is long, but if you are intrigued by this freest of spirits, it may be worth a listen.  It explained a lot about her, raised as many questions as answers.

Before I get started on the astrology, I will tell you of my one and only conversation with Ms. Lee.

Sometime in the 1980s I was walking back to my office job from a lunch break.  As I passed the minipark at the Old Water Tower on Chicago Avenue, the tiny bag lady who often painted there stepped in front of me.  At the time I was in my mid-20s, a competitive athlete, 6’1″.  She was about 5’3″, but she stepped right in front of me and made me stop short.  She liked the cut of my jib, so she picked me.  That was her deal, I later learned.

“While you’re over there,” she said, pointing at the Walgreens across the huge intersection in the opposite direction of my destination.  But the pure bossiness of her, the fact that my potential non-compliance was really not a thing in her world, made my day.  I waited while she gave me very specific instructions.  She handed me a crumpled dollar, a dime, and a nickel.

“Get me the vanilla with the red label, not the blue one.  In the cooler just inside the door, the middle bin.  The red one, not the blue one.  Thank you.”

So of course I jogged across the street, bought her ice cream, and reported back.  I had seen her a lot of times, but she had never spoken to me before.  And it was perfect, I did have plenty of time to get back to work.  It made me so happy that it’s still putting a smile on my face to this day.  Of course I gave her back her $.02 change, because I knew she expected it back, and she did.  ::snort::  Look at that Saturn!

Lee Godie chart

[Update:  Please accept my apologies for a correction I will need to make throughout this blog:  it was brought to my attention today that Saturn is not a co-ruler of Virgo, a bit of misinformation I fossilized long ago and have unfortunately shared here.  I do check my sources before publishing, and you will see me sometimes reference when I am strictly using my own interpretations with nothing but my intuition to back me up.  But it’s always good to remember that nobody is perfect, and I’m not an astrology teacher.  So it’s good to use my work as a starting point for your own research, in case I make a mistake.]

Ms. Lee had the Sun in Virgo, making Saturn Mercury the chart ruler.  The other bigmouth in this chart is Mars, which is the traditional Greater Malefic representing the god of war.  [Update: my Saturn/Mercury references need to be re-thunk as above.  But Saturn is still very prominent in this chart due to the T-square apex.  Mercury ruling simply makes it easier to understand her lack of physical self-care, because Mercury is about thoughts, not physical things.]

Saturn, as I have gone on and on and on about in this blog, is about the material world, money, authority, details, and all things official.  People with strong Saturn tend to identify very strongly with the law.  Saturn is for doctors, attorneys, police officers, anyone whose word is held above the word of others.  Such people can be super unpleasant to deal with, if they are less socially aware, which unfortunately often goes with hardcore Saturn.  Saturn is about the head mind, the belief that consciousness originates in the brain.  (Of course with my big Neptune I believe the brain is manifested by the consciousness as a means of expressing itself, but tomato-tomahto.)  Saturn tends to think the material world is all there is.

So there are a few things to understand about Dear Lee and her relationship with money and society at large.  She was, as I described above, a tiny, mentally ill-looking woman with a shopping cart, who slept in the parks downtown.

After the day she blessed me with the ice cream order, I went home and told my roommate what had happened.  As soon as I started describing Lee, Laura asked me, “The one who paints?  Lee Godie?”  I hadn’t thought about it, because it wouldn’t occur to me to pay that much attention to what’s in her shopping cart or what she does all day.   But Laura went to college at a place called The Art Institute, and she was super stoked.  “Did you get her to draw you a thank-you note?”  I was still in a great mood just from the ice cream encounter.  Discovering that she’s a world-famous artist was so good it still makes me smile.

So what’s up with Lee Godie, selling her goofy paintings and photo booth pictures from the train station for hundreds of thousands of dollars, sleeping in a park in Chicago in the winter?  How can that be a thing for someone with this raging Saturn in her chart, and a big fat bankroll?  That’s Mission 1 for the Saturn native, getting that nest egg padded, and meeting his own material needs.  And this is where mental health comes in.

One place to look for mental health is obviously Mercury, the conscious thoughts and words of the person.  That is where you look for a lot of the Axis II sort of things, where there are disordered thought patterns that the person persists in, like narcissism or borderline personality disorder.    Though it’s not immediately clear from the link above,(and all of this has been reclassified anyway) is that Axis I is for things like schizophrenia or PTSD, where the individual who has it generally suffers more from their illness than others around them.  On Axis II, people feel like everybody else is the problem.  So Axis I is for people who suffer from mental health, while Axis II is for carriers, you could say.

