Crime: You Can Help

The investigator I am working with asked me to put the word out.  Here is a link to Senator Portman discussing the Stop Sex Trafficking Bill in the Guardian. History will judge those who don’t stop sex trafficking – Rob Portman The bipartisan Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act would clarify Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act […]

Letters to My Countrymen: Otto Warmbier

This was a fairly amazing press conference, by the team attending Otto Warmbier.  I wish they could coach the president on how to speak very carefully and avoid creating an international incident. IMHO, what the doctors masterfully said without saying is that Otto was chemically restrained.  They very clearly said respiratory arrest, while ruling out […]

Paul Manafort, Astrosplained

[Making this sticky now that he’s in the  ::clink:: I’m not so much updating it as fleshing it out now that he is in custody.  I was sniffing up on him at the time, sort of breezed through it.   Heil Mueller!  Flowers and soil!  You! will not!  believe what we have for Monday brunch! [::clink::]  Heil Mueller!] I […]