Jared Kushner, Astrosplained

Now that he’s quite possibly going to jail, I invite you, gentle reader, on a journey into JKush.  You might bring a book, because I warn you, this is not an interesting man. First things first, Jare Bear’s Sun is in Capricorn.  So Saturn is the ruler of this chart.  This is not surprising, that […]

Hope Hicks, Astrosplained

Someone I knew almost nothing about — including what she looked like, until I decided to do this chart — is Hope Hicks.  I have heard the name several times before, but always in a context where someone else was more compelling.  Last night, Hope Hicks showed up on my radar, so here she is.  […]

General John Kelly, Astrosplained

Like everyone else writing about the meltdown of the US government, I am having trouble keeping up with all of the people that need to be Astrosplained. Stay tuned for Roger Stone’s chart, hopefully before he gets pardoned.  The Mooch and Reince Preibus  both have charts in the works, though their sell-by dates have passed.  […]