So Lee didn’t seem to have a Mercury issue, she seemed more schizophrenic, Axis I.  But she also didn’t seem to suffer at all.  She was always doing her thing, never crying or injured.   She was doing just what she wanted.  That would tend to rule out the other potential mental health threat, the Moon.  The Moon is about those horrible moods.  The depth of feeling, the exquisiteness of the emotional pain that can be experienced with a strong Moon, can definitely make people mentally ill.  I believe it is her afflicted Moon that put Jessica Taylor in the path of the Long Island Serial killer.  I’m sure she suffered greatly in her short life.  But Lee wasn’t moody like that, never in her cups that I know of.  She did have the Moon in Scorpio, which can go very dark, especially with a lot of Saturn.  But mostly she was very Venusian, or at least wanted to give that appearance, that was her theme.

So that leaves a couple  of other options.  Saturn can give intense OCD, and there is an argument for that.  But Lee was nowhere near smart enough to be like a Rain Man.  And I don’t think that would make you crazy enough to be Lee Godie anyway.  (I say this with love, really she’s an angel in my life.)  A bad Pluto could give you a head full of demons, but again, I don’t think she was disordered in quite that way.  There was no darkness to her that I saw — which is a little unusual with this intense Saturn, because Saturn is a pure buzzkill.

No, I think that one of the culprits must be  Uranus, Mr. I Gotta Be Me.  Very much like Rex the Tillerman, I suspect that Ms. Lee felt like her problems were different than everybody else’s, nobody could understand her or live on her island.  She had to do things her own way.  That’s the bottom line.  It was her world, the rest of us were just living in it.  Uranus is out in left field.  If you listen to the personal stories of people who knew her, went to her hotel rooms, etc., it’s clear that she was just truly disordered.  Uranus is the wild card, the bolt from the blue, that lightning that you can’t catch in a bottle.  That’s what kept her from ever becoming as steady or stable as all that Saturn would indicate.  Her Uranus acts as a second bucket handle, and things spill when she grabs that one.

Ultimately I think the thing that made her such an icon of self-exploration was her troubled Neptune.  Neptune is about the integrity, the core connection to creation wherein we might feel like one little finger on a giant hand, rather than a little island, like Saturn tends to think he is.  Mars always wants to be first, be the leader, fight and win.  And Ms. Lee had strong Mars, with her chart-ruling Saturn in Aries, and her Moon in Scorpio, co-ruled by Mars.  In the video above, someone notes that if people tried to snap pictures of Lee she would flip out on them, attack them physically.  That volatility is the Scorpio Moon, where you rub her the wrong way and she makes you sorry.  Scorpios don’t get mad, they get even.

Lee had Sirius just under 4 degrees off of Neptune in Cancer.  Jamie has given Sirius an orb of 2.40, but as I have seen with the LISK charts, I am being more flexible when I see the effects of a given asteroid or star amply displayed in the life, as I do here.  Neptune is involved in that challenging T-square with Saturn, the chart’s ruler and bucket handle, and Uranus, which is prominent here for a few reasons that I will circle back to.

In the video above, they discussed how femininity and beauty were the key to all of Ms. Lee’s art.   She loved cameos, and traditionally feminine things.  This reflects her Neptune conjunct Venus in Cancer.  Her daydreams are all of an old-fashioned world with hoop-skirt ladies and dandy gents strolling the boulevard, buying her paintings.  In reality she was not so super feminine, though as discussed in the video she refused to wear pants.  But she looked very tough, even in her fur coat, from sleeping out in the park.  Chicago is hard on people who live indoors.  Hope Hicks is a great example of a very Venusian woman.  As I noted in her Astrosplain, Trump has never yelled at her, a unique honor.  This is because of her Venusian ability to keep everything lovely at all times.  But Hope Hicks obviously flows around the big man, whereas Lee Godie made other people flow around her.

