Steve Bannon, Astrosplained

To celebrate the Making of Alabama Great Again, gentle reader, I invite you to join me as I astrologically autopsy the bloated corpse of Steve Bannon. So yes, it was super satisfying to see Steve Bannon hustle silently out to a black SUV after getting pounded in Alabama.  That looked to me like his Waterloo, […]

Mike Pence, Astrosplained

Every morning as soon as I get up I check to see if Santa Mueller came early and left me the indictments I asked for.   While we await Bob and Rudolph, gentle reader, let’s meet the vice-traitor-in-chief, Indiana’s Favorite Christian, Mike Pence. First things first.  The Sun is in Gemini, so Mercury is the […]

Ayn Rand, Astrosplained: Orion and You

In Stretching Your Limits, someone asked the channeled entity Bashar about Orion.  His response led me, tangentially, to a new interest in Ayn Rand.  You see, at this late date, past the midpoint of my life, I finally get it.  In the chart of Ayn Rand, I see the eternal validity of evil, the direct […]