Carter Page, Astrosplained

I really hadn’t planned on traipsing down Cuckoobird Lane all the way to Carter Page’s house, but I just saw a Jake Tapper interview that made me wonder if I was having an LSD flashback.   I can’t take any more of this guy.  Just WTF?   Gentle reader, I Astrosplain because I don’t want you scratching a hole […]

Sam Clovis, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, meet America’s newest heart throb, or at least walking coronary, Sam Clovis.  Mr. Clovis is apparently an expert on Iowa politics.  My mom was from Iowa.  That’s where they invented deep-fried butter on a stick, no lie. The A students over at are still working on birth information for George Papadopoulos and […]

Jim Jefferies, Astrosplained

Comedian Jim Jefferies recently came out with an on-air apology to women for his past trolling of rape survivors.  This got the media coverage it deserved based on believability, i.e., almost none at all.   My summary of his apology: It’s a small part of my act Everybody was doing it, so why am I in trouble? I had no idea all this was […]

Roger Stone, Astrosplained

Roger Stone presents a conundrum.  In the brilliant Get Me Roger Stone, he’s very straightforward about his simple set of rules.  One of them is that being ignored is a fate worse than death.  So it’s like when a spree killer goes on a rampage because he wants to be famous.  Should we pay attention […]

Robert Mueller, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, behold the hidden-in-plain-sight greatness of Robert Mueller.  For weeks now, nobody has heard much from or about him, though we know he is quite busy.  I have known of his existence for several decades without having any opinion of him.  In general, my faith in all of these people is nonexistent.  But this […]