And interpersonally she was not very feminine at all, she was quite aggressive and Saturnian.  I think of those two planets as energetic opposites, where Saturn always feels like he has a badge and a billy club, and Venus wants everybody to like her.  Melania is a perfect mix of Saturn and Venus.  With Melania we see the sort of health consciousness that I expect from a Saturn woman.  But Melania actually does have a lot of Venus influence in her chart, whereas with Ms. Lee, it was more an aspirational thing tied up with her escapist Neptune.  Venus is about pampering your skin.  Mixed with Saturn that’s even more pronounced, because her looks are her financial investment as well as her physical health.  Melania doesn’t have the hard Uranus that Lee Godie had.  Melania knows how to smile and say nothing, very Venusian.  Venus is the other one who guards the money and the physical body.  But again, Lee has almost no Venus in her chart.

For an example of how not-Venusian Lee was, my roommate Laura told me that she had once tried to buy a painting from Lee.  Laura approached her, which caused Lee to quickly and angrily shove the canvas face-down.  Laura was quite a nice lady, and I’m sure she approached with the utmost respect and appreciation, a true fan.

Laura had very little money, but it never got to that part of the conversation.  You see, Lee decided the prices of things on the fly, kind of the same way Trump evaluates his net worth.  Her sale process was described as performance art in the video above.  If she likes you, the price is lower.  If she doesn’t, it’s higher.   If she doesn’t think you’re sophisticated or rich enough, probably like Laura, she won’t talk to you at all.  If you make her mad, the deal’s off.  If she doesn’t like something about you, as with Laura, get away from her or she might hurt you.  This is a combination of her Saturnian intensity about money and her Uranian unpredictability.  But there’s no Venus thing where she hates a scene or is worried about offending a fan.  Venus is always a lady.

Saturn is the chart ruler because of the Sun in Virgo.  But Saturn is emphasized two more ways:  it is the handle of the bucket chart, the energetic fulcrum of the chart; and it is the apex of a T-square, that red triangle.  The T-square is like a psychic pebble in the shoe, an irritant that the native must deal with throughout the life.  This prevents people from being lazy or complacent.  Saturn is a hard worker generally too.  And Lee was very prolific.

Uranus could also arguably be called the bucket handle of this chart.  Uranus is in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, and thus on Saturn’s agenda or at least inflected by Saturn’s sense of self as authority.  Both Uranus and Saturn work as bucket handles for me here, though Uranus is arguably just taking her Saturnine disposition in an oddball direction.  Apparently even when Ms. Lee was forced to go to a transient hotel due to the extreme cold weather in Chicago, she preferred to sleep on the fire escape, because she believed the fresh air was better for her.  That is a very Saturnian thing, to have strong, idiosyncratic ideas about health and fitness, and adhere to them as gospel.  This is the disordered part of her Saturn, where the Uranian need to be true to oneself can overtake Saturn’s ability to see the forest, so to speak, in terms of actually preserving the body.

Another part of the magical mystery of Lee Godie was her Jupiter, which is where we would look for delusions of grandeur.  Jupiter is the man who would be king.  And there’s her Jupiter, right on Regulus.   I suspect this is why we know her name now, the feeling of royalty that she carried.  She projected it outward until it got validated.

Ms. Lee has a few other interesting things in this chart, for one a mini-kite with the Moon, Uranus, and the Sun.  Mars is combust here, quite close to the Sun, and thus included in the mini-kite, which is a group of planets playing nicely in the sandbox together, cooperating and creating a positive energetic relay.  This lovely blue mini-kite triangle is sitting across from the Saturn T-square, the big red triangle.  It reminds me visually of serial killer John Bittrolff’s chart, with the back-to-back T-squares.  But this is quite different, much less Pluto and anger in general.

I will say there are a couple of giant empty spots in this chart, big enough that there are arguably two different bucket handles.  To me that suggests that the centers of each of those empty spaces is also energetically important, the vacuum creating a pull.  Like Rex the Tillerman, she has Chiron in the middle of Aquarius, making that “need to be myself” a bit of an Achilles’ heel, due to being located in the middle of the vacant lot.  It’s a marked sense of loss, and carries with it a societal, over-arching, impersonal tone, maybe a generalized alienation or sadness with the world.

The other big empty patch would land approximately the middle of Taurus, ruled by Venus, where Ms. Lee has not a single thing going on.  Again, she has Neptune the Fantasy World conjunct Venus, and her Neptune is super busy.  This would only serve to exacerbate that Neptunian fantasy world of traditional femininity, her theme as discussed in the video above.  I guess this is an obvious thing to say about an artist, but Ms. Lee truly lived in her inner world.   She wasn’t sleeping on a park bench in our world, we were walking around the bedroom on Planet Godie.

