Nikolas Cruz, Astrosplained

So, this is really upsetting.  There’s actually nothing funny about it.  The good thing is that the camel’s back seems to have been broken on school shootings, thank God.  Let’s look at the chart before I say things I’ll regret. The first thing I like to do is see where the Sun is and determine […]

Letters to My Countrymen: Glad Tidings From the River

Friends, Romans, and astrologers: A beautiful thing has happened.  Like the flap of a tiny butterfly’s wing down by the river, a breeze has begun.  Let all humanity rejoice. It seems quite small, and may not be permanent.  But a federal judge has stood up to the unconstitutional, anti-human laws that make homelessness a crime […]

The Winner

I’m feeling the gestalt of this piece, which is truly life-changing for me. This was my first attempt at drawing myself.   I have had a surprising amount of anxiety about drawing.  I almost never draw anything, and it has never felt good.  It never occurred to me to draw myself until a few months […]

Wesley Willis, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, allow me to share with you my own personal Christmas Angel, Chicago’s own Wesley Willis. Wesley was someone I bumped into quite often on the North Side of Chicago.  He was always out and about.  He went to every rock and roll show that came to town.  He was often seen playing his keyboard […]

Lee Godie, Astrosplained

I’m celebrating the holidays this year by Astrosplaining some Angels I Have Met (TM), people who were in my orbit in Chicago, like the adorable Lee Godie. This has been a pretty great year.  Looking back on 2017, honestly I slept most of the time.  I really needed it, I feel like a new woman.  […]