Larry Pratt’s Regulus Chiron, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, This must needs be brief for the time being.  But I see that my Secret Lover Michael Avenatti has a new rival:  Sacha Baron Cohen. Sacha had me at that green slingshot, long ago, yes.  [Niiiiize!] But I saw a preview for Who Is America.  And gentle reader, I lost it.  my face […]

Tim Nolan, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, At the risk of turning my blog into a sex-offender registry, allow me to introduce Kentucky’s answer to Sam Clovis, Trump’s Kentucky campaign chairman, Tim Nolan.  The orange stripes aren’t an homage, that’s an actual prison jumpsuit.  Nolan was recently sentenced to 20 years on a score of human-trafficking-related sex offenses, mostly against […]

Wesley Willis, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, allow me to share with you my own personal Christmas Angel, Chicago’s own Wesley Willis. Wesley was someone I bumped into quite often on the North Side of Chicago.  He was always out and about.  He went to every rock and roll show that came to town.  He was often seen playing his keyboard […]

Jared Kushner, Astrosplained

Now that he’s quite possibly going to jail, I invite you, gentle reader, on a journey into JKush.  You might bring a book, because I warn you, this is not an interesting man. First things first, Jare Bear’s Sun is in Capricorn.  So Saturn is the ruler of this chart.  This is not surprising, that […]