As described here, and here, Jupiter is the original good-time Charlie.  Especially when combined with Saturn, as with crooked Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, we see someone who loves to spend other people’s money.  Jupiter is the part of us that wants to go all around the world plastering our names on giant buildings.  The ends justify the means.  There is a marked lack of accountability.  And again, I believe this prominent Jupiter  is why we even know her name.  Ms. Lee believed she was an important artist, and she insisted that the rest of us get on her page.

This opens up a huge question, which may turn out to be rhetorical.  If you gaslight the entire world, and then the rest of the world validates your version of things, is it still gaslighting?  Or is that just a fake-it-’til-you-make-it superpower?  That’s what I think Ms. Lee had.   She may have been a kooky bag lady, but she insisted that she was a great artist, and now her work is hanging in the Smithsonian.  So who’s gaslighting who?  Who decides which version of reality is real?

There is a story floating around, that Ms. Lee marched up to the curator of the French Impressionist exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago and advised them that her work was as important as Paul Cezanne’s, they should make wall space.  It’s probably not so far off the truth.  As described in the video above, Lee took her canvases to the stairs of the Art Institute to sell them there.  That may have been why she was banned.  It’s entirely plausible that Lee became abusive with people in the sale process, or they just didn’t want her selling them there at all, very possible.  But she slept in the park and thought about having her paintings on their walls, and in the end, she won.

Ultimately Lee was a marketer extraordinaire, and like Don Trump, she has a focus on branding herself.  She was all about provenance, often photographing herself with her paintings, mindful of the sale price.  She signed everything, including photographs of herself holding photographs of herself, so MC Escher.

And at the end of the day, that’s what Ms. Lee was all about:  she was mind-blown by her own hall of mirrors.  That’s an idea that had never occurred to me before.  I only became aware of her as a spirit guide, aware that she had input for me personally, very recently.  I was thinking back on the time I met her, how it still tickles me pink to think about how kooky she was, such a bossy little boss.   And I got curious about her paintings, which I had not really seen.  I immediately noticed that there is one very clear theme to her work, see if you can spot the trend:


This is what Ms. Lee wanted to impress upon me personally.  I’m planning to profile two more of my favorite Chicago art consortium angels over this holiday weekend, and they have added to this advice.  But Ms. Lee wants me to just focus on myself, period.  I have been — not exactly phobic, but not at all confident in my ability to draw.  Never satisfied with my drawings, I most often don’t even try, I dislike feeling so incompetent.  Ms. Lee got me to understand that I need to throw that out the window.  I draw just as well as she does.

The other thing, it had never occurred to me to use myself as a study, do art about me.  The other guides in this artist consortium include many whose work was not discovered until after they died.  I was on track to be one of those, and when I made the decision to publicly identify as an artist, Ms. Lee was front and center.  She encouraged me to draw two self-portraits, just jot them down without judgment.  The first one I have stitched as Self-Portrait with World, a piece that is very different than anything else I’ve ever done.  I flipped the page over and immediately drew The Winner, which I am about 3/4 of the way done stitching.  That has been a truly life-changing process.

Anyway after death people become a lot more lucid, less bound up in the distracting or dysfunctional thoughts.  They are much better able to see what’s truly relevant, zero in on the salient points, and communicate from a higher level.  So the ones who died in anonymity have convinced me to come forward with my work, and I intend to continue doing so.  When I have a few finished pieces I will take them to a gallery, probably in 2018.

Now that Ms. Lee is deceased, she sees what she did right, and that is an important bit of insight for myself.  I am not only doing only self-portraits for now, I am signing all of them.  It looks gross to me, tacky, loud, just ugly.   But I have connected with Ms. Lee and the others enough to get how wrong I am about that.  Many of them, had they been able to get as good a handle on their mental health as I have on mine, would do that part over, and be recognized and accepted while alive.  Vincent wants me to come forward and be recognized while alive, and has encouraged me to paint.  I never really understood what art was until I connected with the angels I am profiling this weekend.  They have shown me that art is a way of resolving my own problems, answering my own questions, owning my world.   So glad I got her that ice cream.