Trey Gowdy, Astrosplained

Gentle Reader, I’ve missed you lo these long weeks, been working in the studio and drafting a new novel.  But there is work to do.  They’re running like the proverbial rats from a tremendous, fantastic ship, the greatest ship anyone has ever seen.  Nobody knew there were ships like this.   Like Lord of the […]

Anthony Scaramucci, Astrosplained

I switched from Santa to Cernunnos this year, and I’ll never go back.   He’s the original Santa.  Instead of an appointed date with wrapped presents, you have to wait and see what presents you find.  Cernunnos makes you be open to what treats fall into your lap, and he continues carrying on as long […]

Wesley Willis, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, allow me to share with you my own personal Christmas Angel, Chicago’s own Wesley Willis. Wesley was someone I bumped into quite often on the North Side of Chicago.  He was always out and about.  He went to every rock and roll show that came to town.  He was often seen playing his keyboard […]

Ajit Pai, Astrosplained

Some of you may have noticed a foul odor coming from the internet lately, as if every computer in the world broke wind at the same time.  No cause for alarm, that’s just Ajit Pai, pictured above.  Gentle reader, let’s meet the guy who sold the internet. Step 1 is determining the chart ruler.  Not […]

Steve Bannon, Astrosplained

To celebrate the Making of Alabama Great Again, gentle reader, I invite you to join me as I astrologically autopsy the bloated corpse of Steve Bannon. So yes, it was super satisfying to see Steve Bannon hustle silently out to a black SUV after getting pounded in Alabama.  That looked to me like his Waterloo, […]

Mike Pence, Astrosplained

Every morning as soon as I get up I check to see if Santa Mueller came early and left me the indictments I asked for.   While we await Bob and Rudolph, gentle reader, let’s meet the vice-traitor-in-chief, Indiana’s Favorite Christian, Mike Pence. First things first.  The Sun is in Gemini, so Mercury is the […]