Foot-Bound Women’s Art

From HuffingtonPost. “We often underestimate how important handwork was in China’s pre-industrial economy,” she told HuffPost. “The intense pressure on women to work with their hands, to spin, weave, sew, and stitch cloth, bedding and textile products for their families and for sale has gone unrecognized.” …“It’s very rare to find people who notice the […]

Where’s Dorko?

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by when I haven’t been able to post for a while. As Johnny Cash once said, “I’ve been everywhere, man.” One of the places was Malibu, California.  It really was that pretty.  I was there on the blood moon, and it was a wonderful experience even though I was very tired. […]

Filet Crochet Yarn Bomb RVA

This was the beginning of a filet crochet piece, the pattern for which contains a swear word.  Said pattern is available for free right here. I put it up here because it was in a really lovely spot, where there were buildings, and statues, and flowering trees, and really everything just looked so nice — […]