Crime: Mr. Rat, Astrosplained

This individual is the last identified person to see a woman found murdered.  He escorted her, a sex worker I will call Sunshine, to a client meeting.  He has been convicted of trafficking a foreign woman and served time for that in another state. The investigator wants to know if Mr. Rat was involved in Sunshine’s death.  Did he set […]

Stephen Miller, Astrosplained

IMO, Stephen Miller, the gargoyle on the wall above, needs Astrosplaining.  By now I believe most people have seen him playing out his Great and Powerful Oz fantasies in that iconic press conference where he advised us that “the president’s powers are very substantial, and will not be questioned.” If you didn’t catch that stand-up […]

True Crime: Mr. Square, Astrosplained

Here I am reviewing the chart of a man suspected in multiple sexual-deviant type murders of women who were sex workers.  I will begin with what I know, as always.  The question about this individual is not simple guilt.  He is already convicted of two similar killings.  For now, I am looking to understand him […]

Crime Horary: Did Mr. Square Kill Them?

The original question posed to me about the murders was a very specific and concise one, a yes-or-no.  While I am truly an entry-level dabbler at horary, I am hoping that others who are knowledgeable about horary may find this an interesting opportunity to share with the class in a way that makes a meaningful […]