Jimmy Kimmel, Astrosplained

Ladies and Gemcutters, We live in interesting times.  The Atlantic has done an in-depth look at Jimmy Kimmel’s road to redemption, for people who may not be familiar with his pre Live! work on Crank Yankers and more importantly The Man Show. Gentle reader, you know an ephemeral orchid like myself would never watch Crank Yankers, the Oscars, […]

Harvey Weinstein, Astrosplained

I’m taking a break from my artwork to Astrosplain sexual harassment icon Harvey Weinstein, pictured above.  This follows pretty naturally from the Long Island Serial Killer series, using the same sexual perpetrator/victim axis analysis.  Harvey’s chart is stunningly on the nose for what we know of his life story.  So grab your pepper spray, and let’s go meet Harvey. Before I […]

Crime: You Can Help

The investigator I am working with asked me to put the word out.  Here is a link to Senator Portman discussing the Stop Sex Trafficking Bill in the Guardian. History will judge those who don’t stop sex trafficking – Rob Portman The bipartisan Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act would clarify Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act […]

Hope Hicks, Astrosplained

Someone I knew almost nothing about — including what she looked like, until I decided to do this chart — is Hope Hicks.  I have heard the name several times before, but always in a context where someone else was more compelling.  Last night, Hope Hicks showed up on my radar, so here she is.  […]

Foot-Bound Women’s Art

From HuffingtonPost. “We often underestimate how important handwork was in China’s pre-industrial economy,” she told HuffPost. “The intense pressure on women to work with their hands, to spin, weave, sew, and stitch cloth, bedding and textile products for their families and for sale has gone unrecognized.” …“It’s very rare to find people who notice the […]