Reader Sandy, Tarotsplained

Gentle Reader Sandy’s questions afford me a perfect opportunity to christen the HMS Tarotsplained.  I like to use a multidisciplinary approach.  Let me note again that I recommend finding a competent therapist (PRO TIP:  not necessarily the first, second, or even third one you talk to) and getting into a long-term therapeutic relationship.   My mental […]

Larry Pratt’s Regulus Chiron, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, This must needs be brief for the time being.  But I see that my Secret Lover Michael Avenatti has a new rival:  Sacha Baron Cohen. Sacha had me at that green slingshot, long ago, yes.  [Niiiiize!] But I saw a preview for Who Is America.  And gentle reader, I lost it.  my face […]

Sandy’s Romance and Resilience, Astrosplained: Hot Take

Gentle reader, I’ll be doing a series on Sandy’s chart.  She had lots of questions.  But she also had lots of astrological stuff to explain, listed in no special order below. Keep in mind, things that look the worst make for the best transformation.  There is no pain without gain, if you insist on having […]

David and Louise Turpin, Astrosplained

Neighborinos, Not to get too depressing on you, but I’m on a roll with the WTF factor of the people who keep people trapped in squalid hellholes for years and years.  Inquiring minds want to know, need to know. David and Louise Turpin, just when you thought nobody could be more gruesome or disgusting than […]

The Jaycee Dugard Kidnapping, Astrosplained

I remember hearing about the Jaycee Dugard abduction on the news.  It came at a time when my own mental health didn’t permit me to know about it.  Things like that were so upsetting.  I have always had such a hard time creating stability in my life. Lately though I have had a lot